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Brian Ybarra
Former Subject Matter Expert, CAD/CAM
I’ve been with Stuller/Gemvision since 2009 • I love my Dogs • I live in an RV • I have a very warped sense of humor • “There is no such thing as a bad joke… just poor timing” • I rabidly devour Audio Books, there are over 300 titles in my library • Former Army dawg and Infantry Marine • I’ll do anything for Taco bell bucks.

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Feature Friday – Brian Ybarra

The hands-on expert instructor

I am the subject matter expert for Stuller’s CAD/CAM Services, and a CounterSketch® and Matrix® instructor. I love my job and the opportunity to work with our customers. I get to help them become better at CounterSketch and Matrix and give them a better understanding of our CAD/CAM services and what we can do read more…