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Zodiac Gemstone Jewelry to Align Your Mind and Body

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Birthstone jewelry is incredibly popular when looking for unique ways to express one’s birth month. But did you know there are unique zodiac gemstones too? Here, we’ve paired each zodiac sign with a complementary gemstone to help reveal its wearers’ hidden powers.

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Wear these special zodiac gemstone jewelry combinations to align the mind and body.


AquariusZodiac Gemstone Jewelry Aquarius Symbol (January 21 – February 19) | Sapphire


Aquarians tend to struggle with their innate aloofness. They have a tendency to shy away from others, sometimes keeping away from the group. This is where sapphire steps in. One of sapphire’s strongest powers, the stone inspires its wearer to truly express themselves to other people. When an Aquarius channels sapphire’s deep energy, they’ll feel free to express the friendliness and positive nature within.

PiscesZodiac Gemstone Jewelry Pisces Symbol (February 20 – March 20) | Amethyst


Typically considered one of the most artistic signs, Pisces paired with amethyst will boost inner creativity beyond imagination. The stone evokes original and creative thoughts when needed most. As a sensitive soul, a Pisces will also find solace in amethyst’s power to soothe and calm emotions. When a Pisces has their amethyst with them, these idealistic and compassionate beings are unstoppable.

Aries Zodiac Gemstone Jewelry Aries Symbol(March 21 – April 20) | Ruby


Since Aries are renowned for their impatience, rubies serve as the perfect pairing for them. These deep red beauties aid with decision-making, self-confidence, and negotiation. Look toward this stone to help an Aries get through frustrating situations with ease. Zodiac gemstone jewelry with ruby center stones will give strength to its wearer, allowing them to make the best decision to please all parties.

Taurus Zodiac Gemstone Jewelry Taurus Symbol(April 21 – May 20) | Honey Topaz


Since avoiding conflict and being a good friend are two life goals for a Taurus, honey topaz stands as a match made in heaven. Topaz is said to bring good luck and protection from many problems— from unfortunate accidents to interpersonal conflict. Wearing zodiac gemstone jewelry with golden topaz allows a Taurus to unlock their inner peacemaker and repel drama. And, if worn constantly, honey topaz can introduce strong friendships into a Taurus’ life.

Gemini Zodiac Gemstone Jewelry Gemini Symbol(May 21 – June 21) | Citrine


Geminis are adaptable and friendly to everyone. This is why the energetic stone citrine is ideal for these motivated souls. Citrine invites positive energy into any situation and brings peace to interpersonal relationships. By wearing this bright and shiny stone, a Gemini will approach others with optimistic energy and confidence to create successful, healthy relationships with whomever they please.

Cancer Zodiac Gemstone Jewelry Cancer Symbol(June 22 – July 22) | Moonstone


Cancers tend to be very emotional and anxious souls, standing apart from the crowd and having trouble understanding why they feel the way they do. This is why moonstone zodiac gemstone jewelry is perfect for them. Moonstone helps to balance emotions and strengthen intuition. This stunning stone is said to help Cancers relieve their stresses and fearlessly move forward in life with resilient and creative minds.

Leo Zodiac Gemstone Jewelry Leo Symbol(July 23 – August 23) | Garnet


Natural born leaders, Leos need help seeking guidance from others as a result of not wanting to compromise their pride. This is when a Leo should turn to zodiac gemstone jewelry with garnet accents. This deep red beauty is rumored to give whoever wears it the power to see what others may not, allowing Leos to lead their pack with confidence. Garnet is also known to grant courage to its wearer to make the right choices. Once a Leo unlocks their inner leadership with garnet, they’ll take on the world.

Virgo Zodiac Gemstone Jewelry Virgo Symbol(August 24 – September 23) | Emerald


Constantly seeking perfection, Virgo’s downfalls include their judgmental and critical tendencies. In moments like these, a Virgo can turn to emerald for help. Emeralds can easily transform negative energy into positive energy. When someone lets them down, a Virgo should channel emerald’s powers to help them approach a situation with an optimistic lens. Virgos are also well-known for being intelligent creatures, making emerald’s memory- strengthening powers a Virgo’s best friend.

Libra Zodiac Gemstone Jewelry Libra Symbol(September 24 – October 23) | Peridot


Libras tend to struggle with their self-confidence. Peridot’s golden hue can come to the rescue when Libras want to restore the way they think of themselves. Ancient legends credit this stone with freeing the mind of negative thoughts and bringing happiness to its wearer. When things are unbalanced, a Libra tends to blame themselves for the situation. Instead, they should turn to peridot to help mend the situation.

Scorpio Zodiac Gemstone Jewelry Scorpio Symbol(October 24 – November 22) | Aquamarine


Scorpios want nothing more than making a bold statement. And aquamarine can help them do just that! Nicknamed the courage stone, Aquamarine helps fight against fears and allows wearers to express themselves more freely. These powers are also good for Scorpios who constantly teeter between their genuine and secretive sides. Aquamarine’s inner truth powers help Scorpios find the strength to be their authentic selves.

Sagittarius Zodiac Gemstone Jewelry Sagittarius Symbol (November 23 – December 21) | Spessartite Garnet


Sometimes, Sagittarius signs can be incredibly careless. Their confidence can quickly turn sour and they often have trouble seeing the bigger picture. Spessartite garnet aids these strong-willed souls to look closer at the details and gain deeper knowledge when it matters most. When a Sagittarius lacks focus and stability due to their adventurous and impatient nature, spessartite garnet brings them back down to earth.

Capricorn Zodiac Gemstone Jewelry Capricorn Symbol(December 22 – January 20) | Green Tourmaline


There are many reasons why Capricorns pair perfectly with green tourmaline zodiac gemstone jewelry. Due to its shape, green tourmaline has been a versatile and adaptable stone throughout history, which is perfect for the hardworking and practical Capricorn. This stone will also prevent Capricorns from being closed-minded with its properties of acceptance. So when a Capricorn is having trouble accepting something they’re new, turn to this zodiac gemstone to adjust accordingly.



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