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Zale’s Tales: A Short Biography

A short story for a busy time


I know we are all very busy this time of the year, so I’ll keep this edition short.

Zale's Tales MB Zale

My grandfather, MB Zale

A Little About Me

I’m the third generation in the jewelry business and grew up in a culture that revolved around the jeweler’s annual calendar— The New York Show at the Hilton and Sheraton twice a year, and then in early July when all the store managers could get together. But most importantly, nothing, and I mean nothing, was scheduled between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Okay, so I never asked my Father how much time he spent with my mother and me at General Rose Memorial Hospital in Denver when I was born on December 4th in 19-whenever, but 13 years later, my Bar Mitzvah had to wait until after the New Year. What would be the point of having it in December? Everyone was working! And if you knew my Grandfather, MB Zale, you could almost hear him saying, “Whatever you do, don’t close the stores!” Though he might not have been that polite.

Back to Work!

So in that spirit, let’s all get back to work. We have customers to take care of. That’s how MB would do it, and Matt Stuller too! Happy Holidays!