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Let’s Celebrate World Emoji Day!

National Emoji Day Header

Execs weigh in on their favorites

Today marks the 4th annual World Emoji Day, celebrating the explosion in use of those little characters that have virtually changed the way we communicate with one another. World Emoji Day Calendar Emoji July 17

Fun fact: Did you know that July 17th was chosen as emoji day because it’s the date the calendar emoji always shows? #themoreyouknow


[bctt tweet=”Fun Fact: July 17th is #WorldEmojiDay because it’s the date shown on the calendar emoji! 😎” username=”stullerinc”]


So what’s your favorite emoji? Our executive team weighs in below:

Danny Clark – President and Chief Operating Officer

The Tennis Ball

World Emoji Day Danny Clark Tennis Ball
“Life is lived best when balanced with work and leisure. I’m an avid tennis player and try to practice 3 to 5 times a week, so my favorite emoji is undoubtedly the tennis ball.”



Kevin Metz – Chief Marketing Officer

The Smiley

World Emoji Day Kevin Metz Smiley Face
“I like this smiley because above all, I think it’s most important to convey a positive and proactive attitude. And it’s the one I use the most.”


Tammy Kidder – Vice President of Back of Store Merchandising

The Wine Glass

World Emoji Day Tammy Kidder Wine Glass
“Why do I like the red wine glass emoji? I’ll give you three guesses and you won’t need the first two. Ha ha.”


Belit Myers – Executive Director of Finance Operations 

The Face Palm

World Emoji Day Belit Myers Face Palm Laughing Face
“I like the laughing emoji because it reminds me that sometimes, you just need a good laugh. And the face palm because working with Danny Clark…”



Jennifer Tausch – Executive Creative Director

The Coffee Cup

World Emoji Day Jennifer Tausch Coffee Cup
“I’m a Starbucks junkie and there’s probably more coffee in my veins than blood. Drink of choice: Trenta Cold Brew – Nectar of the Gods.”


Steven Domingue – Executive Digital Director 

The Rock Emoji

World Emoji Day Steven Domingue Rockout
“Because I love heavy metal, of course!”



Carl Lehnhardt – Diamonds Director

The Whiskey Glass

World Emoji Day Carl Lehnhardt Whiskey Glass
“Being a world traveler has brought me to trying many different things, whether it’s food or drinks. I’m currently on a fine whiskey kick. I spend a lot of time in the Zurich, Switzerland airport, and they recently opened a new lounge that carries over 150 different kinds of whiskey, so what else do you do when you have a four hour layover at the airport? Taste whiskey!”


What’s your favorite emoji? Drop it in the comments below. Don’t forget to hashtag #worldemojiday in all your social media posts today!


Kyle Carriere

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