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What’s New on

Check out the newest features of that allow you to shop, track, and discover with ease.

Our experts and teams are always looking to introduce innovative ways to make sure you can stay at the top of your game. With this in mind, we are continually refreshing products and assortments, and part of our mission includes keeping our website running smoothly to give you the best experience.  

Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or just starting your journey, we want to provide you with a shopping experience that is easy, reliable, and innovative, ensuring your success.   

Read on to see what’s new to and how you can enjoy and incorporate these features during your online shopping experience.  

The Latest Updates

From online clicks to viewing jewelry in the case, we know that each step of the process is vital in a sale — confidence and convenience are key to meeting the needs of your business and your customers. Check out our newest additions to make ordering, tracking, and access to resources as easy as possible.

Learn how to stay stocked on your most-loved items, keep an eye on your shipment, and access educational resources all in one place.  

Order Again Feature

The perfect setting, a versatile shank, or a stocked style — we know that every jeweler and business have their list of top picks to ensure they can meet the needs of their customers. Our team worked on a solution to bring customers ease of reordering so that they can be prepared for any situation at hand, whether it’s making sure they have that extra component or reordering a bestseller in their shop.  

Save time and skip the search with our newest ‘Order Again’ feature, allowing you to keep your essentials on hand and re-add to your cart with the click of a button.  

Track Your Order

Our dedication to in-stock inventory and same-day shipping has always been one of our biggest promises to our customers, and in turn, we do our best to extend that same confidence to you and your business. In the last year, our team has made changes to our order tracking system to ensure that every step of your shipment is easy to find, and readily available at a moment’s notice to keep your customer updated. From last-minute gifts to overnight miracles, you deserve the ability to see your shipment’s status from the time it leaves our facility to the hands of the carrier, and then, to your door.  

The new, updated tracking system allows you to easily monitor each step of your order. Access invoice information, order status, and more by viewing the order of your choice, and checking the ‘Track your order’ portion above your item listing.  

Educational Resource Updates

At Stuller, we maintain our duty to bring you the best in industry-leading knowledge on topics that elevate your business and keep you confident in every interaction.  

In publications, web pages, and extensive resources, our goal is always to create a community that allows jewelers and business owners in the jewelry industry to continue learning, researching, and sharing. With this in mind, our Educational Resources tab exists to provide an easy way to explore services, account and order information, and other helpful categories.  

Hover over the ‘Educational Resources’ tab on the main page to select categories that you need or click to be directed to the main web page for quick links and contact information to get in touch with our team of experts.  

Throughout the year, we are consistently monitoring our educational content to make sure that everything is up to date, along with new, elevated ways to learn while you shop — keep an eye out in 2023 for revamped favorites and brand-new additions.   

Upgraded Shopping Experience

With endless options and categories for any need, our team continuously monitors fresh ways to give you streamlined processes to shop with ease. Here are a few of our newly updated features to make shopping on as easy as possible: 

Add Head Function

Start with your shank and let Stuller do the rest — with our Add Head function, you can easily customize and complete your piece, saving time and increasing confidence in your ability to deliver your customer’s dream ring.  

Simply select a style out of our shank assortment and find Head Assembly within your customization portion. From there, you can filter through more than 1,000 settings to find your exact metal quality, stone shape, size, and prong count.  

Short on time, or need extra help to complete your piece? After adding your preferred setting to the piece, you also have the opportunity to have Stuller set your center stone. Just click Set Head, and browse from there.  

Add Chain Function

Found the perfect pendant or charm but not sure what chain to choose? Check Customization Optionsto browse guaranteed picks and curated chain styles to complete the look.  

With styles in various lengths and adjustable options, you can simply click Add to Cart’ to pair your matching chain with your new item. If our curated selection for that item is still not quite what you or your customer are looking for, you can also shop all chain options — over 300 styles and in-stock options to save the sale 

Keeping You in the Know

Since 1997, has been a main connection to our valued customers with endless inventory, innovative features, and a tailored shopping experience for jewelers around the globe. We hope that our latest additions to the site give you the confidence to create, shop, and sell, and of course, give a glimpse of the amazing additions to come in the next year.  

With, we are always looking for feedback and suggestions to make your experience stress-free and efficient for your career. From the beginning, Stuller started with you — we are happy to say that our customers remain our top priority in everything we do. It is our pleasure to continue bringing you the excellent service you’ve come to expect in fresh, new ways, with the same dedication to high-quality products and same-day shipping. 

Explore these new features, and please never hesitate to reach out to us on ways we can improve!  


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