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What’s New on June 2024

Explore our newest features on and enjoy an enhanced digital experience.

Our experts and teams at Stuller are dedicated to continuously introducing the latest innovations to keep you at the forefront of the jewelry industry. A key part of our mission is to ensure a seamlessly functioning website while integrating new advancements to deliver the best possible digital experience.

Whether you’ve been a loyal customer since the beginning or you’re just starting your journey with us, our goal is to make sure offers you a shopping experience that’s easy, reliable, and full of innovation — all to support your success. Let’s dive in to discover what’s new on and how you can incorporate these new features when you shop online.

In-Stock and Recommended Options

Our In-Stock and Recommended Options feature ensures immediate availability of popular items and provides curated suggestions. Let’s say you are looking at customizing an engagement ring mounting. The mounting you are choosing to customize may already be in stock and ready to ship on the same day. This saves you valuable time and streamlines the process of getting the finished ring in the hand of your customer quickly.

To see how this feature works, watch our quick tutorial video below that shows a Cushion Halo-Style Engagement Ring Mounting (121987:143:P) along with in-stock and recommended options. Scroll down under the primary stone shape and choose from three different product states: Unset, Semi-Set, and In-Stock Only. Select Semi-Set and In-Stock Only to view similar products that are ready to ship.

Updated Shopping Guide and Resource Page for Wedding Bands

Contemporary wedding bands open a world of possibilities for couples to show off their modern and unique styles. Shop our new contemporary metals resource page at and watch our quick video below. This webpage offers educational information on each type of contemporary metal band we offer.

You can shop by design aesthetic to find exactly what you’re looking for and learn the difference between precious metals and contemporary metals. Design aesthetics include Antler, Classic, Color, Damascus, Industrial, Meteorite, Multi-Metal, Silicone, and Wood.

Filter Navigation for Side Stones

We’ve added a new filter navigation for Side Stone Shape in our three-stone engagement ring category. This filter helps you to quickly find the perfect complementary side stones that best match your desired center stone shape and design preferences.

Compare up to 14 different side stone shapes for three-stone engagement rings at

Side stone shapes to choose from include: Round, Oval, Square, Emerald, Pear, Marquise, Cushion, Asscher, Trillion, Triangle, Straight Baguette, Tapered Baguette, Trapezoid, and Half-Moon. Watch our video below to easily find this filter when shopping three-stone engagement rings.

Download as CSV Option Available for Paid Bills

Our Export as CSV button for paid bills enables users to import their financial data into various accounting and spreadsheet software for accurate tracking and analysis.

You will see the Export as CSV button on a confirmation page after you’ve made a payment toward your invoices. Export CSV files for the invoices you’ve paid and easily keep track of them in an Excel spreadsheet. An example is shown below.

Continually Advancing Toward the Future

Since 1997, has been a trusted platform for jewelers worldwide. Our mission has consistently been to offer a seamless shopping experience, an extensive inventory, and innovative features for our valued customers. We recognize the importance of making your job stress-free and efficient, which is why we continually evolve and enhance your digital experience.

We invite you to explore the exciting new features on and encourage you to reach out with any suggestions on how we can further improve your experience. Stay tuned for many more upgrades to come!


Joe Varino

Digital Quality Assurance Team Lead, Web Development

Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in management of information systems from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. With a dual focus on automated testing efficiency and meticulous manual inspection, Joe leads his digital quality assurance team in delivering polished and robust web applications, fostering a collaborative environment with development teams and stakeholders to ensure alignment with project objectives and user needs.