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What Is Team Stuller Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate our blessings and those we love.

Thanksgiving officially kicks off the holiday season and excitement is in the air at Stuller! We asked 10 Stuller associates to share what they are most grateful for this year and here are their responses.

Pamala Flugence

Fine Jewelry Project Planner

I am thankful for being able to spend quality time with family and friends, and for the support and love I receive each day. I am thankful for my 17-year career here at Stuller, and for their proactiveness during the pandemic to make sure we stayed healthy inside and outside the building. I am thankful for meaningful conversations that help me grow, those good laughs that refresh the soul, and for the heart and ability to help others. I am most thankful for the simple things in life, the things we often take for granted.

Shawn Montgomery

Executive Director of CAM Services

I am thankful for my healthy family and the ability to provide for them and serve our customers here at Stuller. I am thankful to be able to continue to build my career at a company that embodies our Louisiana culture wholeheartedly, creates lasting relationships, and encourages me to pursue my passion in leading people. I’m truly blessed, and so thankful for my family’s love and support. This Holiday season I’m looking forward to watching my family enjoy time together and helping Stuller finish strong!

Shawn Montgomery

Amanda Sylvester

Loyalty Program Manager

After four years of living outside of Louisiana, I am thankful to be back home, surrounded by loved ones, and with strong friendships that feel more like family. I’m truly grateful to have such a fulfilling career that I love and the opportunity to make a difference each and every day here at Stuller. This past year has been such an adventure in itself, and it reminds me how essential it is to take time to reflect on your blessings during the holiday season. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Steve Schollian

Security Surveillance Technician

I’m just grateful for being able to come over here and have the lights on. When the Covid-19 pandemic began last year, there was so much uncertainty for everyone. This year our staff grew exponentially. I’m thankful for everyone in the company. That’s the service person in me.

Tanaporn Gaubert

Wax Sprue Technician

I am thankful for my family in Thailand, my family in Thibodeaux and my Cajun husband! I’ve been living in the U.S. for six years now and I am grateful Stuller hired me; it means a great deal to me. Every paycheck helps dreams come true. I take care of my family in Thailand. $1 in the U.S. is equivalent to about $31 in Thailand. I love my job at Stuller and feel so proud to be working here.

Freddie Auzenne

Customer Events Showline Coordinator

I am thankful especially for my identical twin brother and my family. I am super grateful that Stuller Events will be coming back in a big way, inside our building and at tradeshows all over the country. I’m looking forward to 2022!

Nanette Albarado

Gemstones QA Manager

I’m thankful for my five-year-old granddaughter who is my BFF, Best Friend Forever! I’m grateful for her wonderful personality and her loving heart. I’m thankful for the love of my family but extremely thankful that God choose me to be her grandmother.

Danny Maldonado

Photography Manager

I am thankful to have finally visited my parents in my hometown Tucson, Arizona for the first time since Thanksgiving of 2019. I’m also thankful for the spicy chicken sandwich war between all of the fast-food joints. We all win in that war.

Abigail Beraud

HR Coordinator

2021 was an amazing year full of so many things to be grateful for. My husband and I welcomed our first beautiful baby into the world. He is healthy, happy, and extremely active; he never stops moving! I also accepted my first Human Resources position at Stuller! I’m so thankful to work in this field and serve employees who work hard every day for our customers. When I accepted this position, I couldn’t have predicted how incredibly helpful and supportive this team has been! It really has been one of the best years of my life.

Danny Clark


Truly grateful for and inspired by the persistence, tenacity, and heartfelt care for the customer and each other delivered everyday by our Stuller family. I am in awe!


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From our Stuller family to yours, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, a busy Black Friday and an awesome Cyber Monday! 


Cheryl Robichaux

Staff Writer

Cheryl holds a bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Her extensive experience in the radio and print magazine industries along with her love for custom jewelry and people paved the way for her to become a Stuller storyteller.