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6 Unique Engagement Ring Trends in 2018 So Far

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From geometric designs to stackable bands, think outside the ordinary with these select styles

Peak wedding season is quickly approaching, meaning love is in the air, and every bride-to-be has her ring on full display. According to a recent article from JCK, recent Fashion Week runways gave us a glimpse into the hottest trends we’ll see in upcoming months— from bright colors to unique arrangements of patterns and layers. Not surprisingly, these trends will make their way into the engagement scene.


Read on to learn all about the unique engagement ring trends your customers can’t wait to have—


Geometric Engagement Designs

Customizing engagement styles has become more and more popular over the past few years. These days, the more unique the engagement ring, the better. For this reason, one of the hottest engagement ring trends features geometric center stones and distinctive bands.

Triangle and marquise diamonds create timeless rings with fashionable flair, perfect for brides-to-be who seek an engagement ring like no other! You can also bring this trend to like with hexagonal and Asscher-cut stones, along with jagged, angular accents on the band.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Surprise, surprise— rose gold is still incredibly popular. When it first started popping up, some assumed this fad would quickly fade away. But the past few years prove that rose gold has a permanent place in the jewelry market, so embrace this rosy metal tone.

Recent rose gold trends take this trend to entirely new heights! Many brides-to-be are choosing rose-on-rose styles with morganite stones and rose gold bands. With this pairing, it’s easy to fall in love with this unique engagement ring trend!

East-West Engagement Settings

Do you encounter brides looking for a non-traditional, yet practical style? That’s where East-West settings come in to save the day! With their center stones set horizontally, rather than the traditional vertical positioning, these exciting designs have gained a respectable reputation as of late.

These rings use traditional stones and metals to achieve a fashionable twist. This makes east-west settings perfect for brides who want a fresh style without leaving their comfort zone. And east-west designs fit more naturally on the finger compared to a north-south setting, making it practical and stylish!

Two and Three-Stone Engagement Rings

We can thank Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex for this unique engagement ring trend. Ever since Prince Harry proposed with a three-stone ring, people have gone nuts over rings with multiple stones.

Coincidentally, this trend also happens to fall in line with another observation from the previous JCK article: more is more. It seems the fashion industry is taking a sharp turn away from the minimalism we’ve seen over the last few years. These days, the more glitz and glamor, the better!

Two and three-stone rings are perfect for the girl that wants all eyes on her. Another bonus is that multiple stones allow for more customization options — like mixing-and-matching different stone colors and shapes. A three-stone setting, in particular, is perfect for the romantic couple, with each stone representing the couples’ past, present, and future.

Stackable Wedding Bands

The popularity of multiple bands offers another instance of more is more and it opens the door to different types of stones as well as new customization possibilities. Stackable bands reflect the layering trend we saw during fashion week.

Unique Engagement Ring Trends Stackable Wedding Bands

Sporting a rare combination of bands brings individuality to an entirely new level. Brides can play around with different patterns, textures, and color combinations, allowing them to revamp their look as many times as they wish. This trend makes room for both cohesion and variation, all while making a statement!

Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

While not the most recent trend on the list, colored center stones, continue to grow in favor particularly among millennial brides-to-be. Whether it’s their birthstone, zodiac gemstone, or just their favorite color, countless brides opt to add a splash of color to their rings. It’s not surprising since according to JCK’s article, bright pops of color are trendier than ever. So get ready for the colored gemstone craze!

Try mixing classic shapes with colored stones for a trendy twist. Colored stones are ideal to satisfy a girl’s need for personalization. Another selling point? Colored gemstones tend to be budget-friendly, too!

Claire Champagne BW headshotWhich unique engagement ring trends are you most looking forward to in the upcoming months? Sound off in the comments below! And don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your trendy jewelry on FacebookInstagramPinterest!



This post was written by Marketing Content Intern Claire Champagne, pictured here, in collaboration with Morgan Bares, Stuller’s Bridal Director


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