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True Colors: Explore New Colored Moissanite

Brilliant colored Moissanite options to make any piece pop

In Radiant Color

We’ve watched as Moissanite has grown up, from its fledgling grayish hue to its full bloom as a lab-created colorless gemstone with across-the-room sparkle. This journey has been a wonder, and along the way, many customers have become enthralled by Moissanite’s beauty and price. It lets them have the larger stone they want — for bridal or fashion — at a fraction of what a comparable diamond would cost.

And Moissanite’s story is far from over. We’re excited to introduce you to our dazzling new colored Moissanite, available in fancy diamond hues. Each vibrant color boasts the brilliance and scintillation that sets Moissanite apart. And your customers will effortlessly fall in love with these swoon-worthy shades.

All colored Moissanite comes in six shapes and various sizes that give you inspiration and your customers tantalizing options.

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Brown Moissanite

brown colored moissanite

Brown Moissanite has the delicious color of cognac or whiskey. This elegant neutral shade will look outstanding with any outfit adding new dimensions of sophistication. Accent it with colorless Moissanite in melee sizes to a dazzling creation.

Blue Moissanite

blue colored moissanite

Blue Moissanite has the scene-stealing presence of the Hope Diamond, a rich blue with light bursting forth. The is particularly true with the round and oval shape, while the emerald and princess shapes have an almost navy hue tinged with teal. It’s a gorgeous neutral, perfect for every occasion.

Green Moissanite

green colored moissanite

Green Moissanite will take your breath away. Its rich saturation will capture the attention of anyone who sees it, and it will go with any outfit simply because the owner will want to wear it all the time.

Yellow Moissanite

yellow colored moissanite

Yellow Moissanite is the sparkling essence of joy, a stunning lab-created gem that uplifts the spirit and seems to have captured the sun. Think of it as a ray of hope. We can’t call it a neutral because it’s too vivid, but it will go with everything.

Black Moissanite

black colored moissanite

Black Moissanite offers mystery, drama, and sophistication that men will love as much as women. Most excitingly, it comes in more shapes than black diamond and costs much less.

Color and light fascinate me, making these new Moissanites a delightful tonic for my creativity. Introduce your customers to them, and see if they don’t spark custom designs.


Sam Larson

Former Director of Gemstones