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Top Tips for Refreshing Your Case Displays

New Year, new you — discover tips, tricks, and best practices for taking your case displays to the next level with Stuller.

As we near the end of the third week of 2023, you might be wondering how you can approach your business plan and goals for the year. For many business owners, these goals can vary depending on what 2022 looked like — were there aspects of your plan that needed improvement, or worked well, but need a refresh?

An easy and advantageous New Year’s resolution for your store can be to simply give your case displays a facelift; the good news is that this doesn’t necessarily have to break your budget! Using what you have can still be an efficient way to keep customers excited and coming to your store throughout the year.

Whether you’re just getting started or looking for a refresh with existing inventory, Stuller has you covered with everything you need to create an experience within your store that’s sure to be memorable.

Let’s dive into expert tips on how to build and style your case in ways that suit your business, keeping you top of mind in 2023.

Importance of Case Displays

First, it’s relevant to understand how your case displays can have an impact on your business, and how you can take advantage of this to build relationships with customers. Overall, a case display is more than a layout, it is a form of selling without talking to properly reflect your brand.

jewelry case display

Making the Most of Your Current Layout

When refreshing your case displays, you do not necessarily need to invest in a completely new look. Sometimes, refreshing can be as easy as taking what you have and finding new ways to explore the versatility of an item or display piece.

For example, a line bracelet can be shown in its respective box, draped along a display pillow, or on a bracelet stand — there are many possibilities. Another example, shown below, incorporates a simple, pendant box and riser, but put together, creates a more cohesive story. Finding multiple ways to present an item also allows potential customers to visualize how they can wear the piece.

Think about how you market your high-dollar items and how you can take them to the next level with how you incorporate color, fabric, or shapes.

Pro Tip:

Use your packaging in case displays to help customers envision the experience, like placing your engagement ring styles in ring boxes from your store’s collection.

Starting from Scratch

Whether you’re entering the New Year with a completely fresh start, a new business or location, or are looking to rebrand, case display styles and packaging can be a great way to make a lasting impression.

Finding what works best for your budget or schedule doesn’t have to be daunting; let Stuller do the work for you. Choose from more than 30 packaging collections, all with customization opportunities for imprinting your personal logo. We also carry approximately 2,000 items of packaging and display in total — from classic neutrals to modern, trending colors, we have you covered.

customized jewelry display

Still not sure where to begin? Stuller also offers turnkey solutions that give you the ease and control of finding what your business needs, in one complete kit.

Explore easy setup and full personalization opportunities with our Case by Case® custom jewelry displays: pre-assorted sets, individual components, and a vast assortment of more than 120 colors and textures. Find your perfect display today and invest in your business with confidence when you trust Stuller for quality display opportunities.

Think Outside of the Case

Don’t be afraid to explore ways to amp up your case displays — sometimes a small addition or refresh can make a big impact on the right customers. Here are a few of our tips to think outside of the ring box this year:

  • Play with textures to evoke aesthetics or feelings depending on the product or customer your business would like to attract.

  • TRENDING: Monochromatic and pops of contrasting colors are a great way to approach displays in a new way. Try exploring possibilities of your brand colors with unique pairings for a statement.

  • Visualize the different ways you can present your inventory that catches your customer’s eye, like adding new display options to expand the ways in which you market your product. Try display items like 61-9922 to showcase earring stack inspiration to your customers, or layer necklaces with 61-9958.

Best Practices for Your Displays

  • Suggest or plan for a schedule that works best for your business. Think about if you may want to refresh your case display for more than just major selling holidays and try telling a story quarterly or by the season.


  • Make note throughout the year or during selling seasons of your strengths and ask questions: What products or services do you have the most confidence in selling or marketing? What do you provide to customers? This can help you to understand where those items or services should be placed in your cases for maximum visibility.


  • The “life” of your displays is important to keep in mind — be sure to assess your cases often to check for wear and tear to any of your display pieces and fabrics, especially those under direct lighting.

View our quick checklist resource for avoiding early damage to your inventory with tips and tricks for cleaning: 

case cleaning tips

Trust in Stuller

With these points in mind, our goal is to encourage you to find a plan that feels right and natural for your brand. Overall, your case displays give you the opportunity to be creative! Finding what works for you and your business takes trial and error, but in all your business ventures, we want you to know that one thing remains constant — Stuller is here for you.

Whether it’s starting from step one or taking your business to the next level, our experts are always ready to bring you industry insight and tips to give you the confidence you need to succeed.

We hope that this article will be a great resource for you and your business as you start the New Year, and throughout. As always, please reach out to our helpful, friendly teams for more information on our selection of packaging, displays, and services that keep you prepared from showroom to shop. Call 1-800-877-7777, ext. 6144, to speak with our team directly.


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