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Here are the Top 2019 Bridal Engagement Ring Trends

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At this time of year, engagements and weddings swirl around us as couples decide to make their deepest commitment. What better time to introduce our newest designs so you can offer customers exciting new options that emphasize current trends? Browse the intriguing textures and finishes featured below. Are you ready to discover a fresh new world of choices? We think you’ll love them.

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Here are five of our top 2019 bridal engagement ring trends.

Fancy-Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings


Today’s bridal customer may seek fancy-shaped stones in their engagement ring. We’ve seen a spike in marquise, Asscher, and pear-shaped diamonds, just to name a few. Baguettes are having their moment, too. Play with the possibilities by incorporating Fancy-Shaped Stuller Diamonds™ into your bridal lineup.

Gemstone Center Stone Engagement Rings


Gemstone center stones have been on our radar for quite some time now. And there’s no end in sight. It’s been one of the most significant 2019 bridal engagement ring trends. From rubies to pink tourmaline, morganite to aquamarine, gemstone center stones exude individualistic flair. Don’t forget to educate your clients on how to properly care for their gemstones.


Sculptural Elements in Engagements


Jewelry is an art form. So, it’s no wonder that these worlds have collided, merging old-world sculptural elements into contemporary engagement designs. If Michaelangelo were alive today, he’d surely endorse these milgrain accents and free-forming organic shapes.


Bridal with Asymmetrical Styling

2019 Bridal Engagement Ring Trends Asymmetrical Styling

For a left-of-center approach (literally), offer asymmetrical styling in your bridal designs. This unique aesthetic makes for a fresh and very personal reflection of its wearer.


Contour and Stackable Bands

2019 Bridal Engagement Ring Trends Contour & Stackable Rings

Stackables and engagement rings fit together flawlessly to create cool, customized bridal stacks. Plus, contour bands are awesome add-ons, giving versatility to any bridal design. Make sure to mention these bands early on in the shopping process. This way, your bride-to-be will remember these little additions long after her wedding day is done.


There you have it— our top 2019 bridal engagement ring trends. How do these designs fare in your area? Let us know in the comments below.


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