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Timing Is Everything

Your holiday checklist

Jewelry making has always been tightly linked with the seasons. Just as jewelers today work around a calendar studded by trade shows, holidays, and other annual moments, jewelers of the past had to deal with sometimes dizzying expectations based on the time of year. In some cases, those expectations still influence how we operate today.

holidayTake the old idea that diamonds and gems were linked to corresponding stars. It went beyond star sapphires and moonstones.

Particular gems came to stand for particular planets. The movement of a planet in the sky tied that planet’s gem to a certain time of the year. Those planets, in turn, came to stand for gods (think Mars or Mercury). We see evidence of this in the many images of those gods engraved on Roman jewels, sometimes accompanied by the zodiac.

In Judaism, similarly, the twelve tribes of Israel were associated with twelve precious gems and with their corresponding months. And with the rise of Christianity, stones were tied to saints and guardian angels and their special months. Engraving conducted on a certain day could constitute devotion to a particular saint, and a chosen gem might attract the favor of a chosen guardian angel.

On the one hand, this was probably bit overwhelming. On the other, consider the sales opportunities when everyday was a potential holiday.

These sorts of ideas live on, of course, in our continuing fascination with birthstones, as well in the popularity of religious imagery, not to mention in our concern for the holiday season in general. While we may not worry about what star happens to be rising while arranging a new ring display, our industry remains fastened to the calendar, and in particular to the fall holiday ramp

Here in September, there is a calm before the storm, a bit of time to catch one’s breath before the season’s wheel begins to truly roll. This is also a time to take stock, literally, and to plan for what’s to come.  Although just-in-time delivery is our specialty, Stuller stands ready to help you prepare, and toward that end, we’ve put together a framework to keep in mind as things accelerate.

Whether it’s stocking findings for quick custom work or deciding on personally imprinted packaging or even double checking your store of watch batteries, we’re here to help you keep your stars aligned.

Check out this PDF, which details this timeline from 12 weeks out.

And take a look at several solutions Stuller provides to help make your holiday season a rousing success HERE!

Composed by senior copywriter Josh Caffery and subject matter expert, Alex Graham. 


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