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Three Apps to Streamline Your Social Media Management

Let your social media shine with tools straight from our team.

Running a store while upholding your presence on social media can be a daunting job. After a handful of social media consultations*, I decided to go in-depth about one of our most asked questions: “What apps/websites do you recommended for managing my social accounts?” Continue reading for all of the applications I recommend for streamlining your social media management!

Canva (Free & Paid Version Available)

I have used almost every single day since starting at Stuller. It comes in handy for everything from creating Instagram stories, prepping presentations for big meetings, and even creating animations. If you remember from my previous post Tips for Successful Social Media Growth, I recommended creating branded templates for your brand and keeping them on hand. You can use these templates for everything from sale graphics to gift guides and even for your interactive stories. Take the time to design them once and it will save you so much time in the end.

Later (Free & Paid Version Available)

Applications like Later are great tools for social media management. You can batch your content and schedule out your month’s social posts in one day. Imagine not having to remember to post on a daily basis! Along with scheduling posts directly to your Instagram feed, you can also schedule posts for Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Another benefit to using this management tool? It tells you the best time to post along with hashtag suggestions. You can even see the design of your Instagram grid if you are trying to make it more aesthetic. Whether you prefer working on a desktop or a cellphone, they offer platforms for both.

Adobe Lightroom (Free & Paid Version Available)

Now that we have our design and posting handled, we can dabble in photo editing. Lightroom is a fairly easy-to-use Adobe application that allows for a more professional style of editing. The iPhone/Android app is easy to use and very resourceful. You can even create your own “presets” on the app to keep up the flow of your Instagram feed. 

Tip: Keep your edits light. After everything that has happened in 2020/2021, people are more interested in “authentic” brands that don’t use heavy editing and retouching. Use this to your advantage when trying to appeal to a younger audience!

*My Social Media counterpart, Hannah Blaine, and I are always here to help with your social media difficulties. If you would like to schedule a social media consultation with us, email us at and with ‘Social Media Consultation’ in the subject line.


Victoria Stinson

Social Media Specialist

Victoria holds a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Her background in design and vast experience with content creation helps give her a different viewpoint of the social media marketing world.