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The Dawn of a New Day Arrives

Religious Gold Necklace Chain Jewelry

Rejoice in your faith with our new religious brochure featuring these top three spiritual and symbolic jewelry trends.

As springtime approaches and many Covid-19 mask mandates are lifted, the dawn of a new day has arrived. Since the beginning of the pandemic approximately 28 percent of Americans say their faith has grown according to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center. With that renewed faith comes a surge in religious jewelry sales and we are definitely on top of the most on-trend styles.

Religious Neckwear ChainStuller is pleased to announce the launch of our new religious jewelry brochure: Dawn of a New Day. It’s a must-have resource for your customers who are looking to purchase tangible reminders of their faith and beliefs.

Browse through our interactive version online and have the printed brochure on display in your showroom. Dawn of a New Day 2022 is gorgeous! We truly have everything a customer could be looking for and more styling options than ever before.

Trend #1: Saints Medals

Saints medals are worn to guide and protect the wearer and remind them that they are not alone — there is a higher power watching over them. Saint Christopher medals are worn for safe travel and protection while St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost items. St. Michael the archangel medals are symbolic of the battle against evil. Here are some of our teams’ favorites.

Trend #2: Crosses

The cross is a powerful symbol of love and sacrifice. Whether traditional or on-trend with a variety of metal, diamond and gemstone options, our vast selection of crosses is sure to guide the way and remind your customers of the faith they hold dear.

Religious Jewelry Earrings

Trend #3: Spiritual Offerings

Our spiritual jewelry collection includes angels and cherubs, inspirational words and phrases, and a wide range of pieces representing personal beliefs. The Hamsa symbolizes protection and enlightenment while the Evil Eye protects its wearer from evil intent. The symbolic hand gestures of Buddha are a silent language of self-expression often used for healing and meditation.

Religious Necklace Chain Words

Finding religious jewelry for all walks of faith is now easier than ever! Your customers can renew their spiritual statement with beautiful, on-trend rings, medals, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Shop our full religious and symbolic jewelry collection.


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