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How to Tailor Your Social Media Approach

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3 things you need to know right now about speaking to your social demographics

Tailor Your Social Media

Social media looks a lot different today than it did when Facebook hit the scene in 2004. Today there are over a dozen social media outlets to choose from, and if you’re like some, you’re only now realizing the full selling potential of each platform. Now is a great time to dive in, especially with the holiday season fast approaching. But, you’re saying, playing catch-up now feels completely overwhelming. Not to worry. I’ve highlighted the three most popular channels that you should aim to cultivate in your marketing efforts. But don’t think you have to try all the social platforms at once. Each one has its own niche and demographic (or in your case, a potential customer). Use this guide below to tailor your social media approach and find out which channels you should focus on first.

social media Facebook logo  Facebook

What was once exclusively a place only for college students has developed into a place for the whole family to have a conversation. However, when the executives at Facebook made the decision to open up the floodgates, it came with a backlash that we are currently seeing today. While Facebook has over 1.2 billion followers, its growth rate is slowing, particularly among the under-30 crowd. So now the majority of Facebook users are between 27 (the last of original users when it was exclusively for the college set) and 70. Some of the most active users on Facebook currently are Baby Boomers. This is great news for you because this demographic has the most disposable income. Facebook is a great place to start first and master if you haven’t already done so.

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A good friend once told me that only old people are on Facebook; all the young people, she said, are on Instagram. (Mind you, my friend is 27.) If you want to meet those youngsters, you’re fortunate because Instagram is the most user-friendly of all the social media channels. The only thing you have to worry about with this one is posting images. And, lucky for us jewelry isn’t hard to make look pretty. Since parents of teens and young adults haven’t made the switch yet, this channel is perfect to post your trendier price point items, as well as those “wow” pieces that will get these customers into your store. Save the classier, traditional, higher-priced items for Facebook. Plus, Stuller helps you out by providing you great seasonal images of jewelry ready for you to use. Just simply share them or copy and paste them on to your page. These images don’t mention Stuller so they are ready for you to brand as your own.

social media pinterest logo  Pinterest

Do you know someone who planned a wedding recently? Chances are good that their first go-to to discover the latest trends was Pinterest. Major life events are now planned on Pinterest, which makes this a perfect avenue to host your bridal jewelry offering. And don’t forget when posting your bridal pics that the big event includes more than just the engagement ring. There are the wedding band, day-of-wedding pieces, and bridesmaid/groomsman gifts as well. Example of this type of idea can be found our Pinterest page. Check out how we showcased this years Oscars.

So, next time you find yourself stressing out about social media, or fearful to dive in, start with one first and do that one well. Baby steps will ensure lower levels of frustration and help you to develop a strong following in one of the channels. And, for tips and images, you can use be sure to check back to one of our social streams.

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