Important Stuller Update on Cyber-Attack Response (12/3)

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Dear Stuller Customer, 

We are happy to announce that today marks the return of same-day shipping on in-stock items. We are deep in inventory and you can place your orders with confidence at 1-800-877-7777, utilize Stuller.com, or chat with us. We cannot thank you enough for your patience these last few days. 

Our phones have been very busy – thanks to you – and are fully operational. Today, you may experience longer than usual wait times as we ramp up our service levels. Remember, you can always gain speed on Stuller.com or via chat. We have been able to resolve our invoicing issues, and your invoice will be included with your order. 

We are still working through a few CAD/CAM issues and expect to have them resolved promptly. 

At Stuller, we have a deep belief in the beauty, the endurance, and the sentimental value of jewelry. We admire the artisans and merchants of these noble products and cherish the lasting memories that are created through our connections with you. This week, we have fought for ourselves and have equally fought for you. Today, we are deeply grateful to our talented team of professionals that have enabled us to do what we love – serve you. 

Danny Clark 
President, Stuller Inc. 

A Family Affair: Matt, CeCe, and Alex Stuller help sort and ship orders from Stuller headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana. (December 2, 2020)

Important Stuller Update on Cyber-Attack Response (12/2)

Danny Clark A Letter from our President header

Dear Stuller Customer, 

We deeply appreciate your patience and support over the last 72 hours. At Stuller, we have worked day and night since the cyber-attack to fully restore processes and services that you count on every day to meet your customers’ needs. Moment by moment, we are getting closer. 

We will begin bringing up our shipping systems tonight and anticipate meeting our committed-to delivery dates and lead times! Several customers experienced the dreaded ‘busy’ signal yesterday when calling to place an order. We had to urgently improvise a new method to receive calls, and we are still smoothing out the system. You can call us at 1-800-877-7777, utilize Stuller.com, or chat with us to place your orders. Thank you for your understanding. 

At this time, we have no indication that your business information has been compromised. There is no need to replace your credit card on account. All credit cards are tokenized and encrypted and not housed at Stuller. 

Packages received in the next few days may not have an invoice included with the order. We are rapidly working through this issue, and you can expect this to be resolved promptly. You can access your invoice on stuller.com once your order has shipped. 

Our talented and dedicated teams are passionate supporters of your businesses. Rest assured we will not stop until we find a way to meet your every need. 

Danny Clark 

President, Stuller Inc. 

Stuller Operations Have Been Impacted By A Cyber-Attack

Danny Clark A Letter from our President header

Dear Stuller Customer,
This weekend, we experienced a cyber-attack early Saturday morning that has created a variety of operational issues for us. We cannot express enough how frustrated and disappointed we are that this had occurred at all – particularly during this crucial time for you. At Stuller, we deeply value the partnership we have built with you over the last five decades, and we never take it for granted. We continue to work diligently day-by-day to build enduring trust with you by delivering what your business requires, at the right quality, and with a friendly touch.
Since our discovery of the cyber-attack, we have worked around the clock to prepare our business to serve you in all the ways you have grown accustomed to. With that said, there is more work to do. This week, you may experience several circumstances that are non-Stuller like. Delayed shipments and intermittent phone interruptions are at the top of the list today. We are feverishly working to return all services to our standard service levels ASAP!
We know that today matters to you, and you can bet it matters to us. We are in-stock and ready to jump through any hoop to meet your needs. Right now, you can place your orders on Stuller.com and chat with us when there is an issue with our phone systems. We have always felt that we are in this together. Today that means more than ever.
Danny Clark,
Stuller Inc.

Details on MatrixGold’s Newest Software Update

It seems like yesterday we released MatrixGold in September 2018. Today, we’re excited to announce the newest update, MatrixGold2019.3.

We have worked to ensure MatrixGold meets the needs of every jeweler within this ever-changing industry. We want MatrixGold to be the right choice for all jewelers to help them on this journey. Through designing, budgeting, presenting, and selling, MatrixGold can be your perfect ally on every stage of this beautiful journey, from the idea to the final piece.

Take a look at some of the new tools and improvements you’ll find in the update on July 1. 

Mesh Repair

Getting your designs ready for production is very important. With the Mesh Repair tool, all of the parts will come together for an easier print. 

Texture 3D

Customers are gravitating toward having special finishes on their jewelry. This tool will help you achieve unique touches to any design to make it one of a kind.

Smart Pattern

Choose from more than 90 patterns and create spectacular designs with low weight.

Gems Between 2 Curves

 This tool will boost adding stones in your designs. Choose the boundaries, select 2 curves, and fill all that area with stones. It’s that simple! 

Gems List on Curve

Often times, customers receive stones in different sizes to create a design.  With Gems List on Curve, customers can add the stones to a design easier than ever. 

Save as Default Style

Customers now have the option to save on each tool the customer defaults to. Set any measurement and layout, and save it to your default style.  The next time you launch this tool you will have the same layout as a starter.

Signet Ring Side Profile

Take advantage of having more control when working on signet rings. The top side profile can now be viewed in this new version so users won’t have any limits when creating signet rings. 


We have made a couple of big improvements in the render studio. Users will have the option to save their own materials and use the alpha channels to render the different materials by themselves and put them together later on any photo editing software.

Animation Studio

We now have new options on how the camera follows the path when making an animation to get different animation results.

With this new MatrixGold update, customers will have a powerful tool to boost their business either on the sales side or the production side; MatrixGold is the complete solution for any jewelry business that wants to be the forefront of the market needs.

Which updates are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

4 New CounterSketch Features to Boost Custom Design

Whether you’re a polished power-user or a starter to the software, the custom design capabilities using CounterSketch® are undeniable. And on July 11, 2017 all customers in good standing will receive a CounterSketch update with new features and functionalities. With significant changes to the software on the horizon, CounterSketch Academy will be available at no charge to existing customers through July 31, 2017. Additionally, our Solutions Product Manager Heather Kutzman will hold a series of webinars to walk through new software functionality and user interface changes. Visit stuller.com/countersketch for more information on new CounterSketch features and training details to come.

So to preview the new CounterSketch features, picture yourself welcoming a prospective couple into your store. Their endearment is immediately evident and it’s clear they’re in search for the perfect engagement ring. You lead them to your best-sellers, and though they admire a few top contenders, the smitten couple longs for something more. After engaging in conversation over a physical piece of jewelry, you’re able to transition to a digital experience with CounterSketch software spotlighted on the big-screen. Together, you and the couple design the ring they love, using new CounterSketch features that simplify the experience.


Start Screen CustomizationNew CounterSketch features start screen customization

Start out on the right foot. New CounterSketch features allow you to personalize the software’s look and feel to reflect your brand. Users can now customize the start screen to reflect their unique branding and workflow. Easily edit design tiles, create custom tiles, and link to any website or Stuller Showcase™ directly from your CounterSktech Studio start screen. This added feature allows you to create continuity in your branding, complete with custom colored tiles and backdrop to match your store’s coloration.

Introduced by popular demand, this functionality will help to make the software all your own. It’ll enable you to organize your start screen in an arrangement that works best for you, allowing you to point, click, and master your personalized program. From the start, your couple will witness your proficiency in custom design using CounterSketch.


New Showcase Search

New CounterSketch features search function

Spend less time searching and more time creating. One of our favorite new CounterSketch features lets you search more precisely to rapidly filter through thousands of models. With new material choosers and design filters to simplify the search process, users can view designs from all viewpoints and quickly select the best style for their current project. Also, enhanced design details allow for easy model selection. Finally, default new material and ordering settings to your liking to reflect your workflow.

We’ve also included touchscreen-enabled search to enhance the creative experience, allowing your eager couple to actively participate in the search process. Filter designs by center shape, setting, style, design elements, and more to quickly translate your customers’ taste.


New, Enhanced Freehand Tools

New CounterSketch features save freehand designs

Utilize new Freehand tools to bolster creativity.  Another one of our favorite new CounterSketch features, new Freehand tools bring new models and greater functionality based on CAM standards. Here you’ll find a greater level of customization with Customize and Freehand modes now merged to create a seamless design experience. With over 150 new freehand parts, enhanced part menus, and large design details for simple component selection, CounterSketch is now more powerful than ever! A new Flip Mirror feature adds countless new iterations of existing freehand parts. Also, create, save, and reuse personalized freehand parts within the user part library.

Additionally, Polar Array goes beyond round stones, to accommodate all stone shapes in our library. The center of polar array can also be repositioned to incorporate side stones and other accents. Enhanced grouping features allow for quick and consistent relocation of freehand parts. In short, with the new design possibilities, your participating couple will be blown away by their many options.


Seamless Markup Strategy

New CounterSketch features seamless mark up strategy

Keep your markup strategy consistent. You can now configure CounterSketch to use your Stuller.com profile and Stuller Showcase™ pricing. Choose the new mark-up option to ensure consistency in CounterSketch Studio and mirror your Stuller Showcase margins. This will safeguard synergy across all Stuller’s digital offerings and avoid any pricing blunders when working with your interactive couple. This seamless integration will help to calm the closing process and bring you one step closer to creating the happy couple’s exceptional engagement ring.

Visit stuller.com/countersketch for more information on new CounterSketch features and training details to come. Also, for more CounterSketch applications, check out how to use custom design to attract media attention here.

New Software and a Global Approach

Matrix Header

Matrix Doug Menefee Headshot

Doug Menefee, Vice President of Business Solutions

I joined Stuller as the Vice President of Business Solutions in December of 2016, focusing initially on our software products and teams. As part of my onboarding, I learned and observed the operation of the organization for 90 days without taking any action. During the first few weeks of what I affectionately called “purgatory,” I experienced the demands placed on Stuller by our loyal customer base, especially during the holiday season. It is truly a one-of-a-kind operation.

In parallel to Stuller fulfilling the needs of thousands of jewelry retailers and artisans, I started to learn about Gemvision in Davenport, Iowa and TDM Solutions in Barcelona, Spain, the software companies Stuller acquired. Throughout the first three months of my journey, I began to understand their history and products while noting emerging opportunities. As we continue to unify teams, we will build the best solutions for our users. Our roadmap calls for a tighter integration of CounterSketch®, Matrix®, Stuller.com, Clayoo®, and RhinoGold®. As is the case with most business acquisitions, bringing all of the companies together is easier said than done. But our mission is clear: to combine our talents across all locations.

Our unified team has members at these locations:

  • A small office in Bettendorf, Iowa
  • A larger office in Barcelona, Spain
  • Subject matter expertise in North Carolina
  • The main headquarters inside Stuller in Lafayette, Louisiana
Our custom-built Innovation Space inside Stuller headquarters. 
Matrix Gemvision Room Matrix Gemvision Room
Matrix Gemvision Room Matrix Gemvision Room


This week, our consolidated team is proud to announce two major milestones:

  • The release of a new version of Matrix software – Matrix 9.0
  • The release of a new version of Clayoo software – Clayoo 2.5

Introduced in 2001, Matrix remains a world-leading 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) application for jewelers. This new release includes seamless integration of our proprietary organic modeler, the new Clayoo 2.5. What many may not realize is the collaboration across multiple states, continents, and time zones to ensure this release and integration! In addition to including Clayoo 2.5, the Matrix team added new features and functionality to help jewelry designers enhance their creativity, productivity, and profitability.

Soon we’ll share more details (and sneak-peek videos!) of the new features on our dedicated to Matrix 9.0 webpage at Gemvision.com/m9You can upgrade now via the webpage. In the coming days, we will begin shipping Matrix Version 9.0 for new orders.

Matrix Graphixc Design 9.0With this Matrix release, we are also excited to announce the new Gemvision Labs user group. We want Gemvision Labs to be a source for exclusive, early access to new features that you can test and then share your feedback directly with the developers. The first “Work in Progress” release in Gemvision Labs is the updated Matrix Web Viewer to help you share designs with your clients interactively via the web.

Without a doubt, the past four months have been a lot like drinking from a firehose for me. I remain humbled to be part of such an amazing team. From where I sit today, I see tremendous talent, tremendous value among the products, and breath-taking opportunities for all of us — including you, our customers — to advance jewelry design into previously unimaginable realms. While my journey has just begun, this week’s product release continues our commitment to deliver technological solutions to existing and future customers.

In so many ways, we are just getting started!

How do you use Matrix in your store? Share your designs with us on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest

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