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5 Gemstone Superstitions and How to Use Them to Sell More Stones

Explore these spooky fantasies and folklore about your favorite gemstones

Not too long ago, we explored six jewelry superstitions and explained how to use them to your advantage. This time, we’re back to discuss five spooky gemstone superstitions just in time for Halloween!   Remember, storytelling sells. Perhaps the gemstone superstitions below will help to seal the deal on a few gemstones read more…

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Sell With a Story: Precious Coral Gemstones

Coral gemstones rise from below to tell earth-forged stones to step aside — it’s time to show what beauties dwell in the deep. With its soft glow and vibrant hues, coral burst from the ocean thousands of years ago and made an impact on our ancestors. This impact was so read more…

What to Wear on Summer Vacation

All you need to know – from packing to vacation wear

We all deserve a few days off! And with summer in full swing, it’s likely you’ve booked your trip and are already counting down the days. Though you may dread packing, time draws near to your relaxing getaway. Which vacation jewelry will you bring to compliment your sundresses, shorts, and read more…