Watch Out for Our New Watch Bands, Tools, and Batteries Brochure

Watches provide the wearer with versatility and adaptability when it comes to today’s fashion accessories. Your customers keep these products in high demand and we gladly provide a helping hand in meeting that demand.

watch bands, tools, and batteries brochure

We are happy to save you time with Watch Bands, Tools, and Batteries — our first comprehensive brochure of everything you need to provide excellent care and service for your customers. Complete with eye-catching and detailed photographs as well as an easy-to-use design, Watch Bands, Tools, and Batteries is the only resource you need for a versatile inventory to fit every need.

To give you a sneak peek at everything this brochure has to offer, enjoy these highlights of the latest additions.

Look Back With Vintage

Straps made of distressed leather material, such as our Vintage Italian Leather watch bands complemented by our new cream stitching (as seen on page 8), will bring a nostalgic feeling to the comfort and style your customers have come to expect.

Leather Watch Bands

Explore the Possibilities with Mesh Metal

Mesh metal bands are a rising trend for both regular and smart watches. These sleek and modern styles are perfect for the young contemporary in both casual and professional fashion. With so many consumers having multiple watches for work and play, these mesh metal bands work great for watches of all occasions. See pages 25 and 32 for our offerings on this very popular item available in rose, stainless and black. 

Metal Watch Bands

Think Smart with Smart Watch Bands and Adapters

Smart watches are definitely on the rise and your customers will want options when it comes to look and feel. With an adapter, the smart watch band can become a statement of personality and taste with limitless options. This trend connects with the idea of providing the customer with a unique piece fit for them. You can enjoy our plethora of options on pages 32-35.

Smart Watch Bands

Get to Work With Expanded NATO® Offerings

Made of a breathable nylon material, NATO® watch bands should catch the eye of the active and sporty customer. Recently, we’ve expanded our line of these versatile watch bands to include styles in basic neutral tones that can go with any fashion choice. Featured on pages 30 and 31, your customers will enjoy the new variety being offered in these highly sought-after watch bands.

NATO Watch Bands

Other than new trends and an updated look, you’ll continue to find everything you need when it comes to watch repair tools and battery kits. We hope you enjoy this new direction of our watch bands, tools, and batteries and look forward to providing you nothing but the best.

Stuller Connect: What to expect from our Virtual Event

For the entire month of June, Stuller is bringing the trade show environment to you!  Stuller Connect is a virtual event that will offer new product launches, event specials, deals, giveaways, educational opportunities, and so much more.  Best of all, it’ll all be easily available and accessible on throughout June. 

Here’s a peek into what you can expect:

Modern Brilliance®

This collection features a variety of both essential fashion and on-trend styles set exclusively with Lab-Grown Diamonds.  Modern Brilliance now has even more–with recently added bridal and jewelry styles your customers are sure to love.
Modern Brilliance Lab-Grown Jewelry Blog Social Share

Expanded Options for Findings

Our assortment of findings is available in more sizes, shapes, and qualities than ever.  For an added benefit, take advantage of Digital Goldsmith™ to offer simple, quick setting and shank configurations.  Pair with our best selling Magnetic Ring Builder to quickly match settings and shanks. 
Click the video below to learn more.

Stuller Diamonds®

Stuller continues to provide the ultimate in diamond confidence, quality, and selection.  During Stuller Connect, discover unique diamonds for your designs, including specialty colors, salt and pepper stones, and more.

Stuller Gemstones™

Each stone has a unique story.  Through our newest assortment of Earth to Market™ gemstones, discover with the country of origin details you can pass on to your customer.  
Plus, our Notable Gems™ assortment is expanding. Check out our newest additions during Stuller Connect.
You can learn more about our Notable Gems assortment through our Sell with a Story series.



Looking to elevate your custom offering by adding or upgrading software?  Take advantage of up to 20% discounts on CounterSketch and MatrixGold. Plus, you’ll receive discounts on educational items with purchase.  


Stuller Exclusive Tools 

Looking to add or replace items in your shop?  Check out our selection of tools items only available through Stuller, including Diamond Sellers and the new Gemax Microscope.

New Packaging and Displays

Now is the perfect time to refresh your cases or consider new ring boxes and totes.   Our new offering of packaging and displays are sure to inspire.  
Take a look at the video below to see how Stuller’s Custom Imprinting Services works to ensure you leave a lasting impression. 

Event Specials

Stuller Connect will offer show specials in every product category.  Take advantage for steals on selling systems, laser welders, and Charles & Colvard® Moissanite.  Limited quantities are available, so act fast! 


Learning and Lagniappe

Ask live questions and learn something new in our virtual learning series all month on our Facebook Page.  Topics range from bridal photography to driving web traffic.

Also check out our Video Center as our bench experts show you how our tools work and how they can benefit you.

Virtual Appointments

Starting June 1, you can sign up to schedule a virtual session on a variety of topics, from jewelry and tools to software and services.  Simply fill out the form on and a Stuller expert will contact you to schedule.

…and much more!

Each week, Stuller Connect will add fresh content that benefits you. Keep an eye out on and our social media pages all month for new featured items and giveaways we’ll be offering. 

What are you hoping to find during Stuller Connect? Let us know in the comments below!

National Craft Month Header

Celebrating Jewelry Artisans in National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month, a time to explore the arts we’re passionate about. At Stuller, it’s an ideal time to celebrate the craftsmen who built the jewelry industry over centuries, using only the most basic tools. These goldsmiths, lapidaries, engravers, designers, and other jewelry artisans developed techniques that are still practiced today.

Like most trades that involve skilled hand work, the jewelry industry is full of second- and third-generation jewelers — some with even longer legacies. Stuller is proud to have many such craftsmen in house helping to improve our business every day.

Here are some ways to take advantage of the buzz around National Craft Month for your own jewelry business.


Share the Craft

The Hobby Industry Association (now the Association for Creative Industries) started National Craft Month in 1994 to encourage creativity. More than 25 years later, it is still thriving and has become an opportunity for us to learn new crafts, return to ones we’ve enjoyed in the past, and share our skills with others. It’s an ideal time to start teaching a child or teen age-appropriate jewelry skills, to pass down those centuries of knowledge and start building the next generation of craftsmen. Along with marketable skills that could lead to a potential career and the joy of a fun pastime, sharing a craft means sharing the many health benefits attributed to crafting.

Crafty Marketing

There’s a growing trend in marketing toward storytelling, especially when marketing to millennials, who are said to value pieces with a story. Sharing the techniques and background behind handcrafted pieces helps customers connect with them better. Take full advantage of National Craft Month by inviting bench jewelers, lapidaries, engravers, and other artisans you work with or who live in your area to demonstrate their skills at your store. Have contests, trunk shows, and other in-store events and promotions to build relationships with the community throughout March.

Tools of Our Trade

One trait that craftspeople share is a love of tools. While our hands are our most important tools, hammers, files, and other hand tools are essential to craftspeople, especially ones who still practice traditional techniques. Most bench jewelers combine the old and the new into an efficient operation, the best of both worlds. If your shop has gone primarily high-tech, why not explore some old-school tools and techniques this month? You might be surprised at how doing a familiar task in a new way can spark your creativity.

 National Crafting Month Planishing Hammer National Crafting Month Needle Files National Crafting Month GRS Ball Vise
            37-1605         31-68000              26-4167


Practice Other Crafts with Stuller

Sure, we deal with laser welders and high-tech jewelry equipment. But we know there’s just as great a need for the other jewelry tools and supplies used by bench jewelers and other craftsmen. Where would pearl strands be without bead stringing and knotting tools? How could ring bands be cut and sized without saws and saw blades? Remember the humble beginnings of the jewelry industry this month and practice your craft!

 National Crafting Month Bench Pin National Crafting Month Crimp Bead Pack  National Crafting Month Cutter Pliers National Craft Month Sawblades
  13-3000        24143          46-4013        49-4204



What are the must-have items on your list for crafting? Let us know in the comments below!

Celebrate National Worship of Tools Day

If you’ve paid attention to your calendar and love obscure holidays, you may be ahead of the pack and know what today is. But if you don’t know, it’s March 11, which means today is one pretty fantastic day:

National Worship of Tools Day!


While we love to splurge on new bench tools, you should also keep the ones in your workspace in working order. Here are some simple ways to extend the life of your tools to keep your workflow moving, just in time for National Worship of Tools Day:

Clean Regularly

Taking time to thoroughly clean what you use most at the bench will help protect against long-term damage. It doesn’t have to take a long time, but getting in the habit will go a long way.

This includes checking any blades or smaller pieces that contribute to your machine working correctly. It also won’t hurt to polish those blades and use a soft wire brush to clean between the teeth. Add in dusting time to sweep away filings as well as general cleanup.

  54-4430       54-4425            16-0551       16-0510

Lubricate Tools

Whether it’s to extend the life of your tools or reduce friction and heat buildup, proper lubrication is crucial. Friction from using the tools can slow down gears, dry out belts, and more. Use tool-appropriate lubricants to reduce friction, prevent dust particles from getting in shafts and joints, and more.

                34-2279       21-0740             26-1003

Keep the Habit Going

Cleaning an item once or twice is great, but forming the habit of adding maintenance to your work routine is key.

Want a more detailed listing of how often to care for your tools? Create a schedule for yourself to ensure you stay on top of maintenance. Here’s an example from our bench team of some small things you can do frequently to keep your tools happy:


Handpiece: Check both outer and inner springs. They shouldn’t bend more than 45 degrees. Replace springs as needed.


Flex shaft: Check the motor brushes and shaft to ensure they are working properly. Oil the sheath. A well-running flex-shaft is like a smooth-running engine.

Ultrasonic: Check water levels. Collect the sludge in the tank for refining. Wipe it clean.

Every Other Week

Bench: Clean your bench. Collect and separate sweeps. Use a refining bag for clippings and a trash bag for dust.

Polishing Unit: Empty and clean out the bags. (The three filters in this unit need to be changed every six to eight months, so schedule accordingly.)

Dust Collector: Wash the pre-filter, which is wrapped around the unit.


Files: Use a wire brush to clean and collect debris from files.

Plating Solutions: Clean and filter the solutions. Remember to keep a cap on the solutions at all times.

Every Other Month

Dust Collector: Wash the large filter.

Steamer: To clean the unit, blow it out to 5 psi and release. Check the glass tube and washers, which can thin out from running water through the machine, and replace if needed. Wear safety glasses and gloves when performing this maintenance task.

So, how are you gonna celebrate National Worship of Tools Day? Have any tips and tricks for extending the lifespan of your bench tools? Let us know in the comments below!

tumbling media

Tumbling Media for Jewelry: Finding the Right One

You’ve heard of tumbling media for finishing jewelry; you’ve probably even used it. But there are many kinds, and each one has characteristics that make it better suited for one type of project, finish, or tumbler.

This handy guide, featured in From the Bench’s Repair Issue, will help you make the right choice and achieve better results with your jewelry.

What’s the Difference?

Tumbling media abrades against your jewelry to remove unwanted material. Applications include deburring, polishing, burnishing, and removing fire scale. Create your desired surface finish by choosing media based on characteristics like size, shape, and composition.

Tumbling Media 1: Stainless Steel Pins

Stainless steel pins leave a semi-bright finish in a short amount of time, perfect for use right after casting. Use stainless steel pins with a magnetic tumbler, along with Stuller’s finishing soap.

47-5055 stainless steel pins


Tumbling Media 2: Treated Walnut Shell

This media can be used on all metals to produce an excellent mirror finish. Use it in a vibratory or barrel tumbler.

47-5216 treated walnut shell


Tumbling Media 3: White Pyramids

These plastic, pyramid-shaped media have a medium-cut surface and produce a very fine cut surface conditioning. They’re best for soft metals, to leave a smooth finish with little shine. Use these in a vibratory or barrel tumbler.


Tumbling Media 4: Stainless Steel Mixed Shot

Stainless steel shot is rust- and corrosion-resistant, requires no special storage, and is ideal for use in wet, flow-through systems. Used in a vibratory or barrel tumbler, this stainless-steel shot leaves pieces bright and clean, burnishing metals to a mirror finish.


Tumbling Media 5: Porcelain Balls

Because of their shape, 2-mm porcelain balls impart a single point of contact, leaving a very fine finish to almost any area it reaches. It’s very popular for delicate parts, fine-edge blanking, and precious metal burnishing. Use them in a vibratory or barrel tumbler to create a bright finish with less distortion.


Tumbling Media 6: Brown Pyramids

These plastic, pyramid-shaped media have a medium-cut surface and produce very fine surface conditioning. These pyramids are best for soft metals, to leave a smooth finish with little shine. Use them in a vibratory or barrel tumbler.


Tumbling Media 7: Ceramic Polyhedrons

Ceramic is the heaviest tumbling media and the fastest finisher. Its polyhedron shape is great for grinding and polishing hard metals. It’s also good for deburring machined, casted, and fabricated parts. Use it in a vibratory or barrel tumbler.


Explore tumbling media, other finishing tools and supplies, plus talk to experts and more during Stuller’s Bench Jeweler Workshop, March 27-28, 2020. Register by February 17 to take advantage of early-bird pricing.

10 Jewelry-Making Tools for Efficiency Blog Header

10 Jewelry-Making Tools for Efficiency In Your Workspace

You’ve briefed yourself on your game plan, you’ve started stocking your bench, and you’re gearing up for the approaching customer tidal wave. The holiday season is on the horizon and it’s time to prepare your workspace for the slew of jewelry it’ll be seeing.


Here are 10 jewelry-making tools for efficiency to help you handle the demanding selling season ahead.


Leica® Bench Microscope • 29-4758

With its zoom and focus knobs, this easily operable microscope is perfect for detail work and can be adjusted to the user’s preferences.

Jewelry-Making Tools for Efficiency Leica Bench Microscope

GRS® Microblock XL Ball Vise • 26-4219

Made for stone setting and engraving, this vise is the perfect size between the GRS Microblock and the GRS Standard Block. Plus, it works well with GRS attachments and accessories.

Jewelry-Making Tools for Efficiency GRS Microblock XL Ball Vise

GRS® GraverSmith Pneumatic Power Tool • 26-4013

Ideal for jewelers on a budget, this versatile tool offers basic work capability for stone setting and engraving at a smaller cost than fully-featured machines — but with no sacrifice on work quality.

Jewelry-Making Tools for Efficiency GRS GraverSmith Pneumatic Power Tool

NSK Micromotor Kit • 35-1237

The NSK Micromotor offers both balance and motor power for smooth handling. The FiXpeed® system grants independent footswitch operation for the A and B motors, bringing you unprecedented versatility.

Jewelry-Making Tools for Efficiency NSK Micromotor Kit

Jeweler‘s Workbench • 13-0750

Made of sturdy composite multilayer material and featuring ten drawers for maximum storage, this workbench is a jeweler’s best friend. It will surely prepare you for the busy holiday season ahead.

Jewelry-Making Tools for Efficiency Jeweler‘s Workbench

Coherent®-Rofin Starweld Desktop Laser • 14-0135

Life is better with laser welders, and this one is perfect for small shops needing big power. You can do it all: last-minute holiday repairs, work near heat-sensitive stones, and boost your efficiency by 50%.

Jewelry-Making Tools for Efficiency Coherent-Rofin Starweld Desktop Laser

Asiga® Max™ X 3D Printer • 24-1192

Top performance, reliability, and 18 resins printed each hour — this 3D printer exceeds the needs of jewelers and casting houses. Meet your holiday demand with an Asiga®.

Jewelry-Making Tools for Efficiency Asiga Max X 3D Printer

Elmasteam Basic Steamer • 15-2050

This powerful steamer uses a combination of pressure, speed, and temperature to clean hard-to-reach crevices — on both jewelry and complicated tools like burs and drills.

Jewelry-Making Tools for Efficiency Elmasteam Basic Steamer

Arbe Variable Speed Magnetic Tumbler • 47-4153

This magnetic tumbler has a small footprint but does big things: it delivers a high-polish finish and cuts down your time on hand finishing. Your holiday work will sparkle and shine nonstop.

Jewelry-Making Tools for Efficiency Arbe Variable Speed Magnetic Tumbler

Legor Plating Unit • 45-4092

Maximize your plating productivity with the six one-liter tanks of this unit. This system supports plating from start to finish, making it a great plating time saver during the holiday crunch.

Jewelry-Making Tools for Efficiency Legor Plating Unit

Which jewelry-making tools for efficiency help enhance your workspace? Let us know in the comments below!

Gem Cam Blog Header

The Complete Guide to Operating Your New GemCam

We know that sometimes selling loose diamonds and gemstones can be challenging for jewelers. After all, customers aren’t quite as adept at viewing stones through a loupe. The new GemCam™ Imaging System is sure to aid gemstone buyers on the road, master jewelers in their store, hobbyists, and everyone in between.

Stuller is proud to distribute the new and innovative GemCam technology. Use the tool itself in tandem with GemCam’s smartphone app to take high definition, 360-degree photos, and videos for easy viewing.

GemCam Features Include:

  • Lightweight, portable device with durable carrying case
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Zoom capability up to 40x – similar to microscope quality for clear inclusion identification
  • Built-in LED white lights: up lights and overhead
  • Built-in image cropping tools
  • Gem gripping from 2mm – 16mm
  • * Smartphone/tablet is not included

Tool Applications:

View Stones in Person with Customers – Not everyone can use a loupe as well as a master jeweler. Use the GemCam to view stones alongside your customers, allowing customers to become the expert by empowering them to choose their perfect stone.

Showcase the Stone Online – Use the closeup gem images to share on your social media, website, and email to customers in order to showcase your inventory and boost business.

Diamond/Gemstone Dealer – This portable tool works great on the road, too. Take it with you on gemstone buying excursions to thoroughly examine prospective stones.

Great for Appraisals – Use the device to aid in your diamond and gemstone appraisals.


Watch this product overview to familiarize yourself with the GemCam hardware

DGemCam App ownload the GemCam App

Using your smartphone, simply locate the GemCam App in the App Store or Google Play. Look for the icon pictured here. After a quick download, you’re ready to use the app!

Using the GemCam App


When taking a picture of a diamond or gemstone, you must first place your stone in the cassette. Once the stone is in place, adjust your lighting and set magnification.

GemCam App Screenshot

Open GemCam App

GemCam App Screenshot

Select > Photo

GemCam App GIF

Adjust Stone Accordingly


You’re allowed a few in-app options after you snap your gemstone photo, enabling you to zoom in/out, crop to suggested proportions, and rotate the image. Once you are done, always click the save image button. This will add the photo to your device’s image gallery. Then, you can export the image via text, email, add to Google Drive, iCould Photo Sharing, or post straight to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! What’s more is that if your phone is connected to a wireless printer, you can print your gemstone images straight from your device!

GemCam App Screenshot

Zoom in • Zoom out

GemCam App Screenshot

Set Image Proportions

GemCam App Screenshot

Share Photo


All gemstone and diamond photos can be logged into your Library. Click the Diamond icon, then you can categorize stones saved to your device’s photo gallery. Click select from gallery and choose the stone you’d like to categorize.

GemCam App Screenshot

Select > Diamond

GemCam App Screenshot

Choose Diamond Image

GemCam App Screenshot

Take Photo or Select From Gallery

You can add multiple images and even 360-degree video to each stone entry. Then, the app prompts you to add the following stone criteria: Shape, Carat, Cut, Clarity, Color, Lab, Lab ID, Stock (for your internal inventory records), and Text. Once you click Upload Diamond, you’ll automatically receive an email with a link to your diamond photo. This link is easily shared with your customer in real time. You’re also given the option to upload the diamond to RapNet – an online trading network run by Martin Rapaport’s company, the foremost authority on diamond trading.

GemCam App Screenshot

Choose Image From Gallery

GemCam App Screenshot

Input Diamond Specs

GemCam App Screenshot

RapNet Prompt


Upon receiving your GemCam from Stuller, you must set up your FREE account on All categorized diamonds will be housed on GemCam’s virtual platform at – think of it as a cloud to store your diamond inventory. This means you can access your diamonds from any internet-connected device through Each stone entry is listed with its respective details you first manually inputted. Then, from the website, you can share via email, create a shareable link that can be posted on your website or social media account, or share with the WhatsApp messaging platform.

GemCam App Screenshot

Select > Library

GemCam App Screenshot

Login to Library


Does the GemCam come with a phone or a tablet?

No, that’s something you will have to come up with on your own.


Which platforms support the GemCam app?

The free app is available on the Apple App Store and also through Google Play.


Is the tool/app difficult to use?

Not at all! The tool is simple and the app is extremely intuitive. There’s not a huge learning curve when operating the software on your phone or tablet.


How does this device work for colored gems?

This device works wonderfully for colored gems! The LED lighting is perfect for colored gemstone viewing.


Can you stop the rotation of the gem to study specific areas of it?

Yes! You can also stop the rotation using the manual spin button.


Does this tool work with all stones shapes and sizes?

It can accommodate fancy shaped stones 2mm-16mm in size.


Can you rotate the gem slower than shown in the video?

You can use the manual button to rotate and stop when you want. You can also purchase the replacement manual cassette to rotate the stone by hand.


Does this tool only take photos of loose stones or can you take photos of mounted stones as well?

Loose stones only.


Does this tool work with the iPhone 8 Plus? It has two camera lenses.

It does! The primary lens on the phone’s left side is the one you will use.

For more answers about GemCam, visit or call our Tools Tech team at 800-877-7777 ext. 4300.

The GemCam imaging tool used in conjunction with the app and Internet platform will transform the way you sell and promote your gemstones. So what are you waiting for? Purchase your GemCam Imaging System today!

Organize Your Bench

An organized shop is a more efficient one. How much time do you waste daily looking for tools? If you don’t think you do, log your actions for a day. Are you surprised? You can completely control misplaced tools by assigning each a designated space. Now label the location so you can easily spot when anything is out of place.

  • Keep accessories and consumable goods stored within easy reach of their coordinating equipment.
  • Use compartmentalized boxes to organize quick-turn repair needs: earring backs, lobster clasps, spring rings, jump rings, imitation birthstones, fabricated metals, etc.
  • Bench top organizers can help maintain an orderly bench all within easy reach.
  • Store extra buffs and rouges in drawers at your polishing station.
  • Keep your burs organized and labeled in one of our handy bur holders.

The bench is your foundation. While no jeweler’s bench is exactly like another, these suggestions ensure you’ve fully optimized your workspace in a way that works best for you.


Foredom® Bench System: A Must-Have

The Foredom® Bench System brings ultimate organization to your workspace. The raised swinging arm attachments allow for quick and easy tool storage and eliminate bench-top clutter, all while keeping necessities within your reach. The add-on options for this gadget are endless: from a pivoting LED light bar, an accessory tray, a bur holder, a double sided magnetic tool arm or a double motor hanger, just to name a few. This tool system will transform your effectiveness at the bench while the endless accessory options allow for step-by-step additions that won’t break your budget.


Bur Holders

good3 better3 best3

Compartmental Storage

Fill these handy drawers with different types of findings, stringing materials, solder chips, and anything else to get the job done. This clear-view tray with magnetic closure includes 24 vials with swing-top lids. This utility cabinet features 60 drawers to keep small parts separate and easy to find. The one piece frame even has keyhole slots for wall mounting.
good3 better3 best3

Plier Holders

This plastic plier rack keeps them organized, accessible and easy to identify. Hang pliers, screwdrivers, and other miscellaneous metal tools with this magnetic tool holder. It holds tools securely in place with permanent magnets and mounts with screws. This wooden plier rack with drawer holds your pliers, has a small shelf for tools and a storage drawer to keep your necessities at hand.
good3 better3 best3

Tool Storage

This wood carryall features a plier bar, hooks, a place for wire and cord spools, a tabletop ruler and a top shelf for all holding tools. Keep tools handy and organized while clearing your work area with this tool holder. This tool storage enables you to store all of them easily and find them quickly. This bench top organizer fits perfectly on your bench or work table. It contains space for findings, tools, and accessories and organizes it all with four drawers for stowaway items.
good3 better3 best3


With a 6″ reach in any direction, this adjustable swing arm’s exclusive design, developed here at Stuller, gives you an extra hand when setting or engraving. When set in the adjustable swing arm, this Microblock Ball Vise’s compact design simplifies microscope work. Use it for engraving, stone setting,  and other precision work. The Little Torch™ Magnetic Holder keeps your torch near your bench and is particularly helpful as you change your tip repeatedly throughout the day.


What are other ways you keep your bench organized and tidy? Tag us in your pictures on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest or share with us in the comments below!


Want to clean up your workspace while maximizing your returns? Read more about dust collectors for your bench here. As always, reach our tools tech team at 800-877-7777 ext. 4300 or find more on setting up your shop at

Timing Is Everything

Jewelry making has always been tightly linked with the seasons. Just as jewelers today work around a calendar studded by trade shows, holidays, and other annual moments, jewelers of the past had to deal with sometimes dizzying expectations based on the time of year. In some cases, those expectations still influence how we operate today.

holidayTake the old idea that diamonds and gems were linked to corresponding stars. It went beyond star sapphires and moonstones.

Particular gems came to stand for particular planets. The movement of a planet in the sky tied that planet’s gem to a certain time of the year. Those planets, in turn, came to stand for gods (think Mars or Mercury). We see evidence of this in the many images of those gods engraved on Roman jewels, sometimes accompanied by the zodiac.

In Judaism, similarly, the twelve tribes of Israel were associated with twelve precious gems and with their corresponding months. And with the rise of Christianity, stones were tied to saints and guardian angels and their special months. Engraving conducted on a certain day could constitute devotion to a particular saint, and a chosen gem might attract the favor of a chosen guardian angel.

On the one hand, this was probably bit overwhelming. On the other, consider the sales opportunities when everyday was a potential holiday.

These sorts of ideas live on, of course, in our continuing fascination with birthstones, as well in the popularity of religious imagery, not to mention in our concern for the holiday season in general. While we may not worry about what star happens to be rising while arranging a new ring display, our industry remains fastened to the calendar, and in particular to the fall holiday ramp

Here in September, there is a calm before the storm, a bit of time to catch one’s breath before the season’s wheel begins to truly roll. This is also a time to take stock, literally, and to plan for what’s to come.  Although just-in-time delivery is our specialty, Stuller stands ready to help you prepare, and toward that end, we’ve put together a framework to keep in mind as things accelerate.

Whether it’s stocking findings for quick custom work or deciding on personally imprinted packaging or even double checking your store of watch batteries, we’re here to help you keep your stars aligned.

Check out this PDF, which details this timeline from 12 weeks out.

And take a look at several solutions Stuller provides to help make your holiday season a rousing success HERE!

Composed by senior copywriter Josh Caffery and subject matter expert, Alex Graham. 

Feature Friday – Steve Miller

I’ve always wanted to do something different. I wanted to see the world and what it had to offer. That’s how I ended up in the U.S. Army. I served on active duty for about 12 years wifeand then spent time in the Reserves for a total of 22 years. And I can honestly say, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

After the Army, I decided to go to school for nursing. I was an EMT at the time and woke up one morning and realized that the medical field just wasn’t for me. I was on the hunt again.

My mom told me about Stuller because she used to work for Matt Stuller’s father. I remember when I was little, she would try and teach me while mixing investment for teeth molds. If I’d known I would have ended up at Stuller, I would have paid more attention!

I applied for a job in traditional manufacturing. It took me a while to get hired. I didn’t want my mom “putting in a good word” for me. I wanted to do it all on my own. And in 1995, I joined the Stuller family.

I worked in traditional manufacturing for a bit and after a presentation one day, a VP walked up to me and told me that he liked what I had done, that they were bringing a tools division to Stuller, and asked if I wanted to be a part of it. Of course, I was excited. I knew a little about tools since we used some in manufacturing, but a lot was new.

I’ve been working with Andy “the Tool Guy” since the beginning. He would bring me tools to test. And in 2004, we started the Stuller Tools Tech Line.

Today, I’m a part of the Tools Tech Team. We help customers with every sort of issue you can imagine. If they purchase a tool, and don’t quite know how to use it, they’ll call us. We’ll also give customers tips and tricks on how to get the most out of their tool purchases. I truly believe we have the best customer service around. We always go an extra 100 miles to make sure the customer is comfortable with their new purchase and that theyjck understand how to use the item. The job is challenging, but I enjoy every minute. Even after being with Stuller for more than 20 years, I still learn something new almost every day.

Of course, my favorite part of the job is helping our customers. A few years ago, a customer called and wanted two bands engraved with Hebrew. The jeweler was told it couldn’t be done. I knew I could help. I had him order the bands, I picked them up, and walked them to our engraving department and had what he wanted done. He was so thankful and that was well worth the trouble.

I stay inspired by teaching the newer team members. From sales associates, to marketers, to the jewelers that call in, I keep them up-to-date will all the new ways of doing things.

horseWhen I’m not at Stuller, I enjoy time with my family and my horses. I’ve been married to my wonderful wife for 16 years and we have one son. I have eight horses. I’ve been around them since I was about three years old. My favorite is Little Momma. I’m also a pretty competitive Fantasy Football player and the New Orleans Saints are my home team.