Charm School™ Collection: Because Confidence is Always in Style

Above all, 302® Fine Jewelry values women celebrating confidence, choice, and self-love. From concept to creation, each piece is made for women who want to share their story with the world. These award-winning styles provide a lasting expression of moments that define life’s chapters. We are very excited to launch a major new addition that helps bring your customers’ stories to life: the Charm School™ Collection.

Class is in Session

The Charm School Collection is an assortment of on-trend, modern-day charms that celebrate personalization and uniqueness. With so many options available, these charms provide infinite possibilities for customers to create a look unique to them.

“This collection really puts the wearer in the driver’s seat,” says Emily Graffagnino, Stuller’s senior director of fine jewelry. “Being able to curate their own look, their own story, and wear it for all the world to see.”

Getting your customer started is simple… and FUN! Start with one of the chains offered in the Utility Collection, either for a bracelet or necklace. Then mix and match with pieces in the Charm School Collection to have them look top of the class.

Designed With Your Customer in Mind

When we designed the Charm School Collection, our priorities were comfort and personalization. The bail used on all our charms are D-shaped with a flat back so that the charm is stable when it is worn and doesn’t roll around. All Charm School pieces easily mix, match, and layer with each other on a variety of bracelets and necklaces.

“We want your customers to feel comfortable and confident so that they wear these pieces every day,” says Emily Bute, Stuller’s executive director of product design and development.

A+ Styles

From birthstone and symbolic to initial and engravable, let’s take a closer look at these chic and trending pieces.

Birthstone Charms

We offer three different birthstone charm options that are incredibly versatile and pair well with any charm combination. There are multiple price point options as well with the inclusion of natural and lab-grown gemstones.

“Whether you buy it for yourself or gift it to someone else, you can really cherish these pieces and pass them on for generations to come,” says Taylor Beadle, fine jewelry product manager.

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Religious and Symbolic Charms

We offer multiple charms that help commemorate the spirituality and religious convictions of women. These ideals serve as the foundation of what matters most to the wearer. These pieces provide an opportunity to display these values in unique and beautiful ways.

“This expression and celebration of bigger ideas and values really unites us all as women on a deeper level, no matter our race, age, or status,” says Alisse Gregson, fine jewelry senior product manager.

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Personalized and Engravable Charms

One of the best features of the Charm School Collection is the level of personalization you can incorporate into a piece. Initial charms and letter slides allow you to put words, names, and initials on any chain bracelet or necklace. Engrave initials onto a dog tag or heart charm as a reminder to keep someone close. Word charms, such as our “happy” and “mama” charms, also hold special meaning.

“Having a hand in what you wear and what your jewelry says allows women to feel empowered and more personal with what they wear,” says Kristen Ber with the 302 Fine Jewelry team.

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Partner With Us

Not a 302 Fine Jewelry retail partner? Not a problem. Partner with us today by making a one-time buy in of $2,500 in 302 Fine Jewelry pieces. In return, you receive styles your customers want, high-quality marketing support, and lightning-fast delivery. Learn more about the benefits of being a retail partner at Stuller.com/302FineJewelry.

Seek Your Center With Stuller’s Religious Lookbook

If there was ever a need for calm and contemplation, it is now. We’ve all had our fill of icy gray days — even here in the South, where we’ve experienced more than our usual share of wintry weather. And we’ve all had the ongoing stresses and anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We long to see azaleas blooming, followed by fresh sprouts of green as trees slowly don their springtime attire. That’s where FAITH comes in.

We greet spring’s rebirth and renewal with our new lookbook, Centered in Faith, focused on religious and spiritual jewelry. Each piece offers your customers beautiful and meaningful ways to celebrate this joyful season long associated with the power of spirituality and faith to revive our love of life.

Be ready for celebrations and inspirations by having several of the lookbook’s new and best-selling styles in your cases. If customers want more choices, show them the printed version of Centered in Faith or use the interactive digital version on Stuller.com. They’ll be sure to find the perfect piece for a gift or themselves.


For those of a Christian faith, the lookbook offers abundant jewelry featuring crosses, both vertical and sideways. Choose from gold or diamond-accented necklaces, charms, pendants, bracelets, earrings and stacking rings that appeal to many tastes.

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Angels & Medals

Angels and Saints Medals appeal to many customers and they’ll discover numerous styles both simple and detailed.

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Turn to the East

Does your customer embrace Buddhism and Eastern Philosophy? We offer jewelry featuring multiple symbols that will sooth the mind and refresh the heart.

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In addition to these, we carry mezuzah and mizpah pendants, and many variations of the Star of David and Chai jewelry on Stuller.com/Religious.

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Hamsa, Evil Eye, Lotus, Om, and Celtic Knot Jewelry

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We mark this season with religious milestones and celebrations such as Easter, First Communions, and Confirmations. Many customers seek symbols reminding us to uplift our thoughts and actions. When a customer puts on any piece featured in this brochure, they have an ongoing reminder to emphasize positive influences in their daily routines.

You can view our full religious and symbolic jewelry collection on our website here.

Celebrate Your Faith with Trending Religious Jewelry

Religious Jewelry Trends Blog Header

Stuller’s latest trending religious jewelry brochure illustrates a fascinating dichotomy. It pairs light with darkness, heaviness with weightlessness. And at the center of the spectrum lies bright white, yellow, and gold religious jewelry that pops from the pages. This brochure is so beautiful, in fact, it can proudly sit on your show floor throughout Eastertide and well into the rest of the year.

Make room for religious jewelry in your Easter basket displays this year. Order your customizable gifts today to add that special touch!

Browse the latest trending religious jewelry styles here.


Spiritual and Symbolic Jewelry

Religious Jewelry Trends Spiritual Symbolic

From L to R: 8691065272486974870088666712333051856


Spiritualism and symbolism are two trending religious jewelry themes that can be interpreted in many different ways, from the celestial to the mystical to oriental traditions. This particular trend creates new ways to express one’s own personal beliefs in a fashionable way.

Religious Medals

Religious Jewelry Trends Spiritual Medals

Medals from L to R: R16346R5024R5036R5022R5019R16382652597


Medals are trending religious jewelry staples and have the power to say much more than what meets the eye. Each medal holds special meaning meant to provide strength and protection to its wearer.

Spiritual Stackable Rings

Religious Jewelry Trends Stackable Rings

From the Top: R43070R43084R43098R43095R43096


Why choose just one accessory? Stackables are the perfect layering pieces to compound religious fashion. Other forms of stackable expression span all product categories including rings, necklaces, and even earrings. There are no limits.

Personalized Religious Jewelry

Religious Jewelry Trends Personalized

From L to R: R43090867588708787089R42355R17020


Adding personal touches to jewelry is just another wonderful form of expression. Whether choosing a birthstone, adding an engraving, or even selecting a special bible verse, there are endless ways to add individuality to this year’s trending religious jewelry pieces.

Holy Cross Necklaces

Religious Jewelry Trends Cross Necklaces

From L to R: R42353R45397R42380R42371R45323


From diamond to gemstone to petite to sideways styles, cross necklaces come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your customer seeks traditional cross necklaces or fashion-forward options, crosses are having their moment as trending religious jewelry motifs. The options are endless.

Looking for more faith-filled inspiration? Shop more trending religious jewelry styles here.

Here are the Hottest Valentine’s Day Jewelry Trends This Year

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Blog Header

The quintessential Valentine’s Day gifts include chocolate, wine, flowers, and jewelry. And while some of these gifts can be picked up on the way home from work on February 14th (not recommended), jewelry purchases require a little more preparedness. But alas, there are always those last-minute stragglers.

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Ship Today

Luckily, you’ve prepared for this. And remember, we’re here for all of your last-minute gift suggestions. As you’re scouring our stock online, make sure to filter products in the left sidebar to make sure you’ll receive your goodies the next day.

Here are the hottest Valentine’s Day jewelry trends this year


Symbols of Love

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Symbols of Love
Jewelry is an expression of oneself. And symbols do the same. So it only makes sense that symbolic jewelry is an ideal way to show individuality and character. Whether by religious tokens, hearts, arrows, or animals, symbolic metal fashion pieces are some of the hottest 2019 Valentine’s Day jewelry trends.


Regal & Floral Designs

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Regal Floral JewelryYour customer is a queen. She deserves the royal treatment. These regal and ornate designs will highlight her poise and style. It’s all about the tiny details in this year’s Valentine’s Day jewelry trends.


Personalized Jewelry

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Personalization
No two people are alike. Every woman wants to feel one of a kind. Offer jewelry that captures her essence and individuality. And while time is running short for custom engraved or monogrammed designs, you can still suggest initial rings, necklaces, and birthstone stackables. These are making quite a splash as the next Valentine’s Day jewelry trends.


Classic Pearl Trends

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Classic Pearls

You just can’t beat the classics. Pearl jewelry reappears year after year as one of the top Valentine’s Day jewelry trends. They’re modest, yet refined and tasteful. These beauties transcend the garden of time and add a tasteful touch to any look.

Don’t Forget Your Packaging

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Packaging
For your Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts, boxes and bags are crucial. In fact, this is the WORST time to run short on ring boxes, so make sure you’re well stocked. Packaging and presentation truly seal the deal when it comes to first impressions. Make sure her eyes light up with delight by choosing vivid Valentine’s Day colors. Suggest suede, plushy textures that softly say “I love you.”


Here’s another tip: Tier your Valentine’s Day jewelry by price point. Encourage jewelry under $500, $250, and $100 to meet every budget. And with self-purchases on the rise, your gals might just pick up an on-budget piece (or two) for herself!

Styles featured in header (L to R): 720657204272075 • 72012720217186372013