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stuller trend report

hearts jewelry
302® Fine Jewelry
Taylor Dizor

Stuller Trend Report: The Steady Rise of Hearts

While the official day of love is approaching, I challenge you to look beyond Valentine’s Day and consider what it means to wear your heart on your sleeve. Or — better yet — your fingers, wrists, neck, and ears. The latest style trend being seen in the jewelry industry will fill you with a warm fuzzy feeling, and it has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. Hearts are rising to the top of your customers’ jewelry wish lists and not just for Valentine’s Day, but it’s happening year-round.

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Inspiration & Trends
Megan Tran

Stuller Trend Report: Spring 2023 Edition

What are today’s jewelry buyers looking for? This is a perpetual question asked by retailers and designers alike as we try to satisfy the needs of our consumers. Today’s trends are often a good indicator of the direction we should head. But which trends should we follow and how can we avoid trends that will disappear quickly? With some solid research, I have noticed there are certain trends out there that stand apart from the rest.

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