5 Things To Do Now Before the Busy Holiday Season

We are one month away from the halfway mark in what is shaping up to be a banner year for the jewelry industry. With that being said, the following statement might shock you: it’s just about time to start preparing for holiday! Believe it or not, the holiday shopping season will be upon us before you know it and you will want to be prepared. 

Why start so early? Over the years, we have observed that the holiday shopping season has started earlier and earlier every year. Sales have also grown overall. Many shoppers even report making their first holiday purchase during back-to-school shopping. With jewelry stores making an average of 1/3 of their annual sales during the holidays, it is vital that jewelers take the slower business months in the summer to make plans for the holidays.

The more preparation that happens on the front end, the more success you will see in your business before the end of the year. By taking advantage of these five strategies, you will be well-prepared for your holiday shoppers. 

1. Inventory Forecasting and Shopping 

You already know that it will be in your best interest to have certain pieces already in-stock. By looking back at past trends and appropriately forecasting what merchandise you need to have on hand, you will avoid overspending or not having the right assortment of products. We are here to help. 

If you plan on attending JCK Las Vegas in August, make sure to stop by booths #13089 and #58057. We have several special surprises and new launches that are sure to help you stand out this holiday season. 

Another way to find out what we forecast to be the hottest items this holiday season is to get in touch with us. You can call us at 800-877-7777 and speak to one of our customer engagement specialists. We are always here to help you strategize and make the most out of your customers’ shopping experience. 

holiday shopping facts

2. Online Presence 

Another trend we are noticing in our industry is that the average consumer’s buying habits are beginning to shift online as opposed to going into brick-and-mortar stores. While that doesn’t necessarily mean we expect storefronts to suffer, we do believe it’s in your business’ best interests to meet your customers where they are looking: online. 

Can your customers shop on your website? By integrating Stuller’s e-commerce business solutions, you can propel your online presence with the resources needed to advance your business in the digital marketplace. Whether you are new to running a website or extremely tech-savvy, we have solutions to fit every skill level. And the best part is that all our e-commerce solutions are free to use! Learn more about Stuller’s e-commerce business solutions on our website today and use the summer as a time to boost your online presence.

3. Store Renovations and Seasonal Setup Planning 

With the potentially less foot traffic over the summer months, it might be a good time to give your store the sprucing up it needs. Whether you add a fresh coat of paint, add new display cases, or just change things up, giving your store a little care over the summer will go a long way to creating a welcoming environment for your customers when business picks up leading into the holidays. 

Along with renovations, now would be a good time to begin planning out how you will set up your sales floor during the holiday season. How will you achieve a good flow within your store and leave a good impression? For tips about designing the perfect holiday experience, check out a livestream from our Holiday Learning Series last year!

4. Use Your Resources 

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to use your resources and invest in education for you and your team. Learn about the upcoming trends, figure out what merchandising strategies work best for your business, discover new products and services you can launch during the busy season, etc. Stuller offers the opportunity to take part in trainings and consultations live with our jewelry and merchandising experts through Stuller Connect™. 

Stuller Connect is our video consultation service where our customers get to meet personally with our specialists. Get the benefit of having us right in your store with the added bonus of seeing the resources we have here at our manufacturing facility. To set up your Stuller Connect consultation, give us a call at 800-877-7777, ext. 2428. 

5. Let us Support Your Holiday Success 

Remember that we are here for you and to champion your success. This upcoming holiday season is going to be a busy one and we’re ready to offer you support. Contact our customer care department if there is anything we can do to make your holiday shopping season a success.  

Happy Selling!

Is Your Stuller Showcase™ Ready for the Holidays?

With the holidays quickly approaching, now is a great time to tune up Stuller Showcase. If you don’t already know, Stuller Showcase is a great sales and marketing tool which allows you to transform Stuller.com into your personal digital catalog. This can really open up your opportunities to close a sale, especially when you don’t have what the customer is looking for on hand. In addition, whether you already have a website, or not, Stuller Showcase can also be accessed outside of your store using our jewelershowcase.com domain. Please read through our About Showcase and About Showcase <iframe> pages for more details.

Let me point out some things you may want to take a look at. For those of you who have been using Showcase, there may have been some features that have been added since you last checked your options for Personalization and Markups Settings. Here are a few ways to take advantage of all that Stuller Showcase has to offer:


Personalization Settings

Add Your Logo
You may want to add your logo, or create one, branding your Showcase a little better than text.

Utilize jewelershowcase.com
Make your Showcase accessible 24/7 for your customers to view available inventory, customize jewelry, and get price quotes. They can submit products they are interested in by submitting an inquiry. Stuller Showcase alerts you by email, including the product(s), quoted price, and customer contact info. All you need to do is review their request, confirm their selection(s), and complete the sale by adding it to your Stuller order.

Markup Settings

Markup Previewer/Showcase Pricing Summary
Clicking the tag >> on the left side of the page reveals the Markup Previewer. This is a tool that displays representative items which will help you assess whether the markups you have set make sense for your pricing. You don’t want the prices in Showcase to be far off from your pricing in-case, so using the Markup Previewer allows you to get an overview of how your markups affect a variety of items. Also, when you are not in Showcase, but browsing Stuller.com, you can use the Showcase Pricing Summary on the Product Pages to look at how your markups apply to that item.

Fine-tune global markups using Custom default option
A great first step to setting your markups is using the custom option to establish a base. While the preset options of 2.5X and 3X exist, most of our customers use a markup somewhere in between (2.6 or 2.75). Once you’ve set your base markup, then you could fine tune them categorically as you see fit.

Most of the higher priced items that you sell have a lower markup than the lower priced items. To account for this, we offer 4-tier as a way to have different markups for the same types of products based on their costs. An example of this is melee diamonds vs two carat diamonds. Using 4-tier allows you to set your markups based on their cost, which keeps more expensive items from being priced too high.

Follow these quick and easy tips to ensure your Stuller Showcase is ready to point holiday traffic directly to your doorstep!

Don’t have Showcase? Take advantage of this free sales tool here.

How have you used Stuller Showcase? Share some of your success stories. What else are you doing to make sure your staff and store are ready for the holiday rush? Post your comments below.