Selling Tips and Tricks for Your Fashion-Forward Brides

Imagine this scenario. An excited couple comes in with a picture from Pinterest of their dream engagement ring. The design is modern and very on-trend. Your current in-case inventory is all best-selling classics that many brides request. However, nothing in your cases seems to match this couple’s style quite like the newer trends on social media, and this has slowly become a recurring experience in your store.

Staying on top of the trending bridal styles can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to research those trends, but you also must invest heavily in an inventory of distinctive pieces that may or may not resonate with your local customers. Well not anymore!

We’ve done the research and created solutions that provide you with product that is high trend, but with a low-cost investment and minimal inventory to keep track of. Say hello to our new Designer Bridal and Ring Enhancer in-case selling systems.

Designer Bridal: In-Case Prototype Selling System

Seasoned Stuller customers are familiar with the eye-catching styles in our designer bridal collection. However, this collection has received a refresh and is now offered as an in-case selling system just in time for the busy holiday season. The full collection and prototype selling system now features the most in-demand and on-trend engagement rings of the year. Featuring fancy stone shapes, illusion designs, and intricate shank details, we have curated assortments within our prototype selling system that help you sell showstopping styles to fashion-forward brides.

Art Deco Assortment: A Selling System

The Art Deco Assortment (688860:100:P) showcases chevron architecture, trillion-shaped melee, hexagons, and ballerina halos.

Modern Assortment: A Selling System

The Modern Assortment (688860:101:P) features east to west settings, split shanks, French-set accents, two-stone settings, and negative space bands.

Vintage-Inspired Assortment: A Selling System

The Vintage-Inspired Assortment (688860:102:P) displays rings with milgrain details, a filigree halo, petite accents, and intricate shank designs.

Whimsical Assortment: A Selling System

The Whimsical Assortment (688860:103:P) promotes playful asymmetrical halos, a starburst halo, Celtic inspirations, and fanciful abstract looks.

You can either purchase an individual assortment that fits the styles you’re looking for or you can have them all with the comprehensive Designer Bridal Selling System (688860:104:P). Each assortment comes in a hexagon-shaped display to help the unique designs stand out. All styles are featured as a prototype in a high-quality metal alloy, which can then be ordered in live product as 14K white, yellow, and rose gold as well as platinum.

The Art Deco Assortment (688860:100:P) The Modern Assortment (688860:101:P)
The Vintage-Inspired Assortment (688860:102:P) The Whimsical Assortment (688860:103:P)

Bridal Enhancer Selling System

Contour bands and ring guards have continued to grow in popularity and are the perfect addition to any bride’s wedding stack. Contour bands fit nicely against the shank of the engagement ring, while a ring guard provides that perfect halo effect for the classic solitaire.

It can get expensive to keep a large variety of enhancers in stock, however, it’s also necessary for your customers to try the enhancer on with the ring to ensure the right fit. With this dilemma, we have created a solution.

Our Bridal Enhancer Selling System (688825) is a pre-merchandised prototype collection of trending styles featuring 12 contour bands and 4 ring guards. All styles can be ordered live in a variety of metal qualities and colors.

Bridal Enhancer Selling System (688825)

The Bottom Line

Having a large amount of live inventory is costly and comes with a certain amount of risk. With pre-merchandised prototype solutions like our Designer Bridal and Ring Enhancer selling systems, you can feel confident that you are carrying the best in trending styles while keeping your costs low and your inventory minimal.

To explore all of our bridal selling systems, visit Stuller.com.

ever&ever® Features the Allure of Platinum

Ever&Ever Feature in The Knot Fall Issue

The Knot’s fall issue has hit the stands with the beautiful Jenna Dewan gracing the cover. In this sustainability issue, you will find the latest advertisement for ever&ever® in our ongoing campaign with the prominent wedding industry publication. This advertising opportunity provides one of many benefits to ever&ever® retail partners and is perfect to help promote engagement rings for upcoming fall proposals.

ever&ever® and The Knot

The Allure of Platinum

In collaboration with Platinum Guild International, the ad image features a three-stone style, oval-shape diamond engagement ring set in platinum (124157:412:P) along with its matching band (52052:412:P). The ad speaks to the strength and desirability of platinum, which is an exceedingly popular metal choice for securing diamond center stones.

124157:412:P 52052:412:P

While the rings featured in this advertisement campaign are platinum, all ever&ever® engagement rings are 3C flexible styles. This means that the metal quality, center stone size, and shape are all customizable so a bride can have her perfect, one-of-a-kind ring.

To shop these styles and more from Stuller’s comprehensive in-case bridal program, visit Stuller.com/ShopEverAndEver.

Why ever&ever®?

National advertising campaigns that expand the brand recognition of ever&ever® are only part of the many benefits of being a retail partner. Check out some of these other amazing perks.

High Quality and Customizable Styles

Whether you choose the Core Bridal Program, the Comprehensive Bridal Program, or you build your own program, the styles within ever&ever® feature high quality and customizable designs that allow you flexibility in creating the perfect ring. To keep your assortment fresh, we offer two product enhancements every year that each include six new styles.

Marketing Support

From ready-to-post social media content and hi-resolution imagery to print materials and signage, we provide our retail partners with everything they need to connect their customers with ever&ever®. We also maintain a brand website on EverAndEver.com, where your customers can explore the full product offering within ever&ever® and easily find you with our Find a Retailer listing tool. Finally, we offer e-commerce solutions that allow you to integrate and embed the EverAndEver.com interface into your website.

Influencer Marketing

Other than our current advertising campaign with The Knot, ever&ever® has also been featured in the popular wedding industry blog Wedding Chicks. We are always looking for unique opportunities to increase brand awareness and lead customers to your business.

Rapid Delivery

Delivery of ever&ever® styles comes with the same standards and quality you’ve come to expect from Stuller. We make sure you have the live styles you need as soon as possible with next-day delivery of all in-stock items and swift production of customized pieces.

Become a Retail Partner Today!

You become a retail partner as soon as you purchase the Core Bridal Program, which features 29 pre-merchandised prototype samples — all 3C flexible designs and best-selling styles. There are three other popular programs that allow you to receive retail partner benefits as well.

To learn more about the ways you can become a retail partner and to get started, visit Stuller.com/EverAndEver.

ever&ever® is your all-in-one solution for helping every bride create her own story. As fall begins and the holiday proposal season approaches, trust Stuller to be your bridal business partner in helping couples find rings they can cherish forever and ever.

Fiery Moissanite: A Perfect Choice for Bridal Designs

Moissanite for Bridal

One look at the pristine brilliance of Moissanite makes it easy to understand its growing popularity for engagement rings, anniversary and eternity bands, and men’s bands. This gorgeous, lab-grown gem offers more than its across-the-room sparkle. Its high durability (9.25 on the Mohs scale) and affordability make it increasingly attractive to couples who want new choices for their bridal rings.

Think Big 

Couples vary in how much they want to spend on an engagement ring, reflecting their priorities. Today, many want a larger stone without breaking the bank to buy it. Others seek an “eco-friendly” gem and still others choose to save for a down payment on a house, extensive travel, and other personal commitments. Moissanite makes all these priorities attainable. We offer Charles & Colvard Forever One and Stuller Moissanite in many shapes and sizes. Both come in a range of melee sizes so customers can delight in elegant accents to their heart’s content. 

moissanite bridal


Diamonds — natural and lab-grown — claim much of the bridal market, but they face competition from Moissanite. In 2017, Pinterest searches for Moissanite engagement rings rose by 297%, and the trend continues. A one-carat natural diamond will cost a minimum of 5K to 6K (approximate retail) and even more if the couple wants a larger stone. A DEF 6.5 mm Moissanite — the equivalent of 1 CT — costs a fraction of a comparable diamond, retailing for up to $810 triple key for a Hearts & Arrows cut. Larger stones from 7.5 to 8 mm DEF, approximately a 2 CT stone, retail from approximately $975 to $1,800 at triple key. A natural diamond in that size would cost thousands more, at significantly less than triple key.

Environmentally Conscious 

Some environmentally conscious customers feel attracted to Moissanite because it’s lab-grown, not taken from the earth. Moissanite developed this way out of necessity. In the late 19th century, Henri Moissan discovered tiny crystals of natural Moissanite in a meteorite crater. Since then, no one has found this sparkling stone in sizes and colors suitable for jewelry. The race began to grow it in a lab and it took close to 100 years. So, when Charles & Colvard first created Moissanite in 1993, it was an impressive achievement though the stone was not colorless. The company persisted, and in 2015, they introduced their crowning glory, Forever One™, available in DEF and GHI. This fired up Moissanite’s bridal breakthrough. Today, we carry colorless and near-colorless Forever One by Charles & Colvard and Stuller Moissanite in a host of shapes to tempt any bride.

moissanite bridal

Tell Moissanite’s Story 

To learn more about Moissanite, visit Stuller.com/MoissaniteBenefits or read our Sell With a Story blog post on Moissanite.

With this information, you’ll be ready to suggest it for the many beautiful styles in Bridal 2021-2022 and on Stuller.com/Bridal.

A Stuller Ring Story: Brittany and Jacob

YOTW Brittney and Josh

Continuing our celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, we are highlighting stunning rings and the Stuller associates who wear them.

There are so many exciting and heartwarming stories surrounding engagement rings (and rightly so!). But don’t forget that wedding bands for both the bride and the groom come with their own stories as well. When a couple finds or even creates the perfect matching bands to an engagement ring, they are filled with anticipation for their upcoming future. The next chapter of their lives is about to begin.

For Stuller graphic designer Brittany and her fiancé Jacob, they looked to Stuller to help them find the perfect matches to their engagement rings as they plan for their upcoming wedding. Let’s dive in to see true perfect pairings in both the rings and the couple.

Photo Credit: September Company | www.theseptemberco.com

A High School Sweetheart Story

Brittany and Jacob met back in high school in 2007. They both lived in Cut Off, Louisiana, and found their connection over MySpace. While their friendship grew over their high school years, the timing never really worked out. But love always finds a way for those who are meant to be and in 2010, they went to prom together and the rest is history.

For the next ten years, Brittany and Jacob’s relationship blossomed. They graduated high school and moved to Lafayette, Louisiana together for college. As they worked to establish themselves in their careers, they weren’t in any rush. But the time did eventually come for Jacob to make his move.

From “Prom-posal” to Proposal

As a Valentine’s Day gift in 2020, Brittany scheduled a home photoshoot with a friend who also worked at Stuller as a photographer. Jacob finally saw his opportunity. He gave the photographer a heads up that he planned to propose so she would be ready. While Brittany didn’t know for sure, she had a feeling Jacob would propose. Sure enough, at the end of the session Jacob got down on one knee and presented Brittany with a beautiful 14K rose gold ring set with a princess cut Morganite featuring an asymmetrical design. Of course, she accepted the proposal enthusiastically.

Photo Credit: LeeAnn B Stephan Photography | www.leeannbstephan.com

Perfect Pairings

Shortly after their proposal, the COVID-19 pandemic swept the country. Brittany and Jacob decided on a long engagement to give enough time for them to have a wedding without difficulties. The couple is set to be married in March 2022. While currently planning a wedding, one of the steps they have had to take is choose wedding bands to pair with their engagement rings following the wedding. They looked to Stuller for the solution.

Brittany’s engagement ring has an asymmetrical design so she was looking for a wedding band that can complement this modern style. She reached out to a friend from school in Stuller’s CAD/CAM department for assistance. He was able to help her design a band that fits perfectly against her engagement ring. Her band features a mirroring asymmetrical, open shank design set with accent diamonds. Her plan is to solder the band to her engagement ring after the wedding.

Jacob’s engagement ring is a thin 3 mm band. He intends on continuing to wear the ring after the wedding and wanted his wedding band to be something he can stack comfortably against the engagement ring. Using Stuller’s Band Builder, they created a simple 14K rose gold lightweight flat band with a 4 mm width (FIRL10.5:120:P). This band stacks perfectly with his engagement ring. This ring pairing makes for an excellent complement to Brittany’s stack.

A Bright Future Filled With Anticipation

Now that the couple has their wedding bands, they are even more excited for their upcoming nuptials. The coronavirus pandemic has made them wait even longer for their happily ever after, but if there is something Brittany and Jacob’s story has taught us it’s that finding the perfect match is worth the wait.

Photo Credit: September Company | www.theseptemberco.com

Ten Facts About the 2021-2022 Bridal Catalog

Stuller is excited to release Bridal 2021-2022 — an all-in-one resource for helping each couple start the next chapter of their love story. Within its pages, you can find everything from engagement rings to wedding bands covering styles from classic to contemporary. Our hope is that this 792-page catalog is a jeweler’s go-to source for bridal products. 

Rescheduled Dreams Are Coming True 

At the beginning of 2021, we proclaimed this year to be Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™. We did this in preparation for the increase in activity we knew the wedding industry would be experiencing this year. With couples finally getting the chance to say “I do” after a year of the unexpected, Stuller stands proud to be your bridal business partner. 

We look forward to helping you grow your business and helping couples have their rescheduled dreams come true using the contents of Bridal 2021-2022

Catalog Highlights 

With so many exciting things coming your way in this new catalog, we wanted to give you insider information on what to expect. Here are ten facts about Bridal 2021-2022 to keep in mind when using your catalog.

  1. This is the first bridal catalog to be released since 2018. It features a reduced page count, enhanced education materials, and updated visual imagery. 
  1. More than 800 NEW series are featured, making up 34% of the catalog. 
  1. Bridal 2021-2022 offers a wide selection of on-trend, diamond-accented engagement rings. See pages 321-524. 
  1. Look for 3C badges throughout this catalog to identify items that can be easily and quickly customized with their flexible designs. 
  1. Modern Brilliance® includes semi-set engagement rings and fully set eternity and anniversary bands set exclusively with lab-grown diamonds. These on-trend styles feature exceptional quality at a value consumers will appreciate. See pages 553 and 662. 
  1. ever&ever® is a complete bridal program featuring high-quality, customizable prototype rings — each a flexible 3C design. Learn more on page 88. 
  1. Keep an eye out for this popular trend! Celtic-inspired designs are increasing in popularity in bridal design. These can be found on pages 51, 370-371, 686, 733, 735, 745, and 751. 
  1. For the groom, Stuller offers a variety of classic wedding bands with many personalized options. See pages 710-730. 
  1. DID YOU KNOW? This is the first catalog to feature tantalum, which is durable, strong, crack resistant, and the only contemporary metal with the ability to add a custom finish. See page 763. 
  1. Fun Fact: According to a survey from The Knot, the average amount spent on an engagement ring in the United States is $5,500.

You can view digital PDFs from the catalog at Stuller.com/BridalCatalog

Send Us Your Selfie 

stuller bridal selfie contest

To celebrate the launch of Bridal 2021-2022, we are giving away a $1,000 Stuller account credit for use on any of our bridal products. The prize will be awarded to a randomly chosen customer who has posted a selfie of themselves with their bridal catalog on Facebook or Instagram and has an account in good standing. We will announce the winner on August 2, 2021 in Stuller’s Instagram stories (@stullerinc). 

To enter: 

  1. Take a selfie or group selfie with your copy of Bridal 2021-2022
  1. From July 16 to July 30, submit your entry by posting the photo to Facebook or Instagram using #YearOfTheWedding or by sending the picture to contest@stuller.com

Click here to view the official contest rules.

Happy Selling!

A Stuller Ring Story: Robert and Derek

Year of the Wedding - Rob & Derrick

Continuing our celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, we are highlighting stunning rings and the Stuller associates who wear them.

Love happens in its own time and rarely when we expect. Sometimes there’s a movie-quality meet-cute and other times it develops among friends. Either way, love is something distinct to every couple and something to celebrate.

For Stuller employees, Robert and Derek, their story evolved over several years and is as unique as the bands they’ve chosen for themselves. Let’s look at their journey, their rings, and the story that brought them here.

exchanging rings

The Perfect Combo

Robert and Derek both came to Lafayette from out of town to be closer to family. Robert began working at Raising Canes — a staple fast food restaurant in Louisiana — where he met Derek in 2011. They worked together for a while without saying a word to each other. Eventually, their mutual work friends helped spark a connection that led to more.

Derek took Robert on their first date to the movies in celebration of his birthday. While they don’t remember the movie they saw all these years later, Robert’s most distinct memory is that they were running late to the movie. Derek’s major pet peeve is running late so Robert was amused by watching him stress over being late to the movie previews.

Their first date was on June 15, which became a significant date for both of them. To this day, it is the date they celebrate their anniversary and the date they chose to get married years after. Before we get to those details, let’s talk about the rings.

Interesting and Unique

These are the qualities Robert and Derek were looking for when they chose their rings. Looking at both of their bands, you can tell there are special features that carry special meaning.


Derek is a fan of unusual materials and preferred inlay styles seen in the contemporary metal bands. The original ring he chose was a black titanium coin-edge band with a dark wood inlay (51955). However, after a few years, Derek chose to upgrade his ring to a tungsten band with a meteorite and wood inlay (TAR51920). As a fan of sci-fi, Derek was really attracted to the idea of having meteorite and other interesting materials incorporated into his wedding band.

Robert also enjoys an inlay style with interesting materials but preferred a classic path as opposed to contemporary. He chose a 14K yellow gold band with square channel-set Alexandrite (123133). The channel-set stones gave him the inlay style he liked, but in a classic metal option. Being that Robert was born in June, he always loved his birthstone, Alexandrite. Along with it being his birth month, anniversary month, and Pride month, he felt that the stone perfectly represented the significance of the time.

On the inside of Robert’s band is an engraving of their anniversary in Roman numerals as a further reminder of a day he holds close.

Redefining Tradition

Over time, Robert and Derek moved from the fast-food industry to the jewelry industry with jobs at Stuller. Robert currently works as a product manager in the findings and metals department and Derek works in tools and central supply operations.

For the first few years of their relationships, they spoke casually about the future, but nothing substantial as they could not get married in Louisiana at the time. In June 2015, those conversations began to become more serious with the nation-wide recognition of same-sex marriage. In January 2018, they decided to get married on their upcoming anniversary on June 15, 2018.

While the decision was a big one, there was no elaborate proposal that set the gears in motion. “We discussed it like grown-ups, and it was very boring,” Robert jokes. Neither had ever expected a big proposal throughout their relationship so it really came down to simply a conversation of finally being ready for the next step.

When it came to rings, they took their rings into their own hands. “Getting what we wanted was more important than the surprise,” they explained. With there being no real tradition to follow, Robert and Derek are perfectly happy setting their own traditions.

They enjoyed an intimate wedding celebration surrounded by friends and family. Stuller photography studio coordinator and close friend Carson Webb even officiated the ceremony. It was the perfect day, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Celebrating Unique Tastes

Just as there are many types of love, there are different types of preferences when it comes to wedding bands. From simple to extravagant, Stuller offers a variety of options like the ones Robert and Derek chose. Explore our men’s wedding band selection on our website and help your customers celebrate their one-of-a-kind love.

Wedding Band Sales Tools for the Classic Jeweler

The classic wedding band is a time-honored tradition, appreciated as a steadfast symbol of one’s love. When it comes to style, there are infinite options that are influenced by lifestyle, design preferences, and emotional attachment. Once you have gotten to know your customer and what they are looking for, being familiar with the resources you have at your disposal will make the buying process easy and engaging. 

At Stuller, we try to make this process as easy as possible by providing a seamless user experience and options that can be integrated into your sales strategy. Using our band builderclassic wedding bands quick shop option on Stuller.com, and EverAndEver.com as an ever&ever® retail partner, you can help your customers create a wedding band unique to them and include them in the process. 

Band Builder

All of Stuller’s classic wedding bands use SCS-certified 100% recycled precious metals using gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Combining cutting-edge computerized manufacturing and artistic design details, we create bands worthy of the lifetime of commitment they represent. 

The band builder is a tool available on Stuller.com where you and your customer can craft a wedding band that fits their exact specifications. Choose the profile, finger size, fit, design detail, width, weight, material, finish, and engraving to make a true one-of-a-kind piece. Save snapshots of different rings to compare while deciding.

Combine the online experience with an in-store experience using the Classic Wedding Band Selling System (653689). This selling system features 42 band prototypes, including 18 classic profiles, 10 special finishes, and 2 engraving options. Provide your customer with a complete custom purchasing experience.

Quick Shop 

Suppose you need a different starting place to begin your ring building experience. We offer a quick shop option for our classic wedding bands at Stuller.com/ClassicWeddingBands where you can see width options in every style combination available side by side. Narrow down your search using the filters on the page or view the full selection. Once you select the ring with the desired profile, width, fit, size, metal quality, and/or finish, you are brought to the band builder where you are further able to customize the order. 

The quick shop view is a great place to start if you need to establish a starting place for your customer.

classic wedding band quick shop

ever&ever® Band Builder 

One of the benefits of being an ever&ever® retail partner is providing an interactive purchasing experience for your customer using EverAndEver.com — a consumer-facing brand website that allows consumers to access the full inventory. The band builder on EverAndEver.com has the same functionality as the Stuller band builder with access to suggested retail pricing. 

Encourage your customers to build their dream rings from the comfort of their own home and have the details sent directly to you using the Connect With a Retailer option. From there, you can order the ring with next-day delivery for all in-stock items. 

The Wedding Band of Their Dreams 

Wedding bands are pieces that people cherish for a lifetime. When quality manufacturing and custom design work together, you can provide a ring that is spectacular. By including your customer in the process, you can ensure the emotional value of the sale and rest assured that they have found the perfect ring of their dreams.

Introducing AXIS™ Wedding Bands

We are reaching the halfway point in Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, but we are just getting started. Stuller is happy to launch a new select line of premium, machined wedding bands: AXIS™. Created with style and strength, AXIS wedding bands are perfect for men who embrace confidence and commitment. We are happy to bring this new product line to the market as more and more consumers are looking for options in high-quality wedding bands. 

“While all Stuller wedding bands are created with quality in mind, AXIS is special not only because of the machine creation, but also because of the striking designs and textures that stand out as works of art,” says Stuller wedding bands product manager Nicole McWhorter. 

Shop Axis Wedding Bands.

Built to Last 

There are two traits that set AXIS wedding bands apart from other rings: durability and precision. These machined bands are cold drawn, which creates a tighter grain structure than their cast counterparts. The cold drawing process eliminates internal defects like porosity and fortifies the structure of the ring, making rings that are best suited for day-to-day wear. 

Once the ring blank is made, it is machined to the exact shape, size, and design needed. This allows each ring to be made to order with complete consistency every time, providing you with the quality you can depend on. 

AXIS wedding bands

Manufactured for Style

McWhorter believes AXIS also provides jewelers with the opportunity to incorporate education into the selling process. “AXIS is a valuable tool for jewelers to educate the consumers about the process of machine bands and how this process provides them with the purchase of a lifetime,” she says. 

Let’s take a deeper look into the manufacturing process to better understand how these bands achieve this level of quality, beginning with the cold drawing process. The pipes used in these bands are continuously cast and passed through a series of dies that have not been preheated. From there, the pipes are drawn down onto rods that maintain a near finger size. Finally, the ring blanks are machined down to your exact size, shape, and design needs.

AXIS wedding bands

All AXIS bands are manufactured in our Lafayette, Louisiana facility, which means you can expect your order in-hand quickly. Made with SCS-certified 100% recycled metals, you have a wide range of options when it comes to metal quality and color. Enjoy quality with the convenience of choice. 

An Heirloom Worth Cherishing 

These superior quality wedding bands take everything you love about a classic band and add a touch of modern elegance. Confident and bold men will proudly wear this statement ring with pride as a symbol of his commitment for years to come. 

Learn more about AXIS wedding bands at Stuller.com/AXIS.

Tie the Knot with ever&ever®

If you look at this season’s issue of The Knot — one of the nation’s most prominent wedding industry publications — you will see a familiar brand showcasing pieces you know and love. We have recently begun an advertising partnership between The Knot and our comprehensive bridal selling solution ever&ever®. 

“The Knot Magazine has strong consumer rapport and a substantial footprint in the wedding industry,” says Randi Bourg, Stuller’s director of marketing strategy and operations. “Couple that with Stuller’s constant drive to deliver the best in product assortment and quality and you have a natural partnership that makes perfect sense.” 

You can expect to see the ever&ever® brand continue to make an appearance within this publication throughout the rest of 2021, introducing a unique advertising opportunity for our ever&ever® retail partners. 

Crafted For Everlasting Love 

The advertisement itself features a stunning image of a popular accented halo-style engagement ring (124443) with matching band (124444). These rings are accompanied by a half round stepped edge wedding band (HRE8.5).

124443 124444 HRE8.5

While all of our ever&ever® designs complement any metal quality, we kicked off this campaign highlighting the durability and strength of rings made with platinum in collaboration with our partnership with Platinum Guild International. 

Senior director of bridal Alex Stuller explains the demand for platinum. “Platinum is naturally white and will never fade or change color over time. It’s naturally hypoallergenic, has a weighty feel, and holds diamonds and gemstones more securely than any other metal. People appreciate platinum due to its strength and rarity, which makes its value long-lasting,” Stuller explains. 

She further describes platinum as a metal that is perfect to be passed down through generations. “Even if you’re unsure about everything else in life you know platinum is going to last forever,” she said. “We take this precious metal and make it into an heirloom.” 

How does this benefit our retail partners? 

This advertising campaign provides several benefits to our ever&ever® retail partners. Primarily, the greatest benefit is the increased brand awareness. 

“Exposure in publications like The Knot develop brand awareness and desire. These advertisements put ever&ever® in the spotlight and drive foot traffic into ever&ever® retailers. We create demand through these publications and our retail partners take it to the finish line to make the bride and groom’s dreams come true,” says Stuller. 

In anticipation of increased demand for this brand, we are supplying our retail partners with marketing materials to help display the connection between their inventory and the major wedding publication feature. Retail partners can access these digital and print materials on the Marketing Asset Library

Create Your Own Story 

ever&ever® celebrates every bride and groom taking control of their narrative by building the rings of their dreams. Our retail partners play a key role in helping them tell that story. 

You can shop the advertised styles and more on our website right now. Start building your customers’ dream rings at Stuller.com/ShopEverAndEver

Meet Brittany Pata: The 2021 March Bridal Madness Champion

The 2021 winner of our annual March Bridal Madness contest is Brittany Pata, a custom jewelry designer at Zachary’s Jewelers in Annapolis, MD!

I had the honor of speaking with Brittany and asking her some questions about her design journey, as well as her personal life! Learn more about Brittany and her winning March Bridal Madness design below.

Congratulations, Brittany, on being crowned the 12th annual March Bridal Madness champion! Before we get into the design, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I got married in May 2019 to my husband, Nick. Nick is a D.C. Firefighter who also volunteers in his spare time. We have two dogs, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Husky. We are a fun outdoorsy family, but we also just love to snuggle up on the couch with the pups and watch a movie.

A little about my background. I went to Florida State University (Go Seminoles!) and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design. I have always been very artistic and my ability to draw and paint was an amazing gift I was given. When I was in grade school, I actually won a few art contests and dreamed about one day becoming a muralist, but fell into graphic design and loved it. After graduating, I realized there was something huge missing from my life and my career, and that was people. Sitting behind a computer designing just wasn’t enough for me.

That’s so interesting! How did your background get you into the jewelry industry?

This is a really good story! My mom is a philanthropist and has been on the Hospice Gala board for many years, and three years ago asked me if I would help volunteer at their annual Hospice Gala Event. When I got there, employees from Zachary’s Jewelers were there giving away a big-ticket item they were donating, and they needed help selling the raffle tickets. I stepped in, and Evangeline, the owner’s sister, and Constance, who is our COO, were impressed with the way I was selling and handling the raffle ticket purchases and told me that if they had a position open at the store, I would be the first person they called. Not even 6 months later I get a call for an interview, and the rest is history!

That’s an awesome story. I can tell you are passionate about what you do! Tell me, what is the story behind the winning design?

A young man came in and wanted to propose to his girlfriend, and luckily had acquired a beautiful family stone, a round brilliant diamond. Even though I have only been in jewelry for a couple years, I have always been able to see people well, and this young man was the first young man I had sat with that I could feel the loved he felt for her just seeping from every part of him. I could tell this young man truly just could not wait to start his life with her.

He wanted to create something special, so we landed on doing a fun and unique starburst halo style setting, and I was able to send him a few ideas using different shaped diamonds in different patterns, and he chose the winning design that you see here! He put all his trust in me, and together with Zachary’s Jewelers, we created a beautiful one-of-a-kind setting that she absolutely adores! When I handed the finished piece to my customer, we both teared up and it was such a beautiful moment.

It’s truly wonderful, the moments jewelers get to experience with customers, especially for occasions of this magnitude! Did you have any inspiration for the design?

A couple weeks prior to meeting my customer, Stuller had some website banners showcasing their new starburst style halo rings, and the ring I designed pulled some characteristics from one of those styles! When he came in and said he wanted to do something a little playful and fun, I knew exactly the direction to go based on the inspiration I had seen from visiting the Stuller website.

I think the starburst-style rings are becoming really popular, and rightfully so. They are beautiful! Can you tell me about the design process of this ring?

The process started off by me as the designer coming up with different drawn ideas to showcase his family’s stone. I have attached a photo of this. Then he chose the one he liked best, and after the estimate was approved, the CAD render images were sent to him for approval. He was very excited to move onto the next step!

After that, we met once more for me to show him the WAX, which we created for him to look at and approve before the ring went to casting and setting. He ended up being thrilled with the wax and loved every step of the process. When the finished product was completed, I took it outside, like I always do for all my custom designs, and took a few nicely lit images and videos of the ring to send to him with a text saying, “It’s HERE! And it’s Beautiful!”.

I’m sure he LOVED it, I know I did. You just might have to design my engagement ring! Outside of work, what are some of your interests or hobbies?

I am an avid dog lover, Peloton Spinner, scuba-diver, Netflix binger, sunset lover, crafter, and boat day enthusiast. I also love having a cocktail downtown Annapolis with friends on a warm summer day.

Thanks so much for sharing Brittany! We here at Stuller are so thrilled with your design. We are sure you made one lucky lady very happy. Be sure to check out Zachary’s Jewelers if you’re in the Annapolis area, and be sure to keep up with them on their Facebook and Instagram.

Additionally, follow Brittany’s personal design page on Instagram here to keep up with her journey in the industry as a jewelry designer.

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