302 Design Spotlight: Mobile Earrings

Have you peeked inside this month’s Elle, Marie Claire, or Harper’s Bazaar magazines? You may have seen one of our fave looks from the Utility Collection, these fun and flexible mobile earrings.

Modern Movement

From brunch with the girls to a night out on the town, a cocktail dinner, or a weekend spent at home, the mobile earrings are versatile enough to be worn anywhere and for anything.

Your customers can wear this playful and luxurious style as a solitary statement piece or wear it paired with a complementary #NeckMess. With a single whip of their head, they’ll steal a second glance from everyone around.

302 Fine Jewelry Mobile Earrings

Behind the Design

Collaboration is at the heart of 302 Fine Jewelry. Our in-house fashion experts and design team frequently meet up to discuss new and existing designs, and this is how the mobile earrings were brought to life.

Our jewelry team identified a need within the Utility Collection for a head-turning, movable style. After weeks of browsing, picking, and crafting a prototype from Stuller’s wide assortment of jewelry findings, the 302 design team got to work creating the fully functional earrings.

302 Fine Jewelry Mobile Earrings

Now this design has proven itself a standout style both inside and outside of Stuller. Grab your pair today in one of five metal qualities (silver, platinum, and 14-karat white, rose, and yellow gold) to have them ready for your fashion-savvy customers.

Want to know more about 302 Fine Jewelry?

Read our previous entry to discover three reasons to become a 302 partner, or start shopping the collections on our website.

Trend Alert: Classic Pearls with Contemporary Twists

Classic Pearls trend blog header

Of all the gems, classic pearls are perhaps the most mysterious. Because they’re abundant today, it’s hard for us to imagine natural pearls as uncommon, particularly those of any size. But in fact, pearls are so rare that for millennia they were the most coveted gems. So much so that the supply couldn’t meet the demands of kings and queens who prized them above all else.

Today, the beauty, appeal, and style of classic pearls — whether freshwater or saltwater — finds its way into almost every woman’s wardrobe. Subtle, luxurious pearls boast multiple personalities that suit the many customers who choose them. These wardrobe staples have resurfaced with contemporary twists to charm a new generation. JCK News declares new-age pearl designs as a defining trend of 2017 and beyond saying, “designers are pushing themselves to find an edgy way to wear these gemstones.” See how we spin classic pearls into the spotlight with these stylish designs.


A Modern Spin on Timeless Studs

Pearl studs are essential to any young woman’s wardrobe. If she owns nothing else, she likely has a pair of these simple, refined adornments. Take a step beyond classic studs with these fancy earrings featuring fresh details.

Make a Statement with Pearl Earrings

Again, JCK says bold statement earrings are all the rage. Try these pearl drop earrings or ear climbers that merge striking style with time-honored sophistication.

The Bypass Trend Featuring Classic Pearls

Bypass rings have been around since at least the 1830s, with their graceful, twisted design wrapping around the finger. The curves and twists surrounding classic pearls give these rings an elegant look, while staying modern and sleek.

Lateral Pearls

We’ve seen how popular pearl strands can be. Now take their linear arrangement and apply it to rings, necklaces, and bangles for a refreshing, trendy look.


How to Take Care of Pearls

What’s the best advice to give customers to keep their beautiful? Wear them frequently to enhance their luster and color. If you store them in a hot, airless environment, they can dry and crack. After each wearing, they should be wiped with a damp cloth to remove hairspray or other damaging chemicals.



Still can’t get enough pearls? Check out our Pearl Center for detailed info on everything you wanted to know about pearls. And don’t forget to share these stories with your customers. The more storytelling you can share with them, the better!

Party Like It’s 1985!

Remember the 80s? How could you forget! Think back to your wild hair days. You likely sported teased curls, Aqua-net bangs, or even a side pony-tail with a hot pink scrunchie, am I right? Whether it was Michael Jackson or Madonna, you were probably listening to some cool tunes on your Walkman cassette player. Ahhh the good ole’ days!

Though times have changed, the 80s introduced an iconic style still celebrated today. When it came to 1980s jewelry and fashion, bigger was better. From hair to clothes to jewelry, loud and bold was all the rage. And like most great trends, 1980s jewelry seems to be making its way back around, according to JCK Online. “Bold 1980s throwback earrings are back in a BIG way,” JCK declares – which is fine by us!

Here’s your blast from the past: A handpicked collection to replicate your favorite 1980s jewelry–

Totally Rad Rings

You may recall the Royal Wedding and Princess Diana’s stunning sapphire ring. This iconic piece set off a firestorm for sapphire around the globe and created an instant trend. Bigger, flashier rings were the style at the time as well, with fancy center shapes like oval and marquise with baguette accents.

Fresh Statement Earrings

Earrings were huge at the time. In fact, if they weren’t grazing your shoulder pads, they weren’t large enough! Be bold with a pair of oversized hoops or gold disc statement earrings.

Bangin’ Bangles

Colored enamel jewelry was trendy, like the black bangle pictured at the top left. Stack these bracelets to channel your inner Cyndi Lauper, who wore bangles lined up from wrist to elbow!


Gnarly Neckwear

Remember Mr. T and his gold chains? Such neckwear was all the rage, along with long beaded strands in nearly every color. Pick something edgy for your neckline for some eye-catching appeal.


Did you enjoy these throwback styles? Tell us about your favorite trends from times past below. Also, check out Strolling Through the Decades to see engagement styles through the years.