Tips for Successful Social Media Growth

Instagram is an important modern-day marketing asset for any growing company. Yes, you can exist without social media, but it will only help you and your store’s exposure in the long run. Social media can feel like a beast to tackle, so I am going to share with you a few tips and tricks I have acquired while working as a Social Media Specialist!

Set Up Your Instagram Account as a “Professional Instagram Account” 

This can be done in your Instagram settings and is completely free! Here you will gain insight into the way your followers are interacting with your content. A few benefits to it: you will find the best time to post (for your brand according to your own statistics) and other helpful details down to the nitty-gritty like how old your average follower account is and what time they are most active on social media.

Leverage the Power of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are one of my personal favorite social media features. It shows a more authentic version of a brand and helps you take your followers to places your grid can’t. There is less pressure to make everything look “perfect” and more pressure to just have fun with it! Instagram stories are also a great way to drive up engagement (engagement = the number of times that users engaged with your post). The more opportunities you allow your followers to interact with your brand, the more likely it is that you will show up at the top of their newsfeed. That’s why here at Stuller, we love incorporating fun Instagram stories that include interactive polls like ‘This or That’ or ‘Which is your favorite?’

Bonus Tip! My favorite tool for creating branded Instagram stories is Canva.com. Start off by making a template that best represents your brand and then use it over and over again. By doing this, you can quickly make a story at the drop of a hat while not having to sacrifice the cohesion of the brand.

Be Flexible

Things are ever-changing when it comes to social media. One day, one platform might be all the rage and then something new comes along and sweeps up the attention of the millennium (talking about myself here!). I am a firm believer in filling in the gaps of your business wherever your weaknesses may lie. We can’t all be good at everything and lucky enough there are so many talented people around us who are good at the things we may lack. A really cool thing that Stuller offers is a free one-on-one consultation with our Social Media Team. Reach out to us and let us know the pain points you are facing when it comes to social media along with links to your existing social accounts. Hannah and I will do a Social Media Audit for you and then come up with a game plan for your brand’s social media strategy.

If you would like to schedule a social media consultation with us, email us at victoria_stinson@stuller.com and hannah_blaine@stuller.com.

The Tools to Social Success With 302® Fine Jewelry

If the first step in building a thriving fine jewelry business is curating an amazing on-trend assortment, then the second step is connecting the product to your customers. In a world of influencers and social media advertising, it’s important to stand out. Sound scary? It shouldn’t because we are right there behind you.

One of the greatest benefits of being a 302 Fine Jewelry retail partner is the extensive marketing support we provide. From imagery to print materials, we provide you with a visual brand that resonates with your customers.

Your Marketing Toolbox

Let’s break down all the resources you have at your disposal.

Brand Website and Social Media

Consumers can browse the 302 Fine Jewelry assortment and get inspired with the latest trends on 302FineJewelry.com and by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (@302FineJewelry). Our digital presence helps spread brand awareness and engages your customers.

High Quality Photos and Videos

We are consistently providing our retail partners with imagery and video assets to assist in their marketing strategies. Feel free to use any of our marketing resources on your own social media, website, and advertising materials.

Monthly Newsletter and Social Media Content

Every month, our retail partners receive an exclusive newsletter that contains the latest updates, trend alerts, sales tips, and more. The newsletter also contains a social media calendar full of ready-to-post captions, photos, and videos.

Print Materials

We provide you with hotlists, brochures, and more so that you can give your customers something to take home. Help them build their fine jewelry wish list and be their go-to resource for the most on-trend styles.

National Advertising

302 Fine Jewelry is sweeping the nation with regular features in the fashion industry’s most popular publications, such as Harper’s BAZAAR and ELLE magazines. You can also see 302 Fine Jewelry gracing the stars of ABC’s The Bachelorette. Your customers will be looking for these pieces and we give you everything you need to showcase how they can get them.

Photo by Firmbee.com on Unsplash

Use Your Tools and Let’s Get Social

Now that you know all the tools you have to work with, let’s look at how to use them best to give your business’ social media a boost.

Schedule Content

Using the captions, images, and videos we provide you with every month, spend a few minutes scheduling out all your 302 Fine Jewelry content for the month ahead of time with Facebook’s Creator Studio. Schedule it then forget it!

Monitor Insights

By using Facebook and Instagram insights and reporting, you’re able to see what works best with your audience. Go a step further by directly asking your followers what content they would like to see.

Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way for your brand and your content to be discovered. Along with using 302 Fine Jewelry’s hashtag #302OnYou, be sure to look for relevant hashtags in your local area that your ideal customers might be following.

If you ever need help with your social media strategy, our social media specialists are always here to be an additional resource for you. Just message us on Facebook or Instagram and we are happy to help!

Save the Date

Make sure to join us for next week’s edition in our 302 Fine Jewelry webinar series for your last chance to win a $2,500 Stuller account credit. We will be closing out our highlight of 302 Fine Jewelry by understanding how this brand works with the customer experience and looking ahead to the holiday season. We will see you on Tuesday, August 17 at 1:00pm Central. Register at Stuller.com/302sdays.

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for closeup views of products and selling tips we will be sharing next Wednesday and a recap on our blog next Thursday.

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Celebrating World Emoji Day

World Emoji Day - Social Post Stuller

Calendar EmojiHappy World Emoji Day! No, today is not just a made-up holiday — July 17 is actually the one date that is shown in its own emoji. There is a story behind the why that specific date was chosen, though. The date, 7/17, was the date that iCal for Mac was first announced at the MacWorld Expo in 2002!

World Emoji Day was first celebrated in 2014. Emojipedia founder, Jeremy Burge, created the global celebration. Here at Stuller, we love emojis (seriously, we communicate using them way too often). So, in honor of this special day, I wanted to give you some insight on some Stuller employees’ favorite emojis!


Emoji Emily

I love the red heart. I use it for family and friends. Things seem to move so quickly these days and when I’m thinking of one of them, I like to send it as a reminder. No words necessary!

Emily Graffagnino, Senior Director of Fine Jewelry

Mine is the side eye mainly because I find myself making that face throughout the day and it speaks for itself in conversations usually!

Albony Martin, Graphic Designer

Emoji Albony

Emoji Evan

My favorite emoji is bacon! Not only is bacon my favorite food, but I also have a tattoo of a side of bacon!

Evan Silbert, Omni-Channel Manager

This is my favorite emoji! It shows an conveys excitement. Plus, down here in Louisiana, we talk with our hands a lot so it’s accurate and relatable.

Beau Vallot, Gemvision Sales — West Territory

Emoji Beau

Emoji Danni

The thumbs up emoji is my favorite because it accurately represents how I feel about everything in life!

Danny Clark, President

This emoji is forever in my top 5 becasue I think it comes the closest to showing my interior joy to my closest friends!

Jada Washington, Customer Engagement Specialist

Emoji Jada

Emoji Chris

Because heavy metal!

Chris Leonard, Tools Product Manager


Emojis have essentially become a new form of communication in the digital world. Even at Stuller, we incorporate emojis into our social strategy. I don’t see them going away any time soon (at least I hope not, I literally have the sparkle emoji tattooed on my wrist ✨).

How does your business use emojis? What is your personal favorite? Let me know below!

Social Media: A Glimpse into the Past

What once was a term that held no meaning, social media has now become the topic of many day-to-day conversations. Whether it’s casual, personal use, or business marketing, the beast plays a large role in most of our lives. So, how did social media gain its footing? How did it develop into a multitude of networks that connect us globally? Well, I’m here as Stuller’s resident social media authority, and I’d like to tell the story of how it came to be!

Read below for an in-depth look into the history of social media as we know it.

The Beginning of Social Media

Some sources report that social media can be traced all the way back to the mid-1800s — but not exactly the way we think of now. Back in 1844, Samuel Morse sent the first ever telegraph from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, with the message “What hath God wrought?”. Perhaps an eerie foreshadowing of what was to come in the world of social media, this instance, however, is not the traditional means of social media that we know now — which can be better defined as “interactive internet-based applications”.

The first real social media website launched in 1997 (before I was even born!). The site, called Six Degrees, was a website where users would sign up with an email address, and had the ability to add friends to their network. The site was short-lived, though, and reached cessation in 2001 after being bought for $125 million by YouthStream Media Networks. Six Degrees totaled a user base of about 3.5 million people.

Our next social media network pioneer is one that I find people are more familiar with. In 2002, Friendster emerged into the social space to compete with what Six Degrees had. Along with creating a profile and networking with other users, Friendster gave folks the ability to share photos and status updates. A few competitors tried to do the same thing, but never really came close in popularity.

Social Media — The Modern Age

Come 2003, we see a few of our bigger social media sites emerge, two of the more notable ones being LinkedIn and MySpace. LinkedIn is credited to being the first social media site in history, meaning its sole purpose was to connect people for networking purposes, which is still why it exists today. Currently, LinkedIn has more than 575 million users!

MySpace, however, was probably one of the most influential platforms of its time. During the early 2000s, it was the largest social media site in the world, connecting users internationally. After a few years of asserting its superiority, News Corp., run by Rupert Murdoch, acquired the site for $580 million. Its peak was short-lived, and in 2008, Facebook would replace MySpace for top visited site.

Facebook, It’s Quick and Easy!

2004 was a big year for social media. On top of Gmail being created in the year, Facebook as we know it was also launched. But Facebook wasn’t always “Facebook”.

Mark Zuckerberg, while attending Harvard for psychology, created and published a site called Facemash, which was a site that allowed Harvard students to judge the attractiveness of students by comparing side-by-side photos of them from Harvard’s yearbook. Obviously, this site was shut down soon after, but Zuckerberg understood the talent he held, and utilized it to its maximum potential.

In February 2004, Zuckerberg launched Thefacebook, a social media platform intended for Harvard students to connect with each other. Only a month after launch, the site accumulated 50% of Harvard’s student population as users. Big tech and investors caught on to the site’s popularity and began throwing investments at Zuckerberg. He was eventually able to purchase “facebook.com” for $200,000 — thus Facebook was born! According to Hootsuite’s Digital 2021 Global Overview, Facebook remains the dominant social media platform with about 2.7 billion users worldwide.

YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Beyond

YouTube launched in 2005, a platform dedicated to video sharing. YouTube is one of the platforms that remained pretty consistent with its original mission when it first launched. The first video to hit 1 million views also came in 2005 — a Nike advertisement featuring Brazilian football player Ronaldinho de Assis Moreira. The first video to hit 1 billion views would come in 2012, and it would be Korean recording artist Psy’s music video for his song Gangnam Style.

In 2006, Twitter was introduced into the world, which really solidified the fact that people react well to short, easy-to-digest information that is seemingly here today, gone tomorrow. What set Twitter apart was its 140 character limit, which would later be doubled (in every language except Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) because, let’s face it, how much can you really say in 140 characters? In 2009, China launched a similar social media platform called Weibo, which still has a large user base to this day, just not as prominent in America.

Later in 2006, Instagram emerged, finding its place in the social media realm by becoming a smartphone-only app that focused exclusively on photo and video sharing. Instagram hit the ground running and was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for a whopping $1 billion in cash and stock! Instagram remains a major player in the art of social media marketing, weighing in at 1.2 billion users globally, and continues to grow.

Worth mentioning is WhatsApp, which first launched in 2009. WhatsApp soon became the world’s largest messaging app, as many countries in the world rely on the app to conduct business and communicate with friends and family. Mark Zuckerberg purchased the app in 2014, and it currently hosts 2 billion users worldwide. However, the app seems to be more popular in countries outside of the US.

What’s Next?

TikTok was created in 2016 by Chinese tech mogul ByteDance in order to fill the gap of the video sharing social media platform, since Facebook and Instagram are banned in the country. Its rise to popularity can be accredited to its acquisition of Musical.ly, a platform where users could lip-sync to songs and other trending audio clips. Currently, TikTok boasts about 689 million users, but has been recently gaining traction in the marketing world for its discoverability and engagement abilities.

Additionally, in recent years, we have seen a lot of platforms make national headlines, but then slowly fizzle out. With the rise of things like fake news and censorship, people seek to find a platform where they feel as though they can voice their opinions freely. While I don’t see any of these newer platforms like Clubhouse or Caffeine taking off, software updates to existing networks like Twitter and Instagram always help the giants stay on top of their game. Enhancements like Snapchat News, Instagram Reels, and LinkedIn stories help these channels stay relevant.

Whew! That was a long write-up on the history of social media. I could write a book about this really, as so much more goes into the timeline than the aforementioned, but I think having a solid understanding of social media trends can help you better incorporate social media into your marketing plan.

Which platforms are you active on? Let me know below!

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Prepare for Mother’s Day With These 7 Social Media Posts

Wow, Mother’s Day already! It seems like just yesterday I was composing the 2020 version of this exact blog. Regardless of how fast time is flying, one of your busiest selling seasons is quickly approaching.

Moms are important. They do so much for us in ways we’ll never be able to reciprocate. What better way to commemorate her lifetime of love and devotion to you than jewelry that will forever be a memento of your love to her? And that’s where you, the jeweler, come in. You work hard to create gifts that entice feelings of love and care. And while you work on your craft, I’ll work on mine — creating social media posts!

It’s easy to get swept away in Mother’s Day madness, and social media usually takes the backseat when that happens. But have no fear. Here I am, giving you 7 social media posts that are ready to share.

All you need to do is click and drag the photos to your desktop, then copy and paste the caption.

May 2

Between being a wife and a mom, she wears a lot of hats. Add a contour band to her current ring set for Mother’s Day to signify that your love for her continues to grow. #StullerMothersDay

stackable rings

May 3 

From the kids — small yet meaningful, stackable earrings are a great gift to show Mom how much she means to them. #StullerMothersDay

May 4

Family jewelry set with color-enhanced diamonds work to tell the story of your family — a family that is unique to you. #StullerMothersDay

mother's day jewelry

May 5

Gift Mom a locket, which allows her to hold a photo of her loving family close to her heart. #StullerMothersDay

mother's day jewelry

May 6

We’ve got the product for all the personalized gifts for Mom you could image, like family tree pendants, customizable birthstone necklaces, and engraved pieces. A special gift for a special mom. #StullerMothersDay

mother's day pendants

May 7 

To all the new moms out there: you rock. Surprise the new mom in your life with pieces that will make her think of the first time she laid eyes on her precious child (bonus: we’ve got jewelry for baby, too). #StullerMothersDay

mother's day jewelry

May 8

Need a last-minute Mother’s Day gift? Look no further. Give her what she wants this Mother’s Day with easy, elegant diamond stackable rings — to wear alone, or in conjunction with her wedding ring. #StullerMothersDay

stackable rings

I think jewelry is the perfect Mom gift for so many reasons. It’s a tangible, stylish form of expression of love. Years back, my mom had my brother and I pick out a band from a jewelry store as her Mother’s Day present. To this day, she wears it more than her wedding ring, and she thinks of us every time she looks at it. Moral of the story: buy your mother jewelry for this holiday!

Do you have a special memory involving your mom and jewelry? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Drive Springtime Sales with 3 Big Social Media Trends

Ahh… social media. The all-encompassing digital channel, intended to connect with others and share content. Really, though, it has become way more than just that. For a lot of businesses of any scale, social media has become a selling tool, a newsletter, an information hub, a means of marketing — all in one. In 2021, if your business does not have an active social presence, you are automatically deemed “fake” or “untrustworthy”. My point is: It’s important to be on social media and have a good knowledge of the ever-changing landscape.

That being said, trends come and go. Stay in the know by educating yourself on what works and what doesn’t on social media. Luckily, your favorite Gen Zer and resident social media savant has done the research for you. All you have to do is apply the information to your daily social media routine. So, let’s get into it!

Here are some 2021 social media trends you should be incorporating into your social strategy!

Social Commerce

So, this is a biggie, especially for you, the modern jeweler. Social commerce is basically just the ability for consumers to shop directly from the platform. Facebook and Instagram are spearheading this trend, in efforts to enhance social media user experience. Since Stuller does not sell direct to public, Stuller doesn’t participate in this trend, but it does make the shopping experience for a Facebook or Instagram users more effortless, which can directly increase your profits. Consumers are more likely to make purchases if they don’t have to jump through hoops to do so, which makes social media commerce a commodity you need to be implementing for your business in 2021.

Live Videos

Live videos have been popular for quite some time now, and they aren’t going anywhere. In fact, I’ve heard a lot of success stories from jewelers when discussing live content. Things like giveaways, product demos, and the like have performed well in their favor. Here at Stuller, we give a lot of informational live videos on Facebook, packed with merchandising, jewelry repair, and even social media tips! You can check our latest live series out here. (Bonus: you’ll get to watch a video of yours truly and my sweet friend and coworker LeeAnn talk about social media photography!)

Utilize live videos on your social platforms and encourage your audience to engage with them. This is a low-to-no cost way of getting up close and personal with your product and staff. These perform especially well when you’ve got someone charismatic in front of the camera!


Similarly to live videos, stories are here to stay. Speaking from experience here at Stuller, you guys love when we share behind-the-scenes or uncut looks at what happens here in the building. Another thing you all really enjoy is when we take a more organic approach to highlighting our products – stripped down iPhone shots of things like necklaces or diamonds. (Check our Instagram story highlights if you’re interested in seeing how Stuller does stories.)

Stories are a great channel to showcase things you don’t want living on your feed. Promote things like jewelry sales, new inventory sneak peaks, customer testimonials, etc. The options are endless!

In closing, it’s so important to be up-to-date on social trends, because these are the things that will help you grow your following, and ultimately your customer base! As always, reach out to me if you have any questions/comments/concerns about social media, and get to posting trending content today!

The Perfect Jewelry For Our New “Virtual” Lives

There’s no denying it — life is different than it was two years ago. No matter how much or little you’ve been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, things have certainly changed in society. Adapting to a new norm means a lot of things, like more Zoom conference calls, online dates, virtual weddings, and so many other events that were once otherwise in-person assemblies.

While these types of virtual events are not new by any means, they are certainly more prevalent. When you’re working from home, sometimes the highlight of your day is getting dressed up for a meeting with your boss. And with online dating more popular than ever, the little things like taking the perfect selfie for your profile could mean a world of difference for your confidence.

Whatever the case may be, we are a digital world now, and we need to make the best of it. And that’s why I’m here to help. Take some advice from me, your favorite resident social media savant/Gen Z-er, and invigorate your socially-distanced looks with some of Stuller’s trendiest jewelry!

Virtual Happy Hour

In an effort to adapt to the times, virtual happy hour was invented (coincidentally, this is one of my favorite things to come out of the pandemic). It’s nice to go all out with your favorite outfit and pour yourself a drink to toast your peers from a distance. Pair your look with sleek and sophisticated styles, like diamond ear climbers and intricate necklaces — the perfect pieces to wow your friends from the computer screen!

Shop now at Stuller.com!

87203 | 87626

Corporate Zoom Meetings

Much like the rest of the world, Stuller has turned to less in-person meetings and more online meetings. Even in marketing, we will tune in to a Microsoft Teams meeting with four other people sitting in the same room! Use this as an opportunity to flaunt some staple pieces like diamond studs and stackable rings.

Shop now at Stuller.com!

29762 | 124033

Online Dating Profiles

Typically, jewelry is seen as a gift from one lover to another. However, in this day and age, we are buying jewelry for ourselves! Step up your selfie game with some jewelry from our 302 Fine Jewelry collection, sure to catch anyone’s eye. It doesn’t get much better than jewelry that is made by women, for women.

Shop now at Stuller.com!

CH1110 | 653632

Cyber Weddings

Though nontraditional, cyber weddings are a safe and special way to celebrate your big day. Would you believe me if I said I’ve attended two cyber weddings since last March? They were so much fun! I got to see people from all over the country gather together to celebrate love. Show your love with wedding sets that are just as modern as you are. (Bonus: you can show off your wedding ring all you want via Facetime!)

Shop now at Stuller.com!

123996:600:P | 653632:612:P | 124553

Even though times aren’t quite the same, we are making the best of the situation. I try my best to look at the silver lining in everything that happens, and though we aren’t quite as interactive with each other, I do believe we’re more connected.

As always, follow us on social media for all things jewelry-related, and let me know the creative ways you’ve adapted to the situation at hand in the comments below!

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Valentine’s Day Social Media Posts for You!

Can you feel the love? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we want to spread it more than ever! After Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to market and sell your product. I mean, who doesn’t love getting gifts in the form of jewelry as a testament of one’s love?

While you’re busy working on creating those lasting Valentine’s Day presents, I’m here for you on the marketing front. Today, I’m going to give you a week’s worth of Valentine’s Day social media posts so you can focus on what you do best and leave the rest to me! All you have to do is save the photos to your desktop and copy/paste the captions. I hope this saves you time and helps give you that social media boost you need to make the Day of Love one to remember. Happy Selling!

Here are seven ideas and suggestions for Valentine’s Day social media posts. The content below is ready to share with your followers.

February 1

Create a perfect Valentine’s Day combo gift with heart-shaped and personalized stackables. #JewelryDayofLove

February 2

We’ve got some easy, chic necklaces that represent your adoration for your loved ones. #JewelryDayofLove

February 3

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day quite like these heart-shaped diamond earrings, which are sure to delight anyone! #JewelryDayofLove

February 4

Say “I love you” with some staple pieces that are sure to round out any jewelry box. #JewelryDayofLove

February 5

Need a gift that’s sure to make her smile? We’ve got you covered. #JewelryDayofLove

February 6

Show her you love her in the form of hugs and kisses — and earrings! #JewelryDayofLove

February 7

Valentine’s Day is just a week away. If you’re feeling unprepared, look no further — we’ve got earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more! #JewelryDayofLove

As a bonus, here’s some hashtags you can use to potentially reach more Instagram users! 

#finejewelry #giftsforher #jewelrygram #instajewelry #jewelryaddict #jewelrylove #jewelrylovers #modernjewelry #sparkle #jewelryoftheday #bridesmaid #bridesmaidgifts #girlsquad #weddingday #weddingprep #bridetobe #bridal #weddinginspiration #bridesmaids #weddingideas #instawedding #weddinginspo #weddingplanning #bridestory #bridestyle #personalizedjewelry #personalgifts #valentinesday #vday #valentinesgifts

Let’s call this love-filled social media campaign #JewelryDayofLove to celebrate the warm fuzzy feelings in the air! As always, feel free to reach out to me about any social media questions here: hannah_blaine@stuller.com. I’m always available to help you!

…and make sure to follow Stuller for year-round inspiration on Facebook and Instagram!

To further prepare for Valentine’s Day, make sure to visit Stuller.com/ValentinesDay and to see our recent blog post that highlights ways we are helping you make Valentine’s Day everything to never forget.

Tips for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday Success Blog Header

Any other year, this would be a straightforward post about making the most of this once-a-year celebration. You could be planning a store event to attract customers with holiday cookie trays, mulled cider, bowls of salted nuts, and other festive foods. But this is 2020. Let’s step back and assess how you can have a successful Small Business Saturday regardless of COVID restrictions. Here are tips to keep in mind.

Social Media Is Your Best Friend

Get your message out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Let your followers know what specials and promotions you’ll have, posting pictures of your staff’s favorite choices for moms, sweethearts, daughters, mothers-in-law — the list goes on. Better yet, offer customers the opportunity to buy them on Instagram. If you don’t know how this works, read our post INSTAGRAM FOR BEGINNERS, Just in time tips for Valentine’s Day (Though written for a Valentine’s Day post, the method is the same.)

And for quick posts on busy days, visit Stuller’s Facebook and Instagram and share our professionally photographed holiday jewelry posts.

Spruce Up Your Website

Through this year’s ups and downs, we’ve learned that an attractive website will help your business no matter what’s going on. Some customers don’t want to enter stores, and some can’t due to restrictions. No Problem. Use social media, google ads, and emails to direct people to your website, where they can take advantage of store promotions and make all the purchases they choose.

Do you want your site to offer more jewelry? Stuller e-commerce solutions can do that. With a few simple steps, you can set up Showcase or iFrame jewelry, bridal, mountings, diamonds, and gemstone onto your website. For more info, view On The Web – our digital brochure that walks you through a variety of online solutions we offer, including Showcase and iFrame.

The Perfect Gift

This year more than ever, customers need celebrations — as we all do — to keep their spirits up. And they want that perfect gift for each person on their list. Do you have everything you need to meet a wide range of tastes and budgets? Stuller can help. We have a robust, in-stock jewelry position with plenty of choices that can reach you by Small Business Saturday. This is ideal throughout the holiday season.

Crowd Control Can Enhance Sales

Limiting the number of people in your store doesn’t seem like the best plan, but you can turn it to your advantage. Remember: most businesses will have the same rules to follow. Customers know all about these changes, and, hopefully, their impatience will stay in check. Let’s face it: fewer customers in the store frees you to focus on each customer’s experience making it more personal and successful.

Last, But Not Least

Small Business Saturday focuses on local businesses that have grown and shaped your community. What could be more local than sharing your business story, whether you’re a 4th generation jeweler or just starting? Create a PowerPoint with pictures and text that tells where you came from and how you reached this special day. Everyone loves a story, and chances are good you’ll share a few facts even longtime customers don’t know. This will start many conversations and help new customers feel they know you better.

So shine your brightest lights this Saturday and know Stuller is here to support you any way we can and throughout the holidays.

Happy Holidays and Happy Selling!

Social Media and Photography Tips for the Holidays

One of the best tools for the budget-conscious jeweler is social media. With very little investment, social platforms are commonly the best way to reach your customer right in the palm of their hand. Eye-catching imagery and content is at the heart of being successful on social.

There is still time to up your social game for the holidays! Here to help you out are Stuller’s social media specialist Hannah Blaine and a Stuller photographer LeeAnn Stephan with social media and photography tips for the holidays.

Stuller’s Stellar Social

Like many of you, we take the holidays very seriously and try to get ahead on our planning and promotions for the holiday season. You can find holiday promotions on our social media accounts as early as October. We rely heavily on the content we create to engage you, our customers, and that can only happen with attention-grabbing photography.

Stuller has a talented team of photographers dedicated to taking photos of jewelry, gemstones, diamonds, and more of our products. They work year-round to make sure our visual content is up-to-date, trendy, and appealing. But these images are not just for us. We encourage you to use them for your own marketing purposes as well!

Interested in taking your own photos of your products? Check out our Stuller Connect live stream from this summer with photographer Daniel Maldonado on the Basics of Photography.

Whether you use our pictures or create your own, we are going to help you break down some social trends and demonstrate how to best use these images to be more profitable for your business.

A Look at Stuller Photography

As we have mentioned, our photography department ever stops working on the next big thing. From catalogs and brochures to web shots and social campaign images, our team is constantly working to stay ahead of the curve. In our studio, we have collected props, papers, and other items of various colors and textures to enhance the products we shoot.

Collecting items like these and using simple lighting setups can really take your product photography to the next level. Our GemLightBox is the perfect investment for taking well-lit, professional photos of your products even with your phone.

But how do we know what images to shoot? We plan our campaigns months in advance, but all you need is a strategy for the upcoming months to know what you need to have prepared. Let’s dive into what you need to be thinking about when creating this strategy.

Creating a Social Strategy for Holiday Success

If you have watched our previous livestream on social media tips, you’ll know that the first thing we recommend to anyone putting together a comprehensive social strategy is to look at your insights. Understanding what posts your audience engages in and when they are online is the foundation to knowing where to start with your plan.

Once you know a little about your customer and how they interact online, plan what you need to promote and when. For example, it would be better for you to specifically push custom jewelry right now while there is still time before the holidays and wait until a few days before Christmas to push the last-minute items you already have in stock. Make sure you have appropriate images to go with your captions that look appealing and make someone want to see more.

Finally, you put that plan into action by scheduling your content ahead of time so that you have less to stress about during the intense selling season. Using free scheduling tools, such as Facebook Creator Studio and Later, will save you a lot of time during a period when time is of the essence.

Giving Attention to Your Visual Brand

Have you given much thought to the visual consistency of the images you are posting? What does your Instagram grid look like? Is there a cohesiveness to your grid that draws people to your brand?

These are questions you should be asking yourself when putting together the images you want to use in your social strategy. A cohesive grid will not only give your customers a feel for your brand, but it will draw in newcomers as new followers and potential new customers. Your grid tells your brand’s story. Customers are drawn to a well-planned and well-executed visual aesthetic.

On Stuller’s Instagram, you will notice a consistent visual look on our grid that follows the stories we push as the seasons and holidays change. But even as small visual nuances in the photos change to fit the season, there is an overall connectivity to our pictures that identify the imagery as Stuller’s brand.

Putting together a consistent and comprehensive social media strategy can be daunting and we are always here to be a resource for you. If you have any questions about social media and photography tips, contact our social media team at Hannah_Blaine@stuller.com.

Join us next week for the final installment of our Holiday Live Learning Series as we talk about gifting diamonds and gemstones.

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