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Knowledge is having the right answer. Intelligence is asking the right question. 

We’ve selected a couple of recently asked questions from our forums on Benchjeweler.com and Stuller.com and asked our Team to weigh in. Here are some of their most used bench techniques to help you out!   Hello. I was wondering if anyone else has been having problems with rose gold solder or read more…

Sizing A Channel Set Mounting

Angela shares her sizing tips

Have you ever experienced the nightmare of sizing down a channel set mounting that has already been set, with the channel running across the shank (see illustration 1)? If so, you may have also experienced the stones falling out or becoming loose. Though this problem does not exist with all read more…


Downsizing Shanks with Melee

I am a master setter here at Stuller, and a lot of customers will call us for help in downsizing shanks that have melee stones in them. Today I’ll show you a breakdown of a common yet delicate repair job.   Tools Used