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If You Were a Gemstone, Which Would You Be?

Brilliant results from our August blog poll

In July, we hosted Gemstone Month – a celebration of all things gemstones – on Pinterest. We shared new styles, fun facts, loose stones, gem art, and much more. And if you stopped by our Stuller Blog and Twitter  during the month, you probably noticed our poll question: If you read more…

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Gemstone Engagements For the Next Generation

Non-traditional engagement styles for trendy Millennials

Diamonds are rare, beautiful and, yes, forever. That’s not going to change anytime soon. But gemstone engagements are making a splash among Millennial buyers. Remember that recently the DPA ran its “Real is Rare” campaign? It aimed at rekindling the diamond romance with younger customers. Since the Millennial group is read more…

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Sell With a Story: Historic Sapphires

This year, we’ll take a look at historic jewels and their owners. Together they have created many fascinating stories. Great gemstones have been gifts of love, greed, alliance, extravagance, and debt. For most, we know little about how they emerged from the earth. Thousands of anonymous miners worked the far-flung read more…

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