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Commemorate Monumental Anniversaries With Gemstones

Engulf yourself in the story and symbolism of a gemstone when signifying yet another transcendent year of marriage.

Each passing year of marriage is traditionally awarded a unique and distinct gift. A third wedding anniversary is usually a gift made of leather, while the tradition of lace marks the thirteenth. Nonetheless, monumental anniversaries are considered an accomplishment and even a milestone for couples.   Each year of marriage can also be honored by a different gemstone that symbolizes a love tested by read more…

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Sell With a Story: Rubies

Read more about July's birthstone and its deep history and hue

Who can resist the luscious red of Rubies? Their vibrant color commands attention and garners more than a lingering look. Those with July birthdays have every reason to celebrate their special gemstone. And since it is the “King of Precious Gems,” Ruby enjoys a passionate following from many devotees. Shop read more…

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Sell With a Story: Famous Red Spinel Gemstones

Consider spinel gemstones the tricksters of the gemological world. These stones have pulled off countless high-profile cases of mistaken identity. Since they form in a range of colors — including deep red and blue — spinel easily posed as rubies and sapphires for centuries. But just because spinel gemstones aren’t made of Corundum, does that read more…

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Sell With a Story: Historic and Famous Rubies

Smack dab in the middle of February, Valentine’s Day arrives complete with red hearts, red roses, and gifts galore. And red makes us think of historic and famous rubies. I added famous because many astounding stones discovered in the past 50 years deserve attention but aren’t yet “historic.” One day I’m read more…