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Sell With a Story: Red, White, and Blue Stones

There are few color combinations as iconic to the United States of America as red, white, and blue. Creating a color collection as classic as little pinwheels this time of year is super easy with many gemstone options in a plethora of shades encompassing red, white, and blue. Below we read more…


Sell With a Story: Spectrolite

Let me introduce you to the dark and broody cousin of Moonstone. When Moonstone is Hairspray, Spectrolite is Phantom of the Opera. When Moonstone is a bright summer day, Spectrolite is a cold dark night lit up by the bewitching northern lights. Known as the transformation stone, Labradorite (according to read more…

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Sell With a Story: Tanzanite

Broader color variations offered from this classic gem

Everyone has a favorite gemstone, whether it’s classic blue, cheeky pink, sunny yellow, or icy white. Sell With a Story is here to help expand those horizons and turn even the most timid gemstone purveyor into a strong-selling, gemstone enthusiast. This time, I’m going to discuss the mineral zoisite and read more…


Sell With a Story: Speckled Quartz

Get to know one of the most unusual varieties of quartz: Speckled Quartz

I am so excited to introduce you to one of my favorite new stones: speckled quartz. I first saw this curious and unique material when I was at the Intergem show in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. Idar’s rich gem mining and cutting history continue with the addition of this otherwise overlooked variety read more…

5 Instagram-Worthy Fall Gemstones to Share this Season

Be Inspired by These Beautiful Harvest Hues

Winter is coming. In fact, it’s already visiting much of the country. But autumn is lingering with harvest hues all around and Thanksgiving just around the corner. In nature, fashion, and even food, this time of year has its own special color palette, and Earth provides gemstones to match. Warm read more…

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Sell With a Story: Rutilated and Tourmalinated Quartz

Quartz gemstones abound and include many consumer favorites: from amethyst and citrine to rose and smoky quartz. Though less in demand, rutilated and tourmalinated quartz enjoy a devoted following who appreciate their unique beauty and sophistication. Strands of time These gemstones share an intriguing formation. They formed 400 to 500 million read more…

Sell With a Story: Smoky Quartz

Is it any surprise that smoky quartz is most popular in November? Its rich brown and gray hues lend themselves to this time of year. Fall’s radiant colors have faded to brown. Beige patches claim more and more of the once green grass. Trees stand gaunt against a pale sky. read more…