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permanent jewelry business
Business Savvy
Taylor Dizor

Beyond Basics: Elevating a Permanent Jewelry Business for Jewelers

In the ever-evolving world of jewelry, permanent jewelry has taken center stage in recent years. Jewelers and business owners understand that going beyond the basics is crucial to making your permanent jewelry business stand out in a sea of offerings. With more and more jewelers getting in on the action these days, ask yourself, “How can I step it up?” That’s where our expert advice comes in. Let’s check out five tips that will set your permanent jewelry business apart and embark on a journey to amplify your craftsmanship, innovation, and customer experience.

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Emily Graffagnino

Love, Reimagined: Valentine’s Day 2023

With February just around the corner, the season of love is quickly approaching — and so are shoppers. This year, we take a closer look at inspiration for gifts that encourage and celebrate the unbound possibility of love rediscovered, redefined, and reimagined.

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Inspiration & Trends
Emily Graffagnino

Essentials for Holiday: Just-in-Time Gifts

From gilded treasures to sparkling stocking stuffers, Stuller’s fine jewelry team has been preparing all year to keep inventory stocked and ready, providing you with curated, just-in-time gifts that any customer will love. With even more prep for the 2022 holidays, we’re excited to offer new favorites and bestsellers to create the ultimate essentials that are ready to ship with rapid delivery.

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