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green gemstone trending jewelry
302® Fine Jewelry
Taylor Dizor

Stuller Trend Report: Summer 2024 Edition

As we begin a new season, there’s no better time to embrace a rising trend that brings a fresh burst of vitality and elegance to the jewelry world: green gemstones. This isn’t just a fleeting fashion moment. The color green captures attention all year round. From lush Emeralds to vibrant Peridots, the allure of these gemstones transcends the seasons, adding a touch of nature’s brilliance to every piece of jewelry.

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lucky gemstones
Sell With A Story
Heather Fontenot

Sell With a Story: Lucky Gemstones

Are your customers feeling the luck of the Irish? As St. Patrick’s Day gets ever closer, let’s get in the spirit by talking about the special meanings behind gemstones that gives them a little luck. Throughout history, gemstones have always carried significance to the wearer. Some are believed to provide protection while others inspire lasting love. Many believe birthstones and zodiac gemstones bring luck, confidence, power, and prosperity to the wearer.

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Peridot Gemstones Blog Header
Diamonds & Gemstones
Elizabeth Raffel

Sell With a Story: Peridot Gemstones

In ancient Egypt, Peridot gemstones were called “gems of the sun,” referring to the golden glow that emanates from within. This glow imparts a rich yellowish-green hue

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Diamonds & Gemstones
Alex Clement

Get Schooled

In honor of last week’s Schoolhouse Rocks Week, which featured semi-precious stones, we wanted to school you on some of the unique stories out there

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