Seasonal Spruce Up: Packaging and Displays Help To Set The Stage

The holiday selling season is kicking off! With the beginning of a new season, it’s always a good idea to examine your business and think about what could use a fresh look. Every little detail contributes to your customers’ overall shopping experience, and you want to leave them with a good impression. Have you given a thought to your packaging and displays?

Having the most on-trend pieces and providing custom styles is only the beginning to holiday success. Don’t forget about the finishing touches that add a little something extra. Let’s dive into three types of products you can use to spruce up your customers’ shopping experience ahead of the holidays.

Put the Focus on What’s Trending

Are you showcasing the hottest trends with displays that show off their style effectively? We have a few new additions just in time for the holidays that will highlight your on-trend earrings, necklaces, and rings perfect for stacking.

Imagine your customer comes in wanting to build their perfect ear stack. The Magnetic Ear Stack Element (61-9915:100020:T) is the display for the job. Showcase your most on-trend studs and hoops by mixing and matching up to eight pieces, and then allow your customers to have fun moving pieces around until they create the stack they love! This display is available in black, moon glow, or palladium.

The Brushed Leatherette Necklace/Pendant Stand (61-9893:100001:T) displays your most popular pieces for on-trend necklace layering. Available in black, moon glow, or palladium, this new display provides 10 slits to hold both chain and necklaces with pendants.

The Velvet Continuous Ring Tray with Kickstand (61-9994:300001:T) features a soft and smooth fabric — available in gray or pink — that stands out in your cases. It is the perfect complement for stylish rings you merchandise together to demonstrate stackable rings your customers simply must have.

61-9915:100020:T 61-9893:100001:T 61-9994:300001:T
Shop our entire assortment of display components.

Package the Present Perfectly

Whether a gift or self-purchase, nothing complements the perfect piece quite like packaging that is either sleek and stylish or provides a pop of color. From boxes to pouches, explore our variety of new and bestselling packaging options.

Our new Luxe Leatherette Pouch with Pendant Pad (61-0099:100003:T) is a stylish way to keep chains and necklaces with pendants safe — even while travelling! Coming in two different sizes, choose between black, ivory, navy, and paradiso colors. Your customers will want to hang onto this chic pouch long after the purchase has been made!

The ring box within our Eva Collection (61-0007:600000:T) features matching soft-suede material on both the interior and exterior. This modern option is perfect for those holiday proposals and comes in black, blue, burgundy, dove gray, gray, green, ivory, pink, lavender, and sea glass.

For a more traditional design, the velvet ring box in our Madison Collection (61-0059:300000:T) provides a classic, yet elevated option. Choose between navy, olive, rust, silver, and teal color options — each shines in that iconic Instagram ring photo.

61-0099:100003:T 61-0007:600000:T 61-0059:300000:T
Shop our entire assortment of packaging components.

Wrap It All Up

With the piece ready to go out the door, don’t forget the finishing touch: gift wrap. Totes, tissues, and wrapping paper are a great way to send your brand off with your customer as well as provide an additional service for a memorable experience. We are confident that this added touch will go a long way with your customers.

Our new Shimmer Paper Tote (61-0096:100001:T) can fit with any brand during any season. This elevated and sophisticated tote gives a sense of luxury. With multiple sizes available in black, blue, and ivory, you can make every purchase feel like a special occasion.

Pair any neutral colored tote with a pop of color using sheets of tissue, such as our new Hunter Green Tissue (61-9920:100000:T). Its rich color and high quality will add the slightest touch of holiday spirit with class.

Finally, if you are looking for seasonal touches for this festive time of year, look no further than our Glistening Pine Gift Wrap (61-0577:100000:T). The holiday-themed pattern will fill your customers with the joy of the season, and they will be grateful for one less gift to wrap!

61-0096:100001:T 61-9920:100000:T 61-0577:100000:T
Shop our entire assortment of gift-wrapping solutions.

Stock Up Now

Many of these new and popular packaging, display, and gift-wrapping solutions are currently in-stock. Receive everything you need to be successful this holiday season with rapid delivery and the highest quality customer service. Shop in-stock products today at Stuller.com or call 800-877-7777.

Join Us for Week Two of Stuller Connect™: A Virtual Event

We are continuing with the second week of our two-week annual Stuller Connect™: A Virtual Event on Stuller.com. It’s an exciting time to be in the jewelry industry and Stuller stands to help you discover the next great thing to take your business to another level. From new deals and products to Facebook Live events and educational resources, Stuller Connect offers something for everyone.

Facebook Live Preview: Week 2

We are ready to bring you another week full of content to connect you with Stuller’s product and service offerings. This week’s Facebook Live event schedule will feature more opportunities to interact with us, ask questions, and see products up close. Watch each event live or go back and watch at your convenience. All Facebook Live events will be held at Facebook.com/Stullerinc.

Check out what we have in store!


Make A Statement with Stuller Diamonds®

Wednesday, September 1 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

Diamonds are an enduring symbol of commitment and quality that you can offer to your most loyal customers. Stuller’s Heather Fontenot walks you through our full natural diamond offering and explains what makes Stuller lab-grown diamonds stand out among the rest.

Discover Stuller Gemstones™

Thursday, September 2 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

With every color you can imagine and sourced from all over the world, Stuller gemstones are the perfect complement to any piece. Stuller’s Sam Larson explains how our gemstone team brings customers the widest variety every time.

Bridal Sales Soar in Year of the Wedding™

Friday, September 3 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

Rescheduled dreams are coming true during Stuller’s Year of the Wedding. From the product additions in the new bridal catalog to new custom options for couples who know what they want, Stuller is the ultimate partner. Join Alex Stuller for a full rundown of our offering. As a bonus, Michael Bartlett from our CAD/CAM team will explain how to make fully customized pieces come to life.

One-on-One Attention

If you are looking for something specific to help your business and would like to talk to a member of our team, schedule a Stuller Connect virtual call. This allows us to match Stuller products and services to your business needs. To set up a Stuller Connect virtual call, visit Stuller.com/StullerConnect. 


Win A Stuller Account Credit

We will be giving away two $1,000 and three $500 Stuller account credits to customers during this event. There are two ways to be entered to win: 

  1. Schedule and attend a Stuller Connect video call by September
  2. Watch one of our Facebook live events and tag your business in the comment section 


Stuller Connect was created in 2020 as a means to connect with our customers without face-to-face interaction. Stuller Connect: A Virtual Event is a showcase of everything Stuller offers to help customers’ businesses succeed. From new deals and products to Facebook live events and educational resources, there is something for everyone! 

“We’re excited to bring back our second annual Stuller Connect,” says Morgan Waters, executive director of marketing communications. “We believe this event will be an excellent resource for our customers.” 

We look forward to connecting you with the right business solutions provided by Stuller. 

Stuller Inc. Hosts Stuller Connect™: A Virtual Event

Stuller will host its second annual Stuller Connect™: A Virtual Event on Stuller.com from August 23 – September 3, 2021. From new deals and products to Facebook live events and educational resources, there is something for everyone!

“2020 and 2021 have continued to impact all of us in unexpected ways with challenges and obstacles that seem never-ending at times,” said Danny Clark, Stuller President. “At Stuller, we have been so inspired by our customers’ resilience and agility as they have navigated the unknown with creativity and imagination that have sustained their businesses and delighted their customers.”  

Facebook Live Preview: Week 1

We want you to see and experience as much of what Stuller has to offer as possible. For this reason, we have a packed schedule of Facebook live events where you can interact with our team and see new products up close. Attend live to ask your questions or go back and watch later at your convenience. All Facebook live events will be held at Facebook.com/Stullerinc. 

Here’s a peek at what’s to come! 


Emily Graffagnino presents at Stuller Connect

Focus On Fine Jewelry 

Monday, August 23 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

Join Stuller’s Emily Graffagnino for a look at the latest trends in finished jewelry. From 302® Fine Jewelry to Modern Brilliance® lab-grown diamond jewelry and everything in between, Stuller is your source for everything you need to stock up for holiday sales. 


Explore Popular Selling Systems from Stuller 

Tuesday, August 24 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

Offering an interactive customer experience has been proven to drive sales. And Stuller has you covered with a wide selection of selling systems that have been designed for your cases. 


Tiffany Adams presents at Stuller Connect

Packaged to Perfection 

Wednesday, August 25 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

Fine jewelry is meant to be treasured, so packaging that stands out goes a long way to make your product shine. Join Stuller’s Tiffany Adams for more ways to make your brand stand out with packaging and display favorites. 


Chris Leonard presents at Stuller Connect

The Perfect Tool for Every Job 

Friday, August 27 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

The best jewelers have a well-stocked bench to be ready for whatever job walks through the door. Stuller has you covered, and Stuller’s Chris Leonard will walk you through the latest tools and equipment to keep you prepared. 


One-on-One Attention

If you are looking for something specific to help your business and would like to talk to a member of our team, schedule a Stuller Connect virtual call. This allows us to match Stuller products and services to your business needs. To set up a Stuller Connect virtual call, visit Stuller.com/StullerConnect. 


Win A Stuller Account Credit

We will be giving away two $1,000 and three $500 Stuller account credits to customers during this event. There are two ways to be entered to win: 

  1. Schedule and attend a Stuller Connect video call by September
  2. Watch one of our Facebook live events and tag your business in the comment section 


Stuller Connect was created in 2020 as a means to connect with our customers without face-to-face interaction. Stuller Connect: A Vitual Event is a showcase of everything Stuller offers to help customers’ businesses succeed. From new deals and products to Facebook live events and educational resources, there is something for everyone! 

“We’re excited to bring back our second annual Stuller Connect,” says Morgan Waters, executive director of marketing communications. “We believe this event will be an excellent resource for our customers.” 

We look forward to connecting you with the right business solutions provided by Stuller. 

Elevate Your Bridal Packaging This Wedding Season

packaging and displays brochure

When helping a customer create the perfect engagement moment, choosing the ring is just the beginning. Help them remember you forever with the perfect packaging as the finishing touch. 

As the wedding industry comes back to life post-pandemic, you will want to be prepared. Offering the perfect packaging for your customers keeps your brand top of mind and provides a complete solution for their engagement ring purchase. The newly released Packaging and Displays 2021-2022 brochure is your resource for taking your packaging efforts to the next level and giving a bride that extra special something. 

View the new Packaging and Displays 2021-2022 brochure today!

Merchandised Collections 

Forming a cohesive brand for your jewelry business does not have to be stressful or overwhelming. It can be as simple as coordinating your packaging to reflect your logo and colors. Providing a variety will guarantee that you will stand out against your competition. 

If you browse through the pages of Packaging and Displays 2021-2022, you will notice that we have merchandised our new and existing collections together. We did this to show how different collections can be combined in a cohesive manner and make your brand pop. For example, when you start with our new Walnut Wood Collection, pairing it with the dark green offerings in our popular Eva Collection will create an elevated packaging ensemble for your customers to choose from. 

New collections that are joining our bestselling favorites include: 

Walnut Wood Collection Parker Collection
LED Collection Madison Collection

One to Give, One to Keep 

Ring boxes are packaging pieces that are long treasured and help keep a bride’s most precious possession safe forever. But, standard ring boxes are sometimes hard to hide in a pocket before a surprise proposal. 

Our solution is our mini-engagement ring box (61-1120). This low-profile box is an easy upsell and easily fits into any pocket until the big moment. Available in an array of standard neutral color options, mini-engagement ring boxes fit perfectly with any of our packaging collections to support your brand. 


Build Your Brand 

Do not pass up the opportunity to make sure your customers walk away with a physical reminder of you. Stuller’s Custom Imprinting Service makes your brand a part of their story.

Use hot foil stamping or digital imprinting to customize your packaging options by adding your logo. Choose the color, placement, and quantity of the items at an accessible price point well-worth the investment. To see what imprinting options are available with each collection, look for the hot foil stamping and digital imprinting icons in both the brochure and on Stuller.com. 

custom imprinted packaging

The Perfect Takeaway 

Ring boxes and jewelry packaging are not the only upsell options you will find in Packaging and Displays 2021-2022. Pouches, travel cases, jewelry clutches, and jewelry cleaner make for excellent gifts for bridesmaids and mother of the bride. Each of these pieces also comes with additional opportunities to incorporate your logo and branding so your business continues to stay top of mind. 

By incorporating these options with the various collections provided in Packaging and Displays 2021-2022, you will provide your customers with a comprehensive and holistic shopping experience as they make the journey from “Will you?” to “I do!” 

Peek Inside the 2020-2021 Packaging & Displays Catalog


A great way to keep your customers engaged long after they’ve left the sales floor is through your packaging.  Make sure your packaging is a reflection of your brand and your store’s personality and has your name on it.

Luckily, Packaging and Displays 2020–2021 has you covered! With new styles in complementary colors and finishes, this release makes it easier than ever for you to build your brand, seal a lasting first impression, and enhance the beauty of your jewelry.


In this newest installment, we began the catalog with our custom imprinting section. This helps you keep your brand top of mind through different processes including hot foil stamping and digital imprinting.  As you browse the section, look for the icons below to indicate those processes.

Packaging-and-Displays-Catalog-2020-Hot-Stamping-Badge-Logo Packaging-and-Displays-Catalog-2020-Digital-Imprinting-Badge-Logo
Foil Stamping Icon Digital Imprinting Icon

For more on our custom imprinting services, check out our services page on Stuller.com.  You can also watch the video below.

That’s not all you can expect to find in our new catalog.  We’ve highlighted our new products within the book with “New” badges.  The badge will be an easy indicator to look for new products as well as new colors/styles within existing collections.

Don’t have a logo or brand? Let us help you make one by using example templates. Check out our Custom Imprinting page for details.

Build your brand by using the provided logo templates.  Plus, we’ve made Case by Case® its own section.  The customized, made-to-order display program allows you to put together your own display combinations that inspire sales.


There is no better option than a gold-trimmed rose to promise someone a love that endures.  In our new catalog, you’ll find an array of new 24-karat gold-trimmed roses along with beauties that colorfully represent each birth month. 


Plus, enter to win our catalog contest!

This year has been challenging, but now is the time to create a vision for building your business back up.

Through the end of July, use your old Stuller packaging and displays catalog to create a vision board that represents what you want for your business for the rest of 2020. Once you submit a photo or video of your board to our Facebook or Instagram, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $250 Stuller account credit. You can view the contest details and rules here.   

We wish you great success with Packaging and Displays 2020–2021!

How do you plan on utilizing our new Packaging and Displays catalog? Let us know in the comments below!

Here are the Hottest Valentine’s Day Jewelry Trends This Year

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Blog Header

The quintessential Valentine’s Day gifts include chocolate, wine, flowers, and jewelry. And while some of these gifts can be picked up on the way home from work on February 14th (not recommended), jewelry purchases require a little more preparedness. But alas, there are always those last-minute stragglers.

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Ship Today

Luckily, you’ve prepared for this. And remember, we’re here for all of your last-minute gift suggestions. As you’re scouring our stock online, make sure to filter products in the left sidebar to make sure you’ll receive your goodies the next day.

Here are the hottest Valentine’s Day jewelry trends this year


Symbols of Love

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Symbols of Love
Jewelry is an expression of oneself. And symbols do the same. So it only makes sense that symbolic jewelry is an ideal way to show individuality and character. Whether by religious tokens, hearts, arrows, or animals, symbolic metal fashion pieces are some of the hottest 2019 Valentine’s Day jewelry trends.


Regal & Floral Designs

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Regal Floral JewelryYour customer is a queen. She deserves the royal treatment. These regal and ornate designs will highlight her poise and style. It’s all about the tiny details in this year’s Valentine’s Day jewelry trends.


Personalized Jewelry

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Personalization
No two people are alike. Every woman wants to feel one of a kind. Offer jewelry that captures her essence and individuality. And while time is running short for custom engraved or monogrammed designs, you can still suggest initial rings, necklaces, and birthstone stackables. These are making quite a splash as the next Valentine’s Day jewelry trends.


Classic Pearl Trends

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Classic Pearls

You just can’t beat the classics. Pearl jewelry reappears year after year as one of the top Valentine’s Day jewelry trends. They’re modest, yet refined and tasteful. These beauties transcend the garden of time and add a tasteful touch to any look.

Don’t Forget Your Packaging

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Packaging
For your Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts, boxes and bags are crucial. In fact, this is the WORST time to run short on ring boxes, so make sure you’re well stocked. Packaging and presentation truly seal the deal when it comes to first impressions. Make sure her eyes light up with delight by choosing vivid Valentine’s Day colors. Suggest suede, plushy textures that softly say “I love you.”


Here’s another tip: Tier your Valentine’s Day jewelry by price point. Encourage jewelry under $500, $250, and $100 to meet every budget. And with self-purchases on the rise, your gals might just pick up an on-budget piece (or two) for herself!

Styles featured in header (L to R): 720657204272075 • 72012720217186372013

How to Leverage Custom Imprinted Jewelry Packaging

Custom imprinted jewelry packaging blog header

Perhaps you’ve had your jewelry store for years now. You’ve established yourself within the community after servicing multiple generations. Your store has excelled as a reliable force for customers in the area. Word of mouth recommendation for your business is strong. But is there more you can do to establish a cohesive brand?

Start by auditing your packaging lineup. From tissue to boxes to bags, take a moment to reflect on your branding efforts — and legacy — as you hone in on your business’s image. Luckily, Stuller’s options for customizing your jewelry packaging are vast and exciting.

Custom imprinted jewelry packaging branded logo

Your packaging is your flag. Here are three easy ways to stand apart using custom imprinted jewelry packaging—

1. Curate your color scheme

Envision your store’s design. Do you have a signature color accented throughout the store? If not, take a moment to observe your merchandise and evaluate which color would best complement your store’s vibe.

Rule of Thumb – It’s hard to go wrong with neutral tones set against bright pops of color

If you want a deep, rich color scheme . . .

For deep blue, purple, or burgundy boxes and bags, consider gold foil accents in your custom imprinted jewelry packaging. Customers will feel luxurious as they carry out their new jewelry in style.

If you want a sleek, clean look . . .

Choose either a white box with a black logo or a black box with your logo in white. This is a dynamic look and your customers will appreciate its straightforwardness.

If you’re targeting a younger demographic . . .

Consider digital imprinting. Did you know Stuller is one of few companies to offer digital imprinting? Using this process, you can customize your logo color to a specific Pantone or CMYK Color. In turn, if you follow trends, you can coordinate your logo colors to move right along with what’s in vogue. Your younger clientele will appreciate this ever-evolving attention to detail and your custom imprinted jewelry packaging will always be ready for Instagram!

2. Look at your logo

Once you’ve sorted out your colors, take a second glance at your logo. If you’re in the mood to update your logo and don’t have access to proper resources, our custom imprinting team has 7 template options available for $99. Simply choose a pre-configured style that will help convey your store’s unique elements.

3. Add in a few add-ons

Maybe you already have custom imprinted jewelry packaging and carefully crafted store colors. Kudos! As always, there’s still room to invigorate your business. Consider this: restaurants have branded matchboxes, dentists have their names on toothbrushes, why shouldn’t a jewelry store have its own customized giveaway?

Go the extra mile by adding your logo to our variety of custom cleaners or cleaning cloths as a giveaway for your clientele. It’s something both thoughtful and functional that’ll be much appreciated. With four types available — gentle, fine, natural, and silver — there’s a cleaner available for every type of jewelry you sell.

 Custom imprinted jewelry packaging klean karats cleaner

Another option to offer is our new Klean Karats® Gentle Foam CleanerDon’t worry, even though you can’t have your logo directly imprinted onto these just yet, there is no shortage of inventive ways to impart your own personal twist. Try our custom seals with your logo, for example (available in kraft, silver, or gold). These make great gift tags and when tied with ribbon, this new foam cleaner will be a treat for your customers.

Learn more about custom imprinting options at Stuller.com

When you’re ready to take the big leap toward custom imprinted jewelry packaging, give us a call at 800-877-7777 ext. 6144.

Timing Is Everything

Jewelry making has always been tightly linked with the seasons. Just as jewelers today work around a calendar studded by trade shows, holidays, and other annual moments, jewelers of the past had to deal with sometimes dizzying expectations based on the time of year. In some cases, those expectations still influence how we operate today.

holidayTake the old idea that diamonds and gems were linked to corresponding stars. It went beyond star sapphires and moonstones.

Particular gems came to stand for particular planets. The movement of a planet in the sky tied that planet’s gem to a certain time of the year. Those planets, in turn, came to stand for gods (think Mars or Mercury). We see evidence of this in the many images of those gods engraved on Roman jewels, sometimes accompanied by the zodiac.

In Judaism, similarly, the twelve tribes of Israel were associated with twelve precious gems and with their corresponding months. And with the rise of Christianity, stones were tied to saints and guardian angels and their special months. Engraving conducted on a certain day could constitute devotion to a particular saint, and a chosen gem might attract the favor of a chosen guardian angel.

On the one hand, this was probably bit overwhelming. On the other, consider the sales opportunities when everyday was a potential holiday.

These sorts of ideas live on, of course, in our continuing fascination with birthstones, as well in the popularity of religious imagery, not to mention in our concern for the holiday season in general. While we may not worry about what star happens to be rising while arranging a new ring display, our industry remains fastened to the calendar, and in particular to the fall holiday ramp up.holiday

Here in September, there is a calm before the storm, a bit of time to catch one’s breath before the season’s wheel begins to truly roll. This is also a time to take stock, literally, and to plan for what’s to come.  Although just-in-time delivery is our specialty, Stuller stands ready to help you prepare, and toward that end, we’ve put together a framework to keep in mind as things accelerate.

Whether it’s stocking findings for quick custom work or deciding on personally imprinted packaging or even double checking your store of watch batteries, we’re here to help you keep your stars aligned.

Check out this PDF, which details this timeline from 12 weeks out.

And take a look at several solutions Stuller provides to help make your holiday season a rousing success HERE!

Composed by senior copywriter Josh Caffery and subject matter expert, Alex Graham.