Confidence Sells, So Know Your Software

Have any of you ever renovated your kitchen, or taken a precious family photo to be framed? Our homes and family heirlooms are important to us, and we don’t trust them to just anyone. We are looking for a contractor or framer that approaches their tools with skill and assurance. What if the framer puts on gloves before handling your photo, or the contractor comments on an essential aspect of the project that you never considered? How would you feel about proceeding with the project?

As Jewelers, our reputation is essential to our business. Customers must feel that they can trust us to complete their job confidently. Be sure that you and your staff are well trained and certain in using the tools of our trade. Your confidence will not only put customers at ease, but your ability to speak with conviction, clarity, and sincerity may be the key to closing the sale. Lots of industries, including doctors, pharmacists, and even tax accounts, do annual recurrent training. This training ensures that their skills are up to date and that they are aware of the latest and most significant advancements.

Our Gemvision training team wants to make sure that your staff is prepared and ready for whatever design challenges may walk through your door or hit your inbox. To help you prepare, Gemvision offers not only comprehensive training for beginners but also modules revolving around recent updates for those seasoned employees that only need to learn what is new. Here are a few examples of our online training that you can access from your store or home, listed by software.

CounterSketch® Online Training

  • CounterSketch Artisan Certification Curriculum: This series of 25 lessons, each with an accompanying quiz, will teach your staff everything they need to know about using CounterSketch with a customer. Once they complete all the classes and tests, they receive a CounterSketch Artisan Certification that they can print and frame and attach to their linked in profile.  
  • Watch Me Work: This series walks the student through building 14 on-trend unique designs, giving them the confidence to not only make these designs but other designs using freehand parts.   
  • Freehand Faceoff Vol.1-6: Given a theme, two designers go head to head to create unique designs. This fun yet challenging approach pushes your staff to think outside the box and imagine new ways of using existing tools and freehand parts.

MatrixGold® Academy

  • MatrixGold Artisan Curriculum: This series of 27 lessons will teach your staff everything they need to know about using MatrixGold. Including designing solitaires, eternity bands, five stone rings, and even cabochon pendants. This introductory class is a great starting point for any designers that are new to MatrixGold.
  • Matrix 9 to MatrixGold Conversion: This extensive course covers lessons on the user interface, user preferences, content management, modeling, profile editors, rendering, and much more. If you have been working in Matrix 9 and are ready to upgrade to MatrixGold, we have an online learning plan to help you with the transition.
  • Summer 2020 Update: As our development team continues to add and refine the tools in MatrixGold, you can expect great things. We separate videos for recently added features so that as you continue to learn, you can focus on what is new without having to review existing tools. This 11 lesson module teaches you to use the latest tools added to MatrixGold.

With these options and many more, there is valuable content for you and your staff to explore on Gemvision’s online training platforms. However, if you are looking for one-on-one training experience, we are happy to offer hourly training with our Gemvision training team as well. We are here to support you and your staff as you provide unparalleled service to your customers.

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How to Train Your Staff Like a Boss

staff training development experience teaching

Ensuring that your sales associates know how to close sales and increase customer confidence and loyalty is just one of your jobs as the boss. It’s challenging to find effective training that benefits your newcomers and seasoned vets alike.

And while no single training regime will align perfectly with your needs, some training with all of your associates is vitally important to the success of your business. Here are some tiered solutions to get started:


In the Beginning

Use these resources in your staff training to help those team members who have little to no jewelry experience.


staff training basics of jewelry stuller

  • Stuller’s Basics of Jewelry Book outlines common jewelry terminology and need-to-know jewelry anatomy and factoids.


  • Industry trade magazines like JCK, INSTORE, and MJSA Journal are detail-rich resources. Flipping through these publications, and others, can help newcomers learn about industry trends, challenges, solutions, and creative ideas.


  • Industry associations like Jewelers of America provide a wealth of low-cost training opportunities from their Jewelry Training 101 course available on their website or links to numerous informative blogs and articles on their social media pages.


Middle of the Road

staff training jewelers helping jewelersThese resources are geared toward associates looking to enhance their already blossoming skill set.



  • You can access extremely knowledgeable industry experts on social media that can help add to professional development. Stick with folks like Peggy Jo Donahue, David Geller, Barbara Palumbo, and Mark Smelzer — you could learn a thing or two.


  • Attending events guarantee you’ll walk away with added expertise. Stuller’s Bridge and Transform events focus on solving current industry issues while encouraging open dialogue, and shared learning.
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Expanding Expertise

Staff training is an ongoing endeavor. And even experienced veterans will benefit from brushing up on their skill sets now and then. They can do all of the things mentioned above while putting their personal spin on each to get the most from the activities.


  • Keeping up with industry insights and trends can help any seasoned jewelry professional stay abreast with the up and up. Look to our blog and other industry experts like Martin Rappaport to deliver the information.


  • Today, video is the preferred learning vehicle. Nothing beats seeing how others do something step by step. YouTube and our Video Center provide instant access to educational know-how.


  • Want to talk tips and techniques with fellow experts? Forums offer a good place to find others with varying levels of experience and a desire for discussion. is another popular favorite.


Start Your Staff Training!

staff training happy boss's dayLike we mentioned in the beginning, there are many types of staff training opportunities out there. It will take some work to find the best resources to fit your team’s needs. Don’t get discouraged and remember it will take some time to put best practices in place. The important thing is that you have them. Remember to get your team involved in training. Ask them what they feel is important and form strategies and action items through collaboration. It will make everyone better in the long run.

Oh and Happy Boss’s Day to all of the fearless leaders out there!

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Boost Your Business with Gemvision Online Training

At Gemvision, we’re committed to making our software profitable and easy to use. Training provides a crucial component to maximizing your investment. While we offer in-house training, we understand that getting away from the shop can be a challenge. You have an alternative. Through a remote training subscription, you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your store.

Gemvision Online Training Countersketch

Matrix Online Academy

The Matrix Online Academy features more than 600 training videos and written demos. Using these exclusive resources, you set your schedule to meet the demands on your time.

As an example, take the video below. It walks you through the modeling process from start to finish.

Design videos are just one type of content on the Matrix Online Academy; other videos focus on specific tools, concepts or tips, and tricks. Topics include Advanced Render Techniques, Subdivision Modeling and Antique Designs, and many more.

Online Training for CounterSketch

Online training for CounterSketch features interactive exercises and instructional videos that lead you and your staff from Setup to Freehand Mode. Each module builds on the last. In addition to covering all of the tools and features of CounterSketch, the training also includes sections on business practices, marketing, and sales techniques.

Interactive exercises take you step-by-step through sales scenarios so you can put your newfound skills to the test. They equip you to use CounterSketch to minimize costly inventory while enhancing the custom jewelry buying experience. You’ll be able to help your client visualize their dream engagement ring while engaging them in the design process.

Through this online training, you’ll master concepts like: quickly searching an extensive virtual library for the right model, modifying the item in real time while consulting with your client, easily providing a price estimate, then securing the sale! After you close the sale, order your custom design directly from Stuller for a one-step manufacturing solution.

Take note. The video below covers how to apply tools learned through Gemvision online training to work within a customer’s budget.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“After taking the CounterSketch training and incorporating what I learned into my business, I took my closing rate from 30-40% up to 95%. I sell with 100% confidence that Stuller has my back to make this a simple procedure. I can also say that if you don’t have CounterSketch, you’re making a huge mistake. As I have always said, there’s enough pie for everyone to have a piece.”

Ted Blais, Ted’s Creative Jewelers – Southampton, MA

Gemvision online training is a great way to expand your skills, keep up with the latest tools and train your staff. Both the Matrix Online Academy and Online Training for CounterSketch are available as 1-year subscriptions. Read more about our online training options here.

Meet YourGemvision Online Training Daniel Otten Instructor

Daniel Otten is the Educational Development Supervisor at Gemvision. He earned his Master’s degree in Jewelry and Metals from Northern Illinois University. He taught Jewelry and Metals, Drawing, and 3D Design at Northern, teaching traditional metalsmithing along with CAD and rapid prototyping. When not teaching, Daniel works on Gemvision’s software manuals and Online Academy.


Have you taken Gemvision training, either online or here at Stuller? Let us know how it has improved your business and how we can enhance the overall experience in the comments below!