Introducing the 2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog

2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog Blog Header

Findings are essential to your business. And they’re important to Stuller, too. In fact, our business began with findings nearly 50 years ago.

2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog

Here at Stuller, we carry one of the most extensive selections of die-struck and machine cut findings in the marketplace. Plus, the majority of that product is manufactured right here in Lafayette, Louisiana. There’s no place better to browse the breadth of our findings assortment than our NEW 2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog.

Not only does this catalog feature our best-selling classics, but we’ve also incorporated more 14k rose gold options, semi-set product, and fashion-forward components. It’s now easier than ever to find exactly what you need! We’ve included over 700 new styles within this new catalog. This means it consists of 20% new items! So crack it open. We think you’ll be delighted by what you find.

How often does Stuller send a findings catalog?

The last findings catalog went out in July of 2017. Working closely with our product development and design teams, we’ve found a two-year catalog cycle works best. After all, we’re always striving to serve new product to our customers. Plus, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve as we make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

How long did it take to make the findings catalog?

It took about six to eight months to create the new findings catalog. But honestly, work begins as soon as a new catalog drops. We receive immediate feedback and work to incorporate customers’ preferences into our planning for the next edition.


Here are 5 New Updates to the Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog:

1. Updated Imagery

Following the last catalog, we received lots of customer feedback requesting products shown to scale. So naturally, we wanted to incorporate that feedback in this catalog. At the same time, we recognized the importance of sharing a view that showcases the tiny details and design elements of findings, too. So, to accommodate both needs, you’ll find magnified imagery along with items shown to scale to help you make the most informed buying decision.

2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog Earrings Settings Sketches Earrings

2. Improved Navigation

This catalog also features additional tabs allowing us to highlight more product categories than ever before. You’ll now find individual sections for chain, trims, pendant components, and earring components. In previous editions, we had quite a bit of variation in the product shown in each section. For example, if you were turning to the earring section looking for an earring post and back, you had to navigate through all the earring mountings before finding what you needed.

In this edition, we separated product categories for easier navigability. Now, whether you’re looking for an earring back, a bail, chain by the inch, or whatever you need, you can simply turn straight to that section.

2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog Earrings Settings Gemstones

3. Stuller.com Integration

From one catalog to the next, we’re seeing more and more customers browsing items on Stuller.com. Of course, everyone has their own preference. Some may want to call in their orders referencing the catalog, while others may prefer to shop and price orders online.

With this in mind, we really wanted to create a seamless shopping experience between all the ways our customers shop. We achieved this by adding additional links to stuller.com, listing related products in the catalog and on the web, and adding easier ways to identify product functionality.

2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog Earrings Settings Sketch Earrings

4. Expanded Section Introductions

As you’re probably aware, industry jargon can often be subjective. While one person calls a setting a head, others may call it a crown. So, we aimed to remove some ambiguity by expanding the introductions of each section. We added more visuals and information to describe what’s included in each section.

We also felt this would help your customers or sales associates new to the jewelry industry. Imagine a new sales associate who turns to the Trim section and wonders, “Hmm, what’s a trim?” The new shopping guides in each section contain explanations and visual examples of what’s showcased.

2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog Trim Sheet Wire

5. Semi-Set Pricing

Last, but not least, we’ve incorporated semi-set pricing throughout the catalog. We began this work in our last catalog which contained a unique section dedicated to showcasing our semi-set findings offering. However, since we’ve seen a greater trend towards semi-set product each year, we incorporated semi-set pricing throughout our latest 2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals catalog wherever it applied.

2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog Heads Shanks

Learn more about the 2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog here on Stuller.com.

Trend Alert: Bezel Set Jewelry

Bezel Set Jewelry Blog Header

Bezel set jewelry has been around for a while. It’s one of the oldest techniques for attaching stones to jewelry and the process hasn’t changed much over time. The design is simple: metal is soldered over the gemstone to secure it in place. In fact, that’s what makes bezel set jewelry so attractive today. With precious metal encircling the stone, this setting method affords more center stone security. Diamonds are better protected from daily dings when compared to prong-set heads. Bezel set jewelry is also a good idea for softer stones that are more susceptible to chips and scratches.

Since bezel heads have metal wrapped around the circumference of the stone, this setting type can make stones appear slightly larger, too. Not to mention they look fabulous! This unique design is springing up everywhere and is all the rage. If your bride-to-be is searching for a different style, suggest this setting! It’s simple, timeless, and offers maximum protection for her center stone.

See how Stuller has developed a way to create a secure bezel setting, utilizing the latest fusion technology to assemble any type of jewelry in a snap.


Here’s our new and best-selling bezel set jewelry suggestions.

Eye-Catching Earrings

Bezel Set Stackables


Men’s Bezel Bands

Novel Neckwear

Searching for more? Here’s a step-by-step guide to building a bezel set anniversary band.

Sell With a Story: Famous Tanzanite

Famous Tanzanite Blog Header

By human standards, tanzanite is only 50 years old. By geological measure, it’s over 500 million years old. So yes, we were slow adopters — or maybe I should say, slow to pick up on it! Why should it matter? This gorgeous gem has a transparent blue to violet or violet-blue color. The more vibrant the color, the more it resembles sapphire. And because most tanzanite is less expensive than sapphire, it makes a beautiful substitute.


A Note On Famous Tanzanite

Discovered in 1967, Tanzanite is a modern gem. Except for the Harry Winston brooch that has a more classic approach, I selected styles that reflect Tanzanite’s modern ambiance.


Queen of Kilimanjaro Tiara

This royal gem is one of the largest faceted tanzanite weighing in at 242 carats. The famous tanzanite sits at the center of a sinuous pattern created using 803 tsavorite garnets and 913 diamonds. The tiara resembles a resplendent hooded king cobra. It belongs to Michael Scott’s collection. A nuclear physicist by training, he served as Apple’s first CEO from 1977 to 1981. Following his departure from Apple (resulting from a clash with Steve Jobs) in 1981, he researched gemstones and has created a major collection.

Famous Tanzanite Queen of Kilimanjaro Tiara

Queen of Kilimanjaro Tiara • Source

Petersen Tanzanite Brooch

Tanzanite is strongly pleochroic which makes it appear an intense blue, violet, or even red depending on the viewing direction. Pleochroism plays a key role when a cutter orients a stone. This magnificent matched tanzanite pair weighs 30 carats, their modified triangular cut having the much desired intense sapphire-blue with violet tones. Designed by Harry Winston, Inc. in 1991, the floral platinum brooch has almost 24 carats of marquise, pear and baguette cut diamonds. Ingeniously, the famous tanzanite “flowers” can be detached and worn as earrings.

Famous Tanzanite Petersen Tanzanite Brooch

Petersen Tanzanite Brooch • Source


Kat Florence 423.56 carat Tanzanite Necklace

Designer Kat Florence is known for sourcing rare stones of exceptional quality to feature in her modern designs. This extraordinary tanzanite and diamond necklace offers a prime example. Who owns it? Who knows? Sarah Jessica Parker collaborated with Kat on some designs and wore this necklace in a number of ads. It’s definitely a keeper.

Famous Tanzanite Florence Tanzanite Necklace

Kat Florence Tanzanite Necklace • Source


Rodney Rayner “Sea Urchin” Ring

Rayner is a British couture jewelry designer well known for his use of color. This ring features tanzanite and diamonds in 18K pink gold. He cuts each center stone specifically for the design. A Baselworld exhibitor, his 33 years in the business have earned him a dedicated following from entertainment and industry.

Famous Tanzanite Rodney Rayner Sea Urchin Ring

Rodney Rayner “Sea Urchin” Ring • Source


Chopard’s “Belle” Necklace With 69-Carat Tanzanite Center

Swiss design house, Chopard, created this filigreed lace collar necklace. The ravishing shades of blue and pink are fancy sapphires flow together to create a piece for the ages. And in case you’re wondering, it was designed for Disney’s Belle, of “Beauty and the Beast” fame.

Famous Tanzanite Disney Chopard Belle Necklace

Chopard’s “Belle” Necklace • Source


Creating With Tanzanite?

We can meet your design needs with Black Box Tanzanite and calibrated tanzanite. Our selection includes a wide array of shapes and sizes. Should a customer request a unique shape or cut, trust our Special Order Services will source it for you through our extensive global network. For matched pairs, our Matching Service makes it simple and provides the closest match. These complimentary services make your life easier.

Shop Tanzanite on Stuller.com

Don’t stop reading! Find more about tanzanite and its rich history here.

How to Celebrate National Girlfriend Day

National Girlfriend Day Blog Header

Today is National Girlfriend’s Day! Or is it National Girlfriends’ Day? Let’s investigate. Because after all, grammar matters.

The former iteration declares today the day to honor your romantic counterpart. Perhaps it means a charming dinner date or a trip to the movies, complete with a thoughtful gift (like jewelry, of course). Or maybe that’s completely wrong! Because if today is actually National Girlfriends’ Day, that implies the day is all about girls having fun and celebrating friendship.

So for the sake of neutrality, we’re going to proclaim today National Girlfriend Day. Ladies can gift their besties small tokens of appreciation, while guys can give their girlfriends something to excite the relationship. Consider it a win-win!

To the Gal Pals

Make National Girlfriend Day all about showering the ladies in your life with affection. Whether she’s your best friend or your soul mate, these geometric earrings promise to give a cute angle to her wardrobe. And they’re right on trend! JCK recognizes this style from the 26th annual JCK Las Vegas show saying, “The prevailing shapes among jewelry designers this year feature sharp lines that signal a return to geometry class.”

To the Lovers

When she looks good, she feels good! So gift her a beautiful accented diamond necklace to show endearment and win her heart this National Girlfriend Day.

To Tie the Knot

Maybe we’re slightly biased, but if today were, in fact, National Girlfriend’s Day, wouldn’t you agree it’s the perfect opportunity to get down on one knee? Not only will she be completely surprised, but each year on this day she’d happily recall how she went from gleaming girlfriend to faithful fiancé (and eventually wifey). Don’t let her become the one that got away! Need ideas on how to pop the question? Follow The Knot’s @HowHeAsked Instagram.

Not Quite Ready?

Not ready to get engaged? While we love gushy proposal stories, take as much time as necessary. Instead, use this opportunity to solidify your relationship status. A promise ring makes a perfect choice, and it doubles as a friendship ring, promising companionship to last a lifetime.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think today is for celebrating romantic relationships, friendships, or both? Let us know how you feel about National Girlfriend Day in the comments below!

13 Suggestions For Wedding Day Wear

Wedding season 2017 is in full swing. And according to our friends at The Knot, brides are branching out when it comes to their down-the-aisle accessories. While some trends may seem a bit “out there”, The Knot confirms we’ll be seeing a lot more of these in wedding jewelry to come. Here’s a Stuller take on some of these up-and-coming trends:

The Cocktail Ring

These large evening baubles are still making frequent appearances and are grander than ever. A cocktail ring will accent the wedding dress without overdoing it. The Knot says, “Consider your own take on the trend if you’re wearing a gown with loads of surface interest – think ornate embroidery or dimensional lace.”


The Short Necklace

Okay, so the trend was actually chokers, but shorter necklaces can work the same here –walking that fine line between demure and va-va-voom. The Knot says, “A wider version should be your go-to if you’re wearing a strapless dress or a gown with a plunging neckline, while a smaller chain balances a more voluminous look.”


The Delicate Touch

Not every piece of wedding jewelry needs to make a big statement. The Knot says, “Dainty pieces make a subtle but lasting impression while adding to the easy, youthful vibe of flowing dresses.” Bonus: After your wedding day, you can wear this kind of delicate jewelry every day.


The Hoop Earring

When it comes to hoop earrings, the bigger, the better. The Knot says, “While they may not seem bridal at first look, the slim – and very modern – style can give a more traditional dress a bit of edge.” And because they aren’t a normal choice down the aisle, they give the bride a double dose of personality too.​

What types of wedding jewelry sell best in your store? Let us know in the comments below! Or, tag us in your favorite day-of-the-wedding-wear on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest!

After buying wedding jewelry for the bride, here are a few thoughtful gifts for the bridal party.

13 Fun Ways to Rock Festival Jewelry Trends

Festival InternationalMusic, drinks, food – who doesn’t like a good music festival? With a variety of festivals happening all across the country, it’s the perfect time to talk about fabulous fashions. Here in Lafayette, Louisiana, we know our festivals. The largest free Francophone festival in the country, Festival International de Louisiane starts today until the 24th.  So, if you’re in the area, come on down. And while you’re busy festivalin’, here are some trends you may see:

Necklace Layers

The layered look is still very much in style. Pairing smaller motifs at different lengths creates a bold statement. Your limit is your imagination. Play with different metal colors, textures, and styles. Feathers, leaves, and abstract shapes are perfect for portraying that boho-chic-flair.

Festival Jewelry Trends Rose Gold Baguette Bar Necklace

Festival Jewelry Trends White Gold Feather Pendant Festival Jewelry Trends Yellow Gold Italian Horn Pendant

Smaller Accents

Pair your layered looks with smaller earrings so the ensemble isn’t too overwhelming. Play with asymmetry, different metal colors, and textures for interest.

Festival Jewelry Trends Rose Gold Diamond Vertical Bar Earrings Festival Jewelry Trends White Geometric J-Hoop Earrings
Festival Jewelry Trends Yellow Gold Wavy Ear Climbers Festival Jewelry Trends Rose Gold Leaf Earrings

Finger Bling

Stackables are great for festival fashion as they provide a statement look without a big price tag. They also give you the freedom to mix and match to your liking. Single rings make great accessories as well, and the most popular follow the same nature-inspired and geometrical themes.

Festival Jewelry Trends Yellow Gold Leaf Diamond Ring Festival Jewelry Trends White Gold Baguette Blue Topaz Stackable Ring Festival Jewelry Trends Rose Gold Leaf Ring
Festival Jewelry Trends White Gold Diamond Leaf Ring Festival Jewelry Trends Yellow Gold Spiral Freeform Wrap Ring

What would be your suggestions for great festival fashions? Tell us in the comments section below.

A Mother’s Day Bouquet

Jewels and flowers aren’t so different. Explosions of color and shape, they speak through our senses and straight to our souls. They remind us how beautiful the world can be. Spring reminds us too. Mother Earth wakes up. Flowers fill the fields. Color returns to the world, and on the second Sunday of May, we celebrate mothers, the givers of life.

So consider this lookbook a sort of mother’s day bouquet. Arranged with mothers in mind, it presents new  trends, classic styles, bestsellers, and popular mother’s day favorites.

For even more choices, visit Stuller.com/Mom.


What are your favorite Mother’s Day styles? Tell us in the comment section below.


It’s hard to believe we are already 22 days into 2016 and the first big holiday for the jewelry world is less than a month away! Yes, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. And yes, you only have a little over three weeks left to prepare. Are you ready? If not, no worries, I’m here to help!

We all know Valentine’s Day is about gifts of love. And nothing says love more than the classics: a pink stone, a heart, or a key-shape (representing the lock and key motif).

Double Hearts 

Hearts are for the hopeless romantic and are classic Valentine’s Day gift. It’s the gift that reminds you of your sweetheart year round, whether it’s your significant other or child. Our new, stylish hearts will surely make her heart skip a beat.

One example, our double heart jewelry, it’s a great gift to give someone who appreciates the classics and their symbolism. They signify two hearts together as one. I personally love the assortment we have.

For a simple look, try a double heart pendant or a two-in-one interlocking heart necklace.




For a more personalized gift, give a double heart engravable necklace, or a double heart birthstone necklace, that can also be engraved. After all, two hearts are better than one.


double heart


Unlock the Love: Key Shapes

What better way to say I love you, than by giving your loved one the key to your heart? We find that our key pendants are popular with millennials that love the return of old time romance. Each key is unique and special, just like one’s love. Giving something that’s a little different is always a great gift for this quirky generation of shoppers. Here are some of our minimalist and ornate styles that will suit a variety of tastes.


Sterling Silver 1/10 CTW Diamond Vine Key 18" Necklace



Sterling Silver 1/8 CTW Diamond Scroll Key 18" Necklace


Pretty in Pink: Morganite



Last but not least, give the gift of Morganite. The blush tones of this stone, mixed with a rose gold setting, will warm up that special someone’s heart. It’s a color that looks great on anyone and is a year around favorite. And for the trendy shoppers, this is the perfect stone to represent Pantone®’s Rose Quartz, one of 2016’s Colors of the Year. We have an option for every shopper: finished pieces set with Morganite for last minute shoppers, and loose stones that can be set in a flexible, 3C mounting for a truly signature look.

14kt Rose Morganite Ring


14kt Rose Morganite & .05 CTW Diamond Ring


14kt Rose Morganite & 1/10 CTW Diamond Ring


What types of jewelry to do sell the most of during Valentine’s Day? Share your thoughts of love with us below. For more styles visit our Valentine’s Day lookbook.


The Wait is Over!

How do you define truly beautiful, on-trend jewelry? Hard to say, really, but you know it when you see it. You do a double-take. Then you stare. Then your heart starts to beat a little faster.

You’ll know you’ve seen it when you peruse our newest lookbook – straight from the pages of our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. With these fashions in your store, you’ll be sure to have exactly what your customers are looking for this holiday.

Let your customers know you’re the go-to source for these and other great styles by posting this lookbook on your Facebook page. You’ll leave them wanting more.


What trends are you seeing heading into the holiday season? Share them in the comments section.

Raising the Bar

barIt has many names – trapeze, column, bar, matchstick, line drop; it has many admirers – Drew Barrymore, Blake Lively, Rihanna, and Jessica Alba – just to name a few; and it’s hotter than liquid gold in the metal room. It’s the bar necklace. And we can’t get enough.


bar2Consider it a step up from ID tags. The delicate, yet statement motif can be kept classically plain, engraved for a personal touch, or bejeweled for mega effect. It can be worn with any outfit, for any occasion – going from red-carpet-ready to weekly-grocery- store-trek without much effort.

The bar necklace is in line with a lot of other popular trends like layering, minimalism, and the geometric look. It’s a trending item that can work for a variety of customers and price points.”

– Lauren Garvey, Diamond & Gem Product Manager

Now, let’s talk options – a girl’s gotta have ’em right? And while you may think there isn’t much you can do to spice up a straight line, we’d be happy to prove you wrong.

While the classic horizontal, straight bar looks fantastic by itself, you could add a diamond, gemstone, or even engraving to make the look your own.

14kt Rose 1/10 CTW Diamond Bar 17.5" Necklace


14kt White 3-Stone 17.5" Necklace for Mother


14kt Yellow 6x34mm Engravable Bar 17.5" Necklace



Rotate that baby 90º clockwise for a chic vertical look. And adding stones, whether they are of the diamond or gem variety, is always a good idea.

14kt White Bar Pendant


14kt White 1/5 CTW Diamond Vertical Bar Pendant


14kt White 3 Stone Pendant Mounting for Mother


For a more modern look, opt for a wave, a curve, multiple layers, or even a little extra metallic flair.

14kt White 1/8 CTW Diamond 18" Necklace



14kt Rose 1/8 CTW Diamond 16" Necklace86291

14kt Yellow .08 CTW Diamond 17.5" Necklace



14kt Yellow 1/6 CTW Diamond 17.5" Necklace86290

Got thoughts on this trend? Like it? Leave it? Let us know in the comments below. And visit Stuller.com to see our entire assortment of bar necklace options.