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5 Basic Facebook Tactics to Spruce Up Your Page

Don’t worry! It doesn’t go bump in the night!

I get it. Social media is intimidating. It’s demanding. It’s down-right scary. I mean, let’s face it, anything that delivers 1,350,000,000 Google results in 0.38 seconds can’t be that easy. WRONG. It can be that easy. In fact, I’m going to show you just how easy it is to promote read more…

More than a thousand words – Part III

3 crucial considerations in photo-editing

You’ve done it. You’ve created the perfect ring. You brought your vision to life and now you’re ready to sell that bad boy. You’ve read our parts one and two in this series and learned how to take perfect picture. But it’s still not looking exactly right. If you can read more…

The Biggest Marketing Opportunity You’re Missing

Use customer reviews to attract Millennials

After closing the sale, the smart salesman always says, “Be sure to let your friends know where you got it.” This simple statement has generated referral sales for decades. However, times have changed. It’s not enough to depend on word of mouth, especially if your main target is the Millennial read more…

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How to Tailor Your Social Media Approach

3 things you need to know right now about speaking to your social demographics

Tailor Your Social Media Social media looks a lot different today than it did when Facebook hit the scene in 2004. Today there are over a dozen social media outlets to choose from, and if you’re like some, you’re only now realizing the full selling potential of each platform. Now read more…

Wise Up!

Learn great tips and tricks with Stuller Hacks

Alas, it’s nearly time for the kiddies to say farewell to summer and hello to a new school year. Time to trade the bicycles for books and Candy Crush for calculators. Sigh. But, you know, I kind of envy kids a little bit. Right now, I’d love to go back read more…

Aprenda Más!

Aprenda nuevos trucos y técnicas con Stuller Hacks

Parece increíble, pero ya casi es tiempo de que los niños digan adiós al verano y hola a un nuevo año escolar. Llega la hora de cambiar bicicletas por  libros y Candy Crush por calculadoras. Pero sabe, envidio un poco a los niños. Ahora, me encantaría regresar a la escuela read more…

More Than a Thousand Words – Part II

How photography will revolutionize your marketing efforts

You just finished casting a ring that’s been in your head for what seems like a year now. You’ve labored over it. Sketch after sketch, render after render, and now it’s finally complete and ready to sell. The only thing left to do is post it on your Facebook page read more…

More Than a Thousand Words

How photography will revolutionize your marketing efforts

Let’s face it: Marketing can be intimidating. It seems like every day a new standard is being set. Did I update my store’s Facebook page? How many likes did I get on Instagram? Did anyone re-pin my Pinterest post? How did our ad look in the paper this Sunday? Is read more…

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