Celebrate Summer: Beef Up Your Jewelry Store Branding

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In our younger days, we greeted summer with unrivaled excitement. If spring represents rebirth, summer inevitably brings growth and reflection. While we may have outgrown those glorious summer breaks, we can still seize the summer season to focus our efforts on jewelry store branding.

So, between your beach trip and some obligatory hours by the pool, set aside time to carve out your jewelry store’s identity. Reflect on your passion for jewelry, where it began, and more importantly: where you want it to go.

Jewelry Store Branding Custom Imprinting

Here are a few ways to beef up your jewelry store branding this summer.

WHO: Know Your Audience

Identify the customer segment that keeps your business thriving and learn more about them. A solid grasp of how to target your demographic brings a sharper focus on the direction you should steer your business. Do as much research as possible. Learn what they like, their shopping preferences, and the best way to reach them. This information will form a solid foundation for your jewelry store branding.

WHAT: Build Your Jewelry Store Branding

Have you had the same color scheme for decades? There may be an established familiarity that helps customers identify your color scheme.

In these summer months, take steps to tie your store’s personality together. Whether you’re an established chain or just starting out, sometimes a vivid and confident look is the perfect way to make a lasting impression. Establish a bold color palette. Refresh your layouts by mixing secondary color elements for added effect.

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HOW: Make Your Mark

This summer, begin with your cases. If you haven’t updated recently, consider adding strategic new displays and color accents that work with your brand colors. You can shop displays by color or explore our Case by Case program. It offers multiple starter sets available in over 100 colors and fabric options.

Then, shift the focus to your branded packaging. This has a big impact on your customers long after they walk out the door. You want your name and brand to be part of your customer’s love story. Let us help you make your mark. Your packaging is your flag. It’s the symbol of your brand that you want to keep waving in your customers’ minds

Jewelry Store Branding Hot Stamping

Try Custom Imprinting

For fully effective jewelry store branding, we offer custom imprinting. This customization tool involves two different technologies: hot foil stamping and digital printing.

Hot Foil Stamping

The hot foil stamping process uses heated metal stamps or dies, which forcefully impress your unique emblem onto the packaging option of your choice. The resulting metallic mark 3D panache to your packaging.

Digital Printing

For an attractive, economical ink solution, we also offer four-color digital printing. Cured and polymerized with UV light, digitally printed insignia resists both flaking and fading.

Explore Stuller’s Brand Manager Portal

For an all-new easy experience, upload your store’s logo to the Brand Manager Portal on Stuller.com (or, if you’ve updated your logo, verify we have the correct one on file).

This new online functionality makes placing custom imprinting orders easy! Simply choose which items you want imprinted, double-check we have the right logo on file, and we’ll handle the rest. You’ll receive your newly branded packaging and display items in no time!

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