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known-origin gemstones

Diamonds & Gemstones
Amberly Champagne

Diamonds and Gemstones With Known Origin: What Is Provenance?

Today’s consumer landscape is growing increasingly focused on transparency, ethical consciousness, and authenticity. It drives their trust. For us as jewelers, that means we have a responsibility to educate ourselves on the importance of provenance when it comes to diamonds and gemstones. But what does this mean? Let’s dive into the significance of a stone’s origin, how it impacts both the industry and the consumer, and how you can leverage this knowledge for future sales.

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new at stuller
Business Savvy
Taylor Dizor

What’s New At Stuller: Showroom Upgrades Edition

The most anticipated and attended jewelry industry trade show in North America has finally arrived — JCK Las Vegas. Team Stuller has been hard at work making sure we have the latest and greatest for any jeweler looking to breathe fresh life into their showroom. Whether you will see us at the show or not, we are going to give you a sneak peek at these new items we are dying to share with you. Shop them in person on June 2-5, 2023, at our booths (#13089 and #54057) or 24/7 on

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