Swarovski Celebrates the 125th Company Anniversary

Objectively seen, life is always a kaleidoscope — a continually changing series of events, milestones, pleasures, and experiences that so resembles those colored cardboard tubes of delight, tucked into children’s Christmas stockings. The ones we hold up to the light, and twisted, only to be enthralled by the endless array of ever-changing colors and patterns. It is those unique moments, the ones that bring ever-changing colors and patterns unto our lives, that can also be those we celebrate as our special “jewelry moments”.

Swarovski is about to celebrate its 125th Anniversary in 2020. To mark the occasion, it has created a collection of cuts and ever-changing colors that pay homage to the company history and the fascinating turn of a kaleidoscope.


The new Swarovski Zirconia Vibrance Family represents a unique selection of cuts and colors poised to ignite creativity among jewelry designers, and delight the wearers of the pieces they create.

First, the Cut

Founder Daniel Swarovski’s own workbook provided the first inspiration for what was to become the Swarovski Zirconia “Daniel’s #125”. It was inspired by the 125th item in his own workbook, a sketch of an elegant, wide baguette cut for a crystal. The baguette cut is currently enjoying an enthusiastic revival in jewelry design. The clean lines of the rectangular stone made it particularly popular in the 1920s and 1930s because it was the ideal gem for art deco designs. It was also a stark contrast to the more traditional round cut stones, and it attracted the attention of women who wanted to be different and who were prepared to stand out in the crowd.

The Daniel’s #125 Swarovski Zirconia is a tribute to the visionary company founder, but also a nod to modernity. It is the perfect stone to interpret the sharply designed, architectural shapes in jewelry that make today’s independent woman stand out, just like their 1920s equivalent.

For something more traditional, the new anniversary cuts also include the Celebration Cut, a variant on the luxurious cushion cut, this time with 125 facets, one for each year of the company’s history.

Now, the Color

The new collection is also unique in terms of colors. Inspiration also came from the kaleidoscope, which, when turned, creates endless patterns generated by mirrors and pieces of colored glass. Our lives are also like that. Flashes of brilliance highlight moments that seem, at times, to be part of a grand design, and as our ‘personal kaleidoscope’ turns, everything can change in an instant, leaving us with a memory of something beautiful that was with us, just for a moment.

The Vibrance Colors, created using Swarovski’s patented TCF™ coloring process, are perfect to replicate the turn of the kaleidoscope. Each stone in the three-piece series is a unique blend of two colors — Red is combined with Orangey-Yellow, Purple with Aqua, and Spring Green with White.

These colors are available in three distinctive cuts. The Pentagon Star Cut, in particular, is set to play center stage in the emerging trends for jewelry in 2020 and beyond. With its sharp lines and distinctive shape, it is perfect for defining the graphic, architectural, and linear designs that will emerge in jewelry in the near future. The Pentagon Star Cut will also come into its own for striking color combinations and sharp contrasts.

Finally, the Effect

Each stone in the new Swarovski Zirconia Vibrance Family reflects light in new and unique ways. Colors blend, become pure, then blend yet again. The edges between the two colors are mysteriously blurred, and like the kaleidoscope, there is a continual play of changing light and color. Shapes appear to fuel imaginations, spark memories, and create dreams.

But the real magic of these fascinating stones is not only about the memories they stir, but also because they are perfect for designing jewelry to mark those treasured moments. Those destined to wear this jewelry will be drawn to reflect on the ever-changing colors and will also recall cherished moments in their own kaleidoscope of life.


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Winter Jewelry Trends Blog Header

Stock These New Winter Jewelry Trends to Warm the Wardrobe

It’s the first day of winter! And that means today is also the shortest day of the year—so take action. With nightfall closing in faster than usual, today’s colder weather calls for layer upon layer of show-stopping style. Suggest these new winter jewelry trends to warm your customers’ wardrobes. Celebrate metal’s texture, form, and finish this wintertime by touting gold in its many shades. After all, red, gold, and silver are core colors this time of year.


Here are our favorite winter jewelry trends to share this year

Rosy cheeks and rose gold tones

Rose gold rings are all the rage. Gleaming with a warmly burnished sheen, this rosy-toned metal bursts with femininity. Just a glimpse of this glowing metal fashion is enough to lend warmth to winter’s bitter cold.

Gilded in gold

Gold rests comfortably at the top of the precious metal food chain. And what’s more festive for holiday season than glimmering yellow gold? The gold leaf ear climbers above remind us of wreaths, while the circular pendant with baguette accents conveniently mimics a snowflake’s delicacy.

Under the earmuffs

A mainstay on the metal fashion scene, white gold belongs in a winter wonderland. Let’s not forget about icy blue gemstones and vibrant violet shades, too. These cool hues pop when set in white gold and lead the way for this year’s winter jewelry trends.

Stacking stuffers

Stackables are still in style. Diamond and gemstones eternity bands top this year’s winter jewelry trends.

Winter Jewelry Trends Stackable Rings

From the Top: 123864123608123865123858123853123836122844

What’s hot in your store this holiday season? Share your area’s winter jewelry trends using #HowIStuller on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest.

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How Your Jewelry Store Layout Affects the Shopping Experience

With a lengthy background in retailing and store design, I’m always looking at how to improve a store’s environment. And I’m always amazed at how easy it is for store owners to forget how to look at their stores from a customer’s viewpoint. With independent jewelers having to compete against big box stores and the internet, it’s more important than ever to examine their jewelry store layout and create an EXPERIENCE that wows jewelry buyers and makes them want to return again and again!

Quick! You’ve got 9 seconds!

Most research says that you’ve got exactly nine seconds to engage a customer’s senses when they enter your store. If your store is a somber, vanilla-looking box, exactly which senses are you engaging? What emotional reaction are you creating— besides a yawn?

But don’t despair! I’m here to give insight into your jewelry store layout that will take you out of the dark to in the know—

1. Crank up your jewelry store music

Music makes the world spend money, and there is ample science to back this up. If your customers can overhear each other, they are less likely to ask questions or stick around for very long. Does your store sound like a funeral home? Or, does it scream, “Stay! Have fun and relax?” No, you don’t have to play rock and roll, but you should have something upbeat that also reflects your personal brand. For instance, if you do a lot of custom work for millennials, play some indie music, preferably by local bands. If your store is more traditional with an older clientele, feature upbeat jazz music. The truth is that the playlist matters less than the ambiance you create. So break out the stereo and pipe some tunes through the speakers.

2. Make it cozy

Is your store casual and inviting or stuffy and intimidating? If it’s the latter, you can solve things pretty easily by adding a lounge area into your jewelry store layout. This allows to relax and sit down with a water or soft drink (or beer or splits of champagne)! Husbands with a cold drink in hand are less likely to grouse about hanging out in a jewelry store while their wives shop. And speaking of your female clientele, add a full-length mirror to give your customer a great view of herself with all her bling on. Let her have that moment!

3. A layout that sells

The U-shaped jewelry store layout of the past just spins customers in and out of your store. Incorporate transition zones for different types of jewelry. Create a bridal area, for instance, and a customization center, too. With subtle zones, you’ll encourage customers to browse and discover everything you have to offer.

When planning your jewelry store layout, keep in mind that most customers naturally turn right as they enter a retail space. So think carefully about what merchandise you position there. Perhaps that’s where you put your fantasy items or bridal. To create more space to explore, try pushing your cases against the walls and remove the glass from the front to allow customers to touch the merchandise. This won’t work for high-end live product, but it works great for less expensive items. Which brings me to the next big point . . .

4. Reach out and touch some bling

Today’s shoppers should be encouraged to touch your merchandise. Seriously. Research bears it out: The more they touch, the more comfortable they are with the item, the more likely they are to buy. Why do you think Apple has been so successful?

Now you may be thinking, “What! You want me to have merchandise on display for customers to touch?” Well, yes. It doesn’t have to be the high-price-point pieces. Put a monogram kit on the counter, or place a birthstone kit near the register. Not only are these great impulse purchases, they’re also unique opportunities for your customers to feel the jewelry.

What about bridal? If you’re like most independent jewelers, bridal is a crucial component of your business. But studies show that with consumers, there’s an unwritten five-ring rule. That means that they’ll ask to try on just five rings before they decide they’ve bothered you long enough. But with ever&ever® bridal prototypes featuring beautiful designs cast in alloy and set with CZ, your customers can try on up to 160 rings without bothering you to take a single piece from the case.

Jewelry Store Layout ever&ever Display

5. Color me engaged

Yes, color is easy to change. But the wrong colors can set the tone for a snooze fest. Boring hues are the visual equivalent of a lullaby. If you have some money to spare, hire a commercial interior designer to advise you on the right wall colors. Consider adding some texture in the form of wall coverings. This small investment could completely change the look and feel of your store.

6. Keep it fresh

Adhere to the M&M merchandising philosophy. Movement = Money. Did your customers see the exact same merchandise in the exact same spot one month ago? If so, move it! Lay out a plan for your in-case displays and change things up weekly. Also, be sure to schedule all holiday themes at the beginning of the year and stick to the calendar.

7. Join the 21st century

Bring technology to your sales floor. Have iPads readily available with access to other merchandise you do not have in stock. Stuller Showcase is the perfect tool to help you capture a sale when you don’t have something in your cases. You can show every Stuller product with your markup! This is the ideal virtual inventory. Partnered with 3C items, you can give your customers exactly what they want, usually the very next day. There is no better way to secure a sale when you don’t have the physical product in your store.

Jewelry Store Layout iPad Stuller Showcase

8. Dress the part

This is a touchy subject, but very important. Does your sales staff’s appearance seem unapproachable and uptight? In today’s world, and especially among millennials, professionalism does not equal a suit and tie. We are, after all, in the fashion industry. So let your employees express themselves in a tasteful way that reflects your store’s brand.

Really, the right jewelry store layout creates a successful store environment and is the easiest ways to bring new life to your business. It’s also the most neglected. But now you know how to fix things. So roll up your sleeves, paint your walls, move your cases, and pipe in some tunes. Then stand back and watch your customers enjoy the experience of shopping (and buying) in your store.

What’s your jewelry store layout design strategy? Have you employed some of these techniques? Or do you have some other cool ideas? Share with us in the comments below!

Bypass Ring Trends Stuller Blog Header

The Bypass Ring: A Recurring Trend

What is a Bypass Ring?

Bypass Ring – A ring that coils around the finger, with the ends of the band passing each other on top. In some designs, the ends are completed with pavé or channel set diamonds. Others have larger diamonds set on or between the ends — Diamond Council of America

It’s a style that has been around since at least the 1830s, but most of us have probably never noticed the elegant, yet twisted style wrapped around our friend’s finger until the last couple of years when the bypass ring became a growing trend.

A post shared by ever&ever (@everandeverbridal) on

Past Bypass Rings

The bypass ring became popular during the Victorian era. This style was given as an engagement ring, symbolizing two souls coming together as one. The popularity of the two different colored stones during that era also added to the symbolization of union and togetherness.

One of the most famous bypass rings dates back to the 1950s. John F. Kennedy proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier with a beautiful diamond and emerald bypass ring tapered with baguettes. The design by Van Cleef & Arpels is still replicated to this day. The ring can be seen in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum in Boston.


Present-day Styles

And while the bypass ring is still given as an engagement ring today, we’re also seeing it become a fashion trend as well. The curves and twists of a bypass ring give it an elegant look, while still sleek and contemporary. You can have two stones that bypass each other or a single stone intercepted by converging shanks. Choose from simple, contemporary, fancy, and elaborate styles below.

“I think the above pieces will continue to be a huge hit. They’re a great mix of the minimalist/negative space trend and bypass ring style,” says Blaire Hovis, Fine Jewelry Director.

Bypass Ring Trends Social Share Stuller Blog

Bypass Rings from L to R: 71986 • 123287 • 123383 • 71930 • 123110


Future Bypass Ring Designs

The introduction of custom design solutions like Matrix® and CounterSketch® has greatly expanded the possibilities for bypass styles in the future. With tools that allow you to choose, change, or create anything you can dream, the sky’s the limit!

“Two-stone jewelry is also very popular. I see 2018 full of two-stone bypass rings, earrings and pendants,” Blaire reports.

Searching for more trends? Check out our latest vintage-inspired jewelry — it’s all the rage!

Millennial Vintage Jewelry BTG Blog Header

Why Do Millennials Love Vintage Jewelry So Much?

To speak the words “vintage trend” is, in a sense, to speak nonsense. Trends unfold in the present, while vintage things hearken back to the past. As a writer, I feel it falls to me to fathom the rationale behind such apparent malarkey. So I’m here to poke at the word “vintage” a bit. And much like the intricate vintage-inspired floral designs that fly off shelves, the word itself has twists and turns, and all of those meanings are relevant to the question at hand.

Why vintage?

People have always (and will always) look to the past in order to create meaning in the present. It’s how culture works. It’s how people work. Nostalgia sweeps us back into the past, but it also propels us forward, cuing powerful memories and associations that we build our identities around.

All of that being true, there’s no denying that so-called millennials have a pronounced fascination with styles of the past. Whether this manifests in your officemate’s brazenly grizzled beard and glistening pomaded hair, or your young cousin’s newest exciting pastime, knitting, the ways of the past are increasingly with us thanks to our beloved millennial co-workers, friends, family, and customers.


Here are three possible explanations:

1. Vintage culture provides a stable refuge from contemporary digital culture, which has no vintage

The appeal of vintage things isn’t just about their old-fashionedness. It’s that styles of the past had the chance to come to maturity, evolving a unique flavor and form. To attain a certain vintage. Today’s fast-paced digital culture leaves little time for authentic styles to evolve and flourish. Thus, vintage styles keep us grounded and help us find our footing.

2. Millennials want context and back-story

Perhaps this also derives from modern digital technology, which allows for rapid research about not only products, but about the businesses that produce those products. Millennials expect there to be a comprehensible story behind the things we buy. Vintage things are easy to contextualize, because their time has come and gone. Their context within history is easily comprehensible. They were born, they lived, and they expired. In other words, their story has been told. Vintage jewelry offers not only style, but also settled historical context and built-in narrative. For context-hungry millennials, this is an irresistible package.

3. The Internet provides easy access to a universe of niche products

The endless search for unique and curious items has made companies like Etsy and Ebay so wildly successful. Niche is the new norm in some ways, and generations that come of age online simply have easier access to the products and styles of past eras. Used to shopping across not only decades but often centuries, millennials expect choices that aren’t simply run-of-the-mill manufactured trends.

millennial vintage jewelry niche chart

Why should jewelers care about millennial vintage jewelry trends?

While millennials’ online shopping habits may cause understandable anxiety for brick and mortar retailers, I believe that independent jewelers have significant cause for hope. The jewelry business has tremendous built-in appeal that can and should attract vintage-crazed millennials. A few reasons why:

1. Millennials idolize DIY (do-it-yourself) culture and its associated values

Handcrafting is in vogue, whether this means increasingly popular maker fairs, home and micro brewing, or traditional domestic handcrafts like sewing and knitting. The jewelry business, of course, is already full of makers. In fact, the jewelry shop has been one of the most resilient bastions of skilled retail handicraft. There aren’t too many cobblers, blacksmiths, and bakers walking around these days. In other words, the bench jeweler remains—one of the last bastions of traditional tradesmanship left in Main Street retail.

The challenge is that most millennials probably don’t know the first thing about what a bench jeweler does. (And it doesn’t help that the bench jeweler may be hidden in the back of the shop.) But I guarantee you—put that grizzled and pomaded upper-middle-class millennial in the room with a real live bench jeweler, and you’ll have a jewelry fan for life.

2. Millennial nostalgia is directed toward the golden ages of jewelry

The eras of the prodigious beard are also the eras of fantastic and historic jewelry. The satirical TV show Portlandia nailed this, in a way, with the sketch, “The dream of the 90s,” in which Portland hipsters sing about how “the dream of the 90s is alive in Portland.” The joke is that “the 90s” they’re singing about aren’t even the 1990s, but the 1890s. This is good for big beards, as I said, but it’s also good for big, beautiful jewelry. The Victorians were obsessed with jewelry. Millennials are obsessed with Victorian-era sensibilities. It’s a win-win.

millennial vintage jewelry 1890s

3. Millennials seek out and expect a certain level of creative control over their goods

They don’t necessarily want branded items. They want to be able to self-brand, customize, and personalize everything. This doesn’t mean that they are highly original. It may just mean that they are rejecting the current mass-marketed product for something that conjures the quaint appeal of a less profane era. Jewelers can and should be able to accommodate them. By their nature, professional jewelers deal in precious, well-made, beautiful objects meant to stand the test of time. Part of the appeal of vintage goods is simply a belief (or realization) that things were made better in the old days. Independent jewelers have retained both a respect for the quality of handcrafted goods as well as an awareness of the importance of customization and personalization. Jewelers are well-equipped to create millennial vintage jewelry that cures the cravings for personal and individual goods.

4. Millennials can be self-absorbed

Don’t forget: They are also called the “Me Generation.” This is not to say that they are horrible people, just to note that their individualism and drive for personal expression also leads to self-adorning tendencies. In other words, they may be hipsters, but they aren’t hippies intent on jettisoning the things of the world in favor of communal living and mere flower bracelets. They often have strongly articulated personal styles, and they realize those styles by accessorizing accordingly. If we play our cards right, millennial vintage jewelry will be part of their rugged and carefully curated individualistic ensemble.

5. Millennials increasingly have money

The youngest millennials are entering their twenties. Yes, they may have spent their youth exploring their whimsy rather than building corporate empires and accumulating capital. BUT— adulthood has arrived; they are settling down and padding their wallets. They may even be contemplating the most novel proposition of all—matrimony! In other words, millennials will increasingly have adequate incomes, which should translate into satisfying outcomes for jewelers who can anticipate their needs and reach out and educate them about the world of jewelry. As they age, millennials will seek out more expensive hobbies and habits, with more sophisticated and adult tokens of their own vintages. When they start searching around for something more refined to take the place of retro video games and hand-woven iPad case covers, jewelers will have an opening.

millennial vintage jewelry halo style engagements

What more can be done?

The pieces are in place for a great generation of millennial vintage jewelry consumers. But what are the right steps to make this happen? This subject could be an entire article to come (stay tuned), but a few very quick thoughts:

1. Customization is a no-brainer

Millennials obviously want it. Be ready to give it to them. And yes, while they may dress like your grandparents, they are also, ironically, computer geniuses. Use the incredible customization tools now available to jewelers, such as the various customization software solutions (and yes, you guessed it, Stuller carries the best design software on the market). Guide them to the vintage halo wonderland that they never knew they were dreaming of.

2. Celebrate the bench jeweler

The bench jeweler is an unheralded hero of maker culture and an undiscovered millennial superstar. Sing his song. Tell her tale. Buy him a drink. Put your bench jewelers in the window instead of the darkened recesses of your shop.

3. Plumb the vintage depths

Sooner or later, halos may lose their halo effect. Subtle nods to classic vintage styles may not always be enough. Be ready to go deeper into rich and interesting, even odd, jewelry customs of yesteryear. For instance, if halos could be such a success, what about Victorian mourning rings, or fede or gimmal rings? Two-stone rings are suddenly all the rage, but why not obliquely ride the trend with a hip and vintage twin heart design? It could be the perfect thing for that well-dressed albeit heavily bearded young man who just can’t seem to find what he’s looking for.

Shop millennial vintage jewelry on Stuller.com

Enjoyed this post? Read more about vintage trends in Stuller’s all-new Beyond The Glass publication.

Beyond The Glass Spring 2018

What’s your take on millennial vintage jewelry? How do you bring these unique designs into the light? Let us know in the comments below.

2018 Millennial Engagement trends blog header

2018 Millennial Engagement Trends to Watch This Year

2018 millennial engagement trends tammy dominikTammy Dominik, aka The Jewel Princess, shares her projections for 2018 Millennial engagement trends. Read her take on what we’ll see this year and admire her custom designs paired with matching Stuller styles below.


We’ve always been told that Millennials do things differently from prior generations, and when it comes to engagement rings, this holds true as well. Many Millennials want meaningful rings, something that truly symbolizes their relationship. These rings are often more unique than traditional diamond engagements, allowing young couples to tell a story that is specific to their relationship.

Let’s look at 5 unique styles sure to become 2018 Millennial engagement trends–

Vintage Rings

Millennials like to capture and share their engagements, often via social media. So having a ring with historical context allows the couples’ story to be even more unique and special. In choosing a vintage-inspired ring, your customer will sport a ring unlike any their peers’, helping them to stand apart and take on the spotlight. These rings — having withstood the test of time — can be marketed as recycled heirlooms, a preservative theme well received by the younger generation.


Colored Stones

Another unique style in 2018 Millennial engagement trends will be colored center stones. Some are rejecting diamonds and opting for a more colorful sapphire, ruby or emerald instead. This departure from the traditional diamond engagement allows the young couple to tie in something specific from their relationship. The colored stone could symbolize their favorite color, or a stone sourced from a treasured vacation destination (see Meghan Markle’s stone sourced from Botswana, for example).



Of course, a culminating demand in the jewelry industry has been from those who want something far removed from the traditional engagement ring. Countless designers are creating more engagement rings that once would’ve been considered costume jewelry or right-hand rings. These bright beauties have playful elements, such as moons and stars, or even a more architectural design. Thanks to powerful software like CounterSketch and Matrix, jewelers have more freedom and flexibility to creating stunning work to keep up with 2018 Millennial engagement trends.



Today’s married couples may forego traditional engagement rings, opting instead for a simple band to symbolize their love. Stackable bands provide a similar statement and flare that an engagement ring would, but also add comfort and flexibility to meet any customer’s lifestyle.


Unique Diamond Rings

For those taking the diamond route, Millennials are opting for larger, more unique settings than their parents’ rings. Floral motifs or double halos adorn larger diamond center stones these days. We will see mixed metals or rose gold, departing from the common yellow gold and platinum bands. Plus, older Millennials who waited a little longer to get engaged typically have a higher budget, enabling them to spring for more opulent engagement rings.


Which 2018 Millennial engagement trends do you forsee in the upcoming year? No matter the style, you can count on Stuller’s new Bridal catalog to provide endless options for your customers. Get ready, the new catalog ships the first week of January 2018!

Bezel Set Jewelry Blog Header

Trend Alert: Bezel Set Jewelry

Bezel set jewelry has been around for a while. It’s one of the oldest techniques for attaching stones to jewelry and the process hasn’t changed much over time. The design is simple: metal is soldered over the gemstone to secure it in place. In fact, that’s what makes bezel set jewelry so attractive today. With precious metal encircling the stone, this setting method affords more center stone security. Diamonds are better protected from daily dings when compared to prong-set heads. Bezel set jewelry is also a good idea for softer stones that are more susceptible to chips and scratches.

Since bezel heads have metal wrapped around the circumference of the stone, this setting type can make stones appear slightly larger, too. Not to mention they look fabulous! This unique design is springing up everywhere and is all the rage. If your bride-to-be is searching for a different style, suggest this setting! It’s simple, timeless, and offers maximum protection for her center stone.

See how Stuller has developed a way to create a secure bezel setting, utilizing the latest fusion technology to assemble any type of jewelry in a snap.


Here’s our new and best-selling bezel set jewelry suggestions.

Eye-Catching Earrings

Bezel Set Stackables


Men’s Bezel Bands

Novel Neckwear

Searching for more? Here’s a step-by-step guide to building a bezel set anniversary band.

Disney Inspired Engagement Header

A Disney Inspired Enchanted Engagement

One of my favorite things to do when I get to work each morning is to check out any new styles uploaded to Stuller.com overnight. (There really is something new almost that often.) So one morning as I sipped my coffee and ogled fresh bridal pieces, I stumbled across this ring:



My original reaction was to gawk silently. But as I regained the ability to formulate my thoughts, I imagined, “If Elsa had an engagement ring, this would be the one!”

BINGO! Instant inspiration. And so the Disney inspired engagement ring scavenger hunt began. Hats off to the team in Product Development & Design for their incredible work.

“If Elsa had an engagement ring, this would be the one!” -Kristyn Shay, Social Media Specialist ❄️💍 Click To Tweet

Disney Princesses are special because of the stories they represent, but also because of their individual spirits. We chose styles that embody these unique traits along with elements of their classic tales. Here, we’ve rounded up a magical collection of Disney inspired engagement rings for the perfect princess proposal.


Snow White • Style #71976

Disney Inspired Engagements 14K White Ruby Diamond Ring Disney Inspired Engagements 14K White Ruby Diamond Ring

Regal, elegant, the fairest of them all. A simple solitaire with vintage gallery details suits Disney’s original princess. As the story goes, the Evil Queen poisoned her with a bright red apple, so a ruby center stone pays tribute to her (almost) eternal slumber.


Cinderella • Style #123454

Disney Inspired Engagements 18K White Round Diamond Aquamarine Ring Disney Inspired Engagements 18K White Round Diamond Aquamarine Ring

In everyone’s favorite rags-to-riches tale, this princess wins over her prince in an iconic ballroom dance. In the scene, Cinderella dazzles the crowd in a shimmering blue gown. So when the prince gets down on one knee, it only makes sense that he’d choose shimmering diamonds and dazzling aquamarines to win her heart!


Aurora • Style #122790

Disney Inspired Engagements 14K Yellow Round Engagement Accented Ring Disney Inspired Engagements 14K Yellow Round Engagement Accented Ring

The story of Sleeping Beauty is a classic. A beautiful, golden-haired princess pricks her finger on a cursed spinning wheel and falls into a deep sleep. But is it true love’s kiss that wakes her up? Or the stunning rock the prince holds as he waits to pop the question? This dainty, classic style promises Aurora the beauty of the future with claw prongs honoring her prickly past.


Jasmine • Style #123528

Disney Inspired Engagement 14K Yellow Round Blue topaz Diamond Accented Ring Disney Inspired Engagement 14K Yellow Round Blue topaz Diamond Accented Ring

A young princess bored with palace confinement and trying to avoid being married off by her next birthday, searches for a whole new world. This blue topaz ring with intricate milgrain accents reminds us of the night she found true love on a magic carpet ride.


Tiana • Style #123139

Disney Inspired Engagements 14K White Round Peridot Diamond Ring Disney Inspired Engagements 14K White Round Peridot Diamond Ring

Disney’s The Princess and the Frog crowns Tiana the Princess of the Bayou. Leafy details on this style represent the foliage in her newfound kingdom, while a peridot center stone symbolizes the slimy, green companion she grew to love — even though he couldn’t cook a gumbo!


Rapunzel • Style #123151

Disney Inspired Engagement 14K Rose Round Diamond Freeform Ring Disney Inspired Engagement 14K Rose Round Diamond Freeform Ring

In Disney’s latest portrayal of her story, Rapunzel is a recently liberated free spirit who lets her hair blow in the wind. All 70 or so feet of it! One of my favorite Disney inspired engagement styles, this ring embodies freedom using interwoven diamond bands that flow in asymmetric harmony.


And that’s a wrap! We’ve walked you through some of our favorite princesses and matching Disney inspired engagement rings. Now it’s your turn. Let us know which character inspired pieces you’ve recently designed in the comments below.

Party Like It’s 1985!

Remember the 80s? How could you forget! Think back to your wild hair days. You likely sported teased curls, Aqua-net bangs, or even a side pony-tail with a hot pink scrunchie, am I right? Whether it was Michael Jackson or Madonna, you were probably listening to some cool tunes on your Walkman cassette player. Ahhh the good ole’ days!

Though times have changed, the 80s introduced an iconic style still celebrated today. When it came to 1980s jewelry and fashion, bigger was better. From hair to clothes to jewelry, loud and bold was all the rage. And like most great trends, 1980s jewelry seems to be making its way back around, according to JCK Online. “Bold 1980s throwback earrings are back in a BIG way,” JCK declares – which is fine by us!

Here’s your blast from the past: A handpicked collection to replicate your favorite 1980s jewelry–

Totally Rad Rings

You may recall the Royal Wedding and Princess Diana’s stunning sapphire ring. This iconic piece set off a firestorm for sapphire around the globe and created an instant trend. Bigger, flashier rings were the style at the time as well, with fancy center shapes like oval and marquise with baguette accents.

Fresh Statement Earrings

Earrings were huge at the time. In fact, if they weren’t grazing your shoulder pads, they weren’t large enough! Be bold with a pair of oversized hoops or gold disc statement earrings.

Bangin’ Bangles

Colored enamel jewelry was trendy, like the black bangle pictured at the top left. Stack these bracelets to channel your inner Cyndi Lauper, who wore bangles lined up from wrist to elbow!


Gnarly Neckwear

Remember Mr. T and his gold chains? Such neckwear was all the rage, along with long beaded strands in nearly every color. Pick something edgy for your neckline for some eye-catching appeal.


Did you enjoy these throwback styles? Tell us about your favorite trends from times past below. Also, check out Strolling Through the Decades to see engagement styles through the years.

Greenery: Pantone® 2017 Color of the Year

In the midst of the bustle of the holiday season, Pantone announced its 2017 Color of the Year. Though hard to imagine, the rush of the peak selling season will soon pass and springtime will be upon us. With each new year, we are gifted with opportunities for renewal, growth, and restoration. This pick for Greenery as Pantone 2017 Color of the Year promises the same, as we look toward prosperity and unity. The vibrant yellowish-green color is fresh and energetic, bringing vivacity even during the bleak and barren winter.

Pantone 2017 Color of the Year Peridot

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Pantone 2017 Color of the Year

greenery-swatch“Greenery bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment. Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another, and a larger purpose,” says Leatrice Eisman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Pantone’s choice of Greenery embodies a natural, restorative element. Along with Greenery, Pantone assures us that the whole spectrum of green will reign king in the year to come. In fact, did you know that the human eye can distinguish more shades of green than any other color? The color green itself is altogether fresh and carries sentiments of harmony and positivity.

Greenery is Alive

The recent trend of nature-inspired jewelry has us falling like the leaves, making Pantone’s pick all the more logical. Greenery connects us to the earth and reminds us of the abundant vegetation that brightens our world. The shade promises to shine through all areas of our lives. Imagine the fresh green leaves in a summer wedding bouquet or the flowing green fashion flaunted on city streets. Even our new architecture approach takes its inspiration from the environment.

If gemstones could talk, we imagine peridot would be most excited about 2017’s signature color. The apple green crispness of this gem is a perfect expression of Greenery and its affordability makes it an ideal choice for fashion jewelry. Following suit, tsavorite garnet, emerald, tourmaline, and jade provide a green palette that complements Greenery. Its versatility pairs well with white, yellow, and rose gold.


Here are a few peridot pieces that are sure to make everyone green with envy:

How do you feel about the new color of the year? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Information credit from Pantone®