Watch Sales Soar With Stuller’s Holiday Toolbox

With the seasons changing, you cannot help but feel excited for this time of year. As anticipation grows for upcoming festivities everyone is eager to spend time with the ones they love. Thoughts also turn to meaningful gifts from the heart often exchanged during the holiday season.

As jewelers, we provide a solution to those looking to make a statement and surprise a loved one. To help you thrive this holiday season, we’ve put together a collection of tools you have at your disposal. As always, you can count on us to support your business this holiday selling season.

The Joy of Adorning: Your Holiday Gift Guide

This year’s holiday season is one to celebrate! There is always a reason to celebrate so you should do so in style. This concept was the inspiration behind our holiday gift guide — The Joy of Adorning. Whether you are searching for your top holiday picks or need to provide your customers with inspiration, this gift guide serves a resource for providing the most on-trend styles this holiday season.

View below or on our website here.

Marketing Made Easy: Ready-to-Use Assets

Other than our holiday gift guide, other resources we provide include hotlists of top-selling products as well as high-quality marketing materials. Our hotlists are handpicked by our team of experts that know exactly the styles consumers will be looking for this season. We provide non-branded options of all print materials so you can add your own branding instead. Stuller First® customers also have access to over 1,000 images and videos to help your marketing materials stand out.

Download marketing assets from our website here.

holiday jewelry

Pre-Merchandised Product Categories

Browse our curated assortments of different products to easily find what you are looking for as you stock up ahead of the holiday rush. From on-trend jewelry and bridal to findings, packaging, and displays, find all of our new and bestselling items you absolutely must have this holiday season.

Start browsing product assortment on our website today.

holiday bridal jewelry

Your Trusted Partner: Connect With Us

From shopping for inventory to marketing your product, you have a lot on your plate. Let us be your trusted business partner this holiday season. If you schedule a free Stuller Connect™ virtual appointment with a member of our team, we can assist you in merchandising, display layout, marketing strategy, and more so that you can make the most out of the upcoming selling season. We are always in your corner and look forward to connecting with you.

Sign up for your personalized Stuller Connect appointment today at Stuller.com/StullerConnect.

Seasonal Spruce Up: Packaging and Displays Help To Set The Stage

The holiday selling season is kicking off! With the beginning of a new season, it’s always a good idea to examine your business and think about what could use a fresh look. Every little detail contributes to your customers’ overall shopping experience, and you want to leave them with a good impression. Have you given a thought to your packaging and displays?

Having the most on-trend pieces and providing custom styles is only the beginning to holiday success. Don’t forget about the finishing touches that add a little something extra. Let’s dive into three types of products you can use to spruce up your customers’ shopping experience ahead of the holidays.

Put the Focus on What’s Trending

Are you showcasing the hottest trends with displays that show off their style effectively? We have a few new additions just in time for the holidays that will highlight your on-trend earrings, necklaces, and rings perfect for stacking.

Imagine your customer comes in wanting to build their perfect ear stack. The Magnetic Ear Stack Element (61-9915:100020:T) is the display for the job. Showcase your most on-trend studs and hoops by mixing and matching up to eight pieces, and then allow your customers to have fun moving pieces around until they create the stack they love! This display is available in black, moon glow, or palladium.

The Brushed Leatherette Necklace/Pendant Stand (61-9893:100001:T) displays your most popular pieces for on-trend necklace layering. Available in black, moon glow, or palladium, this new display provides 10 slits to hold both chain and necklaces with pendants.

The Velvet Continuous Ring Tray with Kickstand (61-9994:300001:T) features a soft and smooth fabric — available in gray or pink — that stands out in your cases. It is the perfect complement for stylish rings you merchandise together to demonstrate stackable rings your customers simply must have.

61-9915:100020:T 61-9893:100001:T 61-9994:300001:T
Shop our entire assortment of display components.

Package the Present Perfectly

Whether a gift or self-purchase, nothing complements the perfect piece quite like packaging that is either sleek and stylish or provides a pop of color. From boxes to pouches, explore our variety of new and bestselling packaging options.

Our new Luxe Leatherette Pouch with Pendant Pad (61-0099:100003:T) is a stylish way to keep chains and necklaces with pendants safe — even while travelling! Coming in two different sizes, choose between black, ivory, navy, and paradiso colors. Your customers will want to hang onto this chic pouch long after the purchase has been made!

The ring box within our Eva Collection (61-0007:600000:T) features matching soft-suede material on both the interior and exterior. This modern option is perfect for those holiday proposals and comes in black, blue, burgundy, dove gray, gray, green, ivory, pink, lavender, and sea glass.

For a more traditional design, the velvet ring box in our Madison Collection (61-0059:300000:T) provides a classic, yet elevated option. Choose between navy, olive, rust, silver, and teal color options — each shines in that iconic Instagram ring photo.

61-0099:100003:T 61-0007:600000:T 61-0059:300000:T
Shop our entire assortment of packaging components.

Wrap It All Up

With the piece ready to go out the door, don’t forget the finishing touch: gift wrap. Totes, tissues, and wrapping paper are a great way to send your brand off with your customer as well as provide an additional service for a memorable experience. We are confident that this added touch will go a long way with your customers.

Our new Shimmer Paper Tote (61-0096:100001:T) can fit with any brand during any season. This elevated and sophisticated tote gives a sense of luxury. With multiple sizes available in black, blue, and ivory, you can make every purchase feel like a special occasion.

Pair any neutral colored tote with a pop of color using sheets of tissue, such as our new Hunter Green Tissue (61-9920:100000:T). Its rich color and high quality will add the slightest touch of holiday spirit with class.

Finally, if you are looking for seasonal touches for this festive time of year, look no further than our Glistening Pine Gift Wrap (61-0577:100000:T). The holiday-themed pattern will fill your customers with the joy of the season, and they will be grateful for one less gift to wrap!

61-0096:100001:T 61-9920:100000:T 61-0577:100000:T
Shop our entire assortment of gift-wrapping solutions.

Stock Up Now

Many of these new and popular packaging, display, and gift-wrapping solutions are currently in-stock. Receive everything you need to be successful this holiday season with rapid delivery and the highest quality customer service. Shop in-stock products today at Stuller.com or call 800-877-7777.

The Right Assortment for Holiday 2021

holiday fine jewelry

Whether a husband buying for his wife, a young professional shopping for her best friend, or a mom finding the perfect gift for her daughter, you can bet one thing is at the top of their list: Fine Jewelry. As trends have evolved throughout the years, Fine Jewelry has become much more commonly worn, and the dainty silhouettes allow for a much more accessible price point. As the holiday season quickly approaches, look no further for our top items that are sure to help you hit the mark on what your customers need. 

The Girlfriend Gift

Ten years ago, you may not see the average twenty-something year old woman in a jewelry store shopping for her best friend or sister-in-law. Today, however, these baguette micro-bezel diamond studs (2000410:1049:P) are both trend-forward and budget-friendly. She may also decide to go for matching mirror link chain bracelets (CH1106:100:P) and a fun charm or two. (Check our 302® Fine Jewelry Charm School™ Collection for our favorite, best-selling charms!)

2000410 CH1106

The Daughter Gift

Nothing lights up a little girl’s face like her first velvet box on Christmas morning. Our halo-birthstone necklaces (653714:111:P) are perfect for a daughter’s first piece of fine jewelry. To ensure you have everything your customer might want this holiday season, check out our live Halo-Birthstone Selling System (653711:100:P) complete with the matching ring and earrings for every month. For a fun mommy and me gift, our Natural Diamond and Natural Onyx Negative Space Ring (688826:603:P) is the perfect token to remember that special mother-daughter bond.

653714 653711 688826

The Matriarch Gift

Our favorite gifts are of course reserved for the Matriarch of the household. What says, “We love and appreciate you” more than our showstopping Natural Diamond Curb Bracelet (BRC822:600:P) or a gorgeous Natural Diamond bar necklace (87383:150:P) For the mom that simply has everything, opt for a fun and trendy stackable chain ring (52078:101:P) that says, “You are the link that holds us all together.”

BRC822 87383 52078

The “Me” Gift

Who doesn’t love to treat themselves while checking gifts off their list? For the self-purchaser (my personal favorite), we recommend our best-selling Lab-grown Diamond Huggies (653726:LG604:P). These wardrobe staples can be worn everywhere from work to dinner to the grocery store, and no one’s jewelry box is complete without a pair. For someone looking for a trendier piece for their ear stack, you can’t go wrong with our Freshwater Cultured Pearl Huggies (688758:103:P). Bringing a modern spin on the world’s oldest gemstone, these are not your grandmother’s pearl earrings. Lastly, for the shopper looking for a small splurge on themselves this season (hello Christmas Bonus!), they’re sure to love our Dome Statement Ring (5206:6408:P). Bold yet comfortable to wear, this truly “from the vault” Stuller original is as timeless and chic as they get. 

653726 688758 5206

To view all these suggestions in one place, download our 2021 Holiday Hot Lists! 

For the most on-trend styles to stock your case with this Holiday Season, check out our Holiday Sneak Peek Brochure. We wish you the Happiest of Holidays, and Happy Selling!

Fall in Love with New 302® Fine Jewelry Styles

The change of a season is always an exciting time, especially for fall. The weather is starting to get cooler, the holidays are approaching, and there is a feeling of a fresh start. Most importantly, a new season means new fashion styles! While layering in the fall and winter usually means an added jacket or cardigan, we are thinking about all the layered fine jewelry possibilities.

Our goal with 302® Fine Jewelry is to always offer the most on-trend styles that empower women to tell their story through fashion statements. With seasonal product drops and national features in the hottest publications in the industry, there is always something new going on with 302 Fine Jewelry.

Get ready to FALL in love with our latest updates!

A New Chapter: Enameled Fine Jewelry

The latest product drop in the story of 302 Fine Jewelry adds a touch of color anyone would love. We are so excited to present Chapter 4: Enamored by 302 Fine Jewelry — a selection of petite statements accented with options in red, white, or black enamel.

688831 688832 688833

302 Fine Jewelry celebrates women wearing their story and we see each new product release as a new chapter in their story. These classic silhouettes combine with the industry’s latest obsession with enamel providing chic, high-turn, price point-friendly designs. Heart-shaped statements, miraculous medals, and elevated everyday essentials come together to provide colorful additions to your fine jewelry assortment.

688834 688835 688836

Fall is the perfect time to start looking for those new styles to have on-hand ahead of the holidays. The enameled fine jewelry styles added to our collections are easy, no-brainer stocking stuffers or the perfect self-purchase.

688844 R50017 R50018

A Nationally Acclaimed Fall Must-Have

If you aren’t keeping up with the latest trends in popular fashion publications, drop what you are doing and pick up the latest issues of Harper’s BAZAAR and ELLE magazines. Other than seeing fashion icons Beyoncé and Selena Gomez on the covers, you’ll find a new, yet familiar feature of jewelry gracing the inner pages as one of this season’s “must-have” pieces.

Styles featured include CH1099, 88007, 87758, and 87184.

Earlier this year, we launched an entire new collection to the 302 Fine Jewelry family: the Charm School™ Collection. Styles from this collection of modern-day charms came together to tell a story of personalization in this season’s most popular fashion magazines. The Charm School Collection allows you to help your customers tell their own story by curating a charm necklace or bracelet with pieces they identify with. They truly make for a wonderful heartfelt gift or a personal holiday treat, so be sure to offer your own assortment of these popular and fast-moving charms this season.

Think Ahead for Holiday Essentials

Now is the time to carefully choose the styles you want to promote this holiday season. We are confident in 302 Fine Jewelry’s ability to appeal to customers of all styles and budgets and will be quick sellers during the holidays.

You can browse the new Chapter, the Charm School Collection, and the entire 302 Fine Jewelry line on our website at Stuller.com/Shop302FineJewelry.

Let us help! Schedule a Stuller Connect™ virtual appointment with a member of our team for the chance to talk with our experts to curate the perfect 302 Fine Jewelry assortment for you this holiday season. Schedule your appointment today at Stuller.com/StullerConnect.

Building a Lasting Impression with 302® Fine Jewelry

How many times have you frequented a business simply because you enjoyed the experience? A consumer’s buying habits with a brand are directly tied to how that brand makes them feel. By providing your customers a positive overall shopping experience, you are investing in future sales. 

When it comes to 302 Fine Jewelry, we have spoken at length about the quality of the product and the marketing support we provide our retail partners. There’s one last piece of the puzzle to making great sales: connecting to the customer experience. Let’s dive into how we help here too! 

Shop the pieces in this video now on Stuller.com

Welcome to Our Partnership 

Upon becoming a retail partner, you will receive a welcome box from our team. Inside you will find various resources you can use to build lasting relationships between your customers, 302 Fine Jewelry, and your business. 

Branded Post Cards 

Adding an individualized touch to your sales technique can pay off in dividends. One of the best ways to do that is sending a handwritten note thanking your customer for their patronage. By using branded the post cards we provide, you instill a positive connection between the customer and the brand. They’ll be eager to return! 

Jewelry Cleaning Pins 

Nothing makes you feel like a valued customer like a gift to reward your loyalty. We provide branded cleaning pins in your welcome box for you to give to your most loyal customers. Not only do they get a great feeling of being valued, but they also have something at home that reminds them of you and 302 Fine Jewelry. 


Finally, another take-away item you can give to your customers is a brochure that features all the collections within 302 Fine Jewelry and our most popular pieces. Use this brochure as a sales tool and way to create a wish list of all the items they want in their own fine jewelry collection. 

Holiday Success 

Product, marketing, customer experience… check! As a retail partner, you are now set up with everything you need to have a successful holiday season this year. With this busy time swiftly approaching, we wanted to touch on how you can use everything you’ve learned about 302 Fine Jewelry to add to your customers’ shopping experience during the holidays. 

Whether shopping for themselves or for the perfect gift, 302 Fine Jewelry can easily be positioned for any woman. Attractive price points and on-trend product are easy concepts to sell. Now, let’s make sure customers are connected to the product that is right for them. 

During the holidays, consider merchandising and organizing your store by price point so that customers confidently approach product they are looking for. 302 Fine Jewelry is a great way to diversify and expand the price point offerings within your assortment. 

Are You Ready? 

We’ve spent the last few weeks spreading the word on all the exciting benefits of being a 302 Fine Jewelry retail partner. With everything said and done, we have one final question. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? 302 Fine Jewelry is the gateway to reaching a market of women self-purchasers ready to show off their confidence and wear their stories. Be the reason they have an extra skip in their step and offer the latest in trending fine jewelry styles. 

Becoming a partner is simple. Make an investment in $2,500 of 302 Fine Jewelry products and you receive all the benefits of being a retail partner. We are here to make the decision easy. Schedule a Stuller Connect™ virtual consultation and we will help you select the perfect product for your business. We are ready to welcome you to the 302 Fine Jewelry family and look forward to your partnership. 

Get started at Stuller.com/302FineJewelry today! 

Learn more about this on-trend fine jewelry line with our recent blog posts.

What is 302 Fine Jewelry?

Designs and Trends Featured in 302 Fine Jewelry

The Tools to Social Success With 302 Fine Jewelry

5 Things To Do Now Before the Busy Holiday Season

We are one month away from the halfway mark in what is shaping up to be a banner year for the jewelry industry. With that being said, the following statement might shock you: it’s just about time to start preparing for holiday! Believe it or not, the holiday shopping season will be upon us before you know it and you will want to be prepared. 

Why start so early? Over the years, we have observed that the holiday shopping season has started earlier and earlier every year. Sales have also grown overall. Many shoppers even report making their first holiday purchase during back-to-school shopping. With jewelry stores making an average of 1/3 of their annual sales during the holidays, it is vital that jewelers take the slower business months in the summer to make plans for the holidays.

The more preparation that happens on the front end, the more success you will see in your business before the end of the year. By taking advantage of these five strategies, you will be well-prepared for your holiday shoppers. 

1. Inventory Forecasting and Shopping 

You already know that it will be in your best interest to have certain pieces already in-stock. By looking back at past trends and appropriately forecasting what merchandise you need to have on hand, you will avoid overspending or not having the right assortment of products. We are here to help. 

If you plan on attending JCK Las Vegas in August, make sure to stop by booths #13089 and #58057. We have several special surprises and new launches that are sure to help you stand out this holiday season. 

Another way to find out what we forecast to be the hottest items this holiday season is to get in touch with us. You can call us at 800-877-7777 and speak to one of our customer engagement specialists. We are always here to help you strategize and make the most out of your customers’ shopping experience. 

holiday shopping facts

2. Online Presence 

Another trend we are noticing in our industry is that the average consumer’s buying habits are beginning to shift online as opposed to going into brick-and-mortar stores. While that doesn’t necessarily mean we expect storefronts to suffer, we do believe it’s in your business’ best interests to meet your customers where they are looking: online. 

Can your customers shop on your website? By integrating Stuller’s e-commerce business solutions, you can propel your online presence with the resources needed to advance your business in the digital marketplace. Whether you are new to running a website or extremely tech-savvy, we have solutions to fit every skill level. And the best part is that all our e-commerce solutions are free to use! Learn more about Stuller’s e-commerce business solutions on our website today and use the summer as a time to boost your online presence.

3. Store Renovations and Seasonal Setup Planning 

With the potentially less foot traffic over the summer months, it might be a good time to give your store the sprucing up it needs. Whether you add a fresh coat of paint, add new display cases, or just change things up, giving your store a little care over the summer will go a long way to creating a welcoming environment for your customers when business picks up leading into the holidays. 

Along with renovations, now would be a good time to begin planning out how you will set up your sales floor during the holiday season. How will you achieve a good flow within your store and leave a good impression? For tips about designing the perfect holiday experience, check out a livestream from our Holiday Learning Series last year!

4. Use Your Resources 

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to use your resources and invest in education for you and your team. Learn about the upcoming trends, figure out what merchandising strategies work best for your business, discover new products and services you can launch during the busy season, etc. Stuller offers the opportunity to take part in trainings and consultations live with our jewelry and merchandising experts through Stuller Connect™. 

Stuller Connect is our video consultation service where our customers get to meet personally with our specialists. Get the benefit of having us right in your store with the added bonus of seeing the resources we have here at our manufacturing facility. To set up your Stuller Connect consultation, give us a call at 800-877-7777, ext. 2428. 

5. Let us Support Your Holiday Success 

Remember that we are here for you and to champion your success. This upcoming holiday season is going to be a busy one and we’re ready to offer you support. Contact our customer care department if there is anything we can do to make your holiday shopping season a success.  

Happy Selling!

Social Media and Photography Tips for the Holidays

One of the best tools for the budget-conscious jeweler is social media. With very little investment, social platforms are commonly the best way to reach your customer right in the palm of their hand. Eye-catching imagery and content is at the heart of being successful on social.

There is still time to up your social game for the holidays! Here to help you out are Stuller’s social media specialist Hannah Blaine and a Stuller photographer LeeAnn Stephan with social media and photography tips for the holidays.

Stuller’s Stellar Social

Like many of you, we take the holidays very seriously and try to get ahead on our planning and promotions for the holiday season. You can find holiday promotions on our social media accounts as early as October. We rely heavily on the content we create to engage you, our customers, and that can only happen with attention-grabbing photography.

Stuller has a talented team of photographers dedicated to taking photos of jewelry, gemstones, diamonds, and more of our products. They work year-round to make sure our visual content is up-to-date, trendy, and appealing. But these images are not just for us. We encourage you to use them for your own marketing purposes as well!

Interested in taking your own photos of your products? Check out our Stuller Connect live stream from this summer with photographer Daniel Maldonado on the Basics of Photography.

Whether you use our pictures or create your own, we are going to help you break down some social trends and demonstrate how to best use these images to be more profitable for your business.

A Look at Stuller Photography

As we have mentioned, our photography department ever stops working on the next big thing. From catalogs and brochures to web shots and social campaign images, our team is constantly working to stay ahead of the curve. In our studio, we have collected props, papers, and other items of various colors and textures to enhance the products we shoot.

Collecting items like these and using simple lighting setups can really take your product photography to the next level. Our GemLightBox is the perfect investment for taking well-lit, professional photos of your products even with your phone.

But how do we know what images to shoot? We plan our campaigns months in advance, but all you need is a strategy for the upcoming months to know what you need to have prepared. Let’s dive into what you need to be thinking about when creating this strategy.

Creating a Social Strategy for Holiday Success

If you have watched our previous livestream on social media tips, you’ll know that the first thing we recommend to anyone putting together a comprehensive social strategy is to look at your insights. Understanding what posts your audience engages in and when they are online is the foundation to knowing where to start with your plan.

Once you know a little about your customer and how they interact online, plan what you need to promote and when. For example, it would be better for you to specifically push custom jewelry right now while there is still time before the holidays and wait until a few days before Christmas to push the last-minute items you already have in stock. Make sure you have appropriate images to go with your captions that look appealing and make someone want to see more.

Finally, you put that plan into action by scheduling your content ahead of time so that you have less to stress about during the intense selling season. Using free scheduling tools, such as Facebook Creator Studio and Later, will save you a lot of time during a period when time is of the essence.

Giving Attention to Your Visual Brand

Have you given much thought to the visual consistency of the images you are posting? What does your Instagram grid look like? Is there a cohesiveness to your grid that draws people to your brand?

These are questions you should be asking yourself when putting together the images you want to use in your social strategy. A cohesive grid will not only give your customers a feel for your brand, but it will draw in newcomers as new followers and potential new customers. Your grid tells your brand’s story. Customers are drawn to a well-planned and well-executed visual aesthetic.

On Stuller’s Instagram, you will notice a consistent visual look on our grid that follows the stories we push as the seasons and holidays change. But even as small visual nuances in the photos change to fit the season, there is an overall connectivity to our pictures that identify the imagery as Stuller’s brand.

Putting together a consistent and comprehensive social media strategy can be daunting and we are always here to be a resource for you. If you have any questions about social media and photography tips, contact our social media team at Hannah_Blaine@stuller.com.

Join us next week for the final installment of our Holiday Live Learning Series as we talk about gifting diamonds and gemstones.

For more social media and photography tips, check out these related blog posts by our social media team!

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Kicking Off the Holiday Bridal Season

Ready or not, the holidays are here. Christmas is just 44 days away and we are ready to ship you everything you need to deliver on every customer’s biggest wish. And with holiday romance in the air, what could be more on target than holiday engagements?

This is the fourth episode in our Holiday Learning Series, and this week, Senior Director of Bridal Alex Stuller delves into what is hot and happening in bridal fashions. CLICK HERE to enjoy her presentation on the most exciting new and popular trends.

New & Popular Engagement Styles

Yellow or white gold: what are brides choosing? Yellow has come back strong in both bridal jewelry and jewelry overall. It is also Alex’s favorite, so she is showing several styles in this rich shade. Alex also mentions customers’ trend towards larger center stones and CTW — wonderful for them and you! Here are the dominant trends. It is also worth saying that fancy diamonds are very much in fashion. Watch for triangle, marquise, pear shaped diamonds, and more.

Art Deco

Art Deco has been emerging as a trend over the past few seasons. Now it has come into its own, and our designers have met the challenge. We love the fact that these designs communicate extravagance and restraint. You will discover the halo-style below on page eight of our October Bridal and Bands brochure.

Shop at Stuller.com | Item 124542:211:P
Shop at Stuller.com | Item 124373:112:P

Updated Classics

Timeless looks never go out of style, yet each generation adds its own special touches. Look for hidden gallery details such as elegantly understated hidden cross solitaire. From the top, it looks like a classic, and from the sides, it takes on a deeper meaning. The split-shank solitaire shown has been updated with sculptural detailing on the shank and gallery — luxurious touches that win hearts.

Shop at Stuller.com | Item 124620:108:P

Favorites from 2020

We have watched these styles fly out the door, and because many are flexible 3C designs, customers have a world of options. They can change the stone shape and size and choose from at least 13 metal qualities. You will see this stunning double infinity style on page 40 of our holiday brochure — an outstanding engagement choice. And you will notice that the accented style below features rose-cut diamonds, beading, and claw prongs — all important trends.

Shop at Stuller.com | Item 124507:211:P


These designs will stand out and start conversations with everyone your customer knows. Yes, she’s definitely engaged. There is no denying that. And what could be more appropriate to a wintry proposal that this fabulous snowflake design? Its gorgeous dimensions sparkle with round and marquise accents that delight the eye from every angle. Does she prefer something dazzling and edgy? The asymmetric beauty will steal her heart away with its emerald cut center (or oval) and its bouquet of marquise and round accents.

Shop at Stuller.com | Item 124357:132:P

Stackable Anniversary Selling System and A&E Selling Systems

Irresistible stackables continue to take center stage, allowing each bride to build her unique look. And the best part? The more bands, the merrier. She can add to her stack for her anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day, the holidays, or just because she feels like it. Our prototype Stackable Anniversary Band Selling System and our new Anniversary Band ($499) and Eternity Band ($399) Selling Systems let her try on many designs to find the one she loves — and give her ideas for future purchases.

And because these selling systems feature prototypes, you can offer her all these choices without investing valuable inventory dollars.

Shop at Stuller.com | Item 653122:6000:P
Shop at Stuller.com | Item 653692:100:P
Shop at Stuller.com | Item 653693:100:P

Trends in Men’s Wedding Bands

Gone are the days when men’s wedding bands were predictably plain. Today men have many more choices, and they love it. Sometimes it takes him longer to choose his style than it takes for her to choose her engagement.

Classic bands

Classic hand styles still hold sway over a significant percentage of the band market, but today you are just as likely to see them with special finishes, laser patterns, or both. And do not forget engraving. If you have not tried our Classic Band Builder experience, now is the time to try it. Customers can watch as you make each change and try as many options as they please until they arrive at the one they want.

Shop at Stuller.com | Item 51529:610:P

3C Diamond Bands

Diamond bands have returned in a big way, and our 3C designs let men choose the stone shapes and sizes and the metal quality to achieve the right look. We offer a wide range of choices so they will be sure to find the one they want.

Shop at Stuller.com | Item 124497:806:P

Contemporary Metals

This contemporary metals trend continues strong as grooms look to them for personal statements and durability. Is he a rock climber? These are the bands to show him. They can choose from tungsten, titanium, cobalt, stainless steel, and our two new additions: tantalum and silicone. We are extremely excited to offer tantalum, a rare metal that can be both engraved and sized — highly unusual for contemporary metals. Silicone bands have a price that cannot be beaten and offer customers the unusual choice of 10 colors: black, gray, maroon, green, navy, royal, yellow, and various stripe combinations. Yes, they do come in women’s sizes.

Shop at Stuller.com | Item 52331:812:P

ever&ever® Bridal Program

No discussion of Stuller bridal would be complete without mentioning our extraordinarily successful ever&ever® bridal program featuring our flexible 3C designs so couples can customize to their hearts’ content. Alex closes her presentation by previewing ever&ever’s®enchanting new holiday video, which is part of its exclusive marketing assets.

If you are interested in this program, contact a bridal program specialist at 800-877-7777, ext. 2528 or visit Stuller.com/everandever.

Extended Holiday Hours

The holidays can bring a lot of stress, so we’re here to take some of that stress away. When you’re in a holiday quandary, we’re here to help.

Our customer experience team is currently available from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central. On the Saturdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, we’ll be here for you from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Central.

Finding Your Holiday Inspiration

As November begins, the pressure of the holidays is becoming more apparent every day. However, Stuller stands with its jewelers and provides you with everything you need to have a successful holiday season. In this week’s installment of our Holiday Learning Series, Stuller Director of Findings Alissa Talbot shares exciting new additions to our findings inventory as well as customizable items that are perfect for the holidays.

Find your inspiration this holiday season with Stuller findings and enjoy week three of our Holiday Learning Series!

Top 3 Findings Added to Our Collection

You asked and we listened. Stuller is happy to welcome the following products to our findings selections this holiday season that you have been waiting for. Have these products in hand when you need them with our next day shipping when you order in-stock items.

Oval Die Struck Settings (2000082, 2000083)

With oval-shaped stones becoming a rising trend, we wanted to cater to your needs and provide options for your products. We’ve recently added oval die struck settings in both peg and non-peg options that accommodate stones up to 12 x 10 mm. Even though they are die struck, these settings are available in all 14k metal qualities.

Oval Jump Rings (JR4020, JRS4020)

Our newly manufactured in-house oval jump rings are available in both round and square profiles. With a 4 x 2 mm inner dimension, these new jump rings easily slide over a chain. Choose an oval jump ring that works best for you in any of our 14k metal qualities.

Large Earring Backs (2000484, 2000339, 2000319)

To accommodate for a greater assortment, we now offer large earring backs in multiple new styles, such as threaded, a stabilizer back, and a regular friction back.

Last Minute Shopper Solutions

One of the best things to have in your inventory is something for the last-minute shopper. Our Petite Pave Dangle Collection is the perfect solution! We have worked hard to develop and add findings to the line that are on trend, price-point friendly, and can be used to build something that feels custom and personal for the consumer.

Keep your own assortment of these beautiful dangles on hand with our magnetic components display. Merchandising these products could not be simpler.

  • Choose your base (available in moon glow or black)
  • Select the number of hooks you want for your individual displays (three, four, or five)
  • Hand select your dangles to curate an assortment that is all your own

Watch this video to see how easy it is to merchandise dangles on the magnetic display.

Shop our Petite Pave Dangle Collection on our website today!

Finding Inspiration Campaign

Over the years, we have seen more of our customers use our findings to build product unique to their personal brand. As a result, over the last year, we have built more product that speaks to current trends. We are inspired by your vision and want to share that inspiration.

The Finding Inspiration Campaign seeks to inspire the inner designer in every jeweler. Every month for the next year, we plan on sharing behind the scenes looks at the product we develop and highlight practical applications for using Stuller’s findings to build your brand of finished jewelry.

For Your Inspiration

We are kicking off our inaugural Finding Inspiration feature with a stunning ring made with a pear-shaped, solid base setting (2000625) combined with an asymmetrical shank (SH835, SH831, SH841).

The setting is the first fancy shape solid base setting introduced to our findings line. It was developed to address the increased popularity of Stuller’s round-shape solid base setting assortment. We have also noticed our customers love our v-end settings, so we made sure to incorporate that element into the end prong. Solid base settings are a great go-to finding as they are easy to assemble to other various components. This item has been made available in seven different sizes ranging from 3x2mm to 9x6mm.

The shank is a part of our asymmetrical shank collection that facilitate the easy assembly of trend-worthy looks. It gives the jeweler the ability to utilize Stuller’s findings settings and shanks assortment to design anything from a modern engagement ring to an updated bypass look.

Share Your Inspiration

This campaign is about you and sharing inspiration with our community of phenomenal craftsmen, designers, bench jewelers, and artisans. We want to see what inspiration you have to share. On social media, show what unique pieces you have created using Stuller findings. Be sure to tag us @stullerinc and use the hashtag #stullerfindings for your chance to be featured in an upcoming installment of Finding Inspiration.

Bonus Holiday Findings Feature: Magnetic Ring Builder

Mix and match prototype settings and shanks on the fly with your customer with the Magnetic Ring Builder. Let your customers’ creativity soar with this selling system that gives the power to the consumer and makes you the hero. Learn more about the Magnetic Ring Builder on our website and get yours today.

#302onYou: Jewelry Gifts for the Holidays

As you gear up for the demands of the holidays, Stuller is here for you. With our in-stock product assortment, next-day delivery, services, and resources, we’re doing all we can to keep this selling season merry and bright for you.

One of those resources is this week’s installment of our Holiday Learning Series. Let’s dive into week two!

#302onYou: Gifts for the Holidays

Holiday shopping may look a little different this year, but there’s at least one thing that remains true: people ARE buying jewelry — for themselves, for their family, and for their friends. In a year like this, success has a new level of importance.

And, we have just what you need to achieve that success.

fine jewelry

Meet 302® Fine Jewelry

This consumer-facing line of fine jewelry contains the fashion styles your customers want. With an average wholesale price of $250 and collections that hit on major industry trends, these pieces are holiday movers that will put you and your customers in the holiday spirit.

302 Fine Jewelry

Shine in Style

In times of uncertainty, we look to things that bring us comfort and a sense of security. For jewelry, that means easy, everyday styles they can wear for years to come. The Essentials Collection contains some of these classic looks.

yellow gold stackable ring

Within this collection, we’re seeing some styles moving particularly quickly:

  • Gold hoops are a staple style that make for an easy add-on sale. Since the current trend is to wear multiples for an #EarParty, we offer hoops up to 30 millimeters.
  • Stackable rings are still ALL the rage — especially dainty, minimalist rings. And one thing is extra certain: customers want a lot of them. The more, the merrier!
  • Gemstones are hotter than ever. Micro-bezel studs are popular for stacking up the ear, and dome rings are great when worn alone or as the focal point of a stack.

Another collection that makes for fantastic holiday gifts is Modern Brilliance®. Customers still want diamonds, and with Modern Brilliance, they can get on-trend and classic designs set exclusively with lab-grown diamonds.

302 Fine Jewelry - Modern Brilliance
lab-grown diamonds

Discover all the collections of 302 Fine Jewelry on Stuller.com

Partner With 302

We do all we can to drive consumers to our brand partners and create opportunities for them to sell.

  • In September, 302 Fine Jewelry made its fashion debut in three major fashion magazines: Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Marie Claire.
  • At 302FineJewelry.com, customers can browse the collections, discover their next favorite look, and then find a 302 retailer to purchase those styles from.
  • Partners have exclusive access to marketing materials that make selling a breeze: inspirational photography and videos, a calendar with ready-to-go social media posts, and more.
  • With the branded hashtag #302onYou, customers can find you on social media.

Extended Holiday Hours

The holidays can bring a lot of stress, so we’re here to take some of that stress away. When you’re in a holiday quandary, we’re here to help.

Our customer experience team is currently available from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central. On the Saturdays leading up to Christmas Eve, we’ll be here for you from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Central.

For a more in-depth look at 302 Fine Jewelry, watch Senior Director of Fine Jewelry Emily Graffagnino’s presentation during our Facebook Live Holiday Learning Series — and join us next week to find holiday inspiration with Findings Director Alissa Talbot!

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