Last Minute Holiday Gifts Made Easy

Just in time for those last-minute holiday shoppers, Stuller has in-demand styles in stock and ready for you! For months we’ve been making sure that our fine jewelry inventory is in perfect shape for you during this gift-giving season. Here are Stuller’s must-have styles for the 2021 holidays!  

Initials and Charms 

Personalization in the form of charms is really popular this season. Here are a few style cues our team has picked up on.  

  • Celestial styles are trending and popping up everywhere. Remember that zodiac gemstones are altogether different than traditional birthstones. This is a trendy take on personalized jewelry. 
  • Zodiac constellation necklaces like items (688843)and (87512) are moving quickly! Meghan Markle was seen wearing these.  
  • 302® Fine Jewelry’s Charm School™ Collection includes birthstones, symbols, initials, words, diamond accents, all metal, gothic, the heart, the lock and a few great enamel pieces.  


Heart, oval, and circle engravable pieces of fine jewelry are easy, core, commodity looks for customers wanting to engrave names, initials and nicknames on them. We have a beautiful heart lock (87595) that can be personalized with engraving touches on both sides. These simple blank pieces are great to have on hand this holiday season and you can quickly get those done for customers, making special memories carried close to the heart. Sometimes it can be as simple as the word “Mama” or a nickname. Check out styles like (86774) and (87619). 

Large Link Chains, Rings, and Earrings 

chain jewelry holiday gifts

Stuller offers a wide variety of chains. One popular style of chain that is trending this year is elongated flat link chains (CH1095) and (CH1099). Chain is a big aesthetic in the jewelry space and we’re also seeing a lot of chain earrings, rings, and hoops moving very well. They’re beautiful, larger looks with great weight in terms of the gold, so they feel substantial. Our large link chains, rings, and earrings are both modern and classic, and they can be worn every day. Check out styles like (653696), (653403), and (52373). All of our charms are created to slide on and off these chains, making it easy to switch up the looks.  

Bangles and Bolos  

When it comes to stacking, we say the more the merrier! Stacking up the ear or on the fingers has been huge, but the wrist is something that we’ve seen really become decorated and stacked within the past year as well. The round bangle bracelet (BRC1) is a classic from the 302® Fine Jewelry collection and it’s a great one to add engraving to as well! It comes in several different widths. We also offer the half carat total weight diamond bolo bracelet (BRC820). It’s a beautiful look and a great price point. What’s perfect about bolo bracelets is you don’t have to be as concerned about the sizing; you can tighten it right up to the wrist and it stays super secure which customers love. 



They’re not just for grandmothers any longer! Pearls have made a big comeback within the past two years, and now in 2021, they give a new take on that vintage-style, heirloom feel. Our cultured freshwater pearl huggie hoop earrings (688758) are a standout within 302® Fine Jewelry’s Essentials Collection, and were featured in the May 2021 issue of Harper’s BAZAAR magazine. You can’t go wrong with freshwater pearls for all age groups.  

Natural & Lab-Grown Diamond Staples 

Diamonds, of course, are a girl’s best friend and the essentials are back in a big way! Diamond neckwear in the form of chokers and longer necklaces are a big thing, and customers are layering and stacking them to create their own #neckmess.  

Natural and lab-grown diamond stud earrings are holiday staples you must have in your showcases, ranging anywhere from a fifth-carat total weight all the way up to a 2-carat total weight. Your customers will appreciate the price savings with our lab-grown diamond stud earrings (652480) and (652481). 

652480 652481

Dainty Diamond Stacks 

stackable rings holiday gifts

Diamond stackable bands have been a staple in the marketplace for years. We have a fabulous selection of dainty diamond stackable rings available in a variety of precious metals and even enamel. Our diamond beaded ring 123113:601:P is a beauty and our diamond stackable ring (124033) is available with either natural or lab-grown diamonds. They can be worn by themselves or stacked with a wedding band. Again, the more the merrier, particularly with diamonds! 

Family-Inspired Favorites 

This holiday season will be the first time in two years that many families regather since the Covid-19 pandemic began, so sentimental family jewelry will be perfect for gift giving. The popularity of a super traditional category like family jewelry and mother’s rings really spikes in December. Make sure you have plenty of versatile, family-inspired finished styles such as our “Mama” script necklace (87395). And don’t forget to cover all your bases with endearing necklaces for “Sister, Nanny, and GIGI.”

Facebook Live Holiday Learning Series  

We have videos packed full of helpful tips to set you up for success this season! Check out our 4-part Facebook Live Holiday Learning Series: A Social Sleigh RideEnchanted EngagementsPerfect Packaging and Displays, and Top 10 Holiday Styles for Last Minute Gifts. 

Happy shopping and happy selling! 

Stacks on Stacks: Create Perfect Layered Looks

Stackable Rings

The best way to create a personalized fashion statement is through layering fine jewelry pieces. This is why providing stackable rings, necklaces, and earrings could be the greatest game-changer for your business this holiday season. As one of this year’s hottest fashion trends, be prepared to help your customers create perfect layered looks at price points they will love.

One of the greatest benefits to leveraging this trend is that these pieces move fast. With product that moves quickly, you’re going to need fast solutions for replenishing your inventory. At Stuller, we offer rapid next-day delivery on all in-stock items. Thankfully, we offer hundreds of stackable styles in-stock to help you continue to make the sale this holiday season.

To give you some inspiration on what you can use to build your own stackable style collection, let’s take a look at in-stock stackable rings, necklaces, and earrings that are on-trend, price point-friendly, and perfect for holiday gifting.

Build the Perfect Ring Stack

stackable rings

Whether your customer is choosing dainty rings to compliment a larger statement ring or pairing subtle statements with each other to create a unique look, building the perfect ring stack is all about showcasing your style and personality. Mix and match diamond, metal, gemstone, and religious stackable rings to create a collection that is personable as well as fashionable. Add to your stackable ring collection with our best-selling pieces.

Shop stackable rings here.

Create a #NeckMess

stackable necklaces

We are obsessing over the #NeckMess trend! By layering different styles of complimentary necklaces, you can tell a complete story of style and personality. Choose between various shapes and sizes as well as metal qualities and colors to create the perfect layered look.

Shop stackable necklaces here.

Host an Ear Party

stackable earrings

More and more people are adding additional piercings to their ears to show off new styles. Whether you have stunning dangles, hoops, or huggies, adding tiny stud earrings — such as classic studs, symbols, interesting gemstone shapes, and more — will help accent the look and take personal style to a new level. It’s a whole party for your ears and tiny studs make for the perfect stocking stuffer.

Shop stackable tiny stud earrings here.

With so many combinations and possibilities stackable rings, necklaces, and earrings provide, the options are endless. This holiday season is all about the perfect personalized gift and stackable pieces are the way to do it. Get started stocking up on these in-stock pieces that will leave your inventory as quickly as they get there.

Seasonal Spruce Up: Packaging and Displays Help To Set The Stage

The holiday selling season is kicking off! With the beginning of a new season, it’s always a good idea to examine your business and think about what could use a fresh look. Every little detail contributes to your customers’ overall shopping experience, and you want to leave them with a good impression. Have you given a thought to your packaging and displays?

Having the most on-trend pieces and providing custom styles is only the beginning to holiday success. Don’t forget about the finishing touches that add a little something extra. Let’s dive into three types of products you can use to spruce up your customers’ shopping experience ahead of the holidays.

Put the Focus on What’s Trending

Are you showcasing the hottest trends with displays that show off their style effectively? We have a few new additions just in time for the holidays that will highlight your on-trend earrings, necklaces, and rings perfect for stacking.

Imagine your customer comes in wanting to build their perfect ear stack. The Magnetic Ear Stack Element (61-9915:100020:T) is the display for the job. Showcase your most on-trend studs and hoops by mixing and matching up to eight pieces, and then allow your customers to have fun moving pieces around until they create the stack they love! This display is available in black, moon glow, or palladium.

The Brushed Leatherette Necklace/Pendant Stand (61-9893:100001:T) displays your most popular pieces for on-trend necklace layering. Available in black, moon glow, or palladium, this new display provides 10 slits to hold both chain and necklaces with pendants.

The Velvet Continuous Ring Tray with Kickstand (61-9994:300001:T) features a soft and smooth fabric — available in gray or pink — that stands out in your cases. It is the perfect complement for stylish rings you merchandise together to demonstrate stackable rings your customers simply must have.

61-9915:100020:T 61-9893:100001:T 61-9994:300001:T
Shop our entire assortment of display components.

Package the Present Perfectly

Whether a gift or self-purchase, nothing complements the perfect piece quite like packaging that is either sleek and stylish or provides a pop of color. From boxes to pouches, explore our variety of new and bestselling packaging options.

Our new Luxe Leatherette Pouch with Pendant Pad (61-0099:100003:T) is a stylish way to keep chains and necklaces with pendants safe — even while travelling! Coming in two different sizes, choose between black, ivory, navy, and paradiso colors. Your customers will want to hang onto this chic pouch long after the purchase has been made!

The ring box within our Eva Collection (61-0007:600000:T) features matching soft-suede material on both the interior and exterior. This modern option is perfect for those holiday proposals and comes in black, blue, burgundy, dove gray, gray, green, ivory, pink, lavender, and sea glass.

For a more traditional design, the velvet ring box in our Madison Collection (61-0059:300000:T) provides a classic, yet elevated option. Choose between navy, olive, rust, silver, and teal color options — each shines in that iconic Instagram ring photo.

61-0099:100003:T 61-0007:600000:T 61-0059:300000:T
Shop our entire assortment of packaging components.

Wrap It All Up

With the piece ready to go out the door, don’t forget the finishing touch: gift wrap. Totes, tissues, and wrapping paper are a great way to send your brand off with your customer as well as provide an additional service for a memorable experience. We are confident that this added touch will go a long way with your customers.

Our new Shimmer Paper Tote (61-0096:100001:T) can fit with any brand during any season. This elevated and sophisticated tote gives a sense of luxury. With multiple sizes available in black, blue, and ivory, you can make every purchase feel like a special occasion.

Pair any neutral colored tote with a pop of color using sheets of tissue, such as our new Hunter Green Tissue (61-9920:100000:T). Its rich color and high quality will add the slightest touch of holiday spirit with class.

Finally, if you are looking for seasonal touches for this festive time of year, look no further than our Glistening Pine Gift Wrap (61-0577:100000:T). The holiday-themed pattern will fill your customers with the joy of the season, and they will be grateful for one less gift to wrap!

61-0096:100001:T 61-9920:100000:T 61-0577:100000:T
Shop our entire assortment of gift-wrapping solutions.

Stock Up Now

Many of these new and popular packaging, display, and gift-wrapping solutions are currently in-stock. Receive everything you need to be successful this holiday season with rapid delivery and the highest quality customer service. Shop in-stock products today at Stuller.com or call 800-877-7777.

The Right Assortment for Holiday 2021

holiday fine jewelry

Whether a husband buying for his wife, a young professional shopping for her best friend, or a mom finding the perfect gift for her daughter, you can bet one thing is at the top of their list: Fine Jewelry. As trends have evolved throughout the years, Fine Jewelry has become much more commonly worn, and the dainty silhouettes allow for a much more accessible price point. As the holiday season quickly approaches, look no further for our top items that are sure to help you hit the mark on what your customers need. 

The Girlfriend Gift

Ten years ago, you may not see the average twenty-something year old woman in a jewelry store shopping for her best friend or sister-in-law. Today, however, these baguette micro-bezel diamond studs (2000410:1049:P) are both trend-forward and budget-friendly. She may also decide to go for matching mirror link chain bracelets (CH1106:100:P) and a fun charm or two. (Check our 302® Fine Jewelry Charm School™ Collection for our favorite, best-selling charms!)

2000410 CH1106

The Daughter Gift

Nothing lights up a little girl’s face like her first velvet box on Christmas morning. Our halo-birthstone necklaces (653714:111:P) are perfect for a daughter’s first piece of fine jewelry. To ensure you have everything your customer might want this holiday season, check out our live Halo-Birthstone Selling System (653711:100:P) complete with the matching ring and earrings for every month. For a fun mommy and me gift, our Natural Diamond and Natural Onyx Negative Space Ring (688826:603:P) is the perfect token to remember that special mother-daughter bond.

653714 653711 688826

The Matriarch Gift

Our favorite gifts are of course reserved for the Matriarch of the household. What says, “We love and appreciate you” more than our showstopping Natural Diamond Curb Bracelet (BRC822:600:P) or a gorgeous Natural Diamond bar necklace (87383:150:P) For the mom that simply has everything, opt for a fun and trendy stackable chain ring (52078:101:P) that says, “You are the link that holds us all together.”

BRC822 87383 52078

The “Me” Gift

Who doesn’t love to treat themselves while checking gifts off their list? For the self-purchaser (my personal favorite), we recommend our best-selling Lab-grown Diamond Huggies (653726:LG604:P). These wardrobe staples can be worn everywhere from work to dinner to the grocery store, and no one’s jewelry box is complete without a pair. For someone looking for a trendier piece for their ear stack, you can’t go wrong with our Freshwater Cultured Pearl Huggies (688758:103:P). Bringing a modern spin on the world’s oldest gemstone, these are not your grandmother’s pearl earrings. Lastly, for the shopper looking for a small splurge on themselves this season (hello Christmas Bonus!), they’re sure to love our Dome Statement Ring (5206:6408:P). Bold yet comfortable to wear, this truly “from the vault” Stuller original is as timeless and chic as they get. 

653726 688758 5206

To view all these suggestions in one place, download our 2021 Holiday Hot Lists! 

For the most on-trend styles to stock your case with this Holiday Season, check out our Holiday Sneak Peek Brochure. We wish you the Happiest of Holidays, and Happy Selling!