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5 Gemstone Superstitions and How to Use Them to Sell More Stones

Explore these spooky fantasies and folklore about your favorite gemstones

Not too long ago, we explored six jewelry superstitions and explained how to use them to your advantage. This time, we’re back to discuss five spooky gemstone superstitions just in time for Halloween!   Remember, storytelling sells. Perhaps the gemstone superstitions below will help to seal the deal on a few gemstones read more…

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The Social Survey: Here are the Top 5 Halloween Costume Jewelry Accessories This Year

Learn what everyone will be wearing this year and how you can help!

It is officially the BEST time of year. The leaves are changing, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back, flannel is acceptable work attire, and best of all, it’s less than 95 degrees at Stuller’s Lafayette, Louisiana headquarters. Ahhhh. That sweet, fleeting moment of fall where no one is talking about the bustle of read more…

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The Mystery of Stuller Dum Dums

If you’ve ordered from Stuller before, you’ve likely encountered the surprise suckers added into each package. These Dum Dums have become a Stuller staple, a sugary signature to light your eyes and add sweetness to your day. And, if you’re a regular, you may have noticed that depending on the season read more…

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Feature Friday – Chelsea Swank

The second-generation creator of eclectic styles and eerie designs

In honor of Halloween, we’re featuring Chelsea Swank this week – a jeweler with an eclectic style and eerie designs.   Meet Chelsea Swank I am a second-generation jeweler from Portland, Oregon. I’d describe my design aesthetic as Gothic Bohemian with celestial tendencies. Our inventory, available on our Etsy shop, is read more…

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Halloween Tricks and Jewelers’ Treats

Cosmic thoughts on jewelry, rites of passage, and the turning of the seasons

Without superstition, there would likely be no jewelry business. There’s nothing exactly rational, after all, about wearing a certain kind of ring to commemorate a life event. And of course, there’s no scientific link between our particular birthstone and our personality or character. Wearing jewelry is something we do for read more…

Running A Business Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Tips to keep your store running smoothly

As a jeweler, you wear many hats. And that can include everything from master stone setter to HR rep to certified trash taker-outer. Managing a business isn’t easy (or else everyone would be doing it right?). You have to balance doing what you love with doing what you have too. read more…

Show Your Spirit with Spooky Gems

Stones that scream with Halloween personality

Planning to look freaky fabulous this Halloween? Pick your monster and perfectly spooky gems to match! Dracula Count Dracula is known for his devilish charm. And like this beloved vampire villain’s favorite dinner, Rubies reflect a deep blood red similar to what runs in the veins. Fiery and romantic, showing brilliant depth and intensity, the red hue read more…