Details on MatrixGold’s Newest Software Update

It seems like yesterday we released MatrixGold in September 2018. Today, we’re excited to announce the newest update, MatrixGold2019.3.

We have worked to ensure MatrixGold meets the needs of every jeweler within this ever-changing industry. We want MatrixGold to be the right choice for all jewelers to help them on this journey. Through designing, budgeting, presenting, and selling, MatrixGold can be your perfect ally on every stage of this beautiful journey, from the idea to the final piece.

Take a look at some of the new tools and improvements you’ll find in the update on July 1. 

Mesh Repair

Getting your designs ready for production is very important. With the Mesh Repair tool, all of the parts will come together for an easier print. 

Texture 3D

Customers are gravitating toward having special finishes on their jewelry. This tool will help you achieve unique touches to any design to make it one of a kind.

Smart Pattern

Choose from more than 90 patterns and create spectacular designs with low weight.

Gems Between 2 Curves

 This tool will boost adding stones in your designs. Choose the boundaries, select 2 curves, and fill all that area with stones. It’s that simple! 

Gems List on Curve

Often times, customers receive stones in different sizes to create a design.  With Gems List on Curve, customers can add the stones to a design easier than ever. 

Save as Default Style

Customers now have the option to save on each tool the customer defaults to. Set any measurement and layout, and save it to your default style.  The next time you launch this tool you will have the same layout as a starter.

Signet Ring Side Profile

Take advantage of having more control when working on signet rings. The top side profile can now be viewed in this new version so users won’t have any limits when creating signet rings. 


We have made a couple of big improvements in the render studio. Users will have the option to save their own materials and use the alpha channels to render the different materials by themselves and put them together later on any photo editing software.

Animation Studio

We now have new options on how the camera follows the path when making an animation to get different animation results.

With this new MatrixGold update, customers will have a powerful tool to boost their business either on the sales side or the production side; MatrixGold is the complete solution for any jewelry business that wants to be the forefront of the market needs.

Which updates are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!


Enhance your customer experience through Custom Solutions

What tools do you need for your Custom Jewelry Design toolbox?

Are you wondering what is out there when it comes to custom jewelry from Stuller? Stuller is always trying to expand its customization offerings to meet you and your customer whatever your custom design needs are.

The most recent custom solutions guide (link to guide) helps you to understand all of your customization options and select the tools that are best suited for your store.


The Custom Solutions Guide walks you through five solutions, including CAD/CAM Services, 3C and Stuller Showcase, Digital Goldsmith, CounterSketch, and MatrixGold.

The guide devotes a two page spread to each solution with quotes from subject matter experts, hardware compatibility, price, and skill level information. Each solution is explained, and you can see the key features and benefits of each tool.

Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll learn:

CAD/CAM Services does the work for you

With four services to choose from Stuller’s CAD/CAM services is happy to do the hard work for you. Submit a wax or resin model, and CAD/CAM services will take care of the casting so that you don’t have to. Submit a CAD Model, and our team will grow the wax or resin and do the casting as well. See a Stuller style that you like but need a modification? Through Modify a Style, choose an existing style and request that our CAD team makes the changes to your specifications. Submit a sketch will enable you to send in an image or drawing, and our CAD team will do the CAD work for you, once approved, we will take care of manufacturing all in one place.

3C and Stuller Showcase allows you to make changes online and get retail pricing.

Don’t have what your customer is looking for in-stock? Take them to Stuller Showcase and browse Stuller’s inventory via showcase with your logo, branding, and retail pricing. While you are there, check out our 3C product, which allows you to choose, change, and create your customer’s perfect ring. Flexible 3C Designs enable you to change the finger size, metal, center stone shape, and center stones size.

Digital Goldsmith helps you to assemble the dream for the customer

With Digital Goldsmith, choose from Stuller’s extensive collection of findings and shanks to build the perfect ring for your customer using existing Stuller components. Digital Goldsmith partners with the Magnetic Ring Builder for an interactive tactile in-store experience. Digital Goldsmith is also part of Stuller Showcase, so pricing can be shown at retail cost.

CounterSketch gives your customer options to adjust or build their ring in a 3D environment.


Interact with your customers in-store or from the comfort of their homes via a remote session. CounterSketch has a library of modifiable designs to choose from and also offers freehand parts if you wish to build your design using components. Each component can be changed and updated onscreen, so your customer instantly sees their changes, modify a library design into their ideal design.

Design their vision with MatrixGold


MatrixGold allows you to begin with a blank canvas and design any ring your customer can imagine. No starting libraries mean unlimited possibilities and jewelry driven tools give you everything you need to design jewelry your customers will love. The latest addition of parametric history allows you to go back and modify a design at any point so you can quickly make changes to meet your customer’s requests.

Many of our customers find that one tool isn’t enough. With an ever-changing customer, often more than one tool is needed on the same day, or for that matter, the same sale. Be sure you and your staff understand all the options available so that you can say yes to your customer regardless of their custom jewelry request.


If you are looking for ways to engage your customers and set yourself apart from your competition, consider customization, which allows you to work one-on-one with your customer to get them the design they want. Choosing the right set of tools for your store has never been easier.

What Custom Solutions are you ready to explore? Let us know in the comments below!

MatrixGold Customer Discusses His Experience

Roger Kitchens has seen the jewelry industry change quite a bit during his 40 years in the industry. He’s watched computer-aided design (CAD) become an industry norm and has implemented CAD software into his business so that he can offer custom design. To work on his designs, Roger has used various software, and he currently uses MatrixGold.

I chatted with Roger to learn more about his experience with MatrixGold and the design success it’s brought him. 

Roger, thank you so much for speaking with me! Let’s start with a your background. What experience do you have in the jewelry trade?

I started working as a jeweler when I was 19 years old. I am now 69 years old and still working. I’ve worked as bench jeweler for 45 years, doing repairs, fabrication, wax carving, and casting. Ten years ago, I purchased RhinoGold 1.0, opening my path to CAD.  

What is your business model? Designing with MatrixGold Roger Kitchens Studio

I work from my home office, creating models for three retail stores. Through email, I receive the sketch, stone information, and specifications. Using cloud storage, the STL files are easily accessed for the store to print, cast, and finish the project. Some models are printed on my LCD Printer and shipped to the store.

Which software do you use? 

I purchased Matrix 8 and later Matrix 9, giving me a vast toolbox. In September 2019, I purchased MatrixGold, adding parametric history to my toolbox. Now, MatrixGold is my toolbox.

How does MatrixGold help with your design process and everyday work?

Using online desktop viewing allows me to make real-time changes for my client. Parametric history allows me to make changes without having to recreate the model sections.

Parametric history also allows me to create models in sections, mirroring those sections to create the complete model. I can import parts from my collection and assemble a model. I can easily edit the model, changing finger size, stone sizes, and other variables.

Roger-Kitchens-MatrixGold-Necklace-Render  Roger-Kitchens-MatrixGold-Earring-Render

Designing with MatrixGold Roger Kitchens Ring

What do you think are top features of MatrixGold?

The user interface offers easy navigation, and the desktop layout is easy to customize.

We create updates based on the customer’s needs. What do you think should be next for MatrixGold?

I miss many features from Matrix 9. The Gem List on Curve is probably the one I used most frequently. Many of my projects are using the customers’ diamonds. I could add stones by individual sizes and counts rather than trying to graduate the stones in MatrixGold.

I’d also like the ability to create more flexibility when using the signet ring builder with control points on the shank curves. Adding a Euro shank outside profile to a cathedral ring rail would also be great.

Designing with MatrixGold Roger Kitchens Ring 2

Stay tuned, Roger. I assure you we are working on a few of those updates and hope to have them in the coming weeks! Thank you for being one of the great designers in our community!

A huge thank you to Roger and his insight into using and working with MatrixGold. For more on Roger’s history in the industry as well as his designs, click here.

CounterSketch Software Blog Header

CounterSketch Update: New Curated Collections

I am excited to introduce the newest feature to CounterSketch®: curated collections. This new feature gives the user autonomy to create the collections that they know will sell in their area.

Currently, there are over 2,495 library models in CounterSketch. Never in the history of the software have we had so many different styles to select from, and each month we add more. While variety is the spice of life, with so many choices, it can sometimes be challenging to find the design you want.

With this in mind, we’ve given users a way to highlight styles that are relevant to their customers. Curated collections allow users to merchandise a selection of library models so that they can easily find the styling that is most relevant to their market.


Here is a brief description of how curated collections works:


Select Your Styles

Begin a search in CounterSketch using categories or filters to find the models you want. Use the session picks checkbox to select the styles you want to include. Once you have selected all of the relevant library models, choose the “add marked designs to portfolio” option and name your portfolio.


CounterSketch Curated Collections Select Styles


Create a Design Tile

Once you have selected the styles for your collection and added them to a portfolio, create a tile for your collection. From the preferences, menu choose “edit design tiles.” Now you can add a new tile to your Start screen that will feature your selection. You can select the shape, size, and title of your tile. Then select an image from stock images or add your own.


CounterSketch Curated Collections Design Tile Interface


Access your collection

Browse your curated collection by clicking on the design tile you created to access your specified models. The collection shows in the search screen, with the title in the breadcrumb and tile image in the header.

CounterSketch Curated Collections Accessing the Collection


Now that you know how you can create as many collections as you wish!


In addition to creating tiles that will link to collections of jewelry, you can also create a tile that will connect to:

  • Web Address: your website to share images of past custom creations
  • Stuller Showcase: other Stuller product that meets the customer’s needs
  • Open Another Program: a point of sale software or just a calculator, so you always have one available
  • Stuller Prototype Collection: a specific group of products

CounterSketch gives you options and simplifies your custom design process. Give your customers choices for the next custom design, either from the entire library or just those curated styles that you know will speak to them. Once you have completed the design, submit your order, and our CAD/CAM services team will handle the rest.


Watch below for more on Curated Collections:


I hope you enjoy Curated Collections and the ability it gives you to personalize your CounterSketch library.  As always, visit our Gemvision website for more on the update.

How do you plan to use Curated Collections? Let us know in the comments below!

4 New MatrixGold® Features for Spring

It has been a successful year around the world with MatrixGold! 

In the last year, MatrixGold’s new core and dynamic commands have provided a new way to design jewelry. It has been a pleasure to see our customers utilize the new functionalities of the software to speed up their production time.

With MatrixGold being a popular CAD software in jewelry design, we want to continuously offer features to provide state-of-the-art software to our customers. We believe the only way to make good software is by listening to our customers, who spend hours working with the product, and then by putting all these experiences and feedback into developing new MatrixGold features. This month, a new version will be available to users.

Without further ado, we’re excited to present a sample of our new MatrixGold features. Here are four!

New MatrixGold Features for Spring 2020

  • Pavé prongs: You’ll be able to add prongs to a group of stones. Automatically, MatrixGold will add prongs where the spaces between stones are. 
  • Manufacturing tools: In just a few clicks, you can get your design ready for 3D printing and then casting.
  • Animation studio: We improved the animation studio as the move maker from what you will be able to make movies from frames.
  • New profile editor functionalities: The profile editor is a tool used to personalize your jewelry. We improved and added to its functionality so you can create your own profiles and save them to use later. 

Visit the Gemvision YouTube for a look at these features firsthand.

Even as we announce this new version, we are looking ahead to JCK Las Vegas in early June to meet all our customers with even more new tools. 

Happy designing!

What do you hope to design with the new MatrixGold update? Let us know in the comments below!

6 New MatrixGold® 2019 Features

This past JCK, we at Gemvision unveiled our newest CAD software: MatrixGold® 2019.

Since then, we’ve gathered feedback from users and listened to their needs and wants. All of that feedback has come to a head in the newest version release of our most powerful CAD software to date.

Parametric Workflows

This was our most anticipated new feature!

Parametric workflows let you link all of the steps used on any design using the dynamic tools. Once you’ve finished your design, you can return to any prior steps to change the settings you used while designing.

By changing some settings to any of the steps, you will achieve a totally different design afterward — significantly cutting down your work time.

Pavé Tool

With the new pavé tool, you can add numerous stones at once with just one click.

Signet Ring

Many users reached out to us for a signet ring feature, and now it’s ready.

Ring Resizer

Do you have design files lying around from years of working with Matrix® or RhinoGold? With MatrixGold 2019’s new ring resizer, you can resize any ring in just two clicks.

Render Studio

Good renders are often essential for marketing efforts and for closing the sale. With the new render studio, you can get realistic renders that’ll help ramp up your sales.

Profile Editor

If you want to create your own designs from scratch, the new profile editor will help you personalize your jewelry with no limits.

With this update’s slew of new features, you’ll spend more time doing what you do best: creating intricate, meaningful jewelry designs. Comment below to let us know what you think!

If you have any questions or concerns, get in contact with one of our friendly Gemvision tech support associates.


CounterSketch Software Blog Header

3 Exciting New Features for CounterSketch® 2019

Good things only get better, and at Gemvision, we strive to provide only the best in CAD software. It’s been an exciting few months keeping our latest update a secret — but the wait ends now!

Today, I’m incredibly excited to announce the release of the CounterSketch 2019 fall update, here just in time for the holidays. This update comes with some long-anticipated features, which I’ll detail below.

NEW Gemstone Shopper

CounterSketch has always been a fantastic customization tool, but adding gemstones opens the door to even more exciting possibilities. Now, you and your customers can shop Stuller’s extensive collection of Notable Gems™.

These uncalibrated gemstones are individually sourced for beauty and rarity and will inspire your creativity — not to mention your customers’ creativity.

The shop-by-color experience allows you to select more than one type of gemstone at a time. And the good news? It’s precisely the same as shopping with your customers on

If you’re already familiar with that, there’s nothing new to learn; just start shopping!

Updated Diamond Shopping Experience

As before, you can shop the entire Stuller Diamonds™ inventory via CounterSketch. With the new updates, you can:

  • Filter, sort, and compare diamonds as you would on
  • View videos of the diamonds and grading reports while working in CounterSketch.
  • Provide a seamless, enhanced shopping experience for you and your customers.

Once you’ve selected the perfect diamond or gemstone, use CounterSketch to design a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry to hold that special stone forever.

Stuller Showcase® Pricing Integration

Stuller Showcase is the source for all CounterSketch markups, and with the new pricing integration, you can now do a few cool new things with markup options and categories:

  • Choose diamond markups by cost or by weight.
  • Specify gemstone markups by price in four different tiers.
  • Choose metal markups based on metal type and studio charges.
  • Incorporate flat fees and taxes to get the most accurate price.

We also added a new CounterSketch flat fee that is exclusive to CounterSketch. With this feature, you can account for any additional costs or margins you wish to make on CounterSketch projects.

Stuller Showcase Pricing integration

If you haven’t set up your Stuller Showcase markups yet, be sure to do so. Not sure how? Watch this quick tutorial:


CounterSketch Training Blog Header

School Your Sales Staff with CounterSketch Training and Webinars

Did you know over half of today’s engagement rings are custom designed? Fortunately for your business, customization commands higher prices. And with the just-in-time manufacturing and virtual inventory that comes along with CounterSketch®, you can enjoy lower overhead and therefore higher margins.

So, customization software is clearly a win-win for you AND your customers. But, to maximize its effectiveness, make sure your entire sales team knows how to use CounterSketch to its full potential.


Register for CounterSketch training today so your entire staff can feel comfortable using the software.

2019 CounterSketch Training Dates at Stuller:

•  April 17 – April 19*

•  July 24 – July 26*

•  September 25 – September 27*

•  October 23 – October 25*

* A Stuller Bridge Event precedes these CounterSketch training dates.

CounterSketch Training Facebook Image

CounterSketch Training is a Must!

Stuller’s CounterSketch training covers the core tools you will use every day when working with the software. In training, we’ll cover all the basic skills needed to close a sale using Countersketch— from using the style quiz to searching the showcase to selecting a starting model. Then, we learn how to navigate in the viewport using the design stack and then how to properly save your designs. Once you have the design a customer loves, you can then create a basic render and walk through the order process.

Upon completing the CounterSketch training, your sales staff will be better equipped to qualify prospective customers, determining exactly what they are looking for and how to narrow results to a few options. Then, if closing the sale requires more advanced tools like Freehand, your sales staff can save the design and make a followup appointment where the project can be passed to your jewelry designer or expert CounterSketch user.

This sort of strategy removes some of the burden from your sales staff by handing the project to your CounterSketch expert, all while ushering your customer along down the sales pipeline.

Welcome your newest sales staff with this CounterSketch quick start guide to kick off the software training

Try CounterSketch FREE Webinars

Once a month, Stuller hosts a free CounterSketch® webinar for those seeking to grow and refine their software skills. These are sure to boost your business and help serve your customers’ customization cravings. There is also a recording of the most recent webinar on this page for those who were unable to attend live.

View dates, sign up, or learn more at

Have you attended CounterSketch training at Stuller Headquarters? How has it enhanced your business? Let us know in the comments below!

MatrixGold Essentials Blog Header

See What’s New with Stuller’s MatrixGold Essentials Software

Welcome to MatrixGold Essentials

Gemvision®, a Stuller company, launched MatrixGold Essentials™ earlier this year— a powerful software combination built for custom design. “With the speed of technology improvements in today’s world, we know we have to continue to stay at the forefront of software development,” says Bryan Morgan, Stuller’s Chief Operating Officer. “This new software will provide our customers with the most powerful tool they can use for customization and design creation.”

History in the Making

Did you know Gemvision has spent over twenty years developing Matrix and RhinoGold? This legacy of knowledge and expertise has culminated into a brand new application that merges functionality with high capability. MatrixGold Essentials blends the advanced abilities of Matrix and RhinoGold with CounterSketch’s user-friendly interface.

In short, this new software will simplify your work, resulting in greater productivity. That’s because MatrixGold Essentials runs on a Rhinoceros 6 CAD engine, allowing users more power while providing speed for greater responsiveness, presentation, display, and more. Plus, we estimate the learning curve will be slashed in half thanks to the new software’s ease of use.



See What’s New

Here are just a few new features that make MatrixGold Essentials so easy to use—

Parametric History Workflow

Arguably the most important piece of this new software, MatrixGold’s parametric tools keep track of every move you make within the software. Now, you can simply backtrack to any prior step in your design process, modify it, and watch as the software reconfigures the design. With each step recorded, you can quickly alter and adjust your creations without losing progress. This will be a major timesaver.

New Search Functionality

An enhanced ribbon toolbar promises greater usability. Looking for a specific tool but can’t remember just where the icon is? Use the robust search function in the top right corner of your screen to display a list of filter results. Also, by clicking the context menu button or pressing the F6 key, you’ll see a selection of actions based on the geometry you’ve selected.

MatrixGold Essentials Software Release Social Share

Learn more about MatrixGold Essentials™ on

With MatrixGold Essentials, you’ll spend more time doing what you do best— creating something special! Let us know your feedback on this new software in the comments below!


CounterSketch Software Update Blog Header

4 New Features From the Latest CounterSketch Software Update

On May 30th, 2018 Gemvision released a CounterSketch software update and I’m incredibly excited about it. Not only is it the first release during my time as CounterSketch product manager, but I know the new features will have an immediate impact on how users employ the software. If you haven’t purchased CounterSketch yet, I encourage you to take a second look; it just got easier. In this Blog, I’ll detail each of the new features and, when necessary, explain why we chose to improve the software in this manner.

New Design Stack Option

We have simplified the design stack by creating an abridged version that lets you change center stone shape and size and choose from eight of the most popular sliders for that model. This limited design stack works beautifully when you don’t want to overwhelm customers with options, or if you’re training new staff. As always, you can choose the more advanced version of the model for full slider functionality.

See the simplified vs. advanced design stack options
CounterSketch Doftware Update Model Toggle

Open available 3C styles from to CounterSketch

Now with the click of a button, you can open a design directly from or Stuller Showcase into CounterSketch. This new feature allows you to pick up where you left the design without having to recreate the style. No more entering style numbers and redesigning a piece in CounterSketch. By synchronizing these two digital environments, you provide a smooth transition to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

 See how to open designs from Stuller Showcase into CounterSketch
CounterSketch Software Update Showcase to CSS

Improved Filter Accuracy

Our improved filter accuracy lets you search filters with confidence, quickly navigating to the style in your library that matches your customer’s request. The revised slider names give you noticeably improved consistency of the most popular slider names. By standardizing the name of library model sliders, you’ll get faster, easier results that you and your customers will appreciate.

New Language Options

CounterSketch is now available in eight different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Greek.

See how to modify language options 
CounterSketch Software Update Language Settings

For additional information on employing these new features, watch a replay of the latest CounterSketch Software Update Webinar at

Haven’t received the CounterSketch software update? Call or email our sales team at 800-357-6272 or to ensure your upgrade subscription information is up to date.

Download and print this handout to share the new CounterSketch software update with your team