Gemstones for All: Five Gemstones for Men and Women

Brooches, Chains. Pendants. Rings. Gentlemen have a number of accessory options available and adding gemstones to fashion choices only allows for additional self-expression. Conventional wisdom would lead you to believe that gemstones are only features of women’s accessories and jewelry. But, times are changing, and developing trends would suggest otherwise. Gemstones do not belong to just women – or just men for that matter. Gemstones are for everyone.

New Fashion or Timeless Trend?

If you follow celebrities, influencers, and trendsetters, you’ll begin to notice what seems like a new fashion trend: gemstones! Gemstones are starting to make more of a statement for men as well – young and old – accenting rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, and more. But this androgynous trend is far from new. In fact, men from all backgrounds and from all over the world have been using gemstones in fashion throughout history dating back to the discovery of the earliest pieces of jewelry.

Gemstones have a rich history in fashion, each with their own story to tell. Let’s dive into five gemstones that make for excellent, powerful additions to men’s jewelry.

Ruby: Power and Boldness

Rubies Sell Story Blog Header

The color red symbolizes humanity’s strongest emotions of passion and fury. It is the color of our greatest desires, the blood that gives us life, and a symbol of battle. Such emotions and ideals are reflected in the energetic ruby. Ruby has been thought to provide all manner of virtues, such as vitality and invincibility in battle.

Often a favorite among gemstones historically, ruby is just as in demand today, with its value as prominent as ever. Ruby, a power move in fashion and bold choice in life, fits in well among unforgettable gold jewels. People are drawn to its color and the feeling of success and influence it brings.

Amethyst: Every Day is Regal

SWAS Amethyst Uses Blog Header

A bold and popular gemstone, amethyst has quite the history as a gemstone carrying great meaning. Due to its color, amethyst has been associated with the Greek god Dionysus (also known as Bacchus by the Romans), the god of wine. According to legend, amethyst was once connected to sobriety, sound mindedness, and protection. Because of this belief, warriors would make small cuts in their skin and place pieces of amethyst in the wound. The stones would inadvertently enter the bloodstream and as they blocked veins the warriors would seem vexed or drunk due to restricted blood flow. When the stones would dislodge, they were magically cured and attributed the “curing” to the power of the amethysts.

Throughout history, amethyst has been used to adorn royalty and religious figures. To this day you can still find amethyst as the chosen gemstone of bishops and even British royalty during the coronation. Amethyst is a noble symbol. Its color inspires power, boldness, and confidence.

Sapphire: Wear Your Style

SWAS Blue Sapphire Gemstones Header

Although they come in many shades and colors, the classic blue found in sapphires is one of the most distinguishable among gemstones in the world. From light and serene to dark and inky, there is a shade of blue for everyone. Truth, sincerity, and allegiance inspire those that choose to don sapphire. Sapphires can be found throughout history all over the world aiding in their steadfast following.

While most think of the iconic blue sapphire, these gemstones come in many colors and the options are endless. Each kind of sapphire is unique and worthy of appreciation, as are the people who wear them. Sapphire is noble and vibrant making it an excellent choice to accent stylings for all.

Emerald: Green with Envy

Emerald Gemstones Sell Story Header

Ambitious and lively, emerald’s notable green color is associated with opportunity and growth. Emerald is often connected to thriving landscapes, which ties in the virtues of relief and truth.

From Egypt and the Incan Empire to parts of Europe and Asia, the authority has a history of valuing the emerald. Emerald is a very calming, but powerful gemstone that makes for a great addition to anyone’s fashion statement.

Opal: Make a Statement

The magic of mystery strikes with the colors reflected in opal. Looking at opal, it is clearly not a traditional stone, but that does not detract from its intrigue. Historically, many have marveled at opal and found its colors inspiring. Others have associated it with the supernatural and the gift of prophecy.

Certainly unorthodox, opal’s rich kaleidoscope of colors is for those that wish to stand out and make an impression. Opal symbolizes hope and encouragement. Making a statement is the true magic this gemstone brings to the wearer.

Gemstones for All

Gemstones carry history and meaning. It is in this history you can see that they have a place with everyone. Man. Woman. Young. Old. Fashion and accessories are an expression of self and as time goes on jewelers will begin seeing more variety in those who are looking for ways to express those personal styles.

The gemstones mentioned only scratch the surface of stones used in modern fashion around the world. Other gemstones, such as tourmaline, garnet, and chrysoberyl, also make excellent gemstones for men and women. While Stuller may not carry every gemstone you might need, we are here to help you find exactly what you are looking for. You can special order gemstones through our network of sources.

Visit to make a request.


4 Special Occasions to Celebrate With Jewelry

Whether your customers are celebrating a 75-year anniversary, a best friend’s birthday, or any other milestone, we offer a selection of jewelry to help them memorialize the most heartwarming moments in life. Our Celebrate lookbook features options for all of those important reasons to mark an occasion — from birthdays and graduations to friendships and weddings. 

Here’s a look at a few of those categories to spark inspiration for any special moment in your customers’ lives.

Birthdays and Friendship


87090 • 21905* • 87094* • 86800* • 86797* • 653627 • 85778*86179  86179 • 86888* • 52168 • 85773CH470 

Friendship is one of the most celebrated and cherished gifts, and this year in particular, friendship has proven itself to be just that: a gift.

Let your customers know that jewelry is as great a gift for friends as it is for their partners and parents. Whether the occasion is a birthday or a major milestone — or even a “just because” — we have plenty of options to offer your customers.

Initial Earrings

Our initial earrings are available at a great price point, making them perfect for friendships and birthdays. Encourage your customer to purchase one for themselves and one for their friend to wear each other’s initial.

Engravable Jewelry

Another option is engravable jewelry, which can be customized with a special message in myriad fonts. A classic style making a major comeback is locket jewelry. Lockets are a touching, personalized gift for a mom, friend, or daughter. A special engraving and a picture inside is sure to bring a smile to their face every time they wear it.

Celebrate-2020-Jewelry-Diamond-Initial-Earring Celebrate-Jewelry-Single-Initial-Earring Celebrate-2020-Jewelry-Rose-Engravable-Bar-Necklace Celebrate-2020-Jewelry-Oval-Locket
86797* 86800* 85778 21905



653443 • 86597 • 87030* • 87248 • 652269 • 86437* • 65257471816*87151  123225*123191

Moms should be celebrated every day, not just on Mother’s Day. There are many opportunities to show Mom how she is loved and appreciated.

Treat her to a diamond engravable bar necklace, which your customer can engrave a memorable date, a child’s name, or “I love you” handwritten by her little one. She will cherish this piece of artwork and hold it close forever.

Celebrate-2020-Jewelry-Engravable-Geometric-necklace Celebrate-2020-Jewelry-3-stone-family-station-necklace Celebrate-2020-Jewelry-French-Set-Eternity-Band
86557 87151 123225*

Anniversary and Milestones


87237* • 87237* • 85775 • 87077* • 653424 • 67501 • 72084*65362386933*653599124278*66233*

Every year spent together is worth honoring and celebrating. Classic gifts, such as a tennis bracelet or diamond studs, never disappoint. Offering your customers price-pointed options are sure to wow as well.

Our best-selling interlocking circle necklace symbolizes everlasting love and is a style they can wear every day. Baguette diamond station necklaces are another on-trend, minimalist piece.

Your customer can choose the three-station or five-station to represent a third or fifth anniversary. Or allow your customers to make a customized option with one of our new 3C ring designs.

Celebrate-2020-Jewelry-Interlocking-Circle-Necklace Celebrate-2020-Jewelry-Diamond-3-Station-necklace Celebrate-2020-Jewelry-Round-halo-Ring-Mounting
     87077*           653623            72164*

For a complete look at the styles we’ve chosen to help you mark any occasion, click here.

*dictates items available in platinum

How do you like to celebrate the special people in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

Shining Stars: Oscars 2020 Jewelry Trends

Did you happen to watch the 92nd Academy Awards last night? How are we feeling about the jewelry looks from the red carpet?


Last night, we saw actors, directors, musicians, and others get together to celebrate the art of cinema. Parasite, a South Korean dark comedy thriller, took home Best Picture, which is HUGE considering it is the first foreign-language film to win. Parasite director, Bong Joon-ho, received the award for Best Director. Joaquin Pheonix scored big as the Best Actor for his performance in Joker, and Renée Zellweger as Best Actress for her role in Judy. Notably, Zack Gottsagen made history by being the first person with Down syndrome to present an award, and Joker composer Hildur Guðnadóttir is the first woman to win Best Original Score in two decades.

A few weeks ago, we saw BIG and BOLD looks come out of the GRAMMYs. Last night, in true Oscars fashion, celebs toned it down while keeping it classy. I saw a common theme last night – keep it simple!  A lot of celebrities chose to leave their jewelry at home and focus on their clothing choices. That being said, there were some outliers who decided to rock some quintessential adornments.

Here are the hottest 2020 Oscars jewelry trends–


Chic Ear Candy

There were a lot of simplistic styles displayed on the red carpet. Most celebs opted for earrings to be their statement piece–in a subtle way. Brie Larson, Natalie Portman, and Sandra Oh keep it chill in trendy earrings.87219                                       87160                                    650183


Walk On the Wild Side

I can’t say that these jewelry looks were extremely daring, but given the overall vibe of the awards show, these celebrities stepped out of the box with some more interesting pieces. Zazie Beetz beamed in emerald fashion, Saoirse Ronan sparkled in some sizable gemstone rings, and Chelsea Winstanley was glowing in golden statement pieces!

86950                                       72086                                   CH897


Let’s Hear It for the Boys

On to what I believe is my favorite category… men’s jewelry styles! I may be biased because I love men’s jewelry in general (I may or may not wear a lot of my dad’s old jewelry), but there were a few stand-out celebs that encompassed the elegance of menswear jewelry. Brad Pitt wore a single yellow gold band, Mahershala Ali sported a simple pendant on his necklace, and Billy Porter flaunted a delicate pearl bracelet.

F10                                       652358                               86954


Honorable Mention

My honorable mention for the Oscars is Cynthia Erivo. She looked like an angel in her dress surrounded by all the diamonds. Sadly, my girl did not take home an Oscar, meaning she is not an EGOT winner… but there’s always next year.


What are your opinions on the Oscars jewelry trends? Let me know in the comments below!

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Top 3 Valentine’s Day Trends for 2020

Standard Valentine’s Day gifts include chocolates, wine, flowers, and jewelry. And while some of these gifts can be picked up on the way home from work, jewelry purchases require a little more preparedness. Alas, there are always customers who need something last minute. You know, the customer who rushes in — minutes before you’re closing — needing a rose gold ring (or one of the other two Valentine’s Day trends we’ve highlighted below).

We get it! Life gets crazy, and before you know it, February 13 (or even February 14 — eek) is here. Your customers may be a tad bit unprepared, but you won’t be, fearless jeweler. This year, Stuller has you covered for all your Valentine’s Day fine jewelry needs.

Here are the hottest Valentine’s Day trends for this year:

Trend 1: Just For You

Nothing says “I love you” like personalized jewelry. Choosing a personalized piece takes thoughtful consideration, and our many customization options help you create the perfect piece for your customer.

Our new engravable lock, personalized rings, and disc bracelets are great places to start within our vast assortment of personalized jewelry.


             87184               124354            BRC770



Trend 2: Heartfelt

At a loss for words? Give your customer the option to choose from an assortment of symbols that hold meaning and offer more than words can say. Hearts, knots, infinities, and lightning bolts are all shapes that radiate everlasting love.

By offering an assortment of symbols for your customers, you can easily capture the hearts of both the classic and modern woman.


                86868              52083              86933


Trend 3: Rose Glow

Pink and red gemstones mixed with shimmering rose gold make for the most feminine pieces of jewelry. Offer your customers multi-stone options to excite and captivate them.


              87234             87168                 653642


Have you noticed an uptick in these styles at your store? Are customers clamoring around your cases for rose gold, personalization, symbols — or all three? Let us know!

Explore the rest of our lovely offerings in this year’s gift guide. You’ll discover even more Valentine’s Day trends, including the three above.

2020 GRAMMY Awards Roundup: Jewelry Trends

Did you catch the 2020 GRAMMY Awards last night? Most importantly, did you spot all the bling the celebs were sporting?! Spoiler alert: the jewels were HOT!


2020 marked the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards show, which aired last night, January 26. The lovely Alicia Keys graciously hosted the GRAMMYs for the second consecutive year. However, hours before the show began, the public received word that beloved basketball legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others were killed in a helicopter crash. Many celebrities used the event as a platform to honor Bryant.

On a lighter note, we saw a lot of modern fashion looks, as well as a lot of simplicity. GRAMMYs jewelry was a mix of stunning and simple — a trend we may expect to see throughout 2020. A lot of celebs chose the “less is more” route, while others were decked head-to-toe in jewels.


Here are the hottest 2020 GRAMMY jewelry trends—

Dazzling Diamonds

We saw a lot of diamond fashion last night. Tyler, the Creator kept it classic in diamond studs, while Lizzo showed off an elegant diamond necklace stack. Luckily, these diamond trends are timeless, and can be easily replicated using classic diamond styles.






On the contrary to these classic pieces, Camila Cabello and Billy Porter decided to let their diamonds shine bright with chunky chokers! Rock this trend by layering multiple diamond necklaces.



Pretty in Pearls

There were quite a bit of celebrities that rocked pearls last night. Gwen Stefani displayed a beautiful, simplistic pair of diamond and pearl earrings. Stay on-trend by keeping a pair of accented pearl earrings in your jewelry box.





We saw beauty influencer Nikita Dragun and model Shaun Ross adorned in pearls last night from head-to-toe. Let me just say that I am OBSESSED with this look! While we may not be rocking pearl outfits every day, we can support the pearl trend with an interesting necklace or a more timeless staple.






Gorgeous Gemstones


Shawn Mendes, FKA Twigs, and Tess Holliday were seen showcasing some colorful gemstone fashion! Shawn wears a delicate diamond and emerald necklace, FKA Twigs flaunts a diamond-accented opal necklace, and Tess boasts some statement ruby earrings. Follow this 2020 trend easily by incorporating more color into your jewelry collection.






Honorable Mention

We saw some minimal yellow gold styles last night, one of my favorites being singer/songwriter Brittany Howard (she’s my celebrity idol, so naturally I had to add her on here). Amp up your looks by including dainty yellow gold bands or chic earrings!





What were your favorite 2020 GRAMMY jewelry trends? Let us know in the comments below!

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Who, What, and Where: 3 Ways to Personalize Jewelry

Whether it’s for a special occasion, for a thoughtful holiday gift, or for no reason other than a quick way to express gratitude to a loved one, personalized jewelry is a popular pick during the holiday season. It’s an easy gift, yet one that holds immense meaning to both the wearer and the gifter.

With the styles below, you can give your customers a way to add a distinctive, perfectly personal look to their and their loved ones’ jewelry.

Someone Special

Everyone has a special someone they want with them always — whether in person or in spirit. Nameplate necklaces and initial earrings are just the thing to keep them close.


Some customers may want classic styles for gifts, but others prefer more understated, minimalist options. We provide both.

Something Special

Offer your customers a way to remember the special moments in their lives forever with our engravable pendant necklaces.

This might be a wedding date, the birth date of a child, or the date of any other special milestone in their life — such as a high school or college graduation.



Take it further by offering to engrave a special date on a bar necklace or bracelet.


Somewhere Special

With a personalized piece, your customers can carry a special place with them no matter where they are in the world. Our state necklaces feature an accented city stone and are a great way to keep that special location close.

Remind them these accented state necklaces are the perfect way to remember their hometown, a childhood vacation spot, or the place where they got engaged or married, and they’ll find it hard to say no.

Suggest engraving the name of a city on a bracelet as another way to showcase their favorite place.

Tie it Together

So your customer may be indecisive about what to get, or maybe they want to take their purchase to the next level. What do you do? Perhaps suggest they get an accented state necklace, then add a pair of initial earrings and a second, layered necklace to tell their full story: who, what, and where.

Or suggest a different combination of personalized jewelry entirely. Because that’s the beauty of personalization — endless options, all to make sure they get exactly what they want.

Visit to browse our comprehensive selection of personalized jewelry.


OSCARS 2018 jewelry trends Blog Header

OSCARS 2018 Jewelry Trends to Own This Season

On March 4th, the 90th Academy Awards ceremony aired on ABC from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. The show, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, focused heavily on gender equality and the #TimesUp movement — much like the Golden Globes and GRAMMYs earlier this year. And how about that incredible stage design featuring over 45 million Swarovski crystals? See details about how the shimmering set was engineered in the video below.



As usual, the fashion was on-point this year, bringing forth a few front-running OSCARS 2018 jewelry trends. Hollywood’s brightest stars shined in red, white, and blush this year on the red carpet. From Meryl Streep to Allison Janney to Armie Hammer, red was the most radical color at the OSCARS. We saw tons of white wearers like Jane Fonda, Mary J Blige, Margo Robbie, and Timothée Chalamet. And there was a spectrum of pink, from Gina Rodriguez’s soft rose sequined dress to Viola Davis’ hot pink gown to Ashley Judd’s Ultra Violet dress which epitomized Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year.

As expected, the OSCARS jewelry did not disappoint, with platinum-set diamonds topping the night’s trends. Dramatic drop earrings were seen far and wide throughout the event, along with the big three gemstones. Watches made quite a splash this year too, with men wielding big brands like IWC Schaffhausen and Montblanc. Rolex, a proud sponsor of the OSCARS, even aired an inspiring commercial to celebrate the art of storytelling.



Here are the top OSCARS 2018 jewelry trends


Shining Chandelier Earrings

A post shared by Chopard Official (@chopard) on

Emily Blunt wearing Chopard earrings

A post shared by Harry Winston (@harrywinston) on

Nicole Kidman wearing Harry Winston earrings


Spectacular Stiletto Earrings

Eiza Gonzalez wearing Chopard earrings

A post shared by Chopard Official (@chopard) on

Jane Fonda wearing Chopard earrings

Chunky Diamonds

A post shared by Models (@goddessesmodelss) on

Danai Gurira wearing Messika jewelry

Allison Janney in Forevermark jewelry


Fiery Rubies

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Camila Alves wearing Chopard jewelry

Lindsey Vonn wearing vintage Bulgari jewelry

Deep Blue Sapphire

A post shared by Harry Winston (@harrywinston) on

Helen Mirren wearing Harry Winston jewelry 

A post shared by Piaget (@piaget) on

Jennifer Garner wearing Piaget jewelry


Electric Emeralds

Andra Day wearing incredible emerald jewelry during her performance 

A post shared by missvalnoble (@missvalnoble) on

Octavia Spencer wearing Lorraine Schwartz

List your top OSCARS 2018 jewelry trends in the comments below!


Spring Jewelry Trends Pantone Palette Blog Header

Mix Pantone Pairings with Spring Jewelry Trends

Six more long weeks of winter. That’s what Punxsutawney Phil predicted after seeing his shadow earlier this month. But we can see the light at the end of the tunnel; spring is just a few weeks away, and you know what that means — spring fashion! Are you ready for it?

Spring Jewelry Trends Warm Desert Sunset Gemstones Spring Jewelry Trends Intrigue Gemstones

With London’s Fashion Week coming to a close, we saw eye-catching metallic and sequined textures along with many plaid and rainbow patterns. And not surprisingly, these looks translate into spring jewelry trends. We’re predicting lots of color for springtime, from chocolate-colored diamonds to Ultra Violet-colored amethyst. In fact, according to our current blog poll, rainbow-colored gemstone jewelry is increasingly popular this year.

After extensive review, here’s the merchandising game plan: sell colorful designs by contrasting warm tones with cool colors, creating unrivaled spring jewelry trends

Warm Desert Sunset Tones

Spring jewelry trends desert sunset color pairing

Springtime and sunshine go hand in hand. So what better way to create spring jewelry trends than with red-hot gemstones? We’re seeing a rise in organic, fluid shapes coupled with throwback stone shapes, like marquise. And of course, stackables are hot hot hot! Follow Pantone’s Desert Sunset color pairing to merge fierce stones like Mozambique garnet, Mexican fire opal, and citrine with fiery yellow and rose gold metals.

Cool, Intriguing Colors

Spring Jewelry Trends Intrigue color pairing

Keep it cool by pairing icy blue tones with Ultra Violet, Pantone’s 2018 color of the year. From the runway to the red carpet, everyone is embracing the layered trend. A stone cluster necklace layered with multiple strands lets customers take a simple outfit to the next level. When merchandising your cases, layer two necklaces on a neck form and your customers will fall in love with both pieces!

Celebrate color when conjuring spring jewelry trends this year!


Grammy Award Jewelry Trends Blog Header

Tracking the 2018 GRAMMY Jewelry Trends

Did you happen to catch music’s biggest event last night? The 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards were broadcasted live from Madison Square Garden in New York and was quite a night to remember! Graciously hosted by James Corden, the show featured jaw-dropping performances and a strong message for change in 2018. Much like the Golden Globe awards earlier this month, most in attendance wore white roses to stand in solidarity against gender discrimination and promote the #timesup movement.

So get this–

IBM Watson made its debut on the red carpet this year. The bot meticulously scanned every ensemble of the night, analyzing trends and comparing them to years past. But rest assured, Stuller fashionistas were also busy scanning the event for hot 2018 Grammy jewelry trends. We’ve been drooling over the dramatic diamond jewelry worn by leading ladies like Camilla Cabello and Cardi B while guys like Khalid and Donald Glover beamed brightly in all-white attire.


Here are the 2018 GRAMMY jewelry trends we absolutely adored–

Sharp-Shaped Earrings

Though she didn’t receive much camera time, Queen Bey was blingin’ this year, reportedly wearing nearly seven million dollars worth of diamond jewelry (OMG). Her platinum kite-shaped earrings held nearly 70 carats of sparkling diamonds. Meanwhile, Lauren Akins, Thomas Rhett’s wife, wore simple triangle-shaped earrings while Bebe Rexha’s were ornately-embellished and teardrop-shaped.

Plenty of Pink

Once again, pink made a splash on the red carpet. No, I’m not talking about singer-songwriter Pink! — though she did give one heck of a performance towards the end of the night. I’m referring to the rosy shade that makes the stars glow so graciously. Andra Day looked incredible in her red and pink blazer, while Zayn Malik stole the show with his mauve-colored suit. Even Lady Gaga dripped in pink during her performance as she donned a marvelous pair of morganite drop earrings.

A post shared by POP STYLE (@popstyle.official) on

Smoky Stones

On the red carpet, Lady Gaga (yes, we’re talking about her again) flashed black diamond jewelry in the form of elegant chandelier earrings and an ornately-decorated snake ring. Chrissy Teigen wore interestingly designed statement earrings with both black and white diamonds. And did you see Rihanna as she accepted a GRAMMY with Kendrick Lamar? She wore chose cognac quartz earrings complete with a chocolate diamond necklace.

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

For the Men

The men on the red carpet brought their A-game with jewelry that nearly outshone
the ladies’ and created their own striking 2018 GRAMMY jewelry trends. Both Nick Jonas and Sam Smith each wore right-hand signet rings with dark stone centers—a tasteful and trendy choice for men. We spotted layers of chunky diamond chains while Jaden Smith wore a pair of oversized curb link chains with his quirky ensemble.

Finally, Elton John wore a graduated pearl necklace under his heavily-embezzled blazer. In fact, guys sporting pearls on and off the red carpet seems to be a growing trend on our radar.

A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

What were some of your favorite 2018 GRAMMY jewelry trends? Share with us in the comments below!

Golden Globes Trends Blog Header

Grab the Top Golden Globe Jewelry Trends Here

Did you happen to catch last night’s 75th annual Golden Globe Awards? The show kicked off awards season in a major way, highlighting big trends and an even bigger message. In case you missed it, the night’s theme followed the Time’s Up initiative — a rally to combat harassment and inequality. Nearly all in attendance dressed in black to express their solidarity in the fight for justice. And lucky for us, the all-black attire made their jewelry pop brighter than ever before!

Our favorite looks came from Millie Bobby Brown, Issa Rae, and Alison Brie. We noticed trends of draping bows, embellished gowns, and delicate lace designs, just to name a few. And as for the jewelry, we saw tons of diamonds set in white gold. Last night’s show previewed some of the year’s hottest designs and gave many cues on what to stock in your showcases.


Here are a few notable Golden Globe jewelry trends–

Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamonds

Diamonds were the most popular stone to appear on the red carpet this year. And it’s no wonder, since the all-black apparel allowed diamonds to shimmer in the spotlight. We even saw black diamonds too, like in Kerry Washington’s stunning freeform earrings. Allison Brie’s bold diamond collar dazzled as Viola Davis’ layered diamond necklaces glittered with distinction and elegance. I don’t know about you, but we’re delighted that diamonds were one of the top Golden Globe jewelry trends.

Art Deco Designs

Interestingly enough, Art Deco-inspired earrings turned up as prevailing Golden Globe jewelry trends. A-listers like Reese Witherspoon and Sharon Stone donned vintage starburst designs while Sadie Silk sported gorgeous geometric drop earrings.

Statement Jewelry

In accord with the lifestyles of the rich and famous, it’s a no-brainer that celebs would wear opulent statement jewelry decked with carats upon carats of diamonds. We saw ladies like Dakota Johnson wearing diamond cluster waterfall earrings, while Mariah Carey and Catherine Zeta-Jones showed up in striking chandelier earrings.


Emerald green dominated the colored gemstone scene, ranking as one of the top Golden Globe jewelry trends this year. Stars like Zoe Kravitz, Issa Rae, Alexi Ashe, Pauletta Washington (and more) all wore the giant green gemstone. Even Eva Longoria, pregnant and glowing, wore enormous emerald-cut diamond drop earrings to the show.

Pretty in Pearls

Though considered a “safe” jewelry choice, classic pearls all but scream elegance and grace. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s fabulous station earrings were hard to miss, while Tracee Ellis Ross’ drop pearl earrings wonderfully adorned her warm, bright smile.

Eccentric Gemstones

Did you see Mandy Moore’s ravishing red gemstone earrings? The rosy red stones synced perfectly with her scarlet lips and black and red gown. Moonstone even made its way to the red carpet, appearing to drip from model Barbara Meier’s ears.

Who do you think was best-dressed last night? What were your favorite Golden Globe jewelry trends from the ceremony? Let us know in the comments below!