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I think most of us began 2020 thinking it would follow the general pattern of prior years. We had no idea that we would face a year of major and unexpected changes, which have brought all of us a sense of instability. What better time to remember our relationships and commitments that grow stronger — through all the challenges we face.

To inspire this positivity, we want to share some of those sparkling moments that stay true no matter the changes. Take a look at some of our latest designs for 2020 — a stunning preview of our new October Bridal and Bands brochure with a complete selection of our new styles. This post features new engagement rings, eternity and anniversary bands, enhancers, and wedding bands. Be sure to scroll all the way through to see our most exciting addition of all!

Engage with Elegance: New Designs

Intricate details and modern classics: this incredible assortment of engagement rings features some of our newest Designer Bridal pieces. This collection has it all, from fancy halos and scattered accents to asymmetry and nostalgia styling.

Browse our new engagement ring designs.

Create Brilliantly: New Stackables

This is the year for stackables, and you have limitless options. Our new anniversary and eternity band designs offer customers an extravagance of intricate details, sculptured elegance, modern flair, and updated classics. These outstanding styles — with more to come in the October Bridal brochure — capture the enduring happiness they celebrate. Choose them as perfect gifts for an anniversary, a birthday, a new baby, or just a Wednesday.

Browse our new stackable bands.

Re-envision Your Look: New Enhancers

Does your customer want to add some bling to their engagement ring? These stunning new enhancers offer all the brilliance and detail she could ask for. Better yet, you’ll find an enhancer that’s perfect for any engagement ring design. Brighten up any bridal look.

Browse our ring enhancer designs.

Style Statements: New Wedding Bands

Contemporary Metal Wedding Bands are having a breakout year, and we offer a wide array. Our choices include Tungsten, Titanium, and now Tantalum, a rare, premium contemporary metal with a weight similar to precious metals. We love Tantalum because, unlike other contemporary metals, you can customize your it with a special finish and engraving for a more personal touch. Perhaps most astonishingly, Tantalum is shatterproof, and you can size this alluring greyish blue metal!

Browse our new wedding band styles.

What comes through in all these designs? Whatever challenges we face, our hearts and spirits seek joy and beauty — reflections of optimism and hope. Our in-house designers have created exquisite expressions of these deeply felt emotions. So, as customers look for their bridal rings, you can offer them a stunning range of elegant, distinctive looks to help them find their perfect choice.

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On-Trend Bridal Pieces for Spring 2020

Engagement season is upon us, and with that comes couples looking to find their dream rings.  Our bridal team has researched to determine the trends we believe will be the most inspirational and impactful this year.  Browse the intriguing designs below to guide your customers through this exciting time, and create your best Bridal season yet.

Here are five of our top 2020 bridal engagement ring trends.



HR7 • 124409 • 124251 • MGR10 • LLAB:2903:G 

Timeless never goes out of fashion.  For this trend, the center stone is the star, but for an added twist, offer accent stones, milgrain edges, and other details to enhance the piece.  Plus, with such a simple yet unique ring, pairing a simple band will only add to the overall look.

 March Bridal 2020 Trends Yellow Halo Engagement  March Bridal 2020 Trends Milgrain Comfort Fit Half Round Band  March Bridal 2020 Trends Solitaire Claw Prong Engagement
           124409         MGR10                 124348

Vivid Color


124389 • 123478 • 124170 • 124460  

Gemstones in bridal have been around for a while now, and show no signs of stopping.  From vibrant to subtle, adding color allows customers to have a ring that is unique through every detail.  Offer gemstones and colored diamonds in a variety of metal colors for a one-of-a-kind piece your customers will love.

 March Bridal 2020 Trends Emerald Engagement Ring  March Bridal 2020 Emerald Diamond Contour Band  March Bridal 2020 Trends Satin Finish Band
            124331         124460       TAR52191

Nostalgic Allure


124383 • 124126 • 124129 • 124130 • DIAMOND-GEN:140022:G 

Vintage jewelry definitely has its place in our more modern world.  The jewelry world has drawn inspiration from Art Deco and Victorian looks to create modern styles from the trends of the past.  Offer sculptural galleries and accent stones to elevate the look.  For an added touch, offer rose-cut center stones to make an even more alluring piece for your customer’s big day.

 March Bridal 2020 Trends Rose Emerald Engagement Ring March Bridal 2020 Trends Rose Cut Engagement and Band  March Bridal 2020 Trends White Diamond Baguette Eternity Band
                124383              124129         124287

The Art of Detail


124357 TAR52111 • 124390 

Customers want a style that’s uniquely theirs.  Whether through the engagement ring or wedding band, unique details and designs are exactly what they’re looking for.  Offer asymmetrical styles, and specially finished bands to uniquely reflect the wearer.

March Bridal 2020 Trends Pear Rose Diamond Semi-Set Engagement Ring  March Bridal 2020 Trends Yellow Emerald Engagement Ring March Bridal 2020 Trends Mens Celtic Inspired Wedding Band
        124390               124103       124252

Lab-Grown Diamonds and Modern Brilliance™


123655 • 122968 • 122981 • 653561 • LAB-DIAMOND:410027:G 

Interest in lab-grown diamonds is growing with each bridal season.  To meet the demand, Stuller’s lab-grown jewelry selection has expanded through Modern Brilliance.  The pieces in the line are semi-set exclusively with lab-grown diamonds.  This offers an ideal option for customers wanting lab-grown diamonds but wants to select their center stone.

For a complete look at our Modern Brilliance offering, click here.


 March Bridal 2020 Trends Semi Set 3 Stone Engagement Ring March Bridal 2020 Yellow Anniversary Band March Bridal 2020 Trends Rose Diamond Contour Band
               123281                653561          122737


Shop all of the trends in Stuller’s March 2020 Bridal & Bands Lookbook

How do these Spring 2020 designs fare in your area? Let us know in the comments below.

5 Rising Bridal Jewelry Trends for 2020

Our experts spent lots of time scouting what bridal jewelry trends were to come in the new year, and now they’ve returned with great news: 2020 bodes well for fashion!

Here’s a look at some of the top bridal jewelry trends we expect to see rising exponentially in the coming year. Stay on top of the demand by incorporating some of these engagement ring and wedding band styles into your cases today.

Explore the top 2020 engagement ring trends here

Bridal Trend 1: Floral Flair

2020 Bridal Trends Floral Flair

123884 • 123720 • 124028

Fashion trends show a boom in floral motifs and design elements reminiscent of the natural world. If your customer wants a more modern style, check out these pieces, which are perfect for those who love sculptural engagement rings, vintage-inspired styles, and intricate engravings and beading.

Bridal Trend 2: Custom Style

2020 Bridal Trends Custom Style

123699 • 124171 • 124275 • 124301 • 124101

Our flexible 3C designs are a great way to start with one piece and have your customer make it their own. Let your customer design and redesign their ring, taking one piece and creating multiple looks until the design is exactly as it should be: perfect.

Bridal Trend 3: Timeless Twists

2020 Bridal Trends Timeless Twists

124237 • 124370 • 52087 • TAR52099 • TAR52123

The classics will always have a place in your case, but some customers look for a modern spin on traditional pieces. This is especially true for men’s wedding bands, where contemporary twists — special finishes, two-tone metals, diamond accent stones, and more — give the groom a way to showcase his personality while still keeping it classic.

Bridal Trend 4: Perfect Pairings

2020 Bridal Trends Perfect Pairings

124084 • 123866140309L124092124116

His and hers, laughter and tears, cake and champagne — your customers’ big day is all about sweet pairings that add up to one beautiful love story. Double the beauty of their engagement ring by pairing it with a contour band or enhancement guard.

Bridal Trend 5: Stack it Up

2020 Bridal Trends Stack It Up

124220 • 124278 • 124272 • 124286 • 124218124105

Who says your customer needs only one band? Stackable looks are here to stay, so show them eternity and anniversary bands to create a unique stack for each bride, mixing metals, styles, and stone shapes to create their perfect stack.

Which one of these top 2020 engagement ring trends do you foresee being a top seller in your store? Let us know in the comments below!

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Browse the Best Springtime Bridal and Wedding Band Trends

Sound the alarm! Today is a double holiday. For starters, it’s the first day of spring. Winter is slowly fading away in exchange for sunshine, new blossoms, and liveliness. Today is also National Proposal Day. It’s the unofficial holiday for honoring, celebrating, pondering, and even acting out the perfect proposal. So what better way to celebrate springtime AND proposals than by introducing our leading bridal and wedding band trends?


Browse the best springtime bridal and wedding band trends below.

On-Trend Engagement Rings

Bridal and Wedding Band Trends On Trend Engagements

From the Top: 12388651922124017123996


Engage your customers with brilliance! Each bride is unique, and her ring should be, too! Explore all possibilities when it comes to dazzling your brides-to-be. Perhaps she wants a double halo ring with starburst baguettes like the one shown above. Or maybe she’d prefer an emerald east-west design or a gemstone center stone. The bridal and wedding band trends featured here are perfect for a palette of planned proposals.


Anniversary and Eternity Bands

Bridal and Wedding Band Trends Anniversary Eternity Bands

From the Top: 123956124063124021123993


The latest bridal and wedding band trends lean toward larger, more attention-grabbing styles. Many of today’s brides opt for chunky eternity bands featuring 2.5mm stones and above. To achieve this look while staying within budget, suggest similar anniversary band styles since they hold fewer stones, and thus, cost less. Or, suggest lab-grown diamonds or moissanite bands as an alternative to genuine diamonds.


Stunning Stackables

Bridal and Wedding Band Trends Stunning Stackables

From the Top: 123858123957123727124048


Stack ’em to the sky! This idea seems to align with the latest bridal and wedding band trends we’ve witnessed over the past few years. In short, stackables are here to stay. Add interest by suggesting bands with multiple stone shapes, channel-set stones, or intricate milgrain details to make her band stand out.


Wedding Band Trends

Bridal and Wedding Band Trends Wedding Bands

From L to R: 6530769851F10123860TAR52028 • KER10


Fancy men’s bands are on the rise. Gone are the days of run-of-the-mill styles. Instead, recent bridal and wedding band trends indicate that grooms are open to owning a unique band. This gives way to engraved, two-tone, textured, inlay details, and so much more. Luckily, we’ve got you covered when it comes to finding your man the perfect band!

Shop more bands on Stuller.com

Which designs are trending in your area? Let us know in the comments below. Then, explore four more top 2019 engagement ring trends projected this year.

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3 Easy Tactics to Sell More Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings

Colorful gemstone engagement rings are having a moment.


Whether it’s a gemstone stackable, birthstone necklace, or ombré stones set in a customer’s favorite color, today’s shoppers are using colored gemstones to showcase their unique style. In fact, designers all around the world are embracing the rainbow trend, which makes now the perfect time to sell color in your store.

With this in mind, there’s an opportunity to promote colorful gemstone engagement rings, too. Perhaps your bride-to-be wants to break from tradition. Or perhaps she just wants to express her individuality. This opens the opportunity to bring your stones out of the vault and into your cases to ignite more gemstone sales.

Here are three easy ways to get your customers crazy about colorful gemstone engagement rings.


1. Tell Your Stones’ Stories

The ancient Egyptians believed the ring finger had a vein — dubbed the vein of love by the Romans — that ran directly to the heart. Colorful gemstone engagement rings invite certain energies into one’s life and marriage. For example, since pink is regarded as a color of romance, suggest a light pink morganite or pink tourmaline. Or, offer an aquamarine to symbolize loyalty or emerald to signify unconditional love. Follow our monthly Sell With a Story series for more colorful gemstone backstories. 

Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings Stones Stories

Pro Tip: Showcase Your One-of-a-Kind Stones

If you have some great one-of-a-kind stones in the vault, bring them out to spotlight their beauty. Showing customers these unique colorful gemstones will spark interest and conversation, eventually leading to a custom-designed creation.


2. Find Their Favorite Color

Color plays an important, yet different, role for every customer. Each interpretation can take form through a variety of gemstones. While one shopper may draw toward sapphire’s royal blue shade, another may find solace in aquamarine’s light-toned tranquility. Offer a range of colorful gemstone shades to ensure your customer finds the exact look to fit their individuality.

Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings Favorite Colors Rainbow Stones

Pro Tip: Use a Variety of Color Assortments

Rainbow doesn’t have to mean red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple. This year’s hot trend can manifest through bold color assortments, along with muted assortments— even ombrés. When selling colorful gemstone engagement rings, remember it’s all about variety and fun!


3. Present a Price-Point Approach

While a large ruby or emerald may cause customers to rethink their center stone choice, remind them of the options available to capture their heart and price point. Suggest a Rubelite Tourmaline in place of a rare ruby, or a Tsavorite Garnet instead of emerald. This provides the uniqueness they crave at a more affordable price. Also, lab-created stones come in a variety of shapes and colors and are a great option for your eco-conscious customers.

Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings Price Point Approach

Pro Tip: Plan Your Inspirational Layouts

Group your colorful gemstone engagement rings in groups based on pricing. Showing carefully curated layouts is a great way to spark their inspiration and offer multiple possibilities.

Shop more colorful gemstones on Stuller.com


2019 Engagement Ring Trends Blog Header

Explore the 2019 Engagement Ring Trends to Expect This Year

Our trend experts spend the entire year scouting what’s to come in the world of fashion. From consulting with jewelers to visiting industry events like New York City Jewelry Week, we keep our eyes peeled for what’s around the corner.

This new year promises exciting styles and trends ahead, as 2019 bodes well for fashion. We’re highlighting four dazzling, delightful 2019 engagement ring trends that even the most stylish customer will desire. We will keep a close eye on these looks as the year progresses. Stay ahead of the fashion curve by incorporating them into your store today.

Explore the top 2019 engagement ring trends here


Effortless Elegance

Elegance and regality are in-vogue. One of the fastest rising 2019 engagement ring trends, it seems the devil’s all in the details. Today’s consumer yearns for intricate designs that create a sense of empowerment and opulence. This trend captures Victorian grandeur while maintaining a hint of modern gracefulness. To achieve this look, try—

• Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

• Feminine and Dainty Engagement Rings

• Intricate and Detailed Engagement Rings


Graphic Glamour

Another forerunner among 2019 engagement ring trends, this look combines bold statement pieces that masterfully marry delicate lines with heavy geometric forms of cubism. Graphic Glamour represents a series of interweaving shapes that echo a sleek minimalist style. 2019 may just bring a wave of streamlined modernity. For more of this trend, look toward—

• Art-Deco Style Engagement Rings

• Bold Geometric Engagement Rings

• Bezel-Set Engagement Rings


Lovers Award

2019 Engagement Ring Trends Lovers Award


Lovers Award represents a transformation of tradition into something entirely original and personal. This top 2019 engagement ring trend is actually all about wedding bands that are love-inspired with symbolic detail. Brides-to-be seek bands with artistic expression that is subtle, yet sophisticated with devotional elements stacked for a more refined look. Lovers Award looks include—

• Patterned Wedding Bands

• Finely Engraved Wedding Bands

• Symbolic Wedding Bands


Visible Fantasy

2019 Engagement Ring Trends Visible Fantasy


Visible Fantasy brings forth the idea of merging two that exist in a world of their own making. This top 2019 engagement ring trend features a fresh look at the classic wedding band and engagement ring. Inspired by whimsical luxury, you will find something for every young couple that embarks on their time-honored celebration of unity. To complete this look, seek—

• Stackable Bands with Engagement Rings

• Custom Designed Engagement Rings

• Fancy Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Which one of these top 2019 engagement ring trends do you foresee in the near future? Let us know in the comments below!