Threadless Body Jewelry 101: Press Fit Posts Explained

The jewelry industry and the body piercing industry have much more in common than some may realize. While high-quality, hypoallergenic metals such as implant-grade titanium and surgical steel (and, unfortunately, low-quality nickel-based alloys) have dominated the industry, fine gold body jewelry has been on a sharp rise in recent years. If you thought all body jewelry was created equally, think again.

Just as all rings aren’t created equally, neither is body jewelry. As education grows awareness, so too does this golden opportunity. Precious metals command a far higher price point than both titanium and steel, which is great news for both retail jewelers AND body piercers.

Stuller is proud to expand our offerings in this area, starting with our new threadless Press Fit posts and backs made from 14-karat gold.

But to get this deep dive started, we need to start with some basic terminology and explain why threadless body jewelry is so great to begin with.

Stick around to the end for a free downloadable ear piercing chart you can print for your store, for personal reference, or for customers to take home.

Externally Threaded vs. Internally Threaded Jewelry

To help you understand Stuller’s new Press Fit body jewelry, it helps to know about the two other types of body jewelry: externally threaded and internally threaded.

View the chart below to see the difference in their construction:


Many piercers consider externally threaded body jewelry unacceptable. They are often made from nickel-heavy “mystery metal” that can cause skin reactions — even in people who don’t typically react to nickel.

Externally threaded jewelry doesn’t smoothly pass through the piercing. When the jewelry is removed, the threads can cause trauma to the skin and let bacteria grow in the micro tears.

Internally threaded body jewelry, by contrast, is safe for all piercings. Since the threads are inside the post/barbell, the jewelry can harmlessly pass through the piercing. Stuller carries a modest assortment of internally threaded styles.

But there’s an equally safe alternative to internally threaded jewelry — one with some key advantages over internal threading — and Stuller is proud to add this type to our ever-growing assortment of findings. Enter Press Fit, Stuller’s new threadless body jewelry system.

“You just went over internally and externally threaded. Now you’re talking about threadLESS? What’s that?” you may ask. And I’m glad you did.

What is Threadless Body Jewelry?

Unlike externally and internally threaded styles, threadless body jewelry is exactly as the name implies: it has no threads at all.

These pieces are held together via tension created when the pin (sometimes called the post) is slightly bent and fully pressed into the tube back (in the body piercing industry, this part is typically called the post). Read on for an infographic that demonstrates how this works.

This unique construction offers an array of benefits for body piercings.

Why Choose Threadless Body Jewelry?

Threadless body jewelry’s key benefits are safety, security, comfort, and ease of changing up one’s look. Here’s are five reasons why you should choose this style:

  1. Threadless jewelry is safe for piercings. The post’s smooth, threadless construction provides a clean, harmless pass through any piercing.
  2. It keeps your jewelry secure and in place. Held by tension, threadless jewelry can’t accidentally fall out. It requires a bit of effort to remove, actually!
  3. Threadless jewelry is comfortable. No more is poking an issue. Because threadless styles have a disc back, the stud rests comfortably and flatly against the skin. In select piercings, such as the tragus, this means the wearer can keep using earphones.
  4. You can mix and match to explore your personal style. You have endless ways to mix and match a variety of decorative tops: ball ends, trims, diamonds, gemstones, and even dangles.
  5. Wearers need only one back for one piercing yet can have a variety of decorative ends. This lets them create a versatile, ready-to-wear collection.

How Does Threadless Body Jewelry Work?

While Press Fit posts and backs may seem complicated, they’re actually quite simple once you understand the fit. Using tension created when the two components are pressed together, threadless jewelry secures into place.

Unlike traditional friction-back studs — which you insert from the front of the piercing, starting with the earring’s post — threadless jewelry works in reverse. That is, you insert the Press Fit back from behind first, and then you insert the pin from the front.

How to Take Off Threadless Jewelry

Hold both ends of the jewelry, and pull them in opposite directions. You may need to add a slight twisting motion. And don’t do it over your bathroom sink without a plug — these pieces are tee-tiny, and you don’t want to lose your precious jewelry down the drain.

Press Fit Posts and Backs

The newest addition to our immense findings selection is this Press Fit system. You can buy just the back, just the post, or both*. Solder a tiny trim or stone setting onto the post for a look your customers can quickly mix and match.

press fit posts and backs

At the current time, we sell the posts and decorative ends separately.

Joining them together requires a smidge of soldering. These are not currently able to be ordered as a ready-to-wear style — but keep an eye on our site, as exciting things are coming for Press Fit!


  • Made in-house from SCS-certified 100% recycled metal
  • Back assembly is a 2.5mm struck disc with 18-gauge tubing
  • Available in 14-karat white, yellow, and rose gold
  • Two post lengths and four back lengths:
    • 4mm post fits the 5mm and 6mm back
    • 6mm post fits the 7mm and 8mm back

* Please note that at Stuller, we refer to the pin as the post, and the back is the tube + disc end component.

A Few Notes

First, know that Press Fit posts and backs are compatible only with each other. You cannot take a regular earring stud’s post and fit it inside a Press Fit tube. They will neither fit nor bend, unlike the Press Fit pin (post), which is ultra thin and moderately flexible.

Second, Press Fit posts and backs can be worn only in piercings that use straight jewelry. We recommend wearing these in select piercings:

  • Ear lobes
  • Ear cartilage piercings (helix, forward helix, flat, tragus, anti-tragus, conch)
  • Nostrils
  • Lips

Consult with a professional piercer to learn about which gauge thicknesses and size posts are best for which piercings. Piercings are not one-size-fits-all since all bodies are different.

Can I Use Press Fit With Other Piercings?

Body piercings that use curved or circular jewelry — such as navels, daiths*, snugs, rooks, eyebrows, and such — are not suitable for Press Fit posts and backs.

Why? A straight bar used in a curved body piercing puts pressure on the piercing, and the piercing may heal improperly — or worse, the wearer’s body may slowly reject the piece. This can leave them with a nasty scar and potentially affect whether they can have that specific location repierced.

* Despite its spelling, daith is actually pronounced doth. It rhymes with cloth, trough, and cough!

Download This Free Ear Piercing Chart

Share the knowledge! With this chart, you can inspire customers to get their next piercing, or maybe even open them up to one they didn’t know was possible.

ear piercing types

Hand it out to customers when they buy a Press Fit post and back from you, or keep it near your Press Fit jewelry to show customers some options.

Note: If customers ask you where they should go to get a piercing, I recommend sending them to the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). This will help them locate a professional piercer who has passed the APP’s strict guidelines for membership.

My Experience

Personally, I’m a fan of the triple-forward helix and the double tragus, both of which I had at age 19. However, my craziest piercings were the three-stone vertical industrials I had in each ear. I was a body modification aficionado back in college and still retain a lot of fondness for piercings.

A huge part of the appeal for me was that piercings allowed me to explore my creativity and change up any look within seconds. At my piercing peak, I had 22 and was just getting into 14-karat gold for them.

Who knew I’d end up at Stuller someday and discover we’re the supplier to many of the fine body jewelry creators I adored back then?

Oh, and yes — I used threadless jewelry in most of my cartilage piercings back then. I can attest to how secure, safe, and comfortable these styles are. In fact, the first time I tried taking one out my tragus, I thought the pin was stuck in the post for good!

Ready to get some threadless jewelry of your own?

Shop Press Fit on today!

5 Looks to Love From the 2020 CMA Awards

Last night’s Country Music Association Awards was truly one for the books and proved to be a star-studded close of the 2020 award season. Held in Nashville’s Music City Center, this year’s CMA’s stood out against other award shows this year because it is the only award show to be held mostly in person. Although with a substantially reduced and intimate audience, the show gave a feeling of almost normality with show-stopping performances, live applause, and stunning looks.

This year’s attendees definitely dressed up for the occasion and inspired us with how they chose to accessorize. Let’s take a look at our top 5 favorite pieces from this year’s CMA’s and find Stuller products that can help recreate these fashion statements.

Reba McEntire’s Hoop Earrings

Reba McEntire CMA Awards 2020
Photo by ABC | US Magazine

A seasoned CMA awards host and a legendary performer, Reba naturally knows how to capture attention when she enters the room. From her tribute performance with co-host Darius Rucker to her multiple fashion ensembles, Reba certainly left her mark on us. One of her prominent accessories we loved was her golden hoops she paired with her unique and stunning beaded black collared dress. Just like Reba, they are classy, yet stated.

Grab attention like Reba with a pair of inside-outside hinged hoop earrings (61378).

Maren Morris’s Ring Stack

Maren Morris CMA Awards 2020
Photo by Terry Wyatt with Getty Images |

Maren Morris was the big winner at last night’s CMA awards taking home Single of the Year, Song of the Year, and Female Vocalist of the Year. As a new mom, she was certainly eager to finally be out of the house and dressed to impress – and we loved it! What caught our attention was her glittering dress she wore while performing her award-winning song “The Bones.” Complementing the dress was an excellent selection of stackable rings.

Be bold like Maren and add to your stackable collection. Make a statement with an accented stackable ring (124453) or choose a more subtle diamond stackable ring (653716).

Justin Bieber’s Gold Watch Band

Justin Bieber CMA Awards 2020
Photo by Dustin Downing/Country Music Association Inc./Shutterstock | People Magazine

Country music is not the first genre of choice when you think of Justin Bieber. Nevertheless, he was nominated for three CMA awards for his collaboration with artists Dan + Shay on their hit song “10,000 Hours.” While not in attendance for the in-person award show, the trio performed from the Hollywood Bowl to no audience. The performance was phenomenal, and we are glad they could make it. Bieber dressed up his normal casual urban streetwear with high waisted dress pants and a gold watch. We loved this look because it is a perfect example of trending fashion among the younger generation.

Accessorize like Justin Bieber with an extremely cost-effective spring-end adjustable link watch band (59-0103).

Carly Pearce’s Emerald Drop Earrings

Carly Pearce CMA Awards 2020
Photo by Jamie Schramm/Country Music Association Inc./Shutterstock | US Magazine

Recipient of Music Event of the Year for her song “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” Carly Pearce showed up ready to make an impression. In a floor-length green dress with a slit up to the thigh, she accessorized with a matching pair of emerald drop earrings. She said she styled that look with her mom, which definitely warmed our hearts.

Experience blissful happiness like Carly Pearce with a round bar earring mounting (22137) set with emeralds or your gemstone of choice.

Ingrid Andress’ Matching Necklace and Bracelet

Ingrid Andress CMA Awards 2020
Photo by ABC | US Magazine

CMA performer Ingrid Andress brought us and herself to tears performing her song “More Hearts Than Mine.” But it was actually her red-carpet look that caught our attention first. Sporting a deconstructed Tom Ford suit, she paired it with matching diamond necklace and bracelet. These pieces truly pulled her outfit together.

Add a piece that could bring someone to tears like Ingrid Andress with a diamond necklace (68226) and matching diamond line bracelet (BRC445).

Get inspired by more award-worthy fashion statements in our previous award show coverage.

Our Top 5 Looks From the Emmys

2020 GRAMMY Awards Roundup: Jewelry Trends

Shining Stars: Oscars 2020 Jewelry Trends

302 Design Spotlight: Mobile Earrings

Have you peeked inside this month’s Elle, Marie Claire, or Harper’s Bazaar magazines? You may have seen one of our fave looks from the Utility Collection, these fun and flexible mobile earrings.

Modern Movement

From brunch with the girls to a night out on the town, a cocktail dinner, or a weekend spent at home, the mobile earrings are versatile enough to be worn anywhere and for anything.

Your customers can wear this playful and luxurious style as a solitary statement piece or wear it paired with a complementary #NeckMess. With a single whip of their head, they’ll steal a second glance from everyone around.

302 Fine Jewelry Mobile Earrings

Behind the Design

Collaboration is at the heart of 302 Fine Jewelry. Our in-house fashion experts and design team frequently meet up to discuss new and existing designs, and this is how the mobile earrings were brought to life.

Our jewelry team identified a need within the Utility Collection for a head-turning, movable style. After weeks of browsing, picking, and crafting a prototype from Stuller’s wide assortment of jewelry findings, the 302 design team got to work creating the fully functional earrings.

302 Fine Jewelry Mobile Earrings

Now this design has proven itself a standout style both inside and outside of Stuller. Grab your pair today in one of five metal qualities (silver, platinum, and 14-karat white, rose, and yellow gold) to have them ready for your fashion-savvy customers.

Want to know more about 302 Fine Jewelry?

Read our previous entry to discover three reasons to become a 302 partner, or start shopping the collections on our website.


Buzzing Over Jewelry for World Bee Day 2020

Fewer things are as vital to our everyday life than the bee. You may not think much about these fuzzy insects, but bees (and other pollinators, such as bats, butterflies, and hummingbirds) are the key to biodiversity and the vast majority of global food production. Without pollinators, the quality and the quantity of our food would go down.

That’s why, on May 20 of every year, we celebrate World Bee Day!


What is World Bee Day?

Since its establishment in 2014, World Bee Day focuses on the importance of pollinators, particularly the noble honey bee, and why we should protect and preserve them. For instance, did you know that

  • …nearly 90% of the world’s wild flowers depend, whether entirely or partly, on pollinators?
  • …more than 75% of the world’s food crop and 35% of agricultural land depend on pollinators?
  • …pollinators contribute to agricultural biodiversity, which increases the quality and diversity of our food?

Source: World Bee Day, United Nations

Below, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite bee-inspired jewelry as well as where you can go to learn more about World Bee Day.

Generate Buzz With Bee Jewelry

Just as the bee buzzes from flower to flower, the jewelry space is abuzz with bee baubles.

These pieces are perfect for sparking conversation about pollinators and why we should #SaveTheBees. Featuring bee-themed jewelry on your social media is an easy way to generate buzz about your store and World Bee Day. 

From custom metal stampings to fine jewelry, Stuller has a variety of best-selling, bee-inspired jewelry for you to offer customers:

World-Bee-Day-2020-Yellow-Bee-Earrings World-Bee-Day-2020-Yellow-Medallion-Dangle World-Bee-Day-2020-Honeycomb-Stackable-Ring
Tiny Bee Dangle 2000939 Bee Earrings 87319 Medallion Dangle 2000360 Honeycomb Ring 124608


World-Bee-Day-2020-White-Bee-Stackable-Ring World-Bee-Day-2020-Yellow-Stamping World-Bee-Day-2020-Sterling-Bee-Charm  
Stackable Ring 52027 Stamping 2000835 Charm 86402  

Shop our full assortment of bee-inspired jewelry.

Bee Engaged With World Bee Day

Want to do your part to help pollinators survive and do what they do best? Here are some ideas:


  • Donate to charities and research groups dedicated to the preservation of bees.
  • Visit your local beekeepers to learn more about their work — and buy raw honey. It tastes great and contains all the nutrients that pasteurized store-bought honey lacks.
  • Set up a pollinator-friendly habitat in your yard, garden, or other outdoor area. A good place to start is with nectar-bearing flowers and shrubs. An even easier thing you can do is make a bee water fountain.
  • Use pesticides (if you must) that do not harm pollinators. Spray them when there’s no wind, and do so when bees are inactive: during the early morning or late night.
  • Spread awareness on social media with the hashtag #WorldBeeDay.

Learn all there is to know, such as events, news, and what you can do to help at the official World Bee Day 2020 site

2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog Blog Header

Introducing the 2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog

Findings are essential to your business. And they’re important to Stuller, too. In fact, our business began with findings nearly 50 years ago.

2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog

Here at Stuller, we carry one of the most extensive selections of die-struck and machine cut findings in the marketplace. Plus, the majority of that product is manufactured right here in Lafayette, Louisiana. There’s no place better to browse the breadth of our findings assortment than our NEW 2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog.

Not only does this catalog feature our best-selling classics, but we’ve also incorporated more 14k rose gold options, semi-set product, and fashion-forward components. It’s now easier than ever to find exactly what you need! We’ve included over 700 new styles within this new catalog. This means it consists of 20% new items! So crack it open. We think you’ll be delighted by what you find.

How often does Stuller send a findings catalog?

The last findings catalog went out in July of 2017. Working closely with our product development and design teams, we’ve found a two-year catalog cycle works best. After all, we’re always striving to serve new product to our customers. Plus, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve as we make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

How long did it take to make the findings catalog?

It took about six to eight months to create the new findings catalog. But honestly, work begins as soon as a new catalog drops. We receive immediate feedback and work to incorporate customers’ preferences into our planning for the next edition.


Here are 5 New Updates to the Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog:

1. Updated Imagery

Following the last catalog, we received lots of customer feedback requesting products shown to scale. So naturally, we wanted to incorporate that feedback in this catalog. At the same time, we recognized the importance of sharing a view that showcases the tiny details and design elements of findings, too. So, to accommodate both needs, you’ll find magnified imagery along with items shown to scale to help you make the most informed buying decision.

2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog Earrings Settings Sketches Earrings

2. Improved Navigation

This catalog also features additional tabs allowing us to highlight more product categories than ever before. You’ll now find individual sections for chain, trims, pendant components, and earring components. In previous editions, we had quite a bit of variation in the product shown in each section. For example, if you were turning to the earring section looking for an earring post and back, you had to navigate through all the earring mountings before finding what you needed.

In this edition, we separated product categories for easier navigability. Now, whether you’re looking for an earring back, a bail, chain by the inch, or whatever you need, you can simply turn straight to that section.

2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog Earrings Settings Gemstones

3. Integration

From one catalog to the next, we’re seeing more and more customers browsing items on Of course, everyone has their own preference. Some may want to call in their orders referencing the catalog, while others may prefer to shop and price orders online.

With this in mind, we really wanted to create a seamless shopping experience between all the ways our customers shop. We achieved this by adding additional links to, listing related products in the catalog and on the web, and adding easier ways to identify product functionality.

2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog Earrings Settings Sketch Earrings

4. Expanded Section Introductions

As you’re probably aware, industry jargon can often be subjective. While one person calls a setting a head, others may call it a crown. So, we aimed to remove some ambiguity by expanding the introductions of each section. We added more visuals and information to describe what’s included in each section.

We also felt this would help your customers or sales associates new to the jewelry industry. Imagine a new sales associate who turns to the Trim section and wonders, “Hmm, what’s a trim?” The new shopping guides in each section contain explanations and visual examples of what’s showcased.

2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog Trim Sheet Wire

5. Semi-Set Pricing

Last, but not least, we’ve incorporated semi-set pricing throughout the catalog. We began this work in our last catalog which contained a unique section dedicated to showcasing our semi-set findings offering. However, since we’ve seen a greater trend towards semi-set product each year, we incorporated semi-set pricing throughout our latest 2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals catalog wherever it applied.

2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog Heads Shanks

Learn more about the 2020-2021 Stuller Findings and Metals Catalog here on

Winter Jewelry Trends Blog Header

Stock These New Winter Jewelry Trends to Warm the Wardrobe

It’s the first day of winter! And that means today is also the shortest day of the year—so take action. With nightfall closing in faster than usual, today’s colder weather calls for layer upon layer of show-stopping style. Suggest these new winter jewelry trends to warm your customers’ wardrobes. Celebrate metal’s texture, form, and finish this wintertime by touting gold in its many shades. After all, red, gold, and silver are core colors this time of year.


Here are our favorite winter jewelry trends to share this year

Rosy cheeks and rose gold tones

Rose gold rings are all the rage. Gleaming with a warmly burnished sheen, this rosy-toned metal bursts with femininity. Just a glimpse of this glowing metal fashion is enough to lend warmth to winter’s bitter cold.

Gilded in gold

Gold rests comfortably at the top of the precious metal food chain. And what’s more festive for holiday season than glimmering yellow gold? The gold leaf ear climbers above remind us of wreaths, while the circular pendant with baguette accents conveniently mimics a snowflake’s delicacy.

Under the earmuffs

A mainstay on the metal fashion scene, white gold belongs in a winter wonderland. Let’s not forget about icy blue gemstones and vibrant violet shades, too. These cool hues pop when set in white gold and lead the way for this year’s winter jewelry trends.

Stacking stuffers

Stackables are still in style. Diamond and gemstones eternity bands top this year’s winter jewelry trends.

Winter Jewelry Trends Stackable Rings

From the Top: 123864123608123865123858123853123836122844

What’s hot in your store this holiday season? Share your area’s winter jewelry trends using #HowIStuller on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest.

Jewelry Under $500 Valentines Day Blog Header

Gift Your Loved Ones with Jewelry Under $500

Imagine this scenario: a couple enters your store days before Valentine’s Day. As she wanders about your sales floor, her “ouus” and “ahhs” make the sweetest audible expressions. “OMG look at this beautiful ring. I love how the gold glimmers and look how sparkly this stone is!” She calls him over and asks, “What do you think Honey?” Poor guy. He’d never admit it, but all the rings look the same in his eyes. Sadly, all he sees are dollar signs.

Sound familiar? Here’s a curious thought: we advertise to ladies in hopes they’ll convince their beau to surprise them with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. But does he connect with jewelry in the same way that she does? Probably not. So speak his language. Make Valentine’s Day shopping a breeze — promote the price point. Encourage jewelry under $500 with a tiered selection to meet every budget. And with self-purchases on the rise, your gals might just pick up an on-budget piece (or two) for herself.


Below we’ve suggested trendy Valentine’s Day jewelry under $500, complete with retail pricing to win the sale this season

The Classics Under $100

Her heart will skip a beat with these classic yet affordable styles. Pearls are a definite go-to gift while rose gold glows with feminine sophistication. She’ll wear and cherish these must-have styles for years to come. Heck, give her both to score big with this classic jewelry under $500.

Ear Climbers Under $300


Ear climbers are an emerging trend that seems to be sticking around for the long haul. Those shown above play on three popular designs: nature-inspired, geometric, and freeform beaded ear climbers. She’ll absolutely have to have these irresistible styles!

Stackables Under $500


Mix, match, and stack these bands to create her special look — one she will love for a lifetime. A mature trend, stackables offer endless options and make wonderful jewelry under $500. Pair them with her existing anniversary band, or buy her a whole new band for a renewed look this Valentine’s Day.

There you have it — jewelry under $500 that any lady will be delighted to receive. Which options are your favorites? Share with us your best Valentine’s Day sellers using #HowIStuller on FacebookInstagramPinterestTwitter.

Bezel Set Jewelry Blog Header

Trend Alert: Bezel Set Jewelry

Bezel set jewelry has been around for a while. It’s one of the oldest techniques for attaching stones to jewelry and the process hasn’t changed much over time. The design is simple: metal is soldered over the gemstone to secure it in place. In fact, that’s what makes bezel set jewelry so attractive today. With precious metal encircling the stone, this setting method affords more center stone security. Diamonds are better protected from daily dings when compared to prong-set heads. Bezel set jewelry is also a good idea for softer stones that are more susceptible to chips and scratches.

Since bezel heads have metal wrapped around the circumference of the stone, this setting type can make stones appear slightly larger, too. Not to mention they look fabulous! This unique design is springing up everywhere and is all the rage. If your bride-to-be is searching for a different style, suggest this setting! It’s simple, timeless, and offers maximum protection for her center stone.

See how Stuller has developed a way to create a secure bezel setting, utilizing the latest fusion technology to assemble any type of jewelry in a snap.


Here’s our new and best-selling bezel set jewelry suggestions.

Eye-Catching Earrings

Bezel Set Stackables


Men’s Bezel Bands

Novel Neckwear

Searching for more? Here’s a step-by-step guide to building a bezel set anniversary band.

Vintage Inspired Jewelry Blog Header

Trend Alert: Vintage-Inspired Jewelry

Vintage-inspired jewelry continues to make an important statement. You’ve probably hosted customers searching for the perfect vintage engagement. The bride-to-be may have worn high-waist jeans while her beau sported a grizzly beard or high-top sneakers. It’s no secret: trends come and go, then return to center stage.

What’s The Hype About Vintage?

People have and will always look to the past to create meaning in the present. Nostalgia takes us back, while also propelling us forward. And there’s no denying that Millennials have a pronounced fascination with all things vintage. Perhaps it’s because the younger crowd yearns for context and compelling back-stories with every purchase. Think about it — Toms shoes has its ‘one for one’ philanthropy, Microsoft started out of Bill Gates’ garage, and so on. Or maybe it’s this age of digital technology overload that makes vintage a stable refuge from contemporary, fleeting fads. The history and allure of vintage-inspired jewelry fit perfectly into our culture where niche is the new norm.

Here’s What To Do

Plumb the vintage depths. Subtle nods to classic vintage styles may not be enough anymore. Be prepared to dive deeper into rich and interesting, even odd, jewelry customs of yesteryear. Remember how two-stone rings are suddenly all the rage? It’s no coincidence; this distinct design has evolved from a centuries-old style. As artisans, we can incorporate looks from the past to create meaningful and customized pieces, bedazzling patrons of all ages

Suggest vintage-inspired jewelry like those shown below. They might be the perfect pick for that snazzy bearded young man who just can’t seem to find what he’s looking for.

Sharply Detailed Earrings

The devil’s in the details with these dramatic earrings. Sculptured metalwork gives a charming nod to antique Georgian jewelry. These babies promise to become treasured heirlooms for generations to come.

Diamond Accents of Antiquity • 123303

Vintage-Inspired Jewelry 14K White Round Diamond Engagement Ring Vintage-Inspired Jewelry 14K White Round Diamond Engagement Ring

The Brilliant Beaded Belle • 123240

Vintage-Inspired Jewelry 14K Gold Acsher Accented Engagement Ring Vintage-Inspired Jewelry 14K Gold Acsher Accented Engagement Ring

Vintage Halo with a Chiseled Shank • 123374

Vintage-Inspired Jewelry Rose Gold Halo Engagement Rings Vintage-Inspired Jewelry Rose Gold Halo Engagement Rings

Stuller continues to create vintage-inspired jewelry like these stunning engagements, for example. We take the most classic styles and add feminine, romantic details through metalwork and diamond accents to create timeless, lasting looks.

Beaming Time-Honored Bands

If she opts for a simple engagement, suggest one of these ornate bands as an elegant touch to your customer’s ring finger.

So how is vintage-inspired jewelry received in your area? Is it in high demand or a thing of the past? Let us know in the comments below!

National Girlfriend Day Blog Header

How to Celebrate National Girlfriend Day

Today is National Girlfriend’s Day! Or is it National Girlfriends’ Day? Let’s investigate. Because after all, grammar matters.

The former iteration declares today the day to honor your romantic counterpart. Perhaps it means a charming dinner date or a trip to the movies, complete with a thoughtful gift (like jewelry, of course). Or maybe that’s completely wrong! Because if today is actually National Girlfriends’ Day, that implies the day is all about girls having fun and celebrating friendship.

So for the sake of neutrality, we’re going to proclaim today National Girlfriend Day. Ladies can gift their besties small tokens of appreciation, while guys can give their girlfriends something to excite the relationship. Consider it a win-win!

To the Gal Pals

Make National Girlfriend Day all about showering the ladies in your life with affection. Whether she’s your best friend or your soul mate, these geometric earrings promise to give a cute angle to her wardrobe. And they’re right on trend! JCK recognizes this style from the 26th annual JCK Las Vegas show saying, “The prevailing shapes among jewelry designers this year feature sharp lines that signal a return to geometry class.”

To the Lovers

When she looks good, she feels good! So gift her a beautiful accented diamond necklace to show endearment and win her heart this National Girlfriend Day.

To Tie the Knot

Maybe we’re slightly biased, but if today were, in fact, National Girlfriend’s Day, wouldn’t you agree it’s the perfect opportunity to get down on one knee? Not only will she be completely surprised, but each year on this day she’d happily recall how she went from gleaming girlfriend to faithful fiancé (and eventually wifey). Don’t let her become the one that got away! Need ideas on how to pop the question? Follow The Knot’s @HowHeAsked Instagram.

Not Quite Ready?

Not ready to get engaged? While we love gushy proposal stories, take as much time as necessary. Instead, use this opportunity to solidify your relationship status. A promise ring makes a perfect choice, and it doubles as a friendship ring, promising companionship to last a lifetime.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think today is for celebrating romantic relationships, friendships, or both? Let us know how you feel about National Girlfriend Day in the comments below!