Commemorate Monumental Anniversaries With Gemstones


Each passing year of marriage is traditionally awarded a unique and distinct gift. A third wedding anniversary is usually a gift made of leather, while the tradition of lace marks the thirteenth. Nonetheless, monumental anniversaries are considered an accomplishment and even a milestone for couples.  

Each year of marriage can also be honored by a different gemstone that symbolizes a love tested by time. Let’s dive deeper into the specific gemstones that correspond with a 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th anniversary. 

5th Anniversary: Timeless Like a Sapphire 

Sapphire, commonly recognized for its beautiful blue hues, is available in various colors while also having the options of natural and lab-grown. Choose from green, pink, yellow, teal, purple, and so many more extraordinary tones. The only color that it is not available in is red, and this is because gemstones formed from red corundum are called rubies.  

Rated as a nine on the Mohs hardness scale, this qualifies sapphires to be one of the most scratch-resistant gemstones to exist. Being one of the hardest gemstones makes it an appropriate representative of a 5th wedding anniversary. It perfectly symbolizes a marriage destined to go the distance and was even believed by ancient Greek and Roman kings and queens to protect the wearer from any harm that should occur to them. Shop our loose natural sapphire and lab-grown assortments.

monumental anniversaries sapphires

10th Anniversary: As Strong as a Diamond 

Diamonds, both lab-grown and natural, are the hardest minerals on earth. It’s fitting to say that they can easily signify a strong bond of someone’s passion. Since diamonds are quite popular to be selected as a center stone for engagement rings, a classic diamond representing a 10th wedding anniversary is perfect.  

Once hitting the big ten mark, it has become quite popular to update original engagement rings or center stones to something with a higher carat weight or a higher quality (color/clarity) of diamonds. Some may even choose to purchase a whole new anniversary band to add to their existing ring stack.  

Either way, these precious diamonds are known for their complex development process of high temperatures and pressure. These conditions are also a part of the inevitable joys and challenges of any married life. Check out our selection of lab-grown and natural melee diamonds.

monumental anniversaries diamonds

15th Anniversary: Rubies That Are Full of Passion 

The deep, bright red hue that shines from a ruby is utterly intoxicating. It embodies the true essence of passion, raw emotion, and love — everything marriage has when it hits 15 years. This gemstone represents a desire that has continued to grow deeper and more flourishing over time.  

Rubies have been seen throughout history to showcase their many properties. However, the Sanskrit word for ruby is “ratnaraj,” roughly translated to “king of precious stones.” It makes a ruby the perfect gemstone for a customer to gift a princess or prince that is the most precious to their heart. It is also believed to bring good luck whenever worn on the left hand. Shop our wide variety of natural and lab-grown ruby gemstones.

monumental anniversaries rubies

20th Anniversary: A Love That Burns Like a Yellow Diamond 

Two decades of being in love is an award in and of itself, but no one can complain about a little extra sparkle. The 20th monumental anniversary gemstone is the vibrant yellow diamond, offered in natural and color enhanced at Stuller. The golden tones can symbolize a cheerful and overwhelming joy as well as prosperity that has grown throughout the years.  

It also tells the story of an endured love that a couple has conquered during the era. When people notice a yellow diamond, they can see a fire that almost represents a constant flame. That flame burns throughout, just like the years of devotion between two people — signifying the continuation of a life lived happily and in love. Make sure to browse our collection of color-enhanced yellow melee diamonds.

monumental anniversaries yellow diamonds

Every anniversary is just as important to celebrate as the last, but these impressive years are ones to commemorate and acknowledge the outstanding achievement. Make sure your business is stocked with these exceptional gemstones so you can create the perfect piece for anyone that is celebrating their own monumental anniversaries.  

Shop our website for more gemstones for monumental anniversaries.

Quick References Provided with New Diamonds & Gemstones Catalog

Earlier this month, we launched Diamonds and Gemstones 2020-2021, a 130-page catalog featuring Stuller’s comprehensive assortment of diamonds and gemstones. Visit our previous post to catch up on all the great highlights we have included in this latest edition.

Making this one of our most unique catalogs we have produced, the removable reference pages in the back of the book are ready to be used where you need them, when you need them. Including resources like a gemstone color wheel showcasing an assortment of complementary color possibilities, a poster showing best-selling round diamond and gemstone sizes and availability, and a variety of charts, tables, and information guides, this section of Diamonds and Gemstones 2020-2021 provides you with educational and reference material you can easily display in your store for both employees and customers. Explain industry concepts, such as the four C’s of diamonds or how stones are measured, to your customers or provide guides for your employees to refer back to on a regular basis with these easy-to-understand and illustrated resources.

Each of these reference pages are perforated for quick and clean removal from the catalog. If you prefer not to remove these pages, we’re happy to provide you with PDF copies of these pages for you to print for your personal use.

Click here to download your free Diamonds and Gemstones 2020-2021 reference pages.

From presenting the new additions to our Notable Gemstones™ and Stuller Diamonds® offerings to an updated visual aesthetic, Diamonds and Gemstones 2020-2021 provides you everything you need to quickly find what you are looking for in one of the industry’s widest selections. Visit our website for more information about the Diamonds and Gemstones 2020-2021 catalog.

All That Shimmers: Diamonds & Gemstones 2020-2021

Diamonds & Gemstones 2020-2021

As personalization continues to lead our industry, Diamonds & Gemstones 2020-2021 gives you all you need to quickly find that special stone within one of the industry’s widest selections. With 130 pages, this catalog features Stuller’s comprehensive assortment of diamonds and gemstones: beloved classics, on-trend favorites, and many new colorful options.

And in this latest installment, we’re doing things a bit differently.

Here are 5 cool updates in Diamonds & Gemstones 2020-2021

1. Beautiful New Look

This reimagined edition of our classic catalog is unlike anything we’ve ever done before. With its gorgeous new look, we’re sure you and your customers will love this catalog as much as we do. And, it will become your go-to resource for all things diamonds and gemstones.

2. New Products

Completely new to this catalog are Stuller Notable Gems™ and Stuller Diamonds® with grading reports. These two beautiful collections have their own chapter, setting the stage for a vast array of sparkling, stunning stones to come.

Dive in to discover a unique shape, cut, or color you may not have known we supply, such as fancy-color sapphires, multicolor tourmaline, salt-and-pepper diamonds, and so much more.

Diamonds & Gemstones specialty diamonds

3. Improved Navigation

We strive to make each new catalog better than the last, and this one is no exception.

You can look forward to a variety of navigational and other visual changes, starting with the beautiful, easily shoppable product pages and photography. From stone stock to services, you’ll discover everything you need within these six chapters.

Diamonds & Gemstones calibrated gemstones

4. Sourcing Map

Chapter six hosts a medley of cool and useful reference materials, and one of the things we’re most excited about is our sourcing map! You can see the global destinations our in-house experts visit to source only the best stones for you and your customers.

Diamonds & Gemstones sourcing map and color wheel

5. Gemstone Color Wheel

Our gemstone color wheel offers you a quick, at-a-glance comparison of various gemstones. With this handy reference, you can help your customers visualize the differences between gemstones of similar colors. Or, show them which colors would pair well.

The above is just a sampling of what awaits you in Diamonds & Gemstones 2020-2021. With discrete pricing, a references section that offers perforated pages, and captivating imagery, this catalog release is one of our most exciting of the year. And to build on that excitement, we’re running another catalog contest!

Color With Stuller

Show us your photo faves!

  1. From September 8 through October 9, 2020, take an image of your favorite photo from the new catalog.
  2. Submit that image to our Facebook or Instagram pages with the hashtags #HowIStuller and #ColorWithStuller. You can also email entries to Contest@Stuller.com.
  3. We will randomly select two winners to receive a $250 Stuller account credit toward the purchase of a diamond or gemstone!

Note: Winners must have a Stuller account in good standing and will be contacted via phone or email no later than October 14, 2020.

Flip through the pages in your copy, or browse the individual chapters online. You’ll be dazzled and delighted by what you unearth within!

Learn more about Diamonds and Gemstones 2020­-2021 on the Stuller website.

Sell With a Story: Blue Sapphire Gemstones

SWAS Blue Sapphire Gemstones Header

Blue Sapphire gemstones set the standard by which other blue stones are measured. Their breathtaking blue and radiance have captured our imagination for millennia. As one of the “big three” precious stones, Sapphire’s many, many fans reach far beyond September birthdays and 45th anniversaries. How does it hold so many in thrall? The color and brilliance cast a spell not easily broken.

SWAS Blue Sapphire Gemstones Group Shot

Shop Blue Sapphire Notable Gems on Stuller.com

Friends In High Places

History links Blue Sapphire gemstones to royalty as far back as Solomon who wore a Sapphire ring. That’s probably why Sapphire is associated with wisdom. Kings and Queens treasured its dazzling shade, believing Sapphires protected them from harm and envy. And in the Middle Ages, the high clergy wore Blue Sapphire gemstones to symbolize heaven. It’s possible they also wore them because Sapphires are beautiful, and they were wealthy enough to afford them.

A Once and Future Ring

Lady Diana Spencer was a pre-school teacher when she received the most famous engagement ring in history: a 12-carat oval Ceylon Sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds. Most people don’t know she selected the ring herself, choosing it from the Garrard Collection because it reminded her of her mother’s engagement ring. It was neither custom made nor unique, but it began a trend that has continued.

And why not have a Sapphire center stone? Sapphire symbolizes truth, sincerity, and faithfulness— making it the ideal engagement ring center stone. Today, Princess Di’s famous ring adorns the finger of her son’s wife, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

The Power of Blue Sapphire Gemstones

Are you ready for this? Sapphire is said to bring spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. Those are priceless gifts, but Sapphire does more. It imparts wisdom, insight, and discernment to choose rightly when faced with obstacles and difficult situations. (Doesn’t that sound like Solomon’s famous dilemma of two mothers claiming one child?) But that’s not all. Sapphire has the power to make peace between warring parties. Are you impressed yet? Read on.

100% Natural

Today’s natural healers promote Sapphire for its positive effect on a variety of health issues— everything from hearing problems and inflammation to burns and cancer. And its calming effect soothes a mind fighting depression and brings joy to the wearer to those lucky customers who wear it.

SWAS Blue Sapphire Gemstones Beauty Shot

A Storied Blue Sapphire

The Star of India — at 563.35 carats: one of the largest and certainly the most famous Blue Star Sapphires — was actually discovered in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) two to three centuries ago. The rough stone was sold to Moorish traders who took it to India, which was under British rule. The English considered Ceylon a part of the India colony and by rights, so the Moors should have sold the Sapphire to them. Instead, they sold it to a European dealer. Eventually, it was mistakenly named the Star of India instead of the Star of Ceylon.

SWAS Blue Sapphire Gemstones Star Sapphires

Shop Star Sapphire Gemstones on Stuller.com

How Big is 563.5 Carats?

Of course, we could just say “very big,” but truly this remarkable Sapphire is the size of a golf ball. It is famous not just for its size and flawlessness, but for the fact that its sharp six-rayed star appears on both sides.

A Star of India Adventure

Wealthy Gilded Age financier J.P. Morgan commissioned a Tiffany gem expert to buy an impressive gem collection for display at the Paris Exposition of 1900. The Star of India was among the gems acquired for Morgan. It traveled safely to and from the Exposition, and then Morgan donated it to the American Museum of Natural History on Central Park West in Manhattan. In 1964, it was stolen along with other gems of note. To everyone’s relief, it was retrieved along with one other gem just two days later. The thieves? Jack Murphy, a one-time surfing champion turned notorious cat burglar and two cohorts. Needless to say, they spent time in prison.

SWAS Blue Sapphire Gemstones Color Group

Shop Sapphire in all colors on Stuller.com

What’s Your Favorite Color?

Sapphire comes in many colors except, of course, red, also known as “ruby.” But without a color indication, “Sapphire” refers to Blue Sapphire. Within blue, there are many variations from lighter to darker shades some with a hint of grey. My personal choice would be a medium vibrant violet-blue. We no doubt have it in our inventory, and if not, our gemstone buyers could get it for me. Fortunately, we have Sapphires in a range of vibrant blues.

How are you celebrating Blue Sapphire gemstones during the month of September? Let us know in the comments below.

Swarovski Gem Visions 2019 Says ‘Yes’ to Green Gemstones

Swarovski Green Gemstones Light Blog Header

Millennials often wear their hearts on their sleeves. Many feel passionate about the environment perhaps focusing more on sustainability and consumerism than the previous generation. They see green as an affirmation of their beliefs, a universal symbol of nature, health, and even healing powers. Swarovski Gem Visions trend experts predict that Millennials will grow increasingly attracted to jewelry featuring green stones, associating it with the renewal of nature, balance, and harmony.

While researching future trends for the Spring/Summer 2019 season, Swarovski Gem Visions feels green will be popular in jungle-inspired organic shapes. Likewise, earrings and rings will reflect tropical flowers and foliage, and jewelry will imitate the charms of botanical Baroque to mirror the exotic plants once collected in lavish greenhouses.

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Millennials say YES to green

Green takes its lead from nature, combining beautifully with colored gemstones and materials of different hues and textures. Here we think of green gold – a subtle shade that emerging from an alloy of pure yellow gold and silver. When set against yellow, white or pink gold, green gold offers a perfect setting for strong green colored stones.

Swarovski green gemstones unleash a myriad of possibilities for designers choosing to turn away from the earthy shades popular in past seasons. We predict tomorrow’s jewelry creators will embrace a rich rainforest palette. From jungle green, emerald green, and lime, to mint, and all shades in between, green is poised to enhance the hands, necks, and ears of dedicated jewelry aficionados.

When we think of green jewels, May’s regal birthstone, emerald, immediately comes to mind. Sourced from Colombia, Zambia, Brazil and other countries, the Moghul Emperors of India placed great value on emeralds. Even today in India, green is still a festive color that represents purity. Emeralds, from the mineral beryl, have always been popular in the European Royal Houses. The Romanovs wore them. Britain’s Queens Victoria and Elizabeth favored them, and so does the young, future British queen, Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge. The youthful princesses from the Nordic countries like emeralds, and both the late Jackie Kennedy and Academy Award winner Halle Berry, chose emerald engagement rings. Read more about emerald’s history here.

Swarovski Green Gemstones Gem Visions 2019 Cuts Colors Green Light
Swarovski Green Gemstone.s Gem Visions 2019 Cuts Colors Green Light
Swarovski Green Gemstones GemVisions2019_CutsColors_GreenLight_Combine with 2
Swarovski Green Gemstones GemVisions2019_CutsColors_GreenLight_Combine with 4
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Choose Swarovski green gemstones

Sadly, the brittleness of emeralds renders them relatively unsuitable for high-volume production. Instead, choose high-quality Swarovski green gemstones in the same color range. Our genuine topaz in the scintillating Rainforest Green comes in 12 cuts including Oval, Cushion and Octagon cuts, which take their cue from the emerald. And, Swarovski Ceramics, new to our portfolio, come in two powerful colors: Paradise Green and Emerald Green. And for designers who want to follow nature’s trail and answer the millennials’ call, Swarovski also offers creative cuts like the Bloom, Leaf or Dahlia cuts.

Swarovski Green Gemstones Gem Visions 2019 Cuts Colors Green Light
Swarovski Green Gemstones Gem Visions 2019 Cuts Colors Green Light
Swarovski Green Gemstones GemVisions2019_CutsColors_GreenLight_Combine with 3
Swarovski Green Gemstones GemVisions2019_CutsColors_GreenLight_Combine with 1
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Green is growing

As we head towards the next season, green is omnipresent. Pop queen Lorde laid down a marker for millennials with her hit Green Light. Rihanna is collaborating with Chopard using jungle green stones that recall the rich vegetation of Barbados, her Caribbean home country. As designers reach for the luxurious, verdant tones for their jewelry motifs, expect to see a resurgence of charms worn in fresh new ways. There will also be creative ear wear, which in the age of the selfie, has become must-have jewelry when capturing that special moment. Green, that enduring symbol of spring, freshness, and youth — and in today’s millennial jargon also of the environment — is a color poised to stay popular in the coming season and beyond.


Shop Swarovski green gemstones on Stuller.com

How do green gemstones sell in your store? Are they old news or an up-and-coming trend in your area? Let us know in the comments below.

Sell With a Story: Cameo Gemstones

Cameo Blog Header

Cameo jewelry has come back into fashion after years of languishing in your mother’s or grandmother’s jewelry box. In mid-2017, JCK published an article on the cameo resurgence featuring pictures of Rihanna and Beyoncé. Are you thinking “demure and quaint?” Think again. These fashion icons chose large bold cameos, worn as pins on a beret, pinky finger rings and statement pendants layered with chains and necklaces.

However . . .

Most customers aren’t dodging paparazzi, modeling for a Vogue magazine cover, or walking the red carpet. Their lives call for styles they can wear with suits, tunics, jeans, and dresses. Our calibrated cameo selection will work perfectly for those occasions.

Glory days

So where did the art of the cameo start? Many of us assume it happened in the 19th century during the Victorian Era. It’s easy to see why. With today’s strong vintage trend, many cameo jewelry styles harken back to this period when these miniature works of art were the height of fashion.

Go back — go way back

But cameos emerged more than two millennia before when Alexander the Great had his portrait carved in stone. With the modesty you’d expect of an all-powerful conqueror, he had himself portrayed as a god. An article on GIA’s website hilariously suggests that this might be the first selfie. (If only he had known what was to come two millennia later.)

What defines a cameo?

A cameo features an elevated relief image. Before Alexander’s trend-starting choice, artisans engraved figures and animals into stone, below the level of the background. They were used as seals and amulets. After Alexander, powerful rulers chose the raised carving technique to depict their likenesses or a momentous scene from mythology or battle. The design thrived among ancient Rome’s nobility, and it enjoyed an elite status an over time, subsided in popularity.


It reawakened during the Renaissance in Italy and France. During this time, artisans discovered carving cameos in shell, and it quickly became the medium of choice. Its natural color variations created striking effects and other multi-colored stone — carnelian, agate, jasper, and quartz — became popular. Though mythological scenes were still popular, Christian themes had emerged with images from the Bible.

Waiting for Victoria

It wasn’t until Queen Victoria’s reign that cameos achieved their greatest popularity and extravagance. In addition to shell and stone, the Victorians created cameos from sapphire, jade, garnet, and opal. In addition to depicting royalty and nobility, the Victorians introduced the delicate profiles of maidens, elegantly dressed women, and stylized florals. Following Victoria’s death, cameo carvers expanded their materials to include luxurious choices such as ruby, lapis lazuli, turquoise, aquamarine, and topaz. The array is dazzling.


Famous Cameos

In the early 1860s, the royal family commissioned Tomaso Saulini, a renowned artist, to carve a cameo of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. This famous cameo resides in the British Museum.

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Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, circa 1863


When Prince Charles married Princess Diana, The Royal Family reached out to G. Noto, a master carver and he carved this cameo of the royal couple. This is a prototype of the design. Noto or one of his students (he was elderly) sculpted the finished piece in lava. Unfortunately,  I can’t find a picture of it.


Cameo Charles & Diana Gemstone

Charles and Diana Cameo • Photo courtesy of Collectors Weekly

Shop Cameo on Stuller.com

Do you or a customer have a passion for cameos? Share your stories. We’d love to read them.

Zale’s Tales: 2018 Diamond Outlook

Zale's Tales Blog Header 2018 Diamond Outlook

I’m writing this as I reflect on 2017, catch my breath, and prepare for an exciting year. The 2018 diamond outlook is bright. And while change is constant, it’s the pace of change that continues to accelerate.

2018 diamond outlook stones beauty shot

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2017 in review

The big story of 2017 has been undisclosed lab-grown diamonds (ULGD’s) and what we as an industry are doing about that. It’s our industry, our chosen livelihood, and each of us has a responsibility to conduct business in a way that upholds the industry’s standards of professionalism and expertise. The Federal Trade Commission has a presumption that if someone works in this industry, they have greater expertise than the public at large. This includes performing the minimum level of quality control to ensure the product sold is accurately represented. It applies to the karat content of gold, as well as whether a diamond or gemstone is of natural or lab-grown (synthetic) origin.

This story is not going away in 2018, or beyond. Recent reports of lab-grown diamonds being cut to mimic a natural diamond with a GIA grading report, and lab-grown diamonds being fused with natural material, mean that the requirements for screening and detecting keep going up. To remain vigilant, in 2017 alone, Stuller added and implemented our QA processes with the following advanced instruments: IIDGR’s new AMS2, GIA’s iD100, and Raman, UV-Vis and FTIR spectrometers. And we are preparing for a major new addition to our internal screening capabilities! More about that in the weeks ahead!

2018 diamond outlook stackable bands beauty shot

Shop lab-grown diamonds on Stuller.com


2018 diamond outlook

More and more customers are asking about the provenance of the materials used to make the jewelry they want to buy. Not only do they want assurance that materials are sourced responsibly and sustainably, but they also want to know that some good resulted from the mining and manufacturing processes.

Some assessments have found that the Kimberly Process does not adequately address all the concerns of the diamond buying public.

The Jewelry Industry Summit will convene for its third edition in March 2018. This is becoming an essential forum for stakeholders to get together and collaboratively solve critical issues facing the industry and positively influence the 2018 diamond outlook.

Current events

In 2017, we all heard a lot about Bitcoin, but a bit less about the underlying blockchain platform that allows Bitcoin to exist. Blockchain platforms have the promise to provide clear tracking of diamonds and gemstones from mine to market. DeBeers announced in early December that they are investing in Blockchain technology, with Russian diamond miner Alrosa likely right behind them. They are joining companies like Everledger that have offered a blockchain platform for a few years.  So as the industry moves toward tracking the gemstones supply chain, we will all hear and learn more about this technology.

And then along came Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle, with a ring that could accelerate some current trends. A three stone ring! Does that mean we’ll begin to veer away from halo styles? Yellow gold! Will we start to see more traction there? And with the center cushion diamond being from Botswana and the side diamonds from the collection of the late Princess Diana, all the diamonds are of known provenance. We might be on to something here.

Diamond prices

And what about diamond prices? The roller coaster continues. Prices have been soft over the last couple of years resulting in sightholders unable to make much profit from manufacturing. In response, manufacturers bought less rough. That fact has lowered the available supply of polished, bringing a level of price stability to diamonds. Now as demand starts to pick back up in the Far East, we may be facing a shortage of polished. Will this cause Sightholders to buy and manufacture more rough? Probably. But how much more? Hopefully not so much that it creates a supply glut. Markets tend to self-correct in the mid and longer term, but the short term could be rocky.

2018 diamond outlook 3 stone engagement

All of us have to hit the ground running! The 2018 diamond outlook seems bright. Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Forever One™ Moissanite Trends: New Shapes and Sizes

Now that you’ve had a chance to learn the history and properties of the world’s most brilliant gemstone, let’s take a look at the latest news about Forever One. With its creation, Charles & Colvard took Created Moissanite to the heights of perfection. Where can we go next? In response to Forever One’s market-changing appeal, we have created new shapes and sizes and with them, a whole new world of possibilities.

Now you can choose your Forever One from a selection of 14 shapes: Asscher, baguette, cushion, emerald, heart, marquise, oval, pear, princess, radiant, round, hearts & arrows round, square brilliant and trillion. This gives your customers more options to keep up with the latest moissanite trends.

In addition to these expanded shapes, Charles & Colvard has introduced their new Exotic Gems,* loose Forever One™ stones ranging from six to 15.5ctw diamond equivalent weight (DEW). Suzanne Miglucci, Charles & Colvard President and CEO, says, “Exotic Gems are redefining luxury. These bespoke gemstones emphasize Forever One’s revolutionary brilliance and offer gem enthusiasts the opportunity to created extravagant custom designs that are attainable.”

*Available through Stuller’s Special Orders Service at 800-877-7777 ext. 546

Forever One in Fancy Shapes

Fancy shapes and unique gemstone options have grown increasingly popular, especially among millennials seeking the latest moissanite trends. Charles & Colvard addresses this changing market with the release of four new Forever One shapes: heart, marquise, princess, and trillion.

Charles & Colvard COO and SVP of Supply Chain, Don O’Connell, believes these new fancy shape choices will help you meet growing customer demand. And they’ll let you and your customers explore new design options that accentuate the fire and brilliance of our moissanite. O’Connell looks forward to seeing the fashion-forward designs jewelers achieve with them.

Moissanite Trends Marquise Trillion Shapes

The Princess

Today, the princess cut is one of the most popular cuts for engagement rings. In the 1960s and 70s, its precursors included the profile cut, the barion cut, and the quadrillion cut. The Forever One princess boasts 58 chevron-shaped facets that maximize moissanite’s fire and brilliance. In fact, the princess cut is the most brilliant of all square cuts due to the number of facets dispersing light throughout the stone.

Moissanite Trends Princess Cuts F1

Moissanite Trends Heart-Shaped StoneThe Heart

In 1463, a letter to the Duke of Milan mentioned a heart-shaped gemstone. Since then, the heart has become a universal symbol of love, friendship, and goodwill. The shape is considered unique because cutting it demands intensive labor and specialized tools. Our Forever One heart-shaped gemstone has 57 facets that help to enhance its sparkle.

The Marquise

The marquise cut originated in the 18th century when King Louis XV of France commissioned a jeweler to cut a gemstone in the shape of his mistress’ lips. This gemstone developed into the elongated, oval-shaped cut we know today. The Forever One marquise cut comes in a wide selection of sizes, from 0.07 DEW to 1.00 DEW.

The Trillion

Trillion cuts are highly versatile. Use them as center stones, accent stones or side stones. This fancy shape features rounded proportional edges. Despite its carat weight, its shallow cut and wide table make this shape appear larger to the consumer. The Forever One trillion has 44 facets and ranges from 0.09 DEW to 1.60 DEW. This cut can lower the intensity of a gemstone’s brilliance, but due to moissanite’s unrivaled optical properties, it still exhibits more sparkle than any other gemstone.

Forever One Exotic Gems

In September 2017, Charles & Colvard introduced Exotic Gems, made-to-order gemstones ranging from 6 to 15.5 carats diamond equivalent weight. These bespoke gemstones come in cushion, emerald, hearts and arrows, oval, pear and radiant cuts. You can order Exotic Gems through Stuller’s Special Order service.

COO O’Connell says that Exotics Gems are unlike anything the market has seen. They free customers to express themselves with the bold pieces they want at an irresistible value.

Moissanite Trends Exotic Gemstones

Exotic Gems redefine moissanite trends and inspire fascinating jewelry. Crafted from premium Forever One moissanite, they are guaranteed to be colorless or near colorless. Once ordered, each Exotic Gem takes up to eight weeks to cut, polish and authenticate. Before delivery to the end consumer, every Exotic Gem goes through a rigorous certification process conducted by the Gemological Science International (GSI). They examine and assess each stone for color, size, and authenticity, before certification. GSI is an independent gemological organization that works with leading gem and jewelry companies to grade, test and examine gemstones using innovative technology.

Shop Charles & Colvard moissanite on Stuller.com

If you are interested in this superior, conflict-free gemstone, we encourage you to discover the world’s most brilliant gem, Charles & Colvard’s Forever One, to begin creating moissanite trends for yourself: https://www.stuller.com/moissanitebenefits/.