Stuller Launches B9 3D Printing Solution

Stuller is thrilled to announce the launch of our new 3D printing solutions from B9Creations. Our customers can now enjoy a professional printing option that delivers cutting-edge technology and brings ultimate value to your business. B9 engineered its additive manufacturing solutions to be fast, reliable, and easy to use. Stuller is pleased to offer the Core 5 Series 530, 550, and XL models, as well as the B9 Model Cure, Model Cure XL, and the B9Clean XL. Not to mention, we will be carrying a vast array of versatile resin offerings. Let’s break down the entire B9 3D printing solutions assortment.

B9 Core 5 Series 530, 550, & XL

Available in three different versions, the B9 Core Series is a professional 3D printing solution designed to suit various jewelry applications, including rapid prototyping, manufacturing, mold-making, and more. Its exceptional speed allows users to print hundreds of models in a typical 8 to 10-hour workday thanks to their patent-pending FAST™ technology. 

Upgrade your 3D printing experience without having to sacrifice resolutions or surface quality. Some of the key features of these Core Series:

  • 4x faster than the industry average
  • Resin vats lasting over 1,250 prints
  • Wide selection of resins
  • Zero calibrations required
  • Prints reaching 120+ mm per hour
  • Easy set up in 15 minutes

How Are These Models Different?

Bring your most detailed designs to life with outstanding precision and surface finish with the B9 Core 530. It offers all the features of the Core 550 but with just a more acceptable resolution. Its speed and simplicity make it perfect for designers, shops, and small jewelry businesses. Finally, a tool you can depend on at a price that fits your business. 

B9 Core 530 Printer B9 3D Printing

When your business requires repeatability, precision, and surface finish with industry-leading speed and production capacity, the B9 Core 550 is your choice. Its low operating costs and ease of use are ideal for high-volume businesses where the operator’s keys focus is production.

B9 Core 550 B9 3D Printing

The B9 Core XL offers a digital manufacturing solution that eliminates choosing between a larger build area and high precision. Equipped with patent-pending FAST™ technology, it delivers mass volume production and effective resolution finer than 25mm.

B9 Core XL

B9 Model Cure & Model Cure XL

These high-powered, user-friendly curing mechanisms will allow you to preserve any design with a reduced curing time after 3D printing. With three memory settings, it’s easy to cure fast while having a repeatable workflow. The Model Cure is designed for the Core 5 Series 530 and 550 printers, whereas the Model Cure XL is designed for the XL printer. Both models deliver a better cure penetration in minutes.

B9Clean XL

Continue with your post-printing processing with thorough, no-mess cleaning. Parts can be transferred directly from B9 Core Series 3D printers to the B9Clean XL while still on the build platforms or with loose models on the parts tray. An approximately 10-minute clean time with fresh isopropyl alcohol (IPA) will leave you with ready-to-use 3D models. Use up to 50 times per IPA refill when practicing regular usage.

B9 3D Printing Resins

Bring any idea to life with our design, casting, and engineering resins. From high-resolution rapid prototyping and production, B9Creations created these materials to meet your 3D printing needs.

  • Emerald (Clean Burnout)
  • Yellow (Premium Casting)
  • Gray (High-Speed Prototyping)
  • Resilient Silicone (Elastomeric/Mold Making)
Emerald Resin B9 Yellow Resin B9 Gray Resin B9 Resilient Silicone

Whether it’s a custom design or large-scale manufacturing, trust B9Creations and know that you have the best the 3D printing industry has to offer. For more information about which model is right for you, visit www.stuller.com/B9.

A Stuller Ring Story: Robert and Derek

Year of the Wedding - Rob & Derrick

Continuing our celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, we are highlighting stunning rings and the Stuller associates who wear them.

Love happens in its own time and rarely when we expect. Sometimes there’s a movie-quality meet-cute and other times it develops among friends. Either way, love is something distinct to every couple and something to celebrate.

For Stuller employees, Robert and Derek, their story evolved over several years and is as unique as the bands they’ve chosen for themselves. Let’s look at their journey, their rings, and the story that brought them here.

exchanging rings

The Perfect Combo

Robert and Derek both came to Lafayette from out of town to be closer to family. Robert began working at Raising Canes — a staple fast food restaurant in Louisiana — where he met Derek in 2011. They worked together for a while without saying a word to each other. Eventually, their mutual work friends helped spark a connection that led to more.

Derek took Robert on their first date to the movies in celebration of his birthday. While they don’t remember the movie they saw all these years later, Robert’s most distinct memory is that they were running late to the movie. Derek’s major pet peeve is running late so Robert was amused by watching him stress over being late to the movie previews.

Their first date was on June 15, which became a significant date for both of them. To this day, it is the date they celebrate their anniversary and the date they chose to get married years after. Before we get to those details, let’s talk about the rings.

Interesting and Unique

These are the qualities Robert and Derek were looking for when they chose their rings. Looking at both of their bands, you can tell there are special features that carry special meaning.


Derek is a fan of unusual materials and preferred inlay styles seen in the contemporary metal bands. The original ring he chose was a black titanium coin-edge band with a dark wood inlay (51955). However, after a few years, Derek chose to upgrade his ring to a tungsten band with a meteorite and wood inlay (TAR51920). As a fan of sci-fi, Derek was really attracted to the idea of having meteorite and other interesting materials incorporated into his wedding band.

Robert also enjoys an inlay style with interesting materials but preferred a classic path as opposed to contemporary. He chose a 14K yellow gold band with square channel-set Alexandrite (123133). The channel-set stones gave him the inlay style he liked, but in a classic metal option. Being that Robert was born in June, he always loved his birthstone, Alexandrite. Along with it being his birth month, anniversary month, and Pride month, he felt that the stone perfectly represented the significance of the time.

On the inside of Robert’s band is an engraving of their anniversary in Roman numerals as a further reminder of a day he holds close.

Redefining Tradition

Over time, Robert and Derek moved from the fast-food industry to the jewelry industry with jobs at Stuller. Robert currently works as a product manager in the findings and metals department and Derek works in tools and central supply operations.

For the first few years of their relationships, they spoke casually about the future, but nothing substantial as they could not get married in Louisiana at the time. In June 2015, those conversations began to become more serious with the nation-wide recognition of same-sex marriage. In January 2018, they decided to get married on their upcoming anniversary on June 15, 2018.

While the decision was a big one, there was no elaborate proposal that set the gears in motion. “We discussed it like grown-ups, and it was very boring,” Robert jokes. Neither had ever expected a big proposal throughout their relationship so it really came down to simply a conversation of finally being ready for the next step.

When it came to rings, they took their rings into their own hands. “Getting what we wanted was more important than the surprise,” they explained. With there being no real tradition to follow, Robert and Derek are perfectly happy setting their own traditions.

They enjoyed an intimate wedding celebration surrounded by friends and family. Stuller photography studio coordinator and close friend Carson Webb even officiated the ceremony. It was the perfect day, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Celebrating Unique Tastes

Just as there are many types of love, there are different types of preferences when it comes to wedding bands. From simple to extravagant, Stuller offers a variety of options like the ones Robert and Derek chose. Explore our men’s wedding band selection on our website and help your customers celebrate their one-of-a-kind love.

National Watch Day June 19th

National Watch Day Stuller

Since the rise of smart watches and smartphones, more people are wearing watches than ever! Stuller’s selection of watch bands can help bring watches back into style for you and your customers. Offer your clients multiple band options, replacement batteries, and even watch repair services in your store. Stuller also wants to help you add to your selection by offering 10% off all watch bands from June 18th – June 20th!

A Watch Band for Any Occasion

Stuller is happy to be able to offer you a wide variety of watch bands. With over 1,200 style possibilities based on sizing, materials, and colors, we’re confident that you’ll be able to create any styles your buyer wants. We offer watch bands in six different categories: exotic leather, genuine leather, metal, NATO®, performance, and smart watch bands.

The Brown Leather Saddle Padded Watch Band (11302181) is a leather option created with a water-resistant lining, steel nickel-free buckles, and reinforced lug and buckle end. Perfect for an everyday watch band as well as a modern twist on a timeless leather band.

We also offer bands that are compatible with multiple variations of smart watches. These options allow for complete customization of your favorite smart watch for whatever event or trade you may use it in. This band is the Stainless Metal Mesh Smart Watch Band (59-0143). We also offer smart watch bands in multiple different colors and materials like silicone and leather. 

Finally, I want to show off one of Stuller’s metal band options. Here we have the Stainless Multi-End Piece Link Band (59-0111); however, your client can customize it by choosing between various types of metals. With the adjustable links, you can also determine how fitted the band will be on your client. These classic bands are perfect for everyday wear as well as taking them out for special occasions. With multiple different metal options to choose from, you can pair it with anything.  

Learn About Watch Repairs

With the purchase of watch bands, Stuller also offers Renata and Energizer watch batteries and watch repair kits that you can purchase simultaneously. Ensure that you are always ready to help your client with any problem they may have with their products, whether they require a new battery or need adjustments for their watch. Not confident in your watch repair skills? We have you covered with our Watch Repair Educational books to help answer any questions you may have and assist you in repairing your client’s pieces. Stuller wants you to feel prepared when offering these services and products to your customers. 

Let us help you to grow your business by offering new products and services to your customers. And don’t forget about the 10% sale on all watch bands this weekend and shop the selection now! Make sure that your customers, as well as yourself, get to celebrate this holiday in a timely fashion. 

Words by Julianne Llewellyn, Staff Writer

Create Something Unique with Custom Laser Cut Designs

Custom Stampings

With hundreds of different jewelry store options, setting yourself apart from the rest can make or break even the most successful jewelry business. Offering new products matters and it’s important if you want to be the go-to jeweler in your community.

This is especially true when it comes to smaller mom-and-pop stores or online only businesses. Stuller understands and has worked to implement technology to help.

Our in-house Custom Laser Cut Designs and engraving technology gives you the highest quality in laser cutting. This quick and precise service allows you to have the creativity to design a line of custom jewelry unique to your store and offer a personalized touch. With more than 250 metal and gage combinations of Stuller’s SCS-certified 100% recycled metals, the options of creativity are endless while taking the stress of manufacturing off your shoulders.

Our technology can help shape your vision into a reality. Whether it’s to monogram a pendant, design a custom piece to honor a loved one, or even a one-of-a-kind creation that no other person can replicate. We can custom cut your design out of our metal sheets. We stock multiple gauge sizes that are available in various metal qualities. We will even send off the pieces unpolished, allowing you to create the exact finish that any of your customers want. In addition, since there is no minimum on order requirements in gold or platinum, you can get your products with ease and on time.

Having your custom laser designs created is simple when you let Stuller do all of the heavy lifting for you. The process is easy:

  • Submit your designs through email.
  • Once your design is verified, we will send a quote to you within 2-3 business days.
  • After approval of the quote, a specific item number will be assigned to your design for easier ordering in the future.
  • Once the item number is created, you may begin placing orders.

Our collections are so extensive that you can even shop our stash of pre-merchandised stampings to use, cutting your design process in half. In addition, our team is happy to walk you through setup and pricings; that way, you can reorder that same design as many times as you want whenever you’re established in our system.

Using Stuller’s Custom Laser Cut Designs technology is a no-brainer when it comes to creating unique pieces for your store. Let us help you set yourself apart from your competition and design a meaningful, personalized, and unforgettable items for your customers. The opportunities are endless. What will you create?

A Stuller Ring Story: Michael, Jacob, and Michael

Continuing our celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, we are highlighting stunning engagement rings and the Stuller associates who wear them.

There is something special about a custom designed engagement ring. Infusing personal touches into a ring —an inscription, design detail, or birthstone — creates a piece that is truly one-of-a-kind and something that comes from the heart.

Three members of our Product Design & Development CAD team gave special attention and care to creating their wives’ rings. Filled with significance and unique features you’d expect from designers, these rings symbolize their lasting love.

These are Michael, Jacob, and Michael’s ring stories.

Michael Bartlett

For CAD design manager Michael Bartlett, his wife Alexis is the strongest person he knows. Both originally from New Orleans, they met in 2006 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Over the course of their relationship, Michael feels they grew together through incredibly significant times in their lives that helped them know and understand each other. He wanted the ring he made for Alexis to reflect that journey.

His goal for the ring was to make something she would never have to take off. A teacher at the time and active with her hands, he wanted Alexis to be able to wear the ring everywhere and not have to worry about it.

The ring he created was a 14K white gold split shank bypass with a faux tension-set center. This securely holds the natural diamond center and ensures the ring doesn’t get caught during everyday use. To accent the diamond, he used channel-set sapphires because he knew she loved blue accent stones that were used in a former Stuller bridal line. Looking at the ring design, their beginning is represented with the shape of a hurricane and the functionality shows their ability to withstand anything together.

With such a beautiful and meaningful ring, the proposal had to be unique and significant as well. While the details of the proposal are something Michael and Alexis share privately with themselves, Michael did mention it involved thousands of glow-in-the-dark stars and one held the ring.

With the help of an old mentor and the Stuller model department, Michael was able to design the perfect ring for Alexis — one that has withstood everything during their more than 10 years of marriage. Michael and Alexis are now living their happily ever after with their two daughters.

Jacob Wright

Senior CAD designer Jacob Wright met his wife Emily at a friend’s wedding. While sparks flew during their first date, the timing wasn’t right because they lived in different cities and Emily was focused on law school. Two years passed before the two reconnected and pursued a relationship.

Knowing that ideal timing played another significant role in their relationship when it came to the proposal. Jacob had been waiting for the right time to pop the question, but nothing felt right once he finished the ring. That is, until Christmas Eve in 2018 where there came a moment in between family events, and he proposed in front of their Christmas tree for the perfect holiday proposal. Emily was surprised, delighted, and happily accepted.

Jacob and Emily had always enjoyed talking about jewelry together, so it was easy to know what she would want from an engagement ring. He designed a vintage-inspired, 14K yellow gold ring with a 14K white gold setting that holds a lab-grown oval shape diamond set east-west. Marquise diamonds set on either side of the center stone add to the overall shape of the center. The ring is complete with French-set diamond accents.

Jacob completed the ring with the help of the stone setting and model departments here at Stuller. Jacob and Emily are now enjoying their second year of marriage with a beautifully designed ring and the memories it represents.

Michael Gauthier

Associate CAD designer Michael Gauthier met his wife Layna over 10 years ago through mutual friends on her birthday. In this decade, they experienced many milestones together and made unique memories. As a fan of symbolism, Michael made sure to incorporate some of their shared moments into the design of Layna’s ring.

Michael spent more than a year working on the ring design until the perfect design was made. There are a few features in the design that make this ring extra special for Layna. The first is the use of infinity symbols on either side of the shank. The first piece of jewelry Michael ever gave Layna was an infinity ring. When she graduated college, he also designed her graduation ring with this symbol incorporated in the gallery. The infinity symbols represent those past pieces of jewelry as memorable moments they shared together.

The second feature is truly hidden. Underneath the center stone is a bezel-set Aquamarine (his birthstone) that sits flush against her finger. This stone is to symbolize that he is always with her.

The ring itself features a 14K rose gold inner band holding his birthstone which is embraced by a 14K white gold exterior band representing the bond between husband and wife. A stunning oval-shape Moissanite sits at the center circled by round and marquise diamond accents.

Michael proudly completed the design and modeling of this ring himself. He proposed in Antelope Canyon while road-tripping through Arizona. They now add a new milestone to their lives as parents to their 4-month-old son Briggs. A second band is in the works including Briggs’ birthstone that will match the existing band and create a double-sided set of bands for the engagement.

The Takeaway

There are a few thoughts that can be taken from the stories of these three designers. Primarily, you can never go wrong by putting your heart into the ring you give to the one you love most. From simple to intricate, uniquely designed rings are cherished and treasured for a lifetime carrying special meaning. However, the ultimate lesson to be learned is that if you marry a CAD designer, you can expect a stunning ring that will melt your heart where you can give the most enthusiastic “Yes!”

Elevate Your Bridal Packaging This Wedding Season

packaging and displays brochure

When helping a customer create the perfect engagement moment, choosing the ring is just the beginning. Help them remember you forever with the perfect packaging as the finishing touch. 

As the wedding industry comes back to life post-pandemic, you will want to be prepared. Offering the perfect packaging for your customers keeps your brand top of mind and provides a complete solution for their engagement ring purchase. The newly released Packaging and Displays 2021-2022 brochure is your resource for taking your packaging efforts to the next level and giving a bride that extra special something. 

View the new Packaging and Displays 2021-2022 brochure today!

Merchandised Collections 

Forming a cohesive brand for your jewelry business does not have to be stressful or overwhelming. It can be as simple as coordinating your packaging to reflect your logo and colors. Providing a variety will guarantee that you will stand out against your competition. 

If you browse through the pages of Packaging and Displays 2021-2022, you will notice that we have merchandised our new and existing collections together. We did this to show how different collections can be combined in a cohesive manner and make your brand pop. For example, when you start with our new Walnut Wood Collection, pairing it with the dark green offerings in our popular Eva Collection will create an elevated packaging ensemble for your customers to choose from. 

New collections that are joining our bestselling favorites include: 

Walnut Wood Collection Parker Collection
LED Collection Madison Collection

One to Give, One to Keep 

Ring boxes are packaging pieces that are long treasured and help keep a bride’s most precious possession safe forever. But, standard ring boxes are sometimes hard to hide in a pocket before a surprise proposal. 

Our solution is our mini-engagement ring box (61-1120). This low-profile box is an easy upsell and easily fits into any pocket until the big moment. Available in an array of standard neutral color options, mini-engagement ring boxes fit perfectly with any of our packaging collections to support your brand. 


Build Your Brand 

Do not pass up the opportunity to make sure your customers walk away with a physical reminder of you. Stuller’s Custom Imprinting Service makes your brand a part of their story.

Use hot foil stamping or digital imprinting to customize your packaging options by adding your logo. Choose the color, placement, and quantity of the items at an accessible price point well-worth the investment. To see what imprinting options are available with each collection, look for the hot foil stamping and digital imprinting icons in both the brochure and on Stuller.com. 

custom imprinted packaging

The Perfect Takeaway 

Ring boxes and jewelry packaging are not the only upsell options you will find in Packaging and Displays 2021-2022. Pouches, travel cases, jewelry clutches, and jewelry cleaner make for excellent gifts for bridesmaids and mother of the bride. Each of these pieces also comes with additional opportunities to incorporate your logo and branding so your business continues to stay top of mind. 

By incorporating these options with the various collections provided in Packaging and Displays 2021-2022, you will provide your customers with a comprehensive and holistic shopping experience as they make the journey from “Will you?” to “I do!” 

LOOK BOOK: Celebrate the Class of 2021

Graduation marks the end of something special for many students, but it can also be the start of something great. We want to make sure that you have items they can cherish as a constant reminder of the accomplishment.    

Every year when graduation season approaches, friends and loved ones start thinking about gifts. A card with “Congrats, Grad!” written on the inside and a few wrinkled-up bills just doesn’t cut it. These grads succeeded through COVID-19 and the everyday stresses of academic life on top of their shoulders. I may be biased, being a recent graduate myself, but these students deserve the very best! We want to offer you many different and deeply personal items that will scream “Congratulations” from the rooftops!  

Make it Unique!  

Graduation rings and bands are often the first pieces of jewelry to be thought of as a token of memorabilia. Many students that have walked across the graduation stage and left behind the college they loved want a ring to symbolize their precious time there. Bands are a great way to show off their school spirit and document their interests while completing their degree. However, many class rings can be bulky, oversized, and impersonal. Especially whenever the graduating class is larger than the average size. Stuller offers several options that can be personalized, such as our Octagon Signet Ring (9874). Add school letters, the graduation year, and any other significant symbols. This ring comes in an assortment of colors and finishes.

Graduation Octagon Signet Ring

Pearls of Wisdom  

When it comes to classic graduation jewelry, another common gift is traditional pearls. Whether that’s a pearl necklace, bracelet, or even earrings, pearls are timeless and will grow with your graduate as they grow through their life. A pearl is also seen as a symbolic item given to individuals who have gained wisdom through experience. How perfect of a gift for a recent graduate? Pearls are also considered a classic and chic option whenever it comes to everyday wear. Whether they are going to lunch, an extravagant date, or an important job, the confidence of graduation pearls adorning them may be all the courage they need. Our freshwater cultured pearl huggies (688758) are the perfect piece for that very occasion. This piece features five identically sized cultured pearls layered down the hoops. The earrings are varying in different qualities of gold, one of which is sure to represent your graduate’s style.  

Graduation Freshwater Cultured Pearl Huggies

Deeply Personal  

If pearl earrings and rings aren’t your graduate’s thing, Stuller offers many other options that may be more their style. For instance, a personalized pair of cuff links may be the more subtle route your graduate might take when it comes to commemorating their years in school. Stuller can easily engrave their initials and year of graduation onto the cuff links. This way, it can be a simplistic yet detailed method of expression towards the school spirit discussed. Our Engravable Round Cuff Links (L101) could be the perfect option. Offered in an array of sizes, finishes, and metal qualities, they are sure to put a smile on their face.  

Graduation Cuff Links

Graduation is a celebration that grads look forward to at the end of high school or college. It is the end of an era for them and another journey that’s just getting started. Make this commencement season extraordinary with the help of Stuller to pick out that perfect piece of jewelry. 

Finding Inspiration: Custom Jewelry Made With Trims

Sparks of creativity can result in beautiful pieces of jewelry that customers will enjoy for years to come. But customized pieces do not have to be extravagant or sizable. Sometimes the most unique pieces are simply the tiniest displays of personalization. Have you thought of creating your own line of personalized jewelry made using trims? Let’s explore this concept in this month’s edition of Finding Inspiration.

Finding Inspiration is a campaign to inspire the inner designer in every jeweler and provide a spark of creativity in artisans throughout the jewelry industry. We are always amazed at the phenomenal work that Stuller customers do with our findings and want to share that creativity with our community. Let’s dive into the world of trims and how they can be used to craft a line of jewelry.

Trims: Variety Provides Options

These versatile findings provide many options when considering developing a line of jewelry. They can be soldered to various other findings — such as shanks, jump rings, bails, and posts — to create rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and more! Stuller offers a wide variety of trims to give you options. Browse hundreds of our trims on Stuller.com and start creating today!

2001120 2002007 2001174

From Trims to Fine Jewelry

Members of our fine jewelry and findings teams often collaborate to develop new pieces to offer our customers.

“Findings is a never-ending puzzle,” says Emily Hargroder, Findings Product Manager. “It’s all about having the perfect connecting pieces to fill the gaps. Our team is always talking to customers and studying finished jewelry pieces to discover what findings are missing in our line. Our job is to create components that make designing as easy as possible for our jewelers.”

See how our teams came together to combine trims with other findings to create popular pieces of fine jewelry.

Custom Laser Cut Designs Program

Can’t find the trim you’re looking for in our product line? Create your own laser cut trims using our Custom Laser Cut Designs Program! This is a quick, consistent service that provides you with the perfect way to explore your creativity, create a line of jewelry unique to your store, or offer personalization. Get started designing today by emailing CustomLaserDesigns@Stuller.com or call 800-877-7777, ext. 3631.

Share Your Inspiration

Have you thought of a line of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or rings you want to develop? Share it with us on social media! We are always looking to see great pieces of creativity made using our findings. If you want a chance to be featured in an upcoming edition of Finding Inspiration, post your piece(s) online using the hashtag #stullerfindings and tagging us @stullerinc.

Check out our recent Finding Inspiration blog posts for more design pieces with Stuller findings.

A Custom Designed Mother’s Pendant

Modified Shanks and Settings

Personalization With Petite Pavé

A Stuller Ring Story: Paula and Keith

Continuing our celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, we are highlighting stunning engagement rings and the Stuller associates who wear them. 

Every couple is different and so is their journey to “I do.” Sometimes a couple finds each other in the most unlikely of places and at a time when they least expect it. For tools & supplies technical specialist Paula, her perfect match was a coworker of more than 20 years, but it was quite the journey to get there. Follow along on a story that epitomizes the saying, “Love is patient.” 

This is Paula and Keith’s ring story. 

New Beginnings 

Paula began her career at Stuller in 1995 in the stone setting department as a specialist. Within her first few years at Stuller, she experienced personal ups and downs, which ended with a divorce after 16 years of marriage. While not an experience anyone would want to go through, she looked forward to a new beginning and focused on supporting her children. 

At the time Paula had started at Stuller, Keith had already been with the company for three years and was a master stone setter. They worked together in the stone setting department for a few years and became friends. As time passed and their friendship grew, Keith decided to take things to the next level and asked Paula on a date. Having already been married and divorced, Paula was hesitant at first, but knew the Keith was a good man and decided to pursue the opportunity. 

Paula’s Perfect Ring 

As Paula would say, she loves “bling.” She told Keith that if she ever did get married again, she would want to “do it big.” 

With his connections in Stuller’s CAD/CAM team, Keith took a yellow gold Stuller mounting (now discontinued) that featured baguette diamond accents. In addition to the baguette accent stones, he filled in areas between those stones with round diamond accents. Then, he added a platinum setting complete with a marquise diamond. Keith is a certified gemologist and was very picky about what stones he wanted in Paula’s rings. With a service we now call Special Orders, Keith was able to source the perfect marquise diamond in the clarity and quality he wanted. 

Paula got Keith’s wedding ring and provided him with options. She chose three options from the catalog and told him to pick two. She wanted to make sure he would like the ring, but still wanted an element of surprise. He picked his two options, and she chose a simple two-tone band made with yellow and white gold to match the style of her ring. She also had their wedding date inscribed on the inside of the band. 

Five years after they were married, Keith also had matching bands made for Paula to go on either side of her engagement ring. Paula is a fan of having two bands accompanying an engagement ring. With the help of some friends in CAD/CAM services, Keith was able to get Paula’s ring under the guise of they wanted to practice making an imprint with her ring. What actually happened was Keith soldered two bands onto the ring and gifted her the complete ring for Christmas that year with Paula’s children.

The Journey from “Yes” to “I Do” 

A Holiday Proposal 

As you can imagine, things progressed very well for Paula and Keith. While Paula was enjoying their time together as they became serious about their relationship, Keith is the type of man that knows what he wants and made his intentions clear. In 1999, Paula was under the impression she was getting a watch for Christmas from Keith. However, while opening gifts with his family, she opened a watch box to no watch. 

She looked at him and whispered, “It’s empty.” He smiled and told her, “Look again real good.” 

Paula removed the watch collar from the box and laying there was the beautiful ring Keith had designed and customized just for her. She excitedly accepted his proposal. 

Patience is a Virtue 

While she was incredibly happy to be engaged to Keith, she wasn’t quite ready to get married again and Keith was a patient man. Every six months after their engagement, Keith would ask her, “Are you ready to get married?” Each time she replied, “Not yet.” Unphased, Keith would accept that answer and prepare to ask again in another six months. 

This six-month routine repeated itself for over three years. While many would be shocked to hear a story like this, Paula and Keith were not in a rush. They had each other and that was enough. That is, until Paula came to a personal realization. 

A True, South Louisiana Wedding 

In March 2003, Paula was at her bench in her new role in the modeling department. The thought came to her, “That’s a good man I have. He’s taken ‘no’ every six months and still treats me like a queen and puts me on a pedestal.” 

On her break that day, she walked up to his office in stone setting. She told him that she knew it was not his usual check in time, but she was now ready to get married. He replied with a simple “okay” and went back to work. As she walked back to her bench from his office, she was a little confused at how nonchalantly he responded. In fact, she turned around and went back to his office to talk to him about how he felt about the wedding, but he was gone. 

Confused and slightly anxious at Keith’s sudden departure from work, she went home at the end of the day wondering what he was up to. As she walked in the house, she saw Keith sitting in the living room and on a table was a marriage license ready for them to get married that upcoming weekend. 

Within three days, Keith and their families were able to coordinate a wedding true to their southern Louisiana roots. Complete with their families, they celebrated the next stage of their lives with a crawfish boil at their home and the rest is history. Paula and Keith remain happily married to this day and still work at Stuller along with several members of their family. 

A Stuller Happily Ever After 

The beautiful thing about love is that it can be unexpected and find us when we least expect it. Paula and Keith’s story is one with a long winding journey, but also with the happy ending they both deserve. The fact that their Stuller family was able to be along for the ride the entire way made it all the better. 

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Meet Brittany Pata: The 2021 March Bridal Madness Champion

The 2021 winner of our annual March Bridal Madness contest is Brittany Pata, a custom jewelry designer at Zachary’s Jewelers in Annapolis, MD!

I had the honor of speaking with Brittany and asking her some questions about her design journey, as well as her personal life! Learn more about Brittany and her winning March Bridal Madness design below.

Congratulations, Brittany, on being crowned the 12th annual March Bridal Madness champion! Before we get into the design, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I got married in May 2019 to my husband, Nick. Nick is a D.C. Firefighter who also volunteers in his spare time. We have two dogs, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Husky. We are a fun outdoorsy family, but we also just love to snuggle up on the couch with the pups and watch a movie.

A little about my background. I went to Florida State University (Go Seminoles!) and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design. I have always been very artistic and my ability to draw and paint was an amazing gift I was given. When I was in grade school, I actually won a few art contests and dreamed about one day becoming a muralist, but fell into graphic design and loved it. After graduating, I realized there was something huge missing from my life and my career, and that was people. Sitting behind a computer designing just wasn’t enough for me.

That’s so interesting! How did your background get you into the jewelry industry?

This is a really good story! My mom is a philanthropist and has been on the Hospice Gala board for many years, and three years ago asked me if I would help volunteer at their annual Hospice Gala Event. When I got there, employees from Zachary’s Jewelers were there giving away a big-ticket item they were donating, and they needed help selling the raffle tickets. I stepped in, and Evangeline, the owner’s sister, and Constance, who is our COO, were impressed with the way I was selling and handling the raffle ticket purchases and told me that if they had a position open at the store, I would be the first person they called. Not even 6 months later I get a call for an interview, and the rest is history!

That’s an awesome story. I can tell you are passionate about what you do! Tell me, what is the story behind the winning design?

A young man came in and wanted to propose to his girlfriend, and luckily had acquired a beautiful family stone, a round brilliant diamond. Even though I have only been in jewelry for a couple years, I have always been able to see people well, and this young man was the first young man I had sat with that I could feel the loved he felt for her just seeping from every part of him. I could tell this young man truly just could not wait to start his life with her.

He wanted to create something special, so we landed on doing a fun and unique starburst halo style setting, and I was able to send him a few ideas using different shaped diamonds in different patterns, and he chose the winning design that you see here! He put all his trust in me, and together with Zachary’s Jewelers, we created a beautiful one-of-a-kind setting that she absolutely adores! When I handed the finished piece to my customer, we both teared up and it was such a beautiful moment.

It’s truly wonderful, the moments jewelers get to experience with customers, especially for occasions of this magnitude! Did you have any inspiration for the design?

A couple weeks prior to meeting my customer, Stuller had some website banners showcasing their new starburst style halo rings, and the ring I designed pulled some characteristics from one of those styles! When he came in and said he wanted to do something a little playful and fun, I knew exactly the direction to go based on the inspiration I had seen from visiting the Stuller website.

I think the starburst-style rings are becoming really popular, and rightfully so. They are beautiful! Can you tell me about the design process of this ring?

The process started off by me as the designer coming up with different drawn ideas to showcase his family’s stone. I have attached a photo of this. Then he chose the one he liked best, and after the estimate was approved, the CAD render images were sent to him for approval. He was very excited to move onto the next step!

After that, we met once more for me to show him the WAX, which we created for him to look at and approve before the ring went to casting and setting. He ended up being thrilled with the wax and loved every step of the process. When the finished product was completed, I took it outside, like I always do for all my custom designs, and took a few nicely lit images and videos of the ring to send to him with a text saying, “It’s HERE! And it’s Beautiful!”.

I’m sure he LOVED it, I know I did. You just might have to design my engagement ring! Outside of work, what are some of your interests or hobbies?

I am an avid dog lover, Peloton Spinner, scuba-diver, Netflix binger, sunset lover, crafter, and boat day enthusiast. I also love having a cocktail downtown Annapolis with friends on a warm summer day.

Thanks so much for sharing Brittany! We here at Stuller are so thrilled with your design. We are sure you made one lucky lady very happy. Be sure to check out Zachary’s Jewelers if you’re in the Annapolis area, and be sure to keep up with them on their Facebook and Instagram.

Additionally, follow Brittany’s personal design page on Instagram here to keep up with her journey in the industry as a jewelry designer.

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