Gemvision Debuts Exciting Updates

It’s the end of the month which means that it’s time we update our customers on the latest news in Gemvision®. As previously announced, Gemvision will be presenting many new releases throughout the month of August. Let me go through them one by one to give you a brief overview of what you can expect. 

The Gemvision Forum Is Back!  

Yes, we know many of our customers were eager to have the forum return, so here we are. If you have a MatrixGold® or CounterSketch® license, you may now request access at GemvisionForum.com, and we will be more than happy to welcome you into our community. We will continue to work on this forum, as we want it to be where all the MatrixGold and CounterSketch users can discuss and meet. However, users looking for support from the Gemvision site will still have to get in touch with our support lines.

Join our community at GemvisionForum.com today.

gemvision forum launch

A New Website To Use 

Our Marketing and UX Team have been working to create a more intuitive website. This website will not only just be easier to navigate through but will also have a redesigned user’s area. This space will simplify finding all the information related to licenses, installers, and subscriptions.

View our website now at Gemvision.com.

The Latest in CounterSketch  

We will be releasing a new update for CounterSketch Streaming. CounterSketch Streaming is an option that is becoming more and more popular. The reasons being that it can be launched from any computer that has a stable connection to the internet and because it’s based on a subscription service, which makes it easier to acquire. With this new release, CounterSketch Streaming will be able to import and use .3dm and .csg files. Users will be able to download the realistic renders that were taken in CounterSketch.

Shop CounterSketch now.

gemvision countersketch streaming update

Finally, MatrixGold 

MatrixGold will be released and officially running on the Rhino7 software. This means that we will be adapting the new Rhino7 functionalities as the Quadremesh and the SubD to MatrixGold. On top of this, we have made improvements, like calculating the parametric tree once you validate the command. This will improve the speed when using the parametric. Customers were also asking to be able to select the stones from the gem report tab. This is something that MatrixGold users will now be able to do.

Shop MatrixGold now.

gemvision matrixgold update

As you can see, a lot is happening at Gemvision. So, make sure to stay tuned on our digital channels to be the first ones to know!

Customization is the Key to Holiday Sales Success

The holiday selling season is here!

It’s likely your busiest time of year, and we want to help you create one-of-a-kind gifts for your best customers. At Gemvision, we offer two major CAD software options to design custom jewelry.

Explore Endless Options: MatrixGold®

This powerful CAD software lets you design models from scratch and explore the full depth of your creativity. If you can envision a shape, you can bring it to life. The only limit is your imagination.

MatrixGold helps you in two other big ways:

  • You get the weight, dimensions, and stone report on the final piece, which reduces haggling and helps you work within your customer’s budget.
  • You can create realistic renders and animations of the piece to WOW your customer. These renders and animations are also great for using in your social media marketing, on your website, and in your design portfolio.

Create an Experience: CounterSketch®

We know that any retailer wants to offer as many models as they can, but it’s impossible to stock all the options that customers may be looking for. With CounterSketch, you get hundreds of library designs that are ready to show to your customer and to be modified to their needs.

  • CounterSketch is perfect for inviting customers into the customization process. Whether they’re at your side or joining you remotely, they can watch you design their piece. You can make their requested changes with just a few clicks, and the design will update right before their eyes.
  • In CounterSketch, you can use and assemble freehand parts to create one-of-a-kind designs.
  • Once the design is done, you submit it to the team at Stuller. Our CAD/CAM Services handles the manufacturing and will deliver the piece to you at the manufacturing level you need: finished or unfinished, and set, semi-set, or unset.

Better Together

Do you want to create your own designs and have them ready and in stock? Bring MatrixGold and CounterSketch together for your business!

You can design in MatrixGold and then import those designs to CounterSketch. Once you have them in CounterSketch, it’s easy to show all your designs to your customers.

From there, you can show your designs from any perspective, change materials, make realistic renders, price them, and send them to Stuller for manufacturing. While we do the heavy lifting, you can keep serving your customers.

Watch one of our designers use MatrixGold and CounterSketch to create a pair of intricate earrings:

At Gemvision, we offer all the tools you need to make your customers feel like the most important person in the world. You can proudly advertise that you can make custom-designed jewelry to be delivered in time for the holiday season. Offer them nothing less than the best with CounterSketch and MatrixGold.

Happy selling!

For more information about MatrixGold, CounterSketch, and how they can benefit your business, take a look at these recent blog posts.

Details on MatrixGold’s Newest Software Updates

Take a Look Inside the July 2020 CounterSketch Update

Confidence Sells, So Know Your Software

Confidence Sells, So Know Your Software

Have any of you ever renovated your kitchen, or taken a precious family photo to be framed? Our homes and family heirlooms are important to us, and we don’t trust them to just anyone. We are looking for a contractor or framer that approaches their tools with skill and assurance. What if the framer puts on gloves before handling your photo, or the contractor comments on an essential aspect of the project that you never considered? How would you feel about proceeding with the project?

As Jewelers, our reputation is essential to our business. Customers must feel that they can trust us to complete their job confidently. Be sure that you and your staff are well trained and certain in using the tools of our trade. Your confidence will not only put customers at ease, but your ability to speak with conviction, clarity, and sincerity may be the key to closing the sale. Lots of industries, including doctors, pharmacists, and even tax accounts, do annual recurrent training. This training ensures that their skills are up to date and that they are aware of the latest and most significant advancements.

Our Gemvision training team wants to make sure that your staff is prepared and ready for whatever design challenges may walk through your door or hit your inbox. To help you prepare, Gemvision offers not only comprehensive training for beginners but also modules revolving around recent updates for those seasoned employees that only need to learn what is new. Here are a few examples of our online training that you can access from your store or home, listed by software.

CounterSketch® Online Training

  • CounterSketch Artisan Certification Curriculum: This series of 25 lessons, each with an accompanying quiz, will teach your staff everything they need to know about using CounterSketch with a customer. Once they complete all the classes and tests, they receive a CounterSketch Artisan Certification that they can print and frame and attach to their linked in profile.  
  • Watch Me Work: This series walks the student through building 14 on-trend unique designs, giving them the confidence to not only make these designs but other designs using freehand parts.   
  • Freehand Faceoff Vol.1-6: Given a theme, two designers go head to head to create unique designs. This fun yet challenging approach pushes your staff to think outside the box and imagine new ways of using existing tools and freehand parts.

MatrixGold® Academy

  • MatrixGold Artisan Curriculum: This series of 27 lessons will teach your staff everything they need to know about using MatrixGold. Including designing solitaires, eternity bands, five stone rings, and even cabochon pendants. This introductory class is a great starting point for any designers that are new to MatrixGold.
  • Matrix 9 to MatrixGold Conversion: This extensive course covers lessons on the user interface, user preferences, content management, modeling, profile editors, rendering, and much more. If you have been working in Matrix 9 and are ready to upgrade to MatrixGold, we have an online learning plan to help you with the transition.
  • Summer 2020 Update: As our development team continues to add and refine the tools in MatrixGold, you can expect great things. We separate videos for recently added features so that as you continue to learn, you can focus on what is new without having to review existing tools. This 11 lesson module teaches you to use the latest tools added to MatrixGold.

With these options and many more, there is valuable content for you and your staff to explore on Gemvision’s online training platforms. However, if you are looking for one-on-one training experience, we are happy to offer hourly training with our Gemvision training team as well. We are here to support you and your staff as you provide unparalleled service to your customers.

Take a Look Inside the July 2020 CounterSketch Update

CounterSketch Software Blog Header

2020 has been an overwhelming year with lots of change that has forced us to learn how to approach familiar tasks in very different ways. Like building relationships with your customers when you can only see their eyes because a mask obscures the rest of their face. However, I hear from most of our users that you are improvising and learning new ways to solidify your relationships and add value.

CounterSketch has always sought to help the consumer visualize the finished custom design and provide an experience that allows the consumer to be involved in creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry.

The 2020 CounterSketch update continues on a theme of simplifying and improving the user experience without diminishing the consumer’s engagement or excitement.

We are excited to hear how these new features impact your ability to use CounterSketch.

Updated User Interface

CounterSketch is even easier to navigate; you can find what you are looking for and apply filters seamlessly. The fresh look gives you a smoother, more cohesive interaction with the software, fewer clicks, and better results.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Now, you can shop Stuller’s entire inventory of large and melee lab-grown diamonds to add to your custom CounterSketch designs. You are providing a diamond alternative and another price point for your customer to consider.

Render Previews

Render previews allow you to review a draft of your render before completing the entire render to ensure that you have selected the best options for your render. Now, you can see what you are going to render without waiting for the render to complete so you can make adjustments and save time.

Standardized Render sizes for Social Media

Choose the platform where you plan to share your render, and CoutnerSketch will automatically update the size and resolution for the image for that platform, ensuring that it looks impressive on your social page.

Updated Order Screen

The updated order screen helps you see what information still needs to be completed so that you can submit your orders quickly without reviewing options you may not need. We have also enhanced our communication with Stuller’s API for faster pricing.

Curated Collections

Added in March, this feature allows you to merchandise the CounterSketch library so that it reflects your customers and their taste. Create a personalized tile on the CounterSketch start screen to highlight your brand. Behind the tile with your logo, select styles that are prevalent in your business. Never before has it been so easy to adapt CounterSketch to your business.

With lots to see and learn, be sure to take advantage of the CounterSketch playlists on our Gemvision Corp YouTube channel.

Which CounterSketch updates are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

Enhance your customer experience through Custom Solutions


What tools do you need for your Custom Jewelry Design toolbox?

Are you wondering what is out there when it comes to custom jewelry from Stuller? Stuller is always trying to expand its customization offerings to meet you and your customer whatever your custom design needs are.

The most recent custom solutions guide (link to guide) helps you to understand all of your customization options and select the tools that are best suited for your store.


The Custom Solutions Guide walks you through five solutions, including CAD/CAM Services, 3C and Stuller Showcase, Digital Goldsmith, CounterSketch, and MatrixGold.

The guide devotes a two page spread to each solution with quotes from subject matter experts, hardware compatibility, price, and skill level information. Each solution is explained, and you can see the key features and benefits of each tool.

Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll learn:

CAD/CAM Services does the work for you

With four services to choose from Stuller’s CAD/CAM services is happy to do the hard work for you. Submit a wax or resin model, and CAD/CAM services will take care of the casting so that you don’t have to. Submit a CAD Model, and our team will grow the wax or resin and do the casting as well. See a Stuller style that you like but need a modification? Through Modify a Style, choose an existing style and request that our CAD team makes the changes to your specifications. Submit a sketch will enable you to send in an image or drawing, and our CAD team will do the CAD work for you, once approved, we will take care of manufacturing all in one place.

3C and Stuller Showcase allows you to make changes online and get retail pricing.

Don’t have what your customer is looking for in-stock? Take them to Stuller Showcase and browse Stuller’s inventory via showcase with your logo, branding, and retail pricing. While you are there, check out our 3C product, which allows you to choose, change, and create your customer’s perfect ring. Flexible 3C Designs enable you to change the finger size, metal, center stone shape, and center stones size.

Digital Goldsmith helps you to assemble the dream for the customer

With Digital Goldsmith, choose from Stuller’s extensive collection of findings and shanks to build the perfect ring for your customer using existing Stuller components. Digital Goldsmith partners with the Magnetic Ring Builder for an interactive tactile in-store experience. Digital Goldsmith is also part of Stuller Showcase, so pricing can be shown at retail cost.

CounterSketch gives your customer options to adjust or build their ring in a 3D environment.


Interact with your customers in-store or from the comfort of their homes via a remote session. CounterSketch has a library of modifiable designs to choose from and also offers freehand parts if you wish to build your design using components. Each component can be changed and updated onscreen, so your customer instantly sees their changes, modify a library design into their ideal design.

Design their vision with MatrixGold


MatrixGold allows you to begin with a blank canvas and design any ring your customer can imagine. No starting libraries mean unlimited possibilities and jewelry driven tools give you everything you need to design jewelry your customers will love. The latest addition of parametric history allows you to go back and modify a design at any point so you can quickly make changes to meet your customer’s requests.

Many of our customers find that one tool isn’t enough. With an ever-changing customer, often more than one tool is needed on the same day, or for that matter, the same sale. Be sure you and your staff understand all the options available so that you can say yes to your customer regardless of their custom jewelry request.


If you are looking for ways to engage your customers and set yourself apart from your competition, consider customization, which allows you to work one-on-one with your customer to get them the design they want. Choosing the right set of tools for your store has never been easier.

What Custom Solutions are you ready to explore? Let us know in the comments below!

CounterSketch Update: New Curated Collections

CounterSketch Software Blog Header

I am excited to introduce the newest feature to CounterSketch®: curated collections. This new feature gives the user autonomy to create the collections that they know will sell in their area.

Currently, there are over 2,495 library models in CounterSketch. Never in the history of the software have we had so many different styles to select from, and each month we add more. While variety is the spice of life, with so many choices, it can sometimes be challenging to find the design you want.

With this in mind, we’ve given users a way to highlight styles that are relevant to their customers. Curated collections allow users to merchandise a selection of library models so that they can easily find the styling that is most relevant to their market.


Here is a brief description of how curated collections works:


Select Your Styles

Begin a search in CounterSketch using categories or filters to find the models you want. Use the session picks checkbox to select the styles you want to include. Once you have selected all of the relevant library models, choose the “add marked designs to portfolio” option and name your portfolio.


CounterSketch Curated Collections Select Styles


Create a Design Tile

Once you have selected the styles for your collection and added them to a portfolio, create a tile for your collection. From the preferences, menu choose “edit design tiles.” Now you can add a new tile to your Start screen that will feature your selection. You can select the shape, size, and title of your tile. Then select an image from stock images or add your own.


CounterSketch Curated Collections Design Tile Interface


Access your collection

Browse your curated collection by clicking on the design tile you created to access your specified models. The collection shows in the search screen, with the title in the breadcrumb and tile image in the header.

CounterSketch Curated Collections Accessing the Collection


Now that you know how you can create as many collections as you wish!


In addition to creating tiles that will link to collections of jewelry, you can also create a tile that will connect to:

  • Web Address: your website to share images of past custom creations
  • Stuller Showcase: other Stuller product that meets the customer’s needs
  • Open Another Program: a point of sale software or just a calculator, so you always have one available
  • Stuller Prototype Collection: a specific group of products

CounterSketch gives you options and simplifies your custom design process. Give your customers choices for the next custom design, either from the entire library or just those curated styles that you know will speak to them. Once you have completed the design, submit your order, and our CAD/CAM services team will handle the rest.


Watch below for more on Curated Collections:


I hope you enjoy Curated Collections and the ability it gives you to personalize your CounterSketch library.  As always, visit our Gemvision website for more on the update.

How do you plan to use Curated Collections? Let us know in the comments below!

Goldmark Jewelers Overcomes Design Challenges Using CounterSketch® Software

CounterSketch Software Blog Header

Meet Cal Brockman, owner of Goldmark Jewelers in Portland, Oregon


Finding the Right Fit

Cal Brockman began learning the basics of jewelry making in 1970. Then, in 1976, he founded his jewelry business. He’s spent the last 43 years making original one-of-a-kind jewelry for his customers. “I really enjoy what I do. But it is getting harder. Eight years ago, I was considering how I might benefit from using computer-aided design in my work,” Cal explains.

After trying out a few of the programs that were available, he immediately thought the learning process would be difficult. “I wasn’t convinced it was for me— until Stuller introduced CounterSketch software. It looked simple and elegant, and I thought it could be what I needed to cut my production time on bands and traditional style rings,” Cal says. “I tried the demos and decided to buy CounterSketch. I was determined to learn how to use it.”

Cal Brockman Goldmark Jewelers Portland Oregon Benchwork

Getting Familiar with CounterSketch

“I bought a fast, new computer, installed CounterSketch, and watched all of the training videos and just started creating! At first, it was fun to just add new components, change sizes, and change stones while a client joyfully watched their ring come to life. Then, I learned how to bend and mirror, and use polar array, too,” Cal adds. He’s become confident using these CounterSketch software features with clients. Cal attends the online CounterSketch webinars to improve his techniques and learn new things.

“With Countersketch, I can create dramatic and artistic jewelry with precision. I can create fine details that I can’t achieve using hand tools— twisting, bending, stretching and altering a component to match my vision is thrilling. It’s such a rewarding process for me.”

Cal is quick to demonstrate CounterSketch software to anyone who is interested. “I open to a portfolio whenever I think someone will enjoy seeing an idea in 3D and move it around the screen. Viewing models on a computer screen is a familiar experience for most young buyers. This enables them to participate in the creative process.”

Cal Brockman Goldmark Jewelers Portland Oregon Storefront

Growing with CounterSketch Software

“I don’t claim that it makes me feel younger,” Cal laughs, “but I am able to do things with CounterSketch that I could not imagine myself doing when I was younger. It makes me feel energized. I’ve increased accuracy in layout and precise placement of stones, resulting in some of my best work and I’m ready for more. I like being able to offer a new kind of designing tool as part of what I can do. CounterSketch stretches me as I try to improve on what I’ve done as I discover new methods.”

Cal encourages lots of practice with CounterSketch. “It does require effort if you want to use it well, but the results are stunning. I use CounterSketch every day and I look forward to seeing what the developers will add to the next release. I’ll be ready to learn how I can use the exciting new functions in the future!”


Here are five exquisite examples where Cal overcame design challenges using CounterSketch software:


Goldmark Jewelers Filigree Gallery Ring

Filigree Gallery Ring

“This ring needed open gallery sides. I achieved this by making a duplicate band in a larger finger size, then fitting it over the original and bringing in the sides to blend. Then, I filled the spaces with small-scale scrolls. Stuller’s CAM Services had to scale these design elements up until they were castable, but the overall design came out looking fine!”


Goldmark Jewelers Bold Men's Band

Bold Men’s Band

“This man’s ring was challenging to create because it needed a wide, thick top. I chose a heavy profile band with an oval and did everything I could think of to get it bulkier, flat, and thick enough for the stone. I built the white gold top from wire forms using CounterSketch and then filled under the ends with another strip of wire.”


Goldmark Jewelers Deep Profile Morganite Ring

Deep-Profile Morganite Ring

“This client wanted a Morganite center stone. I found a beautiful stone, but it had a really deep profile and the client wanted this open-strut-prong-style ring. After I got the top to fit the stone, I scaled scrolls until I could fit them into these open spaces. In the end, the ring protects the stone and looks elegant.”


Goldmark Jewelers Two Trillion-Cut Emeralds Ring

Two Trillion-Cut Emeralds Ring

“This large looking ring with two 6.5 mm trillion-cut Emeralds is a size 5, while the center Diamond is 7.0 mm. It needed to be classy and artistic, yet wearable and protective of the Emeralds. That was a tough assignment and I don’t think I would have tried to do this without CounterSketch. Getting the stones to fit required many attempts and restarts— as the Emeralds had to be placed down into the sides. The outer framing rings are opposing copies tilted to taper and blend. It looks wonderful, but it is more suited to special occasion wear.”


Goldmark Jewelers Freeform Floral Motif Ring

Freeform Floral Motif Ring

“This ring is a large collection of freeform parts that fit inside this frame and holds these stones. The client is a gardener and loves being outdoors, so she wanted an expressive, natural-feeling floral motif in a large ring with emeralds and diamonds that she could wear a lot. Looking closely, you will see underlying support wires which were to ensure a complete casting and to support the stones. It worked well on both accounts.”

From Picture to Perfection: How to Engage Using CounterSketch Software

Engage with Countersketch Software Blog Header

Pictures paint a thousand words. So, it’s no surprise that our customers scour Pinterest, lifestyle blogs, websites, Instagram, and more in search of their picture-perfect inspiration. This practice has become an integral part of their buying processes, especially when considering large purchases.

All this research may bring customers to your store with their minds set on a particular design. They come with screenshots, printouts, magazine clippings— the list goes on and on. So, on one hand, it’s great that they’ve made up their mind about what they want and have some clear direction. But now, the pressure is on you to concoct their desired item at a price they can afford.


The success of the sale is in your hands. Use CounterSketch software to engage and entrance your customers.


Start by Sharing on Social Media

You can be a part of customers’ research and discovery process by sharing, sharing, sharing on all your marketing channels. Use Pinterest to post your own daring designs. And feel free to pin other inspiring pieces as well. Use Instagram to flex your creative capabilities, too. Let all of Facebook know you have limitless power to customize any design through CounterSketch software. Keep your website updated with all your latest and most engaging creations. This way, customers will feel comfortable coming to you with their pictured inspirations, as you confidently take on their wildest ideas.

Step 1: Check Your Live Inventory

Once your customer has found their inspiration, it’s now your job to bring it to life. Take a look at your customer’s inspiration image. Then, check your showcase. Is there anything identical, or at least similar, that you can offer them to try on? This initial try-on can clear up a lot of confusion later. As a jeweler, you are trained to see a photo and translate that into a physical piece of jewelry. But your customers aren’t. Not to mention, that is why they came to your jewelry store . . . to try on jewelry!

Here’s a good example: Customers love the look of eternity bands in photos. But all too often, once they put the ring on, they don’t like how the stones feel between their fingers. Suggesting a similar item, like an anniversary band instead, could be a huge help.

This also sparks conversation around the particular design aspects that are most important to them. If you have exactly they’re looking for in stock, give your merchandising manager a high-five for predicting consumer demand. But, let’s assume you’re not that lucky. Let’s pretend your customer came to you with the earrings below. They want a similar ring with lots of stones.

CounterSketch Software Design Inspiration

Step 2: Check Your Online Showcase

Take your customer over to the computer on your sales floor. On your Stuller Showcase page, you can browse Stuller’s entire inventory using descriptive terms to narrow down the results. For example, in our bridal jewelry category, we have twelve initial categories available. Then, there are 60+ sub-categories to consider, and several have sub-sub-categories to refine your search further.

Once you’ve found the right design type, and then perhaps a similar style, you can use 3C models to modify the design to exactly what your customer showed you when she walked in the door. However, maybe something is missing. Maybe the ring below is almost what they’re looking for, but not quite their dream ring. Why make them settle for good enough when you can offer perfection?

Step 3: Co-create With Your Customer

Now, you can import that almost design into CounterSketch software to refine it further. Make modifications or add freehand parts to craft the design into your customer’s specific request. And the best part is that they’ll be at your side to assist with the entire design process.

Furthermore, if your customer’s idea is completely different from existing designs in Stuller Showcase and CounterSketch, fear not! Simply use your jewelry expertise to identify key attributes or aspects of the ring. Then, begin virtually assembling using CounterSketch Freehand Parts.

For this example, we have a plain band or shank, a marquise-shaped halo, a bezel-set ruby, and horizontal bars of gold. You can now work shoulder-to-shoulder with your customer to get the design just right. After all, you and your customer are in complete control using CounterSketch software. So, if a ring needs to be thinner or calls for fewer diamonds to meet a specific price-point, you can easily modify the design to fit their parameters.

CounterSketch Software Evil Eye Custom Ring


Step 4: For Even More Details…

The adventure doesn’t stop here. Maybe there are unique scrolls, script initials, or other meaningful details your customer just has to have. When this is the case, you can always turn to MatrixGold Essentials, Matrix, or RhinoGold to craft an even more intricate design. And if you’d rather have Stuller do the heavy lifting, simply submit a sketch to our CAD/CAM Services to deliver exactly what your customer wants!

So, next time you’re tasked with creating a unique design from a picture, no worries. Turn to CounterSketch software to create that picture-perfect piece!