Designs and Trends Featured in 302® Fine Jewelry

When trying to appeal to a large audience of customers, you need to provide an assortment that features variety. 302 Fine Jewelry is designed for every woman. Regardless of style preference, background, and age, we strive to create jewelry that helps women feel fashionable no matter where she’s going, what story she’s telling, and what activity she’s doing.

Inspired Designs

The 302 Fine Jewelry team is made up of women representing a variety of backgrounds within the Stuller building. We craft and believe in a vision for this series of collections that celebrates the uniqueness and confidence within all women.

Keeping these values in mind, we approach the designs of every piece from the perspective of the women that wear them. The women that wear 302 Fine Jewelry are moms, professionals, athletes, and so much more. They deserve jewelry that fits their lifestyle.

When thinking of the function within the designs, it’s these various lifestyles that guide us. For example, when we introduced the Charm School™ Collection, we discussed how we approached designing the bail. The bail is in the shape of a “D” so that when the charm rests against the skin, it doesn’t roll around. This bail also makes the charm compatible with chains of assorted sizes and can work on necklaces and bracelets. The goal was to give the piece as much versatility as possible while also solving a potential issue for the woman on the move.

In-Demand Trends

Not only are we thinking about the designs of individual pieces, but we are always on top of the trends that your customers are wanting. We curate these collections with pieces that will have them coming back for more. Here are some of our favorite trends that we have been following and have made sure are well-represented within the collections of 302 Fine Jewelry.

Ear Party

Layering and stacking is absolutely in style, which is why we offer such a wide selection of earrings for women to create their own ear party! Curate your own selection of studs, huggies, and hoops today.

688809 87181 86909


Chain has had a huge presence on the runway over the last few years and is not just for the neck anymore! From cast chain rings and draping bead chain earrings to fashion-forward chain necklaces, make sure you hop on this utility and industrial-inspired trend.

123098 52376 CH1099


Many women are drawn to their place in the universe and love to display these larger ideals in their own fashion statements. Zodiac pieces, constellation styles, and wonderous stone choices really appeal to the modern woman.

87526 87512 87719

Personalization and Charms

Charms are breaking through in all market levels. Think of them as a way of creating a personal biography out of jewelry. Featuring initials, birthstones, and various symbols, they provide the flexibility to mix and match personalized looks that really speak to today’s consumer.

653725 87768 88005

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Women are wanting pieces with a higher total carat weight while still reaching affordable price points. Styles featuring lab-grown diamonds are providing that opportunity for attainable luxury.

688818 86969 688821


Simple silhouettes and everyday basics are always in style. From stackable dome rings to necklaces they never remove; these pieces are the foundation to any woman’s fine jewelry collection.

52257 653622 2000417


A beloved classic, pearl is thriving in modern-day fine jewelry. Pearl-accented jewelry goes with every style and can be seen everywhere. We are bringing pearls back into everyday wear.

688757 688758 688823

Become a Retail Partner

Accessing these fantastic pieces and connecting them to your customers is easy. With a one-time $2,500 investment in 302 Fine Jewelry products, you receive all the benefits of being a retail partner. To learn more and get started, visit Stuller.com/302FineJewelry.

Save the Date

Make sure to join us for next week’s edition in our 302 Fine Jewelry webinar series for your chance to win a $2,500 Stuller account credit. We will be talking all about the extensive marketing support you receive as a 302 Fine Jewelry retail partner. We will see you on Tuesday, August 10 at 1:00pm Central. Register at Stuller.com/302sdays.

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Social Survey: Men’s Jewelry Trends

Mens Fashion Trends

Let’s talk about trends. In the retail space, it’s important to stay up to date on trends, as these quick-lived movements can end up making you a lot of cash. With social media hotter than ever, trends are spreading like wildfire — especially in the jewelry industry. Photos of celebrities or athletes flaunting their favorite jewels are dispersed to millions of peoples’ phone screens worldwide. So, how do you adapt to the ever-changing trend landscape? Well, you stay ahead!

One facet of the industry that is talked about less than I would like is men’s jewelry. No, not just wedding bands — I’m talking men’s fashion jewelry. What are men wearing besides bands now? With simply working in social media, I was able to identify some men’s jewelry trends that I see very often. But that had me thinking: what are men actually buying? So, with the help of some of my jeweler friends, I was able to understand how men’s jewelry trends chalk up to what they are purchasing.

Read below for a first-hand look at the jewelry men are in to!

Decked in Pearls

One of my personal favorites, pearls, have been spotted on multiple celebrities over the past few years. Guys like Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky, Billy Porter, and more have been flaunting pearl statement earrings and strands effortlessly. Sammy from Ocean Pearl and Diamond and Jane from Jewelry by Jane Basch agree that they are seeing an uptick in men wearing pearls as well.

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A post shared by Billy Porter (@theebillyporter)

Brace Yourself for Bracelets

Perhaps one of the most common answers I received when asking you all about men’s trends was bracelets! I’m not a bracelet girl myself, but I do see the appeal. Staci from Kim Chau & Co, Cait from Libutti Jewelers, and Shelly from Sparks Fine Jewelry all agree that bracelets are a big hit for the guys in their area!

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A post shared by Harry Meghan Archie Lili 🖤 (@sussexonly)

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A post shared by Vogue Man Arabia (@voguemanarabia)

Seeing Colors

A few of you have offered up the sentiment that colored stones, both diamond and gemstones, are making waves in the men’s jewelry arena. Staci from Kim Chau & Co and Jack from JB Jewelers have admitted to making some colorful sales for men’s jewelry. Jack also mentioned that some men in his area are coming in buying enamel pieces as well.

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A post shared by Tyler, The Creator (@feliciathegoat)

Diamonds are Forever

A trend that we are familiar with here at Stuller is elevated men’s wedding bands. Donna from Acredo mentions that many men are going into her store requesting diamonds in their band. You know what they say… the more diamonds, the merrier!

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A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames)

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A post shared by Gucci Mane (@laflare1017)

Chains, Chains, Chains

Kelly from Jacobsen’s Jewelry states that Cuban link and rope chains are still highly sought-after pieces for men in the Midwest. I, for one, don’t see that trend going out of style anytime soon!

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A post shared by Timothée Chalamet fanpage ❤️ (@tchalametfannn)

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Pretty in Pink

Since we’re talking about men’s trends, I don’t think it would be fair to leave out the most iconic jewelry moment of 2021 — Lil Uzi Vert’s pink diamond forehead moment. It was short-lived, but enigmatic nonetheless. Thanks, Joseph, for reminding us of this rather daring moment in men’s jewelry history.

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A post shared by Lil Uzi Vert Fan Page (@liluzivurt)

And that’s a wrap! Thank you, all, for your wonderful participation. Looking forward to see what the second half of 2021 has in store for men!

How do you feel about the trends mentioned above? Are men in your area buying other types of jewelry? Let me know below!

Something New, Something Blue: Wedding Day Jewelry

When a couple comes to you for their wedding rings, they receive the most important piece of jewelry they will wear on their wedding day and the rest of their lives together. But are the wedding rings the only pieces of jewelry they will wear on their special day? Once you’ve taken care of the rings, spark additional conversations with the couple about wedding day jewelry. 

Never underestimate the power of the add-on sale. The process of working with a jeweler while picking out wedding rings fosters a relationship of trust between jeweler and customer. Leveraging this relationship can lead to additional sales and repeat customers. For a bride, you can provide a matching set of earrings, necklace, and bracelet that perfectly complement her ring. For a groom, help him stand out with personalized and engraved cuff links, signet rings, and tie bar. 

In celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, we have pulled pieces that make for the perfect wedding day jewelry selection. Shop today at Stuller.com!

For the Bride 

A bride’s accessories are like the cherry on top. Ranging from simple to flashy, these are pieces she wears to feel confident. Learn her style preferences, understand her needs, and suggest pieces that she simply must have. And don’t forget to add something blue!


688757 72309 123093


651648 87521 653732


688759 87544 652481

For the Groom 

The groom will likely not be looking for wedding day jewelry in the same way as the bride. In fact, any additional pieces he wears on the wedding day will probably be gifted to him. Regardless, be sure to have a selection of pieces that appeal to the groom and promote the idea of personalization to make his special day one to remember.


CH493 CH26 CH955

Engravable Items

652584 5758 652578

Cuff Links and Tie Bars

86426 87262 86543

Your Wedding Partner 

You can shop even more options for day of wedding jewelry at Stuller.com/YearOfTheWedding

Don’t forget that we also have an assortment of images and videos ready for you to use in your social media marketing. Log in to the marketing asset library and show off beautiful pieces today! 

Product assortment provided by Pamala Flugence, Stuller Fine Jewelry Project Planner.

4 Facts About Father’s Day— And What He Wants

What to get Dad for Father’s Day? Each year we puzzle over this question, and the truth is, if he has young children, he’ll love their handmade creations — crooked printing and all. But Mom and older children will want him to have something that lasts, and jewelry hits the nail on the head or the ball off the tee. The gifts shown below represent just a few of your choices. Visit Stuller.com/FathersDay to see them all. We’ve included a wide range of prices, so you’ll find gifts to fit each budget.

But before we get into gift ideas, let’s brush up on this holiday’s history, which includes fascinating facts you can share with customers. I confess I used to think a greeting card company came up with the idea as a marketing ploy. These companies were undoubtedly thrilled with Father’s Day’s creation, but the concept came from poignant circumstances long lost in the pages of time.

Did You Know?

  • A West Virginia church observed the first Father’s Day on July 5, 1908, to honor 362 men killed the previous December in a coal mining disaster.
  • In 1909, 2,600 miles away, Sonora Smart Dodd sought a day to honor fathers. She was one of six children raised by a widower in Spokane, Washington, and felt strongly that he and other fathers deserved special recognition. She gathered support from local shops, churches, and government officials, and on June 19, 1910, Washington State celebrated its first Father’s Day.
  • In 1916, two years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day an official holiday, he honored Father’s Day in Washington State, pressing a button in Washington DC to unfurl the flag there.
  • Then in 1924, President Calvin Coolidge urged all states to observe Father’s Day. Today we celebrate it on the third Sunday of June.

Outdoors and Active Dad

Does he work with his hands, play sports, hike, bike, or all four?  Perhaps he loves the great outdoors and wants his children to share his enthusiasm. These selections and others make great gifts for him.

B104 CH647 652577

You’ll find other chain styles and widths, as well as engravable dog tags and shield pendants, at Stuller.com/FathersDay.

Sharp Dressed Dad

86427 652591
86544 9792

You’ll find many other rings, cufflinks, and collar stays at Stuller.com/FathersDay.

Spiritually-Minded Dad

Reflect his commitment to his faith with these options.

R42392 R16603
R16443 R45411

Visit Stuller.com/FathersDay to see our curated selection. Or visit Stuller.com/Mens for more options.

Finding Inspiration: Redesign and Repair

While many are still recovering from a busy holiday season, we know jewelers are diving headfirst into repair season. This month will bring plenty of repairs to your doorstep, which will be an opportunity for you to find inspiration in how to improve the functionality of your customers’ pieces. Embrace your inner artisan and think of ways you can make your customer happy with a repair that makes their life easier.

Finding Inspiration is a campaign to inspire the designer in every bench jeweler. This inspiration is not restricted to the creation of new pieces, but also to infuse your creativity in your repair work or other existing pieces. This month’s feature explores using this creativity in small, but meaningful ways.

Chain Components: Finding the Missing Link With These Creative Solutions

Repairs are more than simply fixing a piece of jewelry. They are the ultimate representation of your brand and your craft. A repair is also a prime opportunity to elevate your brand experience by infusing a little creativity into how you choose to approach the job at hand. Using a few of our new chain components, we present three new ways you can enhance a piece using Stuller findings.

Chain Extenders: Provide Value With Versatility

Chain length contributes significantly to the overall styling of any necklace. As you receive chain repairs this year, why not show them an adjustable chain extender (2001102:102S; 2001103:102:S)? Featured in our most recent issue of From the Bench, this little add-on provides your customer’s piece with versatility making it easier for them to mix and match any given chain with other necklaces to create a one-of-a-kind look. To get inspired by the potential stylings and to encourage your customers, check out the #neckmess hashtag on Instagram where you will find thousands of layered necklace looks. 

chain extenders

Magnetic Clasps: Create Simple Solutions

If your customer is struggling to easily put on their bracelet or necklace, we have a solution for you. You can assist by recommending a magnetic clasp (28506:1010:P; 23714:1006:S). Our wide range of clasps vary in both style and strength. We also have styles with spring rings already attached so your customer can add or remove the clasp all on their own. A simple solution can be the difference that makes your customer enjoy wearing their jewelry more often.

magnetic clasp

Chain Tags: Add a Personal Touch

Chain tags notate the metal quality of the chain, but they could also be used to personalize a piece. Use one of our various engravable chain tags (23849:60003:S; 23848:60002:S; 2000852:1000:S) to engrave your customer’s initials, leave a memorable date, or even brand with your logo. Taking this extra step is an excellent way to further provide meaning and value to the piece.

chain tags

Leave Your Mark With Noteworthy Repairs

Just like the fresh start 2021 is giving us, give your business a fresh start this year with a quality repair season. We hope you find new and creative solutions using Stuller findings. Whether you use the tips we gave today or other sparks of imagination, we wish you luck in crafting lasting relationships with your customers and providing the best service. For more tips and products to help you have a strong repair business this year, visit our website for special items we put together just for you.

chain repair

Share Your Inspiration

Finding Inspiration is about you and our incredibly talented community of craftsmen, designers, bench jewelers, and artisans. We are inspired by your creativity and want to share your work! Share on social media how you have used Stuller findings to craft unique solutions and one-of-a-kind pieces for your customers. Be sure to tag us @stullerinc and use the hashtag #stullerfindings. We look forward to featuring more of your amazing work on a future installment of Finding Inspiration.

Find your inspiration with some of these recent blog posts:

Finding Inspiration: Micro Bezels Make for a Subtle Statement

Finding Your Holiday Inspiration

Content by Alissa Talbot

Worlds by Taylor Dizor

Our Top 5 Looks from the 2020 Emmys

In the pandemic-ridden world we live in, there are numerous facets of life that have had to make adjustments and televised award shows are no exception. The 2020 Emmys took place on September 20th, but viewers noticed some changes to the normal extravagant affair. Rather than gather all nominees and guests in a single location, the award show brought the experience into the nominees’ homes where a camera linked them to the show.

Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and featuring stars from a variety of television’s best, we were able to enjoy celebrating the on-screen talent many of us have been binge-watching this year. While this year’s Emmys did not include a red carpet event, a selection of stars truly shined in the fashion department. In no particular order, here are some of our favorite looks from the night.



The Euphoria actress experienced a wonderful evening at the Emmys coming in as the youngest actress ever to win Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Not only did she gain some well-deserved recognition from the Television Academy, she also dazzled the audience with both of her stunning looks.

In her first standout look of the evening, she donned a purple Christopher John Rogers with a matching necklace that was absolutely gorgeous. Her second award-winning ensemble featured a polka-dot and crystal embellished custom Armani Privé gown with subtly matching jewelry.

Steal her look with an amethyst necklace that’s sure to make a statement, or the most scintillating diamond hoops.

amethyst necklace
diamond hoop earrings

Julia Garner

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That’s @juliagarnerofficial… 2x #Emmy award winner! 🙌 #Emmys

A post shared by Emmys / Television Academy (@televisionacad) on

Representing the show Ozark, Julia Garner absolutely dazzled us with a vintage-inspired look by Chanel complete with an ivory satin dress, layered pearls, and headband. This 1920’s flapper-reminiscent getup would fit in perfectly in The Great Gatsby and we are in love with it!

Honor Julia by adorning yourself in a pearl necklace and earrings for the ultimate vintage cool-girl moment.

pearl necklace
pearl and diamond necklace

Tracee Ellis Ross


The lack of a red carpet event didn’t stop the Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross from creating her own! And with a look as stunning as hers, why shouldn’t she? Ross was absolutely glowing in a gold Alexandre Vauthier halter gown paired with vintage jewelry.

Keep it classy and cool with some yellow gold metal fashion jewelry, perfect for the coveted #NeckMess look – an ode to Mrs. Ross herself!

gold chain necklace
gold chain necklace

The Cast of Schitt’s Creek

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With Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy, Dan Levy and Annie Murphy winning their #Emmys tonight, that means our little Canadian show is the first comedy to ~ever~ sweep all four acting categories, and that is absolutely wild 🇨🇦

A post shared by Schitt’s Creek (@schittscreek) on

The real winners of this year’s Emmys are the cast of Schitt’s Creek, who swept all seven comedy-based awards. The cast gathered together in Toronto to accept their awards. While the entire cast had eye-catching outfits for the occasion, we simply have to give a shoutout to Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy. O’Hara sported a sequined black Valentino dress with perfectly paired jewelry and a watch. Murphy also wore a Valentino-designed outfit, but the eye-catching part of her look was the “A” necklace that her character Alexis Rose is seen wearing during the show. Congratulations on a great night to this phenomenal cast!

It’s impossible to go wrong with personalized jewelry. Take it from Annie Murphy or her fictional counterpart, Alexis!

white gold single letter earrings
rose gold single letter necklace

Kerry Washington


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Haven’t dressed up in a while so had to make the most of it. Look ✌🏾#Emmys2020

A post shared by Kerry Washington (@kerrywashington) on

Featuring two jaw-dropping looks during the evening was the Little Fires Everywhere star, Kerry Washington. Her first look of the night was a floral Oscar de la Renta gown complete with simple, yet elegant emerald drop earrings. She followed it up with another piece by Oscar de la Renta. This time a black and gold dress to commemorate a new year celebration with her castmates.

Always a staple, pay homage to Kerry with some emerald drop earrings, perfect for any occasion!

gold diamond and emerald drop earrings
white gold Chatham lab-created emerald and diamond earrings

Honorable Mention: The Hazmat Tuxedo Award Presenters


Executive producer Guy Carrigton and costume designer Katja Cahill chose a tongue-in-cheek approach to a traditional presenter’s tuxedo fit for a pandemic. We were pleasantly shocked to see Emmy awards being distributed by presenters dressed in hazmat suits that resembled tuxedos. Who knows! This safe approach to formal evening wear could one day be the norm.

Round out your tuxedo-inspired hazmat suits with some sophisticated cufflinks.

engravable square cuff links
gold onyx and diamond cuff links

What to Know About Choosing a Jewelry Chain

Chains are trending and in demand like never before. Just peruse Instagram’s #NeckMess hashtag to see the inspiring and creative ways customers are layering their looks. From chunky chains that make a statement to a cascading column of thinner cable chains, you’ve got some serious opportunity here.

When a customer bursts into your store in pursuit of a new necklace, selecting a chain doesn’t have to be a hassle. Read on for five easy steps to guide the selection process, then download our helpful guide to choosing a jewelry chain.

Getting Started

There are five broad questions to cover with customers:

  1. What chain style? Box chain, cable chain, rope chain, wheat chain, or something else?
  2. What metal quality? Ever-popular yellow gold, on-trend rose gold, or perhaps a white metal?
  3. What length? We offer our chains in the most popular sizes and also custom lengths.
  4. What type of clasp? From lobster clasps to trigger clasps, Stuller has a comprehensive assortment of wholesale necklace clasps and other findings, like jump rings.
  5. What about a pendant? You can browse a variety of pendants, dangles, slides, and charms. We have something for everyone!

1. Choose a Jewelry Chain Style

In general, dainty chains (around 1mm) are popular for women, and larger-width chains (above 3mm) are popular for men. But in recent years, larger widths are becoming popular for both men and women.

Cable, rope, box, and wheat chains are our tried and true chains — and they go with anything! Try adding pendants, slides, and dangles. And if your customer wants something different show them curb, herringbone, paperclip, and figaro chains. These are great for layering and creating a statement look, but they’re also great for wearing alone or without a pendant.

Tip: Our 28-Piece Chain Selling System is a great way to pick a chain. It features 28 items in a variety of widths as well as our best-selling styles.

If you’d like to find exactly what you need, try our Chain and Cord Advanced Search.

New at Stuller: Threader Chains!

This new chain is a great way to jump on the customization trend.

Using our Threader Chain, you can add your own dangles and charms without assembling, and you can adjust to whatever length you desire. This chain gives customers the freedom to change up their look.

2. Decide on a Metal Quality

Gold is the most popular metal for necklaces, but sterling silver isn’t far behind and offers a great price point option.

Stuller offers a wide assortment of metal qualities:

  • 10k, 14k, and 18k white, yellow, and rose gold
  • Platinum
  • Sterling silver
  • Gold-filled, gold-plated, and rhodium-plated sterling silver
Jewelry Chains

3. Select a Chain Length

Stuller offers multiple lengths of chain and chain by the inch, which we recommend if you need a custom length.

Our most popular length for women is 18”, but those who like something to sit right below the collarbone may find 16” chains the perfect length. By contrast, men gravitate toward longer lengths, like 20” to 24” chains.

Chokers are typically 14”, and ankles — yes, they’re making a return — are normally 9.5-10”. Oh, and 7” bracelets are trending in a huge way now. Whether it’s a bracelet, necklace, or anklet, stack it up!

Choosing your chain necklace lengths

4. Find a Chain Clasp

Whether you need a clasp for a simple necklace, a pearl necklace, a clasp that can be used for multiple chains, or even a magnetic clasp for easier usage, we have you covered.

Our most popular clasp type is the lobster clasp. We have a range of small clasps for daintier chains and larger clasps to suit wider widths and heavier chains. Spring rings are a great price point option and perfect for delicate chains.

Tip: If you are purchasing chain by the inch, use our Add a Clasp option. This will bring you to a list of specific clasps that will fit perfectly with your chain.

chain clasps

Jewelers’ Favorite Clasps

  • You can’t go wrong with our 276 or 276R classic lobster clasps
  • SR5 is the perfect price point clasp for a smaller chain
  • Toggle clasps are a great way to add a design element to a chain. We love 2000877 toggle clasp set! Pair this with our CH1095 Elongated Flat Cable Chain.
  • Want to make layering your chains quick and easy? Use 2000534 multi strand magnetic clasp!
  • Have a customer that needs an easy functional clasp? We love either 28506 Magnetic clasp or 2000295 Triggerless lobster clasp.

We also have a wide array of chain components — jump rings, chain tags, chain ends, and more — to construct your ideal chain.

5. Finishing Touches: Pair With a Pendant, Dangle, Slide, or Charm

Even though we love a chain on its own, we also love to add a little embellishment. Add pendants, bails, and dangles to create your own unique look.

These are some of our favorites:

  • 87206 slide (this works perfect with our threader chain)
  • 87502 key pendant with 87184 engravable lock pendant or 87348 diamond lock pendant
  • And, you can’t go wrong with petite dangles: 2000943 and 2000936 are great for the current celestial trend! We love using our oval split rings, like series OV1, to easily add dangles to any chain.
threader chain

Bookmark our Advanced Chain Search on Stuller.com. This phenomenal resource allows your search to be as broad or specific as you need. Also, our latest fine jewelry catalog, Jewelry 2020-2021, has our full chain assortment with millimeter widths, metal quality, and pricing. Let it be your go-to resource for all things chains and neckwear.

Download and print the infographic below to give customers a visual when discussing how to choose a chain.