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Designs and Trends Featured in 302® Fine Jewelry

Behind-the-scenes of our favorite on-trend designs.

When trying to appeal to a large audience of customers, you need to provide an assortment that features variety. 302 Fine Jewelry is designed for every woman. Regardless of style preference, background, and age, we strive to create jewelry that helps women feel fashionable no matter where she’s going, what read more…

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5 Innovative 2019 Jewelry Design Trends For Autumn and Beyond

Engage your clientele with Autumn’s leading jewelry looks

Your customers are always on the hunt for the latest jewelry trends. They research runway trends, scour social media, and watch industry influencers unveil all-new fads and fashions. Luckily, we do too. In fact, we work tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve. Below, our experts have identified five top 2019 read more…

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ASTRO MANIA by Swarovski: The Art of Astrological Jewelry

See how to create 'heavenly' jewelry designs using Swarovski Gemstones

Travelers, nomads, scholars, navigators, scientists, and the just plain curious have always looked up to our star-filled heavens and wondered about the power and attraction of the universe. Whether the mysteries of astrology and cosmology, or recurring miracles like Halley’s Comet, or solar and lunar eclipses, these spark in us read more…