Quick References Provided with New Diamonds & Gemstones Catalog

Earlier this month, we launched Diamonds and Gemstones 2020-2021, a 130-page catalog featuring Stuller’s comprehensive assortment of diamonds and gemstones. Visit our previous post to catch up on all the great highlights we have included in this latest edition.

Making this one of our most unique catalogs we have produced, the removable reference pages in the back of the book are ready to be used where you need them, when you need them. Including resources like a gemstone color wheel showcasing an assortment of complementary color possibilities, a poster showing best-selling round diamond and gemstone sizes and availability, and a variety of charts, tables, and information guides, this section of Diamonds and Gemstones 2020-2021 provides you with educational and reference material you can easily display in your store for both employees and customers. Explain industry concepts, such as the four C’s of diamonds or how stones are measured, to your customers or provide guides for your employees to refer back to on a regular basis with these easy-to-understand and illustrated resources.

Each of these reference pages are perforated for quick and clean removal from the catalog. If you prefer not to remove these pages, we’re happy to provide you with PDF copies of these pages for you to print for your personal use.

Click here to download your free Diamonds and Gemstones 2020-2021 reference pages.

From presenting the new additions to our Notable Gemstones™ and Stuller Diamonds® offerings to an updated visual aesthetic, Diamonds and Gemstones 2020-2021 provides you everything you need to quickly find what you are looking for in one of the industry’s widest selections. Visit our website for more information about the Diamonds and Gemstones 2020-2021 catalog.

All That Shimmers: Diamonds & Gemstones 2020-2021

Diamonds & Gemstones 2020-2021

As personalization continues to lead our industry, Diamonds & Gemstones 2020-2021 gives you all you need to quickly find that special stone within one of the industry’s widest selections. With 130 pages, this catalog features Stuller’s comprehensive assortment of diamonds and gemstones: beloved classics, on-trend favorites, and many new colorful options.

And in this latest installment, we’re doing things a bit differently.

Here are 5 cool updates in Diamonds & Gemstones 2020-2021

1. Beautiful New Look

This reimagined edition of our classic catalog is unlike anything we’ve ever done before. With its gorgeous new look, we’re sure you and your customers will love this catalog as much as we do. And, it will become your go-to resource for all things diamonds and gemstones.

2. New Products

Completely new to this catalog are Stuller Notable Gems™ and Stuller Diamonds® with grading reports. These two beautiful collections have their own chapter, setting the stage for a vast array of sparkling, stunning stones to come.

Dive in to discover a unique shape, cut, or color you may not have known we supply, such as fancy-color sapphires, multicolor tourmaline, salt-and-pepper diamonds, and so much more.

Diamonds & Gemstones specialty diamonds

3. Improved Navigation

We strive to make each new catalog better than the last, and this one is no exception.

You can look forward to a variety of navigational and other visual changes, starting with the beautiful, easily shoppable product pages and photography. From stone stock to services, you’ll discover everything you need within these six chapters.

Diamonds & Gemstones calibrated gemstones

4. Sourcing Map

Chapter six hosts a medley of cool and useful reference materials, and one of the things we’re most excited about is our sourcing map! You can see the global destinations our in-house experts visit to source only the best stones for you and your customers.

Diamonds & Gemstones sourcing map and color wheel

5. Gemstone Color Wheel

Our gemstone color wheel offers you a quick, at-a-glance comparison of various gemstones. With this handy reference, you can help your customers visualize the differences between gemstones of similar colors. Or, show them which colors would pair well.

The above is just a sampling of what awaits you in Diamonds & Gemstones 2020-2021. With discrete pricing, a references section that offers perforated pages, and captivating imagery, this catalog release is one of our most exciting of the year. And to build on that excitement, we’re running another catalog contest!

Color With Stuller

Show us your photo faves!

  1. From September 8 through October 9, 2020, take an image of your favorite photo from the new catalog.
  2. Submit that image to our Facebook or Instagram pages with the hashtags #HowIStuller and #ColorWithStuller. You can also email entries to Contest@Stuller.com.
  3. We will randomly select two winners to receive a $250 Stuller account credit toward the purchase of a diamond or gemstone!

Note: Winners must have a Stuller account in good standing and will be contacted via phone or email no later than October 14, 2020.

Flip through the pages in your copy, or browse the individual chapters online. You’ll be dazzled and delighted by what you unearth within!

Learn more about Diamonds and Gemstones 2020­-2021 on the Stuller website.

Watch Out for Our New Watch Bands, Tools, and Batteries Brochure

Watches provide the wearer with versatility and adaptability when it comes to today’s fashion accessories. Your customers keep these products in high demand and we gladly provide a helping hand in meeting that demand.

watch bands, tools, and batteries brochure

We are happy to save you time with Watch Bands, Tools, and Batteries — our first comprehensive brochure of everything you need to provide excellent care and service for your customers. Complete with eye-catching and detailed photographs as well as an easy-to-use design, Watch Bands, Tools, and Batteries is the only resource you need for a versatile inventory to fit every need.

To give you a sneak peek at everything this brochure has to offer, enjoy these highlights of the latest additions.

Look Back With Vintage

Straps made of distressed leather material, such as our Vintage Italian Leather watch bands complemented by our new cream stitching (as seen on page 8), will bring a nostalgic feeling to the comfort and style your customers have come to expect.

Leather Watch Bands

Explore the Possibilities with Mesh Metal

Mesh metal bands are a rising trend for both regular and smart watches. These sleek and modern styles are perfect for the young contemporary in both casual and professional fashion. With so many consumers having multiple watches for work and play, these mesh metal bands work great for watches of all occasions. See pages 25 and 32 for our offerings on this very popular item available in rose, stainless and black. 

Metal Watch Bands

Think Smart with Smart Watch Bands and Adapters

Smart watches are definitely on the rise and your customers will want options when it comes to look and feel. With an adapter, the smart watch band can become a statement of personality and taste with limitless options. This trend connects with the idea of providing the customer with a unique piece fit for them. You can enjoy our plethora of options on pages 32-35.

Smart Watch Bands

Get to Work With Expanded NATO® Offerings

Made of a breathable nylon material, NATO® watch bands should catch the eye of the active and sporty customer. Recently, we’ve expanded our line of these versatile watch bands to include styles in basic neutral tones that can go with any fashion choice. Featured on pages 30 and 31, your customers will enjoy the new variety being offered in these highly sought-after watch bands.

NATO Watch Bands

Other than new trends and an updated look, you’ll continue to find everything you need when it comes to watch repair tools and battery kits. We hope you enjoy this new direction of our watch bands, tools, and batteries and look forward to providing you nothing but the best.

Peek Inside the 2020-2021 Packaging & Displays Catalog


A great way to keep your customers engaged long after they’ve left the sales floor is through your packaging.  Make sure your packaging is a reflection of your brand and your store’s personality and has your name on it.

Luckily, Packaging and Displays 2020–2021 has you covered! With new styles in complementary colors and finishes, this release makes it easier than ever for you to build your brand, seal a lasting first impression, and enhance the beauty of your jewelry.


In this newest installment, we began the catalog with our custom imprinting section. This helps you keep your brand top of mind through different processes including hot foil stamping and digital imprinting.  As you browse the section, look for the icons below to indicate those processes.

Packaging-and-Displays-Catalog-2020-Hot-Stamping-Badge-Logo Packaging-and-Displays-Catalog-2020-Digital-Imprinting-Badge-Logo
Foil Stamping Icon Digital Imprinting Icon

For more on our custom imprinting services, check out our services page on Stuller.com.  You can also watch the video below.

That’s not all you can expect to find in our new catalog.  We’ve highlighted our new products within the book with “New” badges.  The badge will be an easy indicator to look for new products as well as new colors/styles within existing collections.

Don’t have a logo or brand? Let us help you make one by using example templates. Check out our Custom Imprinting page for details.

Build your brand by using the provided logo templates.  Plus, we’ve made Case by Case® its own section.  The customized, made-to-order display program allows you to put together your own display combinations that inspire sales.


There is no better option than a gold-trimmed rose to promise someone a love that endures.  In our new catalog, you’ll find an array of new 24-karat gold-trimmed roses along with beauties that colorfully represent each birth month. 


Plus, enter to win our catalog contest!

This year has been challenging, but now is the time to create a vision for building your business back up.

Through the end of July, use your old Stuller packaging and displays catalog to create a vision board that represents what you want for your business for the rest of 2020. Once you submit a photo or video of your board to our Facebook or Instagram, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $250 Stuller account credit. You can view the contest details and rules here.   

We wish you great success with Packaging and Displays 2020–2021!

How do you plan on utilizing our new Packaging and Displays catalog? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Friday – Brandon Hill

“If you find something you’re interested in, get involved!” – Brandon Hill


As I prepared to finish college, I decided to sign up with a temp agency in an effort to give variety to my work experience. The very first place the agency sent me was the Distribution department here at Stuller in preparation for the holiday rush. Once the holidays were over, the manager of distribution offered me to stay in a newly created position. I quickly grew to enjoy working here, as I met new people and became interested in how the jewelry industry operated. So I gladly accepted the position and left the temp agency.

Within a couple years, I moved through a few different positions within distribution, ultimately becoming a team leader. During my last semester of college in pursuit of my Advertising degree, I sought an internship in a related field. I soon discovered Stuller’s Marketing department was planning to begin an internship program. I applied and was accepted! So for my last semester of college, I worked part-time as a Marketing intern, while still full-time in Distribution.

Go Team Stuller!
Brandon Hill Team Stuller

In Marketing, I reported directly to the PR Manager, who was leaving for maternity leave right as the internship ended. I was offered a permanent position working for her, taking effect immediately while she was out. Working in the PR arm of Marketing provided a unique opportunity to become involved in a variety of projects – from facility tours to video content to work on the From the Bench publications. These tasks specifically helped me to develop valuable project management skills, leading me to apply for my current position when it became available.

As the Catalog Project Manager, I oversee Stuller’s catalog production. This includes creating schedules based on due dates to the printers, facilitating the overall flow of information, and working with the Merchandising and Marketing departments. This means my days are filled with tracking progress and countless meetings.

Brandon Hill Stuller Marketing Christmas Party

My position is extremely rewarding. Though there is stress that comes from working with so many moving parts and different personalities on a project of this scope, it is incredibly satisfying to see the finished product. The process has increased my understanding of the jewelry industry and helped me to understand jewelers’ specific needs. And the best part is being able to incorporate that understanding into the next round of catalogs to make each one better than the last. I strive to improve everything from the design to the internal process of creating catalogs.

Producing a catalog is a group effort. In order to show so many associates my appreciation, I have started get-togethers after work after each catalog successfully goes to the printer. Nearly the entire Marketing department gathers to celebrate another successful project completed! Everyone seems to have a great time, and I’ve come to really appreciate this opportunity to show the team my gratitude.

Brandon Hill and his beautiful family
Brandon Hill Family Photo

Through catalogs, I’m able to give jewelers one of their primary tools, enabling them to find anything they need for their customers at the turn of the page. I’ve also noticed that the incorporation of customization software has made a huge impact on the industry. I was just starting here at Stuller as the company was beginning to develop this technology. It has been quite interesting to watch its growth!

Brandon Hill Eagle Scout Outdoors Adventure

Brandon Hill on an Eagle Scout Adventure

At this time, I have two boys – a 3-year-old and a 5-month-old. So I don’t do much of anything that doesn’t involve them these days. This means most evenings consist of peek-a-boo and Batman. I’ve been involved in Boy Scouting in one way or another since I was 12 years old. It’s a great program that has really helped to shape me into who I am today. In turn, I think it is important to give back and offer that same guidance to the youth today. I have recently become the Scoutmaster of my troop and spend much of my time on camping trips and other Scouting activities. I also really enjoy movies and especially like to hunt down older movies.

My advice to others is this: if you find something you are interested in, get involved! Most people will welcome you with open arms and the overall experience will benefit you in the long run. Also, when you hit a roadblock or new challenge, take a step back and really evaluate all your options before tackling any problem.

Get to know Brandon Hill in his Faces of Stuller feature

In case you missed it, check out the last Feature Friday post featuring Russell Brown of Brown’s Jewelers.

Reuse, Recycle, Re-purpose and Win!

Why hold onto your old catalogs when you just got the BEST EVER findings book? No, re-purpose that baby for a chance to win a $500 Stuller credit. In this ‪#‎StullerHack‬, we’ll give you some fun, festive inspiration!

Click here for complete rules and conditions.

Findings, Findings, Found!

By now, you’ve probably seen Stuller’s 2016 – 2017 Findings and Metals Catalog. Perhaps you’ve even perused it at length, pausing to oooh and ahhh over all the great new product. Hopefully, you’ve entered the Findings Catalog Contest, where you can win a $500 Stuller credit just by showing us how you re-used your old catalog.

I recently sat down with Nate Button, Stuller’s Findings Director, to talk about the new book – why we needed another, what’s new in this one, and his favorite parts. Read on to see how we continue to refine and perfect the cornerstone of your business and ours

When was the last findings book sent out?

We sent out the last book three years ago.

That’s not so long ago. Why was it time for a new book?

We have over 600 new styles developed since the last book.  Along with the fact that our customers use and enjoy the catalogs which often start to fall apart.

How long did it take to produce the catalog?

It seems like it took five years, but it’s actually just one. In this case, production began August of 2014.

So no biggie then, right? No late nights or anything?

[Laughs] Yeah, exactly. Tell that to my team and to Marketing. Lots of late nights, lots of weekends, but after all that, it was totally worth it.

Oh, yeah? Why’s that? Why are you so excited about this book?

It’s all the new stuff. We added section, expanded others, gave more space to previously hidden categories.

So take us through it.

Well, first there’s the introduction of a pre-set section.  As melee-intensive products have become the norm within the industry, the inconvenience of setting them yourself has grown. Now we have an expanded section devoted to the time-saving components that already have the melee set and ready for your use.

page 5

There’s also the newly expanded shank section. This section used to be your go-to place for basic shanks.  Now we’ve expanded beyond the basics to new styles, classics, vintage, and bridal-inspired looks.

page 23

For the first time, dangles and links have their own section. Before, they were always hidden in the back of the earrings sections. Customers complained loudly (see, we do listen) about how difficult these products were to find. Now it’s much easier to find and navigate these products that are perfect for creating the most up-to-date looks.

Page 380

And finally, jump rings… A drastic change to what you’ve been accustomed to since the dawn of time.  This section now features the most extensive, coherent offering in karat gold in the industry.  We rearranged and renamed them for the ease of ordering. Just visit the grid, find the inside diameter you need, and the thickness you prefer, and place your order.

page 540

Should customers already have the book? If they didn’t get it, what should they do?

The books shipped out two weeks ago, so if customers don’t have it, they should contact our Sales center or click here to order it.

Well, you heard the man. Make sure you’ve got the 2016 – 2017 Findings and Metals Catalog. And let us know what you think of it! Share your feedback in the comments section.

Share Your Opinion and Win!

Be honest. When was the last time someone actually wanted your opinion? Okay, okay, those online surveys don’t count. When was the last time someone said you could win something really cool for sharing your opinion?

Well, here’s your chance. Between August 3rd and August 21st, browse through the new Stuller Tools Catalog, select a badged item (either Tried-and-Tested or Stuller Exclusive), and write a review on the Tools Catalog Contest page at BenchJeweler.com. Be sure to include the item and catalog page numbers. In addition, each week of the contest, you’ll have chances to earn extra entries. Check our Facebook page every Monday for details.

So, you’re asking, what can I win?

Glad you asked. Great stuff, actually. Consider:

  • $2,000 Stuller credit
  • $1,000 Stuller credit
  • Meiji Microscope ($2,000 value)
  • Basket of new buffs and polishes ($200 value)

I mean, really, a chance to win one of those great prizes just by sharing your opinion? It’s a no-brainer.

Click here for official contest rules.

Coming Soon to a Door Near You – Part II

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.07.47 AM

Over the past year, our Tools Department has spent countless hours developing the 2016-2017 Tools Catalog. They researched years of your comments from past catalogs to give them a guide as to what to keep, what to discard, and what to enhance for this new book.

And one of those enhancements is the introduction of icons to guide you in making the best purchase for your needs. Jason LeMaire, Product Director of Tools, reviews these newest – and coolest – catalog features that you need to know about.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.43.41 AM

1. Tried and Tested Icon

Stuller’s manufacturing facility covers over 350,000 square feet, meaning we make a ton of product every day. We, like you, have our favorites and trusty go tos to get the job done efficiently. For this go ‘round we decided to insert an icon next to products we use letting you know that if they work for us you’ll probably love them, too.
Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.57.48 AM

2. Video Icon

You need resources to help you decide which products work best for you and your unique situation. In addition to adding more product details in the catalog, we’ve also added a play icon near products that have videos on Stuller.com. Use the product videos to be fully informed about the features and benefits of these items.
Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.41.32 AM

3. Stuller Exclusive Icon

As you know, Stuller is a jewelry manufacturer. Many of the products you use everyday so do we. And, we also get just as frustrated when the tools we use fail. Over the years Stuller has learned more about what makes those products fail and have learned a thing or two about how to make them better. So, we’ve developed a line of our own that we want you to know about. When you see the Stuller Exclusive icon you’ll know these products have our official seal approval [because we made them.

These are just some of the improvements to our over 600-page book. I’m confident that with over 400 new items this catalog, you’ll find everything you need to operate your bench successfully. We’re really excited about this book and hope you love it. Leave us some comments below to let us know what you think!

Coming Soon to a Door Near You

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.07.47 AM

Stuller’s new Tools catalog will be landing on your doorstep any minute. Our experts in the Tools department have spent countless hours curating the best tools for your bench. This catalog is jam-packed with over 500 pages of the latest and greatest and your trusted favorites. It’s been completely reimagined to offer you more information when you need it, where you need it, allowing you to find the perfect item and get back to your bench.

Recently, I caught up with Jason LeMaire, product Director of Tools and asked him to give me the low down on the newest features that 2016-2017 catalog contains. And for brevity sake, I asked him to give me the top 3. Here’s what he had to say.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.41.11 AM1. Highlighted series number
In the past, series numbers could have been hard to identify due to so much text and information about the product. To make things easier to find, order, or find more information about online, we’ve highlighted the series numbers in blue for easier access.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.42.56 AM2. Easy reference replacement parts

No more will you have to search the catalog for the location of replacements parts. For the 2016-2017 catalog we’ve located those pieces right under the location of the product. So, next time you need a replacement part for your steamer you can find that item more quickly as it’s located in the same spot as where you first discovered the unit.

3. Shop by brand

Everyone has brands that they prefer to work with. To make it easier for you to identify what parts belong to what brand we’ve located the logo clearly on the page. This allows you to get it and get out with the brand you love.

To hear more about the features in the newest tools catalog or for other questions concerning tools please call our tools tech line at ext 4300. And don’t forget to let us know what you think about the new tools catalog by leaving a comment below.